Unspoken Bond Wednesday update 3 August 2022


Unspoken Bond 3 August 2022: The Episode starts with Darsh getting angry and looking for Ritesh. He calls Ritesh. He says he isn’t answering, he is taking an advantage of Nandini’s innocence, I won’t leave him. Chetan hears Charmy and the girl talking. Charmy tells about Shobit. Priya says I want to file the case on Rawals, they had done wrong with you, I had taken revenge on Shobit and now I will take revenge on Rawals. Charmy asks what revenge. Priya says you recorded a message before surgery for him, you survived the surgery, but I had sent that message to Shobit that you had died, let him think that he is responsible for your death, I want him to die in guilt. Chetan hears them. Charmy thinks it means he didn’t know I m alive. She cries. She asks why did you do this, I asked you to delete the message. Chetan recalls Shobit. He says how can this happen, maybe this can happen, if Shobit thinks Charmy is dead, then he can take revenge on Darsh and Nandini, if he had to forcibly marry Gunjan then he can do this. Darsh sits on the bed. He gets Nandini’s bracelet there. He recalls Nandini’s words.

Rajvi comes and says those pics don’t prove anything. Darsh sits in shock. Rajvi says ask Nandini, she will explain. Darsh says its not the first time that I m doubting her, she cheated me, this bracelet was here in this room, she lied to me many times, she was with Ritesh. He tells everything. Shobit says Ritesh told me that he had to propose some girl, I had no idea about this. Bansuri asks Naveen to tell them, its nothing like that. Nandini comes singing. She gets shocked seeing the pics. Dada ji requests the guests to leave. Nandini asks how did these pics come here. Bansuri says tell them that its nothing such, your family is misunderstanding you. Nandini asks where is Darsh. Vipul says you have made Darsh much upset. Rajvi comes and scolds Nandini.

She recalls Darsh’s words. She asks what’s in Ritesh that Darsh lacks, answer us, why did you do this with my son. She cries. Chetan opens the door and sees Charmy and Priya. Chetan asks why did you lie, you know what he went through by this lie, Shobit is behaving strange since many days. Charmy asks what do you mean. He says I doubt that Shobit is trying to break Darsh and Nandini’s marriage to take revenge for your death. He tells her everything. Charmy worries. She says I had told him that Darsh is taking an advantage of him. Chetan asks why did you do this. Chetan says Darsh and Shobit were like Ram and Laxman, why did you fill poison in Shobit’s mind. She says I thought Nandini did this. He says Nandini didn’t know it, Vanlata kept that condition of Shobit and Gunjan’s marriage. She says I didn’t do this. He says Shobit got Ritesh and Nandini’s pics. She says tell Shobit that I m alive, then this misunderstanding will get cleared. Priya stops them and says I will file the report that Rajvi did the accident, you want to save her, right, Shobit shouldn’t know that Charmy is alive.

Rajvi scolds Nandini. Nandini cries and says you have seen this in few pics. Rajvi says Darsh’s eyes and his tears can’t lie. Darsh comes. Rajvi says Namrata said right, you aren’t deserving of our family, I didn’t trust her, you missed English classes and went to Ritesh, you lost the bracelet and gave him a fake one, you have cheated all of us.Nandini saying you decided that I have cheated you. Vipul asks did Darsh do any mistake or you found anything lacking in him, why did you marry him if you didn’t love him, just because he is rich, is it your habit to use people. Dada ji also scolds her. Naveen asks Bansuri to stop. Bansuri asks Parul to explain Rajvi, Nandini can’t cheat Darsh. Gunjan says I m happy that her truth came out. Naveen asks her to shut up. Gunjan asks why, just Nandini got the bahu’s respect, because I don’t know to talk sugary things to impress everyone, I just want good for my in-laws. Nand ini says I want to know what’s in Darsh’s mind. Rajvi says you won’t go until you clarify. Nandini says clarification is given before making a decision, not after taking the decision, I won’t clarify. Bansuri says I will call Ritesh.


Shobit says his number is off. Nandini says its good, I don’t want Ritesh to answer these questions. Rajvi asks why, are you scared your truth will come out, we have seen your real face. Nandini says I can’t change your thinking, but none can stop me from meeting my husband. Rajvi stops her and says remember, you accept your affair by not giving a clarification, you accept that you have cheated Darsh. Nandini sees Darsh there. She asks were you hearing all this. Chetan says I have to tell the truth to Shobit. Priya says no, you deserve this. Charmy says shut up, you won’t file any case, I know you care for me, but we won’t play with anyone’s life, please, for my sake. She hugs Priya and says you won’t do this. She asks Chetan to come, they have to talk to Shobit. They leave.Nandini says you were silent, it means you also accepted that I m a cheater, if you found it wrong, then why didn’t you tell me. Darsh says you have no right to ask, I will ask you. He shows the bracelet. He asks what was this doing on Ritesh’s bed, what’s your relation with Ritesh, tell me if you made a mistake. Nandini blindfolds herself.

She says my eyes are also close like you now, come with me. Rajvi asks where are you taking him. Nandini says no one will come between us. Chetan asks driver to hurry. Chetan checks his phone. It gets off. He asks for Charmy’s phone. Charmy says I deleted Shobit and Rawal family’s number. He says I don’t remember numbers. Nandini takes Darsh to the room. She says I apply this sindoor every day and ask you what will you have in breakfast. She takes him to kitchen. She says I make protein shake for you every day and think what to make for you that helps you recover. She says I had made preparation for your birthday. He asks what do you want to prove. Nandini says nothing, when I had seen you doubting me, then I thought is it tough to love someone without eyesight, but its not such, I felt the same for you like every day, eyes be open or closed, my feelings didn’t change for you, your heart changed for me, you can’t give the excuse of being blind, anyways, this is the surprise gift which I got for you, make anyone read it, next 48 hours are very precious. She cries and leaves. She walks on the road crying.

Shobit thinks Charmy, your revenge got complete. Nandini recalls Rajvi’s words. She hears Darsh calling her. Darsh comes to her and asks why did you leave the house, it was just a dream, can I doubt you. She says yes, it was a bad dream. He says yes. She hugs him. He says come home with me. She nods. She falls into a pit. She calls out Darsh. She says I can’t wait for someone to come and help me, I have to do everything alone. She struggles to come out of the pit. She says I promise I won’t give you another chance or return in your life. Chetan says don’t know what’s happening at home, the car had to break down today. Nandini calls out for help. The car passes. She comes up. Bansuri says you all are mistaken, Nandini loves you a lot, she can never cheat you, you talk to Ritesh, he will tell you the truth. She asks Naveen for his phone. She says his number is off. Naveen and Bansuri say Nandini can’t cheat anyone. Vipul asks them to go home. Bansuri says you all are doing a big mistake, Nandini kept relations with sincerity, Darsh will regret a lot. Naveen and Bansuri leave. Rajvi cries.

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