Twist of Fate Update Tuesday 5th March 2019


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Pragya walks on the road in trance. Chadariya song plays. Pragya is walking on the road and recalls her moments with Abhi. She sits on the bench. Chadariya song plays…She recalls Dadi’s words and thinks she can’t accept defeat and will save him anyhow. A car stops at the signal. Pragya looks at the woman as she is talking on her mobile. She is shocked to see Simonika. Purab comes out of hospital and thinks where is Di. He sits in car. Pragya is still shocked to see her in modern avatar. She thinks I knew that you was alive and promises to send her to jail. She determines to expose her. Car starts moving when traffic signal turns green. Pragya runs after the car calling her. She stops a biker and asks for help. He refuses. Purab comes there.

Pragya tells him that her doubt was right, I saw her, but she didn’t see me. Purab asks
who? Pragya says Simonika. She says she staged her death and tells that they will save Abhi. They leave. Aaliya tells Tanu that Abhi don’t want to meet her and talks only about Pragya. She says why don’t he see that I love him and can’t see anything wrong happening with me. He asked me to support Pragya, says my foot. She says don’t know when Abhi will separate with Pragya. Tanu says this day will not come and asks her to accept. Aaliya says Abhi suffers because of Pragya. Tanu says I have stopped getting angry and asks shall I get cold drink for you. Aaliya gets angry and goes. Tanu thinks she is strange.

Pragya and Purab come to meet Abhi. Saiyya re plays…Pragya hugs Abhi and cries. Saiyya song plays. Pragya tells him that she wants to tell him something and tells that everything will be fine now. Abhi says this will not happen as I am charged with Simonika’s murder. Pragya tells him Simonika is alive. She tells that she saw her in car and would have catch her, but she ran away. Abhi says you was talking about finger prints. Pragya says judge will see her face and now it will be proved that she is alive. She tells that she will search her. Abhi thinks Simonika is alive. Pragya says I trusted our love, it has won and Simonika’s hatred loses. She says she will search her before the court hearing. She gets lawyer’s call and goes. Abhi asks Purab to be with Pragya and asks him to help her. Purab says she wants to change her illusion into real and says I feel that she is in shock and her mind is showing her what she wants to see.

Abhi asks what you are saying? Purab says she is hallucinating and can’t figure out anything. He tells that there was nobody there and says if she is alive then whose dead body it is, says it can’t be true. Abhi says it was not an illusion which I saw in Pragya’s eyes. Purab says why she will do mistake to stay in city and asks why she will walk publicly. Abhi says even I didn’t believe, but thought it to be true. He says it is her love for me and asks him to take care of Pragya. Purab asks him not to worry about Pragya and says we will take you out somehow. Pragya comes to Abhi and holds his hand. Tu meri jaan hai song plays….

Prithvi bringing Taapsee to his house and asks why did she argue with goon and cares for her. Taapsee appreciates him for saving her from goon and tells that she missed him after he left from her life, and tells that they are meant to be with each. She says she is repenting to lose him, met several guys, but never saw such strong guy like him. She asks didn’t you miss me. Prithvi says it is high time, I shall tell you what happened after you left. Taapsee thinks I won’t let him tell me about his engagement. Prithvi tells that after she left him, he was feeling lonely….Taapsee pretends to faints and fall down on sofa. Prithvi gets worried and asks her to rest in bed room and relax. He goes to get the room ready.

Taapsee calls Karan and tells that their plan is working, and she is so happy. Karan asks her to make Prithvi realize that she is only perfect for him, and not someone else. Taapsee tells that they will get so close that there is no space for anyone. Karan gets happy and thinks whatever I think, it happens, there is something special in him.

Disha asks Dadi to eat food, but she refuses. Dasi, Mitali and Tai ji asks her to eat. Dadi says how can I eat when Abhi is in Police station. Pragya comes and asks her to eat food. She tells that Simonika is alive and now Abhi can walk out freely from lock up. Dadi gets happy and thanks Mata Rani. Dadi asks Disha to bring her medicine and says it will look sweet today. Disha thinks of Purab’s words that Pragya is hallucinating that Simonika is alive. She thinks not to tell anyone about Purab’s words. Simonika is in the restaurant and drinks wine.

Purab asks Robin to check Pragya on terrace. Dadi says she was happy and asks where did she go. Raj says she is not in the office too. Purab tells Disha, why she was not with Pragya. Disha says she was with her last night, don’t know where she went. Dadi says may be she went to Sarla’s house. Disha calls Sarla and asks about Pragya. Sarla says she haven’t come here. Disha then says Pragya’s call came on Purab’s mobile. Pragya is waiting for Simonika on the same street where she saw her last. She thinks she will wait for her. Purab calls Pragya. Pragya thinks if I tell him that I came to catch Simonika then he will get worried for me. Pragya calls Shashank and asks him whether Simonika came to her house. Shashank says no and tells that he went to her house, but she wasn’t there. Pragya thinks to put her behind bars and save Abhi. A little girl comes there and asks Pragya to give her something to eat. Pragya gives her Prasad. Girl gets happy and prays for her happiness. Pragya asks God to listen to the girl’s prayers. She recalls promising Abhi to search Simonika before court’s hearing. She thinks her prayers will be answered.

Simonika comes in car and is about to look at Pragya, but she hides behind the auto. She thinks Simonika will be in jail soon. Pragya sits in car and asks driver to take her behind the car. Simonika smiles in car. Karan gives water to Taapsee and asks her tell what happened? Taapsee cries and says she can’t show her face to anyone now. Karan asks if all that happened with you. Taapsee says no and cries. Karan asks her to tell her what happened exactly and says people shall not think you are my baby’s mother. Taapsee says you can’t understand what I am going through. Karan asks her to tell exactly.

Taapsee tells him that her Prithvi was treating her hand with love, and took her to his bedroom, saw her as if he cares for me a lot, held my hand with love, was taking me to bed when I pretend to faint and hugged him. Karan asks why did you cry then? Taapsee says where was I? Karan says you was saying how he touched your hands. Taapsee says I was shy and hugged him, he also hugged me when he came. Karan asks who? Preeta? Taapsee says no, his current girl friend who was showing right on him.

Pragya confronts Simonika for trapping Abhi with a full proof plan. She says now Abhi will be freed and asks her to come. Simonika asks her to leave her and says she is not Simonika, but Avantika Sahani. She says I heard your nonsense since long and says I don’t know you are talking about whom, and says she will call Police. She calls her Servant and asks her to call Police. Pragya says my husband is in the lock up because of you. Simonika says she is Avantika. Pragya says I will call police.

Simonika asks her to call Police and says I will see who will take me out. She says I will tell Police how you behaved madly, and says you will go to mental asylum for sure. Pragya asks her not to do drama and says nobody can save you this time. Purab calls Pragya. Pragya asks him to come and gives address. Simonika asks her to leave her hand. Purab thinks how can this happen. Disha gets worried. Purab goes there. Disha hopes everything is fine.


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