Broken Hearts update Saturday 30 October 2021


Broken Hearts 30 October 2021: The Episode starts with the hotel manager getting informed that Laila’s cheque bounced. He gets shocked. Ahana asks Laila is she happy by spoiling her plan. Laila says Roshni invited me with love. Ahana asks since when are you caring for others’ feelings. Laila says its not good, my feelings are hurt now. Ahana goes. The man calls Laila and hears voicemail. She calls on other number. Saloni answers the call. He asks for Laila. Saloni says she is not at home. He asks did she ask you to say this. She asks who are you. He says tell her to call me, its urgent.

Everyone reaches Reema’s farmhouse. Aarav introduces Ahana. Laila introduces herself. She praises Ahana. Roshni says dad also got many proposals, he refused to many girls. Ahana says I m lucky that he didn’t say yes to any girl. Reema says Ahana is very sweet. They all have cookies. Aarav asks Rehaan to play or watch any movie. Rehaan asks him to stop. Aarav asks did you fight with GF. Rehaan says no. He shouts. Anant asks what is it. Rehaan thanks Anant and says I love you. Anant says I had to help you, now I have to see result. Rehaan says I started business, Anant is giving me money. Aarav says 10 lakhs. Anant asks him not to check others’ phones. Reema says I will come for your marriage, its tough to leave farmhouse, even Laila has a farmhouse.

Laila says it was just a bungalow, I have sold it after Rahul died, this is called farmhouse, its just a dream for me. Ahana says your farmhouse is beautiful, can I see it. Anant asks Rehaan to take her. Rehaan says I was born to become tour guide. He takes Ahana.Rehaan says I always think more about others. Ahana goes. He asks why do you run away, I don’t bite. She says I know, one who bark doesn’t bite. He says this really hurts. She says I can’t do false pretension. He says you made me stranger, my aunty to be. He jokes on her. She says I m selfish, I make people part of my life whom I love, such people who make my life complete. He asks what do I have to do to become part of your life. She says whatever, you can’t do this, its impossible, you were starting business right. He goes.

Laila says Ahana has bonded well. Reema says yes, Anant was worried for this, so he didn’t remarry till now. Ahana says you are very sweet. Roshni thanks her. Rehaan taunts Ahana for being cheesy. Roshni sees Ahana’s bracelet and says Rehaan had this. Rehaan says she lost it, I found it. Ahana says you just got it. Rehaan says you said some imp person gifted it. She says yes, my Papa gifted this. Roshni says its very beautiful. Rehaan says now you both will be praising each other. He goes. Roshni says this looks special. Ahana says this is his last gift, when this was lost, I thought he left me again. Roshni says I also love my dad a lot. Ahana says I know, I also love him, your dad will always be yours. Roshni smiles. They hold hands.

Laila and Reema talk about marriage arrangements. Yamini sees Ahana and Roshni and smiles. Laila asks her to get her phone. Anant asks Yamini to sit, Karan will get it. Laila says my phone stays busy these days. Reema says all the work happens on phone. Laila says I personally invite friends, Anant are you inviting your business friends. He says of course. Laila gets her phone. She gets a call from manager. The man says till your payment gets cleared, your booking is cancelled, your cheque bounced. She says I will sort out everything, I will call you. She lies to Anant.

Ahana asks about Yamini. Roshni says she will be at tree house. Ahana goes to Yamini. Ahana likes the place. Yamini says entire farm house can be seen from here. Anant joins them. Ahana holds him. Yamini goes. Ahana asks about Yamini’s family. Anant says Yamini is imp part of our life, our family is incomplete without her. Reema shows the farmhouse to Laila. Laila says I m tired, we will see later. Reema goes.Laila calls the hotel manager and asks what nonsense did you see, your cheque will get clear. He says your cheque has bounced. She says give me 10mins, I will find out. He says get a lawyer, if I don’t get money, I will meet you in court. Anant and Ahana have a talk. Jeene bhi de…..plays…. She says its a beautiful place, I wish I could stay here. He says then stay, kids will be happy, Laila won’t have any problem.

Laila gets Gupta’s call. Gupta taunts her. He says I have prepared to send you to jail, your cheque bounced. She asks why are you doing this. He asks did you forget it so soon, you remember, you fooled me in Saloni’s marriage, I thought to ruin you, scores will get even, I promise your destruction news will spread, do anything you can, you have less time. She gets angry.Laila asking for Ahana. Reema says she went to see farmhouse. Laila says send her if you see her, I have some imp work. Roshni asks Yamini why is she crying. Yamini says nothing, I m not crying, Roshni says how do you know if Aarav and I are upset. Yamini says I have seen you since childhood. Roshni asks what’s going on in mind. Yamini recalls Anant and Ahana. She says I m missing home. Roshni says its fine, go for a week, I will talk to dad. Yamini says you have become expert, if I say I want to go forever then…. Roshni says you are joking right, what.

Yamini says even Rehaan is busy with his work, Ahana will take care of Anant, you can take care of Aarav. Roshni asks who will take care of me, Ahana is no one for me. Yamini says you don’t need me now. Roshni says you don’t need me. She runs and falls down. Yamini shouts.She calls out Anant and Rehaan. Rehaan checks her. Ahana says what will Reema think if we go like this, what’s the imp work. Laila says its imp for me to go. Ahana says Roshni is unwell. Laila says Roshni is doing a drama. Ahana says she is a kid. Laila says my judgement about people is not wrong, Roshni knows manipulating people, you will get hurt by her. Reema looks on and goes.

Anant comes to Yamini. She asks is Roshni fine. He says yes, I thought she is upset with Ahana, but reason is something else. She says they are becoming friends now. He says Roshni needs you. She says I was missing home, property matter is solved. He says this property matter won’t get solved for some years, tell me why do you want to go. She says I feel I should go, my work got over. He says my new life is starting, it doesn’t mean I don’t need old people, what will I do without you, please stay back.

Rehaan apologizes to Ahana for all his nonsense talks. She says its okay, how would you know about the bracelet. He says I was young when I lost my parents, I know what that means. He goes. Laila thinks of Gupta’s words. Yamini thinks of Anant’s words and smiles. Roshni hugs Aarav and says everything is getting fine. Anant talks to Rehaan and says everything is getting fine, Roshni and Ahana got friendly. Rehaan laughs and says Ahana will become mummy of Roshni and Aarav. Anant says yes, you also get married now. Rehaan goes. He calls Roma. He says I don’t like lying to Anant, I have to tell him the truth. She says fine, do as you find right.

Laila talks to her manager and says find some solution or shut up. He says there is no money, how will you arrange. She says I will arrange, don’t come till I call you. She calls someone and asks shall I come to meet now. A man greets Anant and congratulates for re-marriage decision. Anant congratulates him for his new business with Rehaan. The man says Rehaan isn’t related to me, what are you saying, I didn’t start any business. Anant says sorry, I was mistaken. He recalls Rehaan’s words.Yamini spends time with Roshni. Roshni asks will I need to knock and come here when Ahana comes. Yamini says yes, maybe she brings a change here, now this house and room will be of Ahana, everyone likes to personalize their space, you got that special gift from Ahana, she cares for you, we should not make opinion without knowing someone well. Roshnii nods.

Tarun asks Laila why do you look worried. Laila scolds him about Gupta. He says he said so, as you cheated him and took 3 crores. Laila says don’t forget I kept you here. He says please don’t tell him anything. She says he ruined Ahana’s marriage plans, I will ruin Gupta. Ahana and Saloni come. Saloni asks why is your dad doing this. Ahana says its not Tarun and his dad’s mistake. Laila says the cheque to hotel bounced, Gupta made me bankrupt, hotel said they want the payment, I want money, Gupta wants to ruin Rahul’s respect. Ahana says you used to say if you managed business, this would have not happened, its time to prove you can solve any problem, you won’t let any problem come in my marriage, I trust you.

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