Unfortunate love update Thursday 27 July 2023

Unfortunate love 27 July 2023: The Episode starts with Neelam telling Karishma that Sonia was very upset yesterday. Karishma says I hope she is better now after rest. Neelam hopes Rishi returns home before Dussehra. Malishka comes there and cries on Neelam’s shoulder, says she misses Rishi and couldn’t sleep all night thinking about him. She says I am missing him since he got married and changed after Lakshmi came. She asks her to bring Rishi and says I can’t live without him. Karishma thinks look at her, this is real love and real wife. She says Rishi must be missing you. Employee Mangesh comes there. Virender asks if you have any work? Mangesh tells that he has brought the footage of the day, when that poisonous incident happened. Virender asks did you check.

Malishka thinks to steal it. She is silently taking it, when Lakshmi comes there and takes it, asks Malishka why she was taking it? Malishka says I was taking it to you. Virender asks Mangesh to play the pendrive. Malishka gets worried. Mangesh gets a call from someone, who tells that the pendrive was changed. Mangesh says sorry to Virender and says my assistant Ravi gave me wrong pendrive. Lakshmi asks if he is bringing. Mangesh says yes. Lakshmi comes to Dadi and makes her take medicine. Dadi says she is praying for Rishi. Lakshmi says God has heard your prayers, and says they will get the proofs. She tells her about CCTV footage. Dadi says I will see it.

Ayush and Shalu argue. Shalu asks why is he waiting outside. Ayush tells about the pendrive proof. Shalu gets happy and hugs him. She says it was friendship hug. She hugs him again. Then they argue again. Shalu says it was just friendship hug. Ayush says when will that hug happen. Malishka thinks with whom she shall take help, and calls balwinder. Balwinder is sleeping and picks the call. He says I was dreaming about Lakshmi. Malishka says everything will be ruined and says Lakshmi will get CCTV footage of the hotel kitchen. Balwinder asks didn’t you know if there is CCTV there, as you work there. She says she don’t work there and calls him idiot. She says we have to do something.

Balwinder asks if they got the CCTV footage pendrive, then come to my house, we will hang. Malishka says they didn’t get the real pendrive till now. Balwinder says he will steal the pendrive. Malishka asks if the work will be done. Balwinder asks her to give 2 lakhs rs. She says you will get the money after the work is done.

Rishi feels proud of Lakshmi and tells the prisoners that he is here, but feeling peace as Lakshmi is with him. He says Lakshmi can’t see me in pain and will take me out. The prisoner says this is love, you can’t see her in trouble. Constable comes there and says you will be shifted to other jail. Rishi says I will not go anywhere, as lakshmi will come to meet me here. Constable says we got order from high authority. Rishi says this is not fair. Mangesh calls Ravi and asks him to leave fast. Ravi sits in the car and sees Guddu hiding. He thinks to go and check if he is thief, and then thinks time will be wasted and goes. Guddu calls Balwinder and informs that Ravi left. Neelam says now the real culprit will be found. Dadi says she will beat that person with slipper. Lakshmi says basu uncle is calling us for Rishi’s bail. Ayush tells that the pendrive is on the way. Malishka thinks my chapter will be out. Sonia asks why she is tensed? Malishka says she is tensed as she is Malishka and not Lakshmi. She says my love and life Rishi is in jail. Sonia says if Lakshmi is mad, why she will give proof of her plan and says there can’t be any footage. Malishka says so you think that there is no footage. Sonia says yes. She says Ayush is mad. Malishka gets Balwinder’s call. Balwinder says they will not get any footage, I will do the work on the way. Sonia asks who has called? Malishka says lawyer to bail Rishi. Sonia says Dad and Lakshmi went to bail out Rishi.

Virender and Lakshmi coming to PS and tells that they have come for Rishi’s bail. Virender talks to Basu and tells Inspector that he is coming. Inspector says it is not easy to get bail. Lakshmi asks if Rishi got bail. Inspector says we are shifting him to other jail. Basu comes inside. Lakshmi asks did he get bail? She comes inside to meet Rishi. Rishi gets happy seeing her. He asks if he got the bail and asks her to do something, says he don’t want to go away from here,and tells that he is shifting to other jail. Lakshmi says we had come here for your bail. Rishi says I am proud of you. Lakshmi says Bau ji and Basu uncle are talking to Inspector. Constable asks Rishi to come. Lakshmi asks him to come out first. Rishi says I will not go anywhere. Lakshmi says I am coming with you. He says to jail. Lakshmi says you got the bail, we are going home. Rishi gets happy and hugs Lakshmi and then constable. Virender tells Rishi that he got bail due to Lakshmi.

Dadi asks Shalu to ask Mahesh to make juice for her. Shalu says I will bring. Sonia tells that no pendrive will come here. Ayush says if it was not changed, then we would have seen the footage by now. Sonia says no footage will come, as it is all Lakshmi’s drama. Karishma says Sonia is right. Dadi thinks once the footage comes, they will be quiet. Sonia says Rishi Bhai will not get bail. Virender asks Lakshmi to call Neelam and tell her that Rishi got bail. He says Neelam shall know that you are not inauspicious. Neelam asks Sonia why she is saying like this. Sonia says he will not get bail as that inauspicious Lakshmi went with him. Lakshmi calls Neelam from Virender’s mobile. Neelam asks how dare you to call me from Virender’s mobile. Lakshmi says I wanted to say that. Neelam says you have become eclipse for my son. Lakshmi says I can understand your worries, we had come here for Rishi’s bail. Neelam says Rishi didn’t get bail due to your inauspicious affect. Lakshmi says no, Rishi got the bail and he is coming home. Malishka hugs Sonia and smiles. Neelam hugs Malishka. Ayush hugs Dadi and says Lakshmi Bhabhi did it, she is bringing Bhai home. Dadi says everyone has kept quiet now. She tells Neelam that when Lakshmi does any mistake then you scold her a lot and asks if you will appreciate her now. Neelam asks why you see Lakshmi only, what is her status? She says your son went to get bail for Rishi, and that’s why he shall be appreciated by everyone. She tells Ayush, that his Mama did it. Ayush says yes. He says hip hip hurray. Malishka thinks what to do, shall I celebrate or get angry.

Lakshmi hugs Virender and says I wish I get Mummy ji too. He says today one brick broke. Rishi comes there and says Dad, your daughter might separate you from me. Lakshmi says if you say this then I will get you beaten up by Bau ji. Rishi also hugs them.

Guddu is on the way and is following Ravi’s car. Balwinder says I have kept the nails to punctures the car. Ravi comes there. balwinder threatens him to give whatever he has. Ravi says he doesn’t have anything. Balwinder asks what is in your pocket. He steals his money and pendrive. He then asks Ravi to sit in car and they leave. Ravi gets down and looks on.

Balwinder tells Guddu that he did this theft for the pendrive. Mangesh calls Ravi and asks where is he? Ravi says some goons looted him and stole the pendrive. Mangesh is shocked. Ravi says but he has the footage pendrive in the car.

Neelam scolds the Servant for letting Shalu work in the kitchen. She says I will make food as my son is coming. Shalu hears and smiles. Malishka calls her shameless to stay in her sister’s sasural. Shalu says this is my sister’s sasural, but this house is nothing to you. She says I am Shalu and not Lakshmi, and says I show my identity to everyone. She gives her fitting reply and goes. Malishka says once she comes here, she will crush Lakshmi and Shalu under her feet.

Malishka telling that she will close everyone’s mouth who is with Lakshmi, once she marries Rishi and comes here. She says she had done a big thing in hotel and many people could have died, but nothing has happened to Lakshmi, and this Balwinder is useless and can’t do any work properly. She says I hate Lakshmi. Lakshmi and Virender bring Rishi home. Rishi says home sweet home and says when we are away from home, we value our home. Lakshmi says we value our relations too. Rishi says yes. Lakshmi says Mummy ji will be happy to see you and must be waiting. He says you think a lot about everyone. Lakshmi says I don’t think about one person, ie, you. He asks her to give her hand in his hand and they walk inside. Virender thinks why Neelam couldn’t see their love.

Neelam makes the food for Rishi. Servant says you look strict, but is soft. Karishma comes there and praises her. She asks her to come out fast. Neelam asks did he come? She asks her to bring aarti plate and says I am going to my son. Ayush opens the door and asks Rishi to get inside. Karishma stops him and says someone’s inauspicious sight is on Rishi, we have to do aarti and get rid of it. Neelam does his aarti and asks him to come inside. Rishi gets inside with Lakshmi. Neelam asks why did you do this with me? Rishi says Mom, you know that I can’t see tears in your eyes, and says I am fit and fine, and says Lakshmi made me eat food even in jail. He says he can’t see her sad and asks her not to cry. Neelam asks why did you go when you care for me so much. Dadi asks Neelam to celebrate the happiness. Neelam looks at Lakshmi. Dadi says Virender also shall get a hug. Virender says Lakshmi deserves a hug. Dadi says I will hug her. Ayush says you have to climb the stairs to hug her. Lakshmi says I will bend down to hug dadi. She bends and hugs Dadi. Dadi says we shall hug her many times to thank Lakshmi. Shalu and Ayush hug Lakshmi. Karishma asks them to stop it and says Rishi got freed on bail due to lawyer. Virender says Lakshmi gave idea to Basu and convinced Judge that Rishi loves her so much that he took the blame on himself. He says she had said that if Rishi don’t get bail then he shall lock Lakshmi also in jail. Karishma says you always want to make Lakshmi great. Neelam says I don’t want to hear someone’s appraisal or don’t want to argue. She says I am happy that my son is fine, and says the food is home made food when it is made at home. She says she has made the food for him and asks him to freshen up. Rishi says he will come back. Dadi asks Lakshmi to go behind Rishi and do some romance. Lakshmi asks what are you saying? Ayush says if Nani says then I will hug Shalu. Shalu asks what are you saying? She asks Lakshmi to go. Dadi asks lakshmi to do some romance.

Malishka thinks balwinder is not calling me and gets angry. Balwinder calls Malishka. Karishma comes there and is about to pick the call. Malishka takes her mobile, thinks this cheapo is calling infront of Karishma. She rejects the call. Karishma says Rishi came back home and went to his room. She asks her to do something so that everyone stops doing wow. Malishka thinks first I have to save myself before making Rishi mine. She calls and asks him if he got the pendrive. Balwinder says yes, I got it. Malishka says it is matter of my life and calls him foolish. Karishma asks her with whom she was talking to? Malishka doesn’t say. Karishma asks if Kiran is on call. Malishka says no. Karishma asks her to tell Kiran that Rishi came home.

Malishka calls Kiran and says there is a good news. Kiran asks if Rishi and your marriage is fixed. Malishka asks if you are my real mother. Kiran says this is happiness for me. Malishka says Rishi came home. Kiran asks if you are caught. Malishka says no. Kiran asks her to make Rishi hers and win his heart. Malishka says she will make sure.

Shalu calls Bani. Bani picks the call. Shalu says jiju came back home on bail. Bani gets happy and tells Rano happily. Rano asks if Bal…and says balle balle. She asks who is the rea culprit? Bani says don’t know. Rano asks her to make halwa and says they will eat it. Bani says almond halwa. Rano thinks she can get money from him even now.

Malishka collides with Shalu and argues with her. Ayush comes there. Shalu says Malishka went to meet Rishi. Ayush says then we shall be more faster. Malishka comes inside and falls on Rishi. Rishi holds her. Malishka sits on the bed, complaining of pain. Lakshmi asks how is she? Rishi says she is feeling pain. Lakshmi says I am asking her. Shalu says she will make her foot fine and had done a course. Ayush hugs Rishi and tells that they will treat Malishka and make her foot fine. Shalu says then Malishka will not use her foot here and there.

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