Zara’s Nikah January 2021 teasers

Zara’s Nikah January 2021 teasers: Kabir enters for a cooking competition and Rushkar is bent on destroying the Ahmad family…

Zee world Zara’s Nikah teasers January 2021.

Friday 1 January 2021


Zara changes her surname name back to her father’s. She confesses finding the separation between her and Kabir difficult to Azra. Rukkhsarr saw Zara burning the pictures she took with Kabir and she happy about it. She further plan with Rizwan on how to kill both Zara and Kabir.

Zeenat called the family to share the news of her pregnancy. Ayesha visited Zara’s house to share the good news. Zara on hearing the news and remembering some past events with Kabir became sad then her father advise her to leave the city for a while to have a fresh start.

Saturday 2 January 2021

Kabir found out Zara is leaving the city and wondered why. He met her at a slim helping the people whose house where flooded due to rain and ask her but Zara refuse to answer him. Rukksharr is happy Zara is leaving so she will get close to Kabir. Meanwhile Salma is worried about Zara leaving the city.

Zara invited Salma and Ayesha to spend time with them before leaving the city, even though she’s skeptical about leaving . she bids her family goodbye
Kabir rush to the train station to stop Zara from leaving the city.

Sunday 3 January 2021

Zara enter the train and it started even before Kabir could get to her.
Kabir is disheartened he couldn’t stop Zara from leaving.Zara confided in a stranger  the pain she’s going through with her relationship with Kabir, divorce and everything.

Salma is shock to see Zara back. Sabina separately counsel Zara and Kabir without there knowledge, she also arrange a blind date between them with hope they will see and talk about their pains.
Zara see Kabir and tries to hid. he also is shock to see her.

Monday 4 January 2021

Sabina told Zara and Kabir to pretend they her seeing for the first time and talk. Kabir then told Zara how he went to look for her at the train station. Zara ask Kabir why he divorce her but he refused to disclose the reason which made her leave the meeting angrily. Kabir while trying to help Zara in a situation called her his friend when asked who she is to him. Zara is stunned at this.

Zara told Azra about becoming friends with Kabir. Sabina told them to make sure to call each other everyday and the first person to stop calling mean he/she has moved on.Rizwan ask Kabir why he’s going for counseling and Ayesha defend her son. Irfan wants to sell the garden and Salma is not happy about it, she begged Rukksharr not to mention it to Zara. Rukksharr.

Tuesday 5 January 2021

Rukksharr told shahbaz about Irfan debt. Zara overheard her father’s conversation about the debt and selling of garden. Ambreen saw Zara’s design for her wedding and convince her to take part of a fashion show which will earn her money. Kabir found out and plan to stop Zara from participating.

Kabir is kidnapped and Zara is threatened to withdraw from the fashion show competition before they will release him. meanwhile, Kabir mange to escape from the thugs while Zara sign to opt out of the competition.

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Kabir quickly called Zara and told her not to opt out and someone is trying to get her out of it at all means. Kabir visit Zara’s house with Amaan for Eid. Rukksharr lied to shahbaz that she didn’t ask the goons to hurt Kabir and they both plan again as their previous plans against Kabir and Zara failed.

Rukksharr bribe a model manager to cancel Zara’s models at the last hour. Zara became worry but Kabir encourage her and they both resolve to use their mothers as models. Shahbaz arrange for goons to start roit to hinder the fashion show from commencing but Kabir beat and lock them up. The show finally started.

Thursday 7 January 2021

Zara wins the competition, kashan got a sketch of the goon who attack Kabir and begin search to find him. Salma is worried Kabir and Zara might fall in love with each other again. Kabir thought he must help Irfan with his debt as it was incurred when treating his wife.

Zara went to kabir’s house to help with the wedding preparations of Ambreen. Rukksharr change the food list Zara gave her for the caterers to prepare. Zara is blamed for the error and Kabir and then caterers had to enter the kitchen to save the day as it was too late start making another food preparation. Rukksharr is happy with the outcome of her plan.

Friday 8 January 2021

After Kabir made delicious food and the wedding went smoothly so Zara thought of applying on his behalf a cooking competition which she did without his knowledge. Kabir found out and was very angry with Zara telling her to know her limit as she’s just a friend. Zara is hurt.

Kabir went to the cooking competition. Shahbaz saw that he went for the cooking competition even when he advice him against it and was furious. Zara went to cheer Kabir on but the security won’t allow her in. Kabir won the first round against all odds and promise to participate in the second round against his father’s wish.

Saturday 9 January 2021

Shahbaz reports Kabir to Ayesha for not listening to him and follow Zara will but Kabir quickly explain the reason behind him joining the cooking competition is to pay his debt even though shahbaz refuse to reason with him.
Salma, Ayesha and Zara all help Kabir prepare for the second round of the competition.

Ayesha is angry with Salma and left Zara’s house angrily. Kabir and Zara tried to explain and pacify her. while Zara prepare to make her first delivery, Rukksharr offers to help but tampered with the clothes. Zara got a call from the manager that there’s no clothes in the packages she sent.

Sunday 10 January 2021

Shahbaz pretended to be sick to get Kabir to go to the garage for him and arrange with the mechanic to lock Kabir up in the garage so he won’t attend the competition. Zara is worried about Kabir whereabout as the competition is about to start. Kabir is stuck.

Zara called Ayesha to find out about Kabir whereabout, she started looking for him in all garage within the city. Rukksharr help Zara with the name of the garage and she went to rescue him.Kabir made it to the competition before the round began and was tensed if he would win.

Monday 11 January 2021

Kabir not knowing what to cook with limited time and very little ingredients. he remembered one of Salma recipe and quickly get to it. Kabir amazingly won the competition. He thanked Salma, Irfan and everyone who contributed to his winning even against odd.

Kabir found out about his father’s act and confronted him. Rukksharr poison Ayesha for trying to get Kabir to engage Zara again. Zara broke Sabina rule and called Kabir in the day.

Tuesday 12 January 2021

As the poison start taking effect in Ayesha’s body, she fall while trying to get help. Rukksharr thinking Ayesha would be dead but seeing her alive added more poison to her tea. Zara asked Ayesha if she’s fine and Ayesha lied that she fine. Zara is suspicious.

Ayesha lied to Kabir she won’t be able to make it to Mumbai with him because the priest is visiting. she however ask Zara to go with him. shahbaz trying to change Kabir mind but couldn’t succeed. Zara agrees to go with Kabir to the competition in Mumbai.

Wednesday 13 January 2021

Rukksharr saw Ayesha in critical condition and decided to leave her to die. Irfan was challenge for allowing Zara travel with Kabir when they are not married. Kashan found Ayesha’s body and the floor and calls the doctor. meanwhile Rukksharr pretend to be worried about Ayesha. Ayesha is rushed to the hospital for proper treatment. Will she survive?

A mysterious woman stylish drop a pen drive to Zara’s bag. Rukksharr tries to message Kabir about his mother’s health condition to but kashan caught her and scolded her. Zara bought Kabir clothes in readiness for the competition. What is Zara’s connection with this strange woman?

Thursday 14 January 2021

Zara got arrested for the pen drive found in her bag. Rukksharr succeed in telling Shahbaz about his wife’s health who in turn told Kabir. Will Kabir quit for his mother’s sake?

Ayesha regain consciousness and told Kabir only too come back a winner and that she will be fine. Shahbaz deny knowing Zara. Ayesha remember how Rukksharr ignore her when she needed her help.Will Ayesha confront Rukksharr?
Zara gets help from a stranger while in detention.

Friday 15 January 2021

Zain tries to help Zara by contacting her father to him of her situation. Kabir ice-cream was spilled by another contestant. he has only limited time will he be able to make it through the competition?

Zain succeed in proving Zara’s innocence, the competition is Four minutes to end and Kabir is yet to finish.Can he pull through?
Kabir won the competition much to his own amazement.

Saturday 16 January 2021 

Ayesha confronted Rukksharr about her actions and she denied it. Kabir and Zara bring the trophy to Ayesha at the hospital. Rukksharr poison Ayesha soup again. will Rukksharr succeed in killing Ayesha as she wanted?

Salma warns Kabir to stay away from Zara. Kabir agree to find Zara a suitor. Zai meet with Zara and Kabir again. will Kabir propose Zain for Zara as a suitor?

Sunday 17 JANUARY 2021

Rukksharr goes to poison Ayesha drug again but Kabir Walk in on her. Kabir was interviewed about his Victory and asked exactly what his relationship with Zara is as they can not claim to be just friends when they were once married.


Kabit attack a reporter over his comment about his relationship with Zara. Zain went with Zara’s family to visit Ayesha. What’s is Zain aim in helping Zara?
Ayesha ask about Kabir and Zara’s relationship but Salma brush it off.

Monday 18 JANUARY 2021

As the society frowns as Zara and Kabir relationship, they are both compel to stay away form each other. Salma told Kabir she has chosen Zain as Zara’s Suitor and Kabir was taken aback. Will Rukksharr evil plan against Ayesha succeed?

Kabir is emotionally devastated at Samla’s request of home to stay away form her daughter. Rukksharr is happy about the turn out of things between Kabir and Zara. Zain brought proposal to Zara and Zara conforted her parent as to while they will take such huge decision without her consent. Will Kabir be able to travel to dubia with all happening between him and Zara?

Tuesday 19 JANUARY 2021

Zeenat suffer from intra-uterine growth and was advised to abort her child which Zara kick against. Zain’s sister meet with Zara and their engagement was finalized. Will Zara be able to move on with Zain and forget Kabir?

Shaina ask why Zain would invite Kabir to his ex-wife engagement party. Kabir meet with Zara and Zain and told Zain to take of Zara as he’s moving to Dubai. Zara suggest Kabir should mary Rukksharr the same day she will be marrying Zain.

Wednesday 20 JANUARY 2021

Zara questions Kabir as to why he’s not present in her Haida ceremony after sending him picture. Kabir told Shahbaz about consulting another doctor on Zeenat case. Zeenat called Zara to come to her aid as she didn’t want to lose her child. meanwhile Zara told Kabir she won’t marry Zain if he’s not present.

Zeenat was rushed to the hospital and her baby was aborted to save her life. Zain invite Shahbaz to his wedding with Zara. Ayesha caught Rukksharr mixing a substance with her drugs.

Thursday 21 JANUARY 2021

Zara refuse to get dress as Kabir is not around for her wedding. Ayesha told Rukksharr to call everyone but she refuse. Rukksharr killed Ayesha by stuffing her mouth with pillow. During the wedding Zain notice Kabir and Zara looking at each other full of love. What will be his reaction?

Rukksharr succeed in killing Ayesha leaving everyone in shock as to the cause of her death. Zara won’t give her final consent to the marriage which made her family worried. Kabir is inform about his mother’s death. Zara leaves the wedding ceremony at the hearing of Ayesha’s death. Will the marriage ceremony be completed?

Friday 22 JANUARY 2021

Kabir was shocked and emotionally devastated to see his mother dead and blames himself for it. Rukksharr tries to convince Shahbaz not to conduct postmortem for Ayesha. Kabir told Zara he accept her marriage with Zain leaving Zara is shocked and heartbroken. Will the postmortem be forgone?

Shahbaz send Zara and her family away from their house. Ayesha is buried without a post mortem. Meanwhile Salma apologize to Zara for forcing her into marrying Zain and Zain on his side to Kabir and Zara that he can’t continue with the marriage as he can see the love the have for each other.

Saturday 23 JANUARY 2021

Kabir toon Zara to the bank to clear the loan debt after convincing her to take. Shahbaz shout at Kabir for still meeting with Zara. Will Kabir be able to leave and forget Zara completely?

The head priest with Shahbaz visited Irfan to warn to restrain Zara from meeting with Kabir again but Zara shus them. Rukksharr tries to get close to Kabir. Will she succeed?

Sunday 24 JANUARY 2021

Irfan and Zara went to Kabir charity functio. Head priest ask Shahbaz to find a way to separate Zara from Kabir. Meanwhile Kabir visited Zara’s house and took her to Ayesha’s grave. Zara get emotional. will Kabir and Zara relationship survive the test of time?

Zara and Kabir talk about their relationship, she confess to Kabir that she has always love him and will continue to. Salma is worried or the outcome of their closeness. while they both went out to spend time together, Shahbaz send is goons after them. Will Kabir be able to also agree his love for her or will he continue considering his father’s request to stay away from Zara?

Monday 25 JANUARY 2021

Irfan pleaded with Kabir to tell Zara the truth behind the divorce, when Kabir did Zara was devastated but promise to find the person behind the fire accident and get her Kabir back. Meanwhile Shahbaz goon was watching them from afar and quickly went to tell him. Shahbaz ask him to kill Zara.

On their way from the factory investigation, Zara was shot at but Kabir quickly saves her. Rizwan contacted Rukksharr about their investigation. Rukksharr plan on attacking Zara again. Zara is determined to find the person behind the attacks, she hatch a plan with Kabir.

Tuesday 26 JANUARY 2021

Imran, Kabir and Zara trickled the factory owner to find out the person behind the factory blast. Kabir begs Zara yo go to dubia with him while Rukksharr keep daydreaming about being with Kabir.

Zara and Kabir found out Rizwan is behind the blast and got him arrested. Kabir confesses his feeling to Zara and they both angry to reunite. Rukksharr and Shahbaz is shocked to see them both hold hands. will Kabir be able to tell his father about his love for her?

Wednesday 27 JANUARY 2021

Kabir tod his father he wants to remarry Zara. Zara explain everything that happened to her parent. While Rukksharr and Shahbaz plan in killing her and Kabir, Zara found out that Shahbaz was the real person behind the blast.

After making peace with Salma, Kabir took Zara out on a date. Rukksharr is furious and promise to kill them both. Zara also confronted Shahbaz that she knows he’s behind the blast. will her discovery put her in danger?

Thursday 28 JANUARY 2021

Kabir arranged a romantic dinner for Zara. While Kabir went to keep their phone away against distraction, Shahbaz got there and point gun at Zara. will Kabir be able to save her this time?

Kabir propose to Zara and she accepted. Shahbaz confronted Zara and shot her twice. Will Zara survive? Will the truth about Shahbaz be revealed?

Friday 29 JANUARY 2021

A truck appear form nowhere and push Zara’s car off the cliff. Zara is dead and Shahbaz is happy his plan fell through. Kabir in is devastated state blasted himself. Will he also die?

Kabir Went to the hospital to pray for Zara. He overheard some going attack Zara and runs to rescue her. does it mean Zara is still alive or his he imagining things?

Saturday 30 JANUARY 2021

It’s been a year since Zara’s death, Kabir save a girl whose name was also Zara. what will be the out come of things with them. What will be the out come of their meeting?

New Zara tries to make a call and when Kabir ask who she was calling she went out to play with the kids meanwhile Salma health has been deteriorating since Zara’s death and Kabir missing. Rukksharr on her own has been manipulating Shahbaz. New Zara is attack again.

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