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If you were not there 26 July 2023: Niyati reaches the road, she looks around with fear after seeing the emptiness of the street, she wonders if she has made a mistake by coming here, Niyati starts walking ahead when someone starts walking to her slowly with a rod in his hand.Abhimanyu asks Manaroma to walk slowly, he says she must not open her eyes before he can show her it all, she is left excited after seeing it when he inquires how did she like it all, because if she likes it then Niyati would also love it, Manaroma mentions everything shows his love in it, she advises him to also go and get ready, he however exclaims he is fine like this but she insists he change, Abhimanyu stops her explaining he doesnot know what would have happened to him if she was not with him, he assures he is going to come as soon as possible.

Niyati is walking on the road, she feels as if someone is behind her then sees the shadow of a man holding the rod, Niyati manages to duck before he is able to hit her, she questions why he is trying to kill her but the person just tries to fight with her.Abhimanyu enters the room in excitement thinking he would show Niyati the surprise, he enters the room calling Niyati but she doesnot answer his calls o he is left shocked wondering where she might be.Niyati starts shouting when the person keeps on forcing her, she starts yelling for help, and then is saved by some boys who manage to chase the person away, Niyati questions why he is trying to kill her if he was going to reveal the truth, she follows him into a compound.

Abhimanyu is constantly calling Niyati but she doesnot respond, he even goes down to the main hall asking Bittoo if he came from the farmhouse, but Bittoo says that he is just about to go there when everyone has already left, he wonders where she has gone to.Niyati enters the compound after the man, she hears something in the room and so peeps through the hole but is really shocked after what she sees in it so she runs away but the person stops her before she can run away, Niyati falls on the ground requesting him to let her go but he doesnot respond when she turns Manaroma is standing Infront of her, Niyati is shocked after seeing her so questions what is going on here, Manaroma orders Govind to go as his work was completed and there is no need for him now, Niyati questions that she needs the answers about why did she ty to get her killed, Manaroma replies she cannot answer all of these questions since sometimes the answers are really deep, she pulls Niyati with her to the compound mentioning that she needs to inform Niyati about the truth.

Abhimanyu is trying to call Niyati but she doesnot answer and so he tries to question why did she not come to him even when he has prepared such a surprise for her, Kamna brings the mobile of Niyati informing that she left it in the house and so he will not be able to reach her, Kamna mentions he should enjoy with Niyati since they all are going to the farm house. Abhimanyu thinks Niyati has misunderstood her husband so he is going to find her, Abhimanyu checks the private number which worries him so he thinks who might be calling her.

Manaroma takes Niyati into the room, she asks Niyati to get dressed as today is a really important day for her with Abhimanyu, Niyati throws the dress on the bed exclaiming she cannot take these until Manaroma reveals the truth because she cannot understand why she tried to have her killed but is now giving her these clothes, Niyati thinks when she looked through the hole, Manaroma was telling Govind that Niyati is ruining her plan so she must be thrown out of the way. Niyati questions what the truth is, Manaroma mentions she is the mother of Abhimanyu and is the reason for his poor mental condition, she even wants him to remain like this forever, Niyati cannot understand even a single word that she is saying so questions what she means, Manaroma informs that she might be the mother of Abhimanyu for everyone else but is actually like a Bhagwan for him.

Abhimanyu walks down the stairs of the house when he sees that the photo frame of Manaroma is about to fall, he manages to prevent it from falling even when he hurt his own forehead, Abhimanyu standing Infront of the Mandir, exclaims that she is his mother so he cannot let anything wrong happen to her.Niyati mentions every mother is like a Bhagwan but what is this sort of love, because of which she tried to get Niyati killed, Manaroma questions why is Niyati creating a big scene out of such a small thing as today is a really special day for her and she should get dressed, Manaroma asks her to get dressed when Niyati pulling away her hands questions what does Manaroma desire, she replies she wants her to get dressed properly since today is a really special day for her so she must look really nice, Niyati is still really tensed.

Manaroma walking away calls Abhimanyu, he inquires if she reached the farmhouse safely when she replies that they have come to the resort and she even brought Niyati along with her, hearing this Abhimanyu stops smiling wondering why did Niyati not wait for his surprise, meanwhile Niyati is really tensed.Manaroma calls Abhimanyu while Niyati is shocked, Abhimanyu seeing that his mother is calling asks if she reached the farmhouse, Manaroma informs they have come to the resort and she even brought Niyati with her, Abhimanyu is relieved informing how he was just about to go out of the house, he informs that she received a call from some private number, Manaroma exclaims that she forgot to tell him that his father gave her this contact, he is really relaxed when she says that she is really tensed, Abhimanyu questions who has caused so much tension, Manaroma exclaims that it is Niyati his wife, she has done a lot for them ever since she came from Mumbai but she has refused to accept these gifts, she has brought all these clothes and jewellery for her but she doesnot want to wear them, and she feels Niyati doesnot like her choice, Abhimanyu asks her to hand the phone to Niyati, who explains she wants to talk with him but he says that she must now only do what Maa tells her to do since this is what matters the most, she must apologize to Maa.

Abhimanyu also does the same when Niyati questions why is he apologizing, he exclaims it was necessary and even asks Niyati to apologize, she starts getting furious because she doesnot want to apologize but for the sake of Abhimanyu she apologizes to Maa, he thanks her then asks Manaroma to not get angry at Niyati since she has also apologized to her, Manaroma exclaims she never wanted them to apologize since she is glad they love her a lot so what else can she need, Manaroma questions why did he not change his clothes, she also sends Niyati change her clothes before asking Abhimanyu if he has had anything to eat, he replies he ate the food which she prepared for him since it was really delicious.

Niyati comes out after changing her clothes, informing Manaroma she apologized so Abhimanyu doesnot feel any sort of tension, she explains Abhimanyu is her only child who is ready to give his life for him but why is she using him like a puppet, she asks why Manaroma is acting as if she cares for him when she is the reason for his condition, Manaroma is deceiving his entire family and not just Abhimanyu.

Manaroma asks Niyati to sit down, but she insists that she needs to know the truth, Manaroma exclaims she would not have any desire to live further if they were not here, Manaroma mentions this is the truth of Abhimanyu because if she leaves his life then he would die himself, she helps Niyati wear the jewellery after which she informs Niyati has gotten dressed, she pushes Niyati away holding her hand however she is tensed, she advises Niyati to go back home since he is waiting for her with the surprise, she exclaims that tonight would be the last night of their love, Niyati is really shocked after hearing this and exclaims she will not leave without knowing the truth, Manaroma exclaims she wanted to give an advice so did it, Manaroma threatens saying if she goes back then would only go away from Abhimanyu but if she doesnot leave then would lose him, Niyati is adamant saying she will not leave but will find out the truth about her entire life, Manaroma allows her saying she should try to find out the truth why a mother is trying to ruin the mental health of her son, Niyati replies she would not have to find it since she will herself answer when Abhimanyu questions her, Niyati turns to leave when Manaroma exclaims she never wants her son to get healthy but Niyati is adamant to get him healthy which she cannot allow to happen, Niyati mentions she has left all of her relations to be with her husband but she will not leave him now, Manaroma mentions it is better if she leaves Abhimanyu to go back to her family which is the best for them all, she must go to celebrate her last night with Abhimanyu, Niyati is walking while Manaroma laughs.

Niyati is walking the streets, there is a severe wind however she is not at all bothered, thinking how Manaroma revealed she doesnot want her son to get healthy, since she is the reason he is like this and she doesnot want her to cure him, Niyati is not able to process all these emotions because Manaroma herself gave Niyati the responsibility of her son but is now the real reason he is like this, Manaroma stops the car beside Niyati asking her to come inside as she is also going to the house, however Niyati closes the door sitting in the auto, Manaroma exclaims she would have to accept her conditions otherwise the situations would force her to accept them.

Niyati rushes into the house calling Abhimanyu but he doesnot respond, she then walks to the terrace where she is shocked to see how well he has organized the surprise for them both, she is standing there when he coming from behind hugs her, Niyati starts crying and is not able say anything, he exclaims it was worthless to make this place so beautiful because he only needed her to come, he feels that she is dressed just as he likes. Abhimanyu praises his mother for being so clever since she made him do this work but herself helped Niyati get dressed, he feels she knows what he likes, Niyati recalls how Manaroma exclaimed that she is the reason Abhimanyu is like this when Niyati turns exclaiming she needs to talk with him, he asks her to remain quiet since he doesnot know how he can control these emotions, he requests her to always be with him since he can live his entire life with her help, Abhimanyu assures how he fell in love with her the moment he saw her but knew he is not capable of her, she questions why is he talking like this but he exclaims tonight he will be the one to speak, Abhimanyu mentions that he is going to come so close to her tonight that she will not be able to leave him even if she desires to as even the stars are going to be the proof to their lovely relationship, Niyati starts thinking with tears in her eyes.

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