Lost in love starlife update Monday 13 May 2024

Ishan is shocked to see Reeva in front of him. Reeva runs and hugs him emotionally and says she is back, she missed him so much, she searched for him in whole college and then made announcement when she didn’t find him. She says I love you and hugs him tightly. Ishan tries to reciprocate but stops recalling her leaving him. Ayush tells his team that Chintu is lucky that a girl is proposing him on mic.

Durva says she looks like a gawar/uncultured villager who is proposing equally uncultured Guddu. Anvi recalls Ishan and Reeva calling each other as Chintu and Guddu. She takes Durva aside and reminds her the same. Friends ask them what are they gossiping. Durva says nothing important and walks away from them.

Savi’s friends insist her to peep into Ishan’s cabin and find out who that girl is who is proposing Chintu in Ishan’s cabin. Savi says Ishan will blast on that girl as he had stormed on her when she had entered his cabin without permission, she is going to attend Ishan’s lecture. Shukla informs Savi that Ishan wants her to get Honors in Econometrics book from his cabin. Friend says now Savi got a permission to enter cabin. Ishan pushes Reeva away and asks who is she. She is shocked and asks him to stop joking as she left everything and returned for him. Ishan asks her to leave his cabin. Reeva refuses to leave.

Savi is about to knock Ishan’s cabin door when Durva stops her and asks what is she doing here. Savi counter questions her that if she has come here to watch Chandrayan II launch. Durva says this is her college and it’s her brother’s cabin. Savi sys it’s student’s college as college gets funds from government and this cabin is not her brother’s but institute’s director’s cabin, she surely must have come here to sensationalize the issue. Durva gets angry.

Anvi stops Durva and asks Savi which book she needs. Savi says Honors in Econometrics. Anvi says she will get it and sends Savi and her team away. Durva and Anvi then silently open Ishan’s cabin and doesn’t find Reeva there. Navya peeps behind them and asks where did the announcement girl go.

Swanand drags Reeva outside the college and says he brought her directly from airport to meet Ishan, but she openly expressed her feelings on mic for her ex Ishan. Reeva says Ishan is her present and not ex. Swati walks to Reeva and asks if she met Ishan. Swanand says when he went there, Ishan was about to kick her out of his cabin. He recalls Ishan calling security to get Reeva out of his cabin. He stops Ishan. Ishan asks him to take Reeva away if he doesn’t want that. He hears someone coming and takes Reeva out from another door. Swati asks Reeva if she is happy with her insult. Reeva says Ishan is angry as she left him suddenly, she will continue visit Ishan and will not stop until Ishan accepts her.

Savi’s classmates wait for Ishan’s lecture and discuss where Ishan must have gone, he never missed a lecture in 3 years. Harini calls Savi and asks her to reach home immediately. Savi asks if her in-laws troubled her again. Harini says no. Savi reaches Harini. Harini informs her that Azoba Ninad’s condition is very critical and Ashwini aaji is on a pilgrimage tour. Savi gets concerned says she will call Bhavani aaji. Harini asks her not to call Bhavani as Bhavani will not pick her call and Ninad doesn’t remember anything.

Harini leaves from there sadly and walks on road recalling time spent with azoba. Ishan drives car lost in Reeva’s thoughts and applies brakes just before bumping on Savi. Savi falls down. Ishan gets out of car and asks Savi if she is fine. He says yes. She asks what happened to him, why is he driving on a wrong side and skipped lecture today. Ishan says he didn’t notice and insists her to have coffee with him. She agrees and gets into his car. He drives past the cafe. She alerts him. He reverses his car back, and they both enter cafe. He asks Savi to tell her parent’s story. She says she already did. He asks him tell more. She starts story. He shouts no.. apologizes everyone. Savi asks if he is fine. He says yes and walks away paying for coffee. Savi thinks why is he behaving weird today.

Tuesday update lost in love 


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