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Unspoken Bond 1 August 2022: The Episode starts with Darsh asking how did you fall into the pool. Nandini shouts for help. Darsh worries and jumps into the pool. He holds her and asks her to relax, he is here. He saves her and asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks how did you fall into the pool. She says my sandal broke, I fell down. He asks what if I didn’t come on time. She says you always come on time, you had hit the thief with the stone today. She thinks sorry to lie. Shobit comes and asks Nandini to go and change. Darsh says her sandals broke, she fell in the pool. Shobit says sandal didn’t break, its fine. Darsh checks and says why did Nandini lie to me. Shobit says maybe she felt that you felt bad, Ritesh saved her from the thief, she would have jumped into the pool to boost your morale, she is cute, she thinks a lot for you.

Unspoken Bond 31 July 2022

Darsh gets angry and goes. Shobit jumps in the pool and says now Charmy’s revenge will get fulfilled. Darsh comes to Nandini and asks why did you lie, your sandal is fine, don’t complete me with your pity. She says no, I wanted you to know that you can do anything. He says I stumbled down like the blind, you shouldn’t risk life to make me a hero, its disgusting, I hate sympathy. She says listen to me. He asks where did the bracelet go. She says I don’t know about it. He says you should have kept it in the cupboard. He goes. She says I will find that bracelet. She looks for it everywhere. Nandini sees Rajvi and says Darsh gave me his Dadi’s bracelet, its missing. Rajvi says stop crying, we will find it. Parul looks on. Gunjan recalls getting the bracelet from Nandini by an excuse. Shobit comes and takes the bracelet from her.Gunjan says your wife is smart, right, why did you ask me to steal this bracelet. He goes to her and says I want to get a better bracelet than this, Nandini should get jealous of you. She smiles. He goes. He says this bracelet will separate you and Nandini, like Charmy and me. Nandini cries.

Parul says Bansuri, I will call you in some time. She consoles Nandini. She says Darsh’s anger will end soon, we are with you. Rajvi says everything will be fine. Nandini goes. Rajvi says just tell me what’s the matter, doctor told me that the IVF failed again, I know your pain, tell me what happened, we can try that again. Parul says thanks for transferring the car to my name. She goes. Darsh thinks of Nandini. He says someone else can keep Nandini more happy than me. Rajvi goes to Vipul. He says I can’t believe that Chetan won’t stay with us, maybe I did some mistake, you know that I love him a lot. Rajvi sees Chetan there. Chetan goes. She says its not your mistake, I won’t let this partition happen, I will find out what they are hiding, its my promise. Nandini looks for the bracelet. Darsh saying it means Nandini couldn’t sleep all night, she didn’t do it right, but her intentions was right, she wanted to increase my confidence, I told her so much in anger. Nandini wakes up near the pool. She sees the bracelet in the pool. She gets happy. Darsh says that late night call is affecting me, I should talk to Nandini. She comes to the room. He says I need to talk to you. She shows the bracelet. He says you got the bracelet. She says yes, I want to give something else. She asks him to throw away the tensions away. He does so. She says I can never see you with pity, don’t get upset on me, please. She hugs him. Aapki nazron ne samjha….plays….

Darsh says its my mistake, I m getting strange thoughts since few days. He touches the bracelet and thinks its not the one which I gave, it means Nandini made a duplicate, she is lying to me again. Shobit has the bracelet. He recalls seeing Nandini sleeping at the pool side and putting the duplicate one in the pool. Nandini asks what happened. Darsh says this bracelet will be suiting your wrist, can I click a pic. He clicks a pic and goes. She asks are you fine. He says I have some imp work, I will come. Shobit keeps the real bracelet with Ritesh. He says Darsh should get this here, perfect. He goes. Darsh gets angry and steps inside the pool. He thinks of Nandini. He says she loves me, she would not want me to get hopes of getting my eyesight so she had hidden about the reports. He answers his own doubts and swims in anger. Darsh thinks Nandini would choose a normal man than a blind one.

He says Ritesh is her friend, I should not get affected by their talks. He shouts Nandini loves me. He swims. He comes out of the pool. He says I have to find out the secret, she can’t make a duplicate bracelet. He searches the manufacturer of the bracelet. He calls the jeweller and says I m Darsh Rawal, did my wife Nandini come there to buy a bracelet, she didn’t come, thanks. The man says Shobit Rawal. Darsh asks Shobit Rawal, did he buy the bracelet, okay thanks. Shobit comes. He says Ritesh was finding you, Nandini said you got the bracelet, all okay. Darsh asks what are you trying to do, why did you make the fake bracelet, I spoke to the jeweller, answer me, how did you make it reach Nandini, she thinks she has the real one. Shobit says yes, I made the fake bracelet. Darsh asks why. Shobit says sorry, I can’t tell you more, you can hit me, I did this for your betterment, I don’t want your heart to break. Darsh asks why will my heart break, tell me.

Shobit says sorry, I can’t tell you. He goes. Darsh shouts come back. Naveen and Bansuri take care of someone. Naveen says I have kept my promise, we should contact her family. Bansuri goes to check the door. Darsh follows Shobit. He says don’t hide anything from me, why did you make a fake bracelet, what are you hiding from me, I m losing my patience. Shobit says I promised Nandini, I won’t tell you anything, she removed the bracelet and forgot it, she asked me to make a duplicate one. Darsh asks why would she lie. Shobit says she would be scared, maybe she left it somewhere that can anger you, where can it be, I checked it everywhere, everyone’s room. Darsh says Ritesh’s room.. Shobit says yes, we will check his room. Darsh says leave it, I don’t want to check. He goes. Shobit says I will make sure that you get the bracelet in Ritesh’s room, Charmy our revenge is getting fulfilled.

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