My desire update Wednesday 26 July 2023

My desire 26 July 2023: Rudra and Preesha participate in a 3-legged running race during Roohi’s sports event. Coach asks them to hold each togher tightly if they want to win. Roohi also cheers them up. They hold each other saying its just for Roohi and run. Maine Tera Naam Dil Rakhdiya.. song plays in the background. Rudra slips. Preesha holds him. Pihu gets jealous seeing that. Roohi reminds them that they should win. Rudra thanks Preesha for holding him. They both run again win the race. Pihu cheers. Rudra lifts Preesha in excitement. Roohi joins them. Pihu gets more jealous and says she will not let them become a happy family and will not let Preesha participate in any more games.

Pihu in lieu of congratulating Preesha pushes her down spraining her leg and apologizes her. Preesha writhes in pain. Pihu thinks she will participate instead of Preesha now. Rudra checks Preesha’s sprained leg. Host announces next race and says only parents’ coordination will make them win. Roohi suggests Rudra to lift Preesha like he lifts her and run. Rudra says Preesha is heavy. Roohi asks him to show his herogiri and power. Rudra agrees and first-aids Preesha’s leg. A romantic song plays in the background again. He lifts her. Pihu feels jealous.

Rudra lifts Preesha and participates. Shiddath.. song plays in the background. They both come second this time. Host praises their coordination. They receive trophies lifting Roohi. Pihu stands jealous. Roohi thanks god for helping her unite her parents and prays god to make them a perfect happy family again. At home, Armaan searches for Preesha. Saransh says they have gone out. Roohi returns home with her parents and excitedly shows prizes and taunts Armaan that they are a happy family and Armaan is an outsider. Armaan cuts Roohi’s hair at night while she si asleep to take a revenge. Roohi wakes up at night and finds hair on her bed. Saransh asks what happened to her and shows her in mirror. Roohi shouts seeing her cut hair.

Roohi looks herself in a mirror and shouts seeing her hair badly cut. Saransh asks who cut her hair. Roohi says she is sure its Armaan. She walks to Armaan and fights with him. Armaan requests Preesha for help. Preesha stops Roohi and asks who cut her hair. Roohi says dirty Armaan uncle did. Rudra and Pihu join them. Saransh threatens Armaan and makes him accept his mischief. Armaan says Roohi told she will take Preesha away from him, so he cut Roohi’s hair. Rudra gets angry on Armaan and warns him to stay away from his daughter or else he will punish him. Preesha protects Armaan from Rudra and asks Armaan to apologize for his mistake. Armaan apologizes Roohi. Roohi says she doesn’t need monster uncle’s apology. Preesha says she will get her hair cut. Roohi says she doesn’t need it and walks away crying.

Pihu thinks Armaan took her revenge from Roohi, she will soon separate Roohi from her parents and then Rudra and Preesha using Armaan. Preesha makes Armaan sleep on her lap. Roohi enters and pushes Armaan away and asks Preesha to sleep with her as she feels afraid. Preesha says Armaan also needs her. Roohi says even Armaan can sleep in her room. She takes them to her room, asks Preesha to sleep with her and Armaan to sleep on a couch. Armaan thinks Roohi is snatching Preesha from her and tries to wake up Preesha. Roohi stops him. Armaan walks out frustrated. Pihu asks what is he doing outside at this time. Armaan says Roohi tricked and took Preesha away. Pihu says he should punish Roohi for that and explains him her plan.

Armaan walks to Pihu, apologizes her for his mischief, requests her to be his friend, and offers her milkshake. Pihu asks if he is up to something. Armaan says no. Roohi drinks milkshake and falls alseep. Armaan thinks Pihu’s plan is amazing and recalls Pihu mixing sleeping pills in milkshake. He thinks now Preesha will not go to Roohi and will sleep with him. Preesha walks to Armaan’s room and says she is going to Rooh’s room. Armaan says Roohi is already asleep. Preesha goes to Roohi’s room and finds her asleep. Saransh says Roohi was already asleep when he returned to room. Preesha says she is going to her room and walks away.

Roohi wakes up at night and not finding Preesha next to her goes to check. She finds Armaan on Preesha’s lap and walks away crying. Saransh wakes up hearing her crying and says mamma had come to her, but she was sound asleep. Roohi says she was waiting for mamma. Saransh says maybe she was tired. Roohi thinks she wasn’t tired, then how did she fall asleep. Next day, Armaan brings milkshake for Roohi again. Roohi says she will have it after finishing homework. Armaan hides and waits till Roohi finishes milkshake and thinks now he will sleep with Preesha aunty and Roohi will sleep in her room. Roohi acts as asleep after finishing milkshake and then wakes up once he leaves. She recalls understanding Armaan’s plan and exchanging milkshake and thinks she will see what Armaan will do with Preesha.


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