Zee World: Is Simonika really dead? Find answers here


The answer to that question is No! Simonika is not dead And here is why…

Simonika as we witnessed in February was able to successfully plant herself in the Mehra house and deceive the family into liking her. All the while she makes an attempt on Abhi’s life first and then on Pragya.

However Pragya discovers the truth behind Simonika’s moves,  she exposes her but simonika escapes while she was about to be arrested.

Her escape put the Mehra family into a state of fear and foreboding.. But Abhi later discovers her  hideout and he goes there but unfortunately he gets into trouble

Simonika plans a fake death and Abhi gets blamed for pushing her off a storey building. He is then arrested.

Pragya tries all her best to prove his innocence despite been faced by opposition and doubt.

After some time, Pragya and Purab come to know that simonika is indeed alive.. But they get confused when the lady they think is simonika disguises herself as Avantika.

Pragya and Avantika (simonika) becomes friends.. One day Avantika ask Pragya to transfer Abhi’s property to which Pragya does. However it is a fake document and fake property transfer.

When Simonika (Avantika) thinks that Abhi’s property is now hers she confess her identity and fake death plot against abhi to pragya (not knowing that Pragya is recording it) Avantika (simonika) gets arrested and jailed.. Abhi is then released from jail and the family holds a party in celebration.

However during the party Simonika escapes from jail and shoots Abhi in the leg.

Tanu comes to know simonika’s hideout and she goes to confront her. She tells Simonika that Pragya is indeed responsible for her husband death and not Abhi.

Pragya gets a call from simonika telling her location, Pragya goes to the police station to involve the police in other to arrest and capture Simonika.

However Pragya makes the mistake of informing Grandma Dadi about the development and granny decides to take matters to her own hands by single-handedly going to confront Simonika.

There, Simonika shoots Granny after a tussle and she dies…

Abhi, Aliyah and Tanu blame Pragya for everything and she is sent packing. She is then seen trying to jump off a cliff in other to end her life.

A 7 years leap occur in Twist of fate and Kiara, Abhi and Pragya daughter comes into the picture alongside a musician named King.

So get ready to follow the new course of Abhi and Pragya’s life 7 years later. (That is if Zee World continues Twist of Fate post the leap).


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