Unfortunate love update Tuesday 21 November 2023

Unfortunate love 21 November 2023: The Episode starts with Lakshmi telling Malishka that she talks seeing the place and situation and tells that neither this place or situation is right, and says she has to just see Rishi and nothing else. Malishka says you say so much and then say that you don’t want to say. Lakshmi says I have to say. Malishka asks who are you? you are nothing. She says you are nothing to me or Rishi, this is my Rishi, my family and my home and asks did you understand? Lakshmi asks her not to disturb Rishi. Malishka asks her to get out, and asks her to tell everyone that she don’t want to sit here, and wants to rest.

She shouts asking her to go. Lakshmi goes out. Vikrant comes to Saloni and ask what happened to you. Saloni says I was walking and slipped. Vikrant twists her foot a bit and says it was cramp, it is

fine. He asks her to walk. Saloni walks and says she is fine. Vikrant writes something and gives it to Saloni, says take these tablets. Karishma gets happy and says what a doctor, he treated her so fast. Lakshmi comes out and tells dadi that Malishka wanted to stay with Rishi. She says she will take care of Rishi. Dadi says but. Lakshmi says its ok. Saloni says she will bring medicine. Karishma asks her to send Lakshmi’s sisters. Saloni says she herself will go and will check if she can walk properly.

Malishka asks Rishi to get up and says she can’t see him in this condition. She asks him to get up and see Lakshmi’s value and tells that she was arguing with me, says it is good that she will get marry and leave. Saloni reads Vikrant’s message and comes to the changing room. She tells him that Malishka is with Rishi and not Lakshmi, Rishi’s shield. Vikrant says I was cursing my destiny unnecessarily. He says he has another plan to fulfill their dreams and shares his plan with her. Saloni says this is possible. Vikrant says we have to do this for our love.

Ayush asks Lakshmi why she is here? Karishma says Malishka is with Rishi. She tells that after marriage, Lakshmi will not come and neither them nor we will let her come. She says Malishka is his would be wife. Ayush tries to say. Lakshmi asks Ayush to bring Dadi’s medicine. Ayush goes. Virender appreciates her. Saloni comes and gives water to everyone. Lakshmi asks why you are worrying for us. Saloni says you all are my family. She asks Lakshmi to rest and says she will give water to Malishka. She comes inside and asks Malishka where is Lakshmi? Malishka says she is out, now I will be with Rishi. Saloni asks when he will gain consciousness? Malishka says very soon.

She takes the water from Saloni and drinks. Saloni is going out and sees Malishka going to washroom. Vikrant comes there and goes inside the ward. Saloni stands outside. Vikrant tries to suffocate Rishi to death, but he gains consciousness and hits tray on Vikrant’s head. Vikrant tries to suffocate him still and keeps his hand on his mouth and nose. Rishi kicks him and Vikrant’s mask falls down from his face. Rishi sees his face. Vikrant attacks him again, and Rishi kicks him and Vikrant falls on the wall. Rishi faints and falls on his bed. Lakshmi gets restless and thinks to go and check on Rishi.

Vikrant faints and falls down on the floor beside Rishi’s bed. Saloni sees Lakshmi coming and thinks how to stop her. Malishka comes back after vomiting. She gets vomiting sensation again and goes back to washroom. Lakshmi is about to enter the ward, when Shalu gives Rano’s call to her. Rano asks Lakshmi to tell if she has any work for her. Lakshmi asks her to take care. She is about to go inside. Saloni stops her and says Malishka is with Rishi. She says you are worried for him so much, and asks if there is something between Rishi and you. Lakshmi thinks of Rishi and her moments. Saloni says don’t think me wrong, I am not doubting you or accusing you, I am seeing that you want to be with Rishi, and that’s why even Malishka is very troubled.

She says because of this, Rishi is blaming Vikrant with fake accusations so that you don’t marry him. She tells her that she is having good values, so she shall not go to Rishi. She says I will go inside for you and will tell you how is Rishi. She asks her to go and sit. She then comes inside and looks for Vikrant. She thinks if Vikrant has gone out. She sees Rishi still breathing, and thinks where did Vikrant go? She says Malishka must be inside the washroom. She comes near Rishi and sees Vikrant on the floor. She is about to shout Vik…and stops. She tries to make Vikrant come in his senses.

Neelam sees Lakshmi and thinks she is away from Rishi, he shall gain consciousness now. Virender asks her not to worry. Neelam says we should have got puja done for Rishi also, when we did puja for Lakshmi.

 Saloni getting worried seeing Vikrant unconscious. Neelam says she doesn’t know what is happening with her son. Saloni drags and take Vikrant behind the sofa. Malishka comes out of washroom and asks Saloni what was in the water which she had given her. Saloni asks what? Malishka says there was something in it. Neelam tells that they should have done puja for Rishi also.Dadi says Malishka is immature and childish and asks Neelam not to talk like this. Neelam asks if I shall not care for my son.

Dadi says you can care and worry, but shall not accuse anymore. Malishka tells Saloni that there was something in water, and that’s why I vomited. Saloni says I brought it from canteen. Malishka asks what you are doing here. Dadi asks Neelam to calm down and says Maa is worried for

Rishi. Malishka asks if Rishi is fine. Saloni says Lakshmi was coming here and I stopped her and says I will go inside. She says sorry if she felt bad. Malishka says Lakshmi shall stay in her limits. She looks at Rishi. Vikrant gains consciousness and opens his eyes. Saloni asks Malishka to show herself to doctor and take medicine as she vomited. Malishka refuses. Vikrant gets up and sees Saloni, says she is here. He thinks Rishi saw me and he is not dead till now. He thinks Rishi might gain in consciousness and might expose him. Rishi gains consciousness. Malishka kisses him and goes to tell everyone. Saloni and Vikrant get shocked. Vikrant thinks what to do.

Saloni looks at Rishi and signs Vikrant to go to washroom. Rishi closes his eyes and recalls finding out about Vikrant’s marriage. He says Vikrant is married. Malishka comes out and tells everyone that Rishi has gained consciousness. Everyone run inside. Rishi tells Saloni that Vikrant’s wife name is…Ayush asks why Lakshmi is not coming. Lakshmi cries being thankful to God. Everyone comes there and asks him how is he? Dadi says Lakshmi saved you. Rishi asks where is :Lakshmi? He says he wants to meet her. Malishka and others ask what happened to him. Dadi asks what he wants to tell Lakshmi. Rishi says Vikrant is already married. Shalu asks Lakshmi, what happened? Ayush says he has gained consciousness and says we heard you and went there, his treatment was possible because of you. Shalu and Bani ask her to meet him. Rishi says vikrant is married. Saloni shouts Rishi and says this is nonsense. She asks with whom he is married and tells Neelam that it is too much now. Malishka asks what is the proof? Rishi says I have enquired myself. Karishma and Neelam ask him to take care of himself. Rishi says I am saying truth and says Lakshmi will believe me. Neelam says Saloni is right, there is a limit. She asks him not to utter any word. Saloni smiles. Doctor comes there and checks Rishi.

Lakshmi tells that she don’t want to go, Rishi is fine and this is enough for her. Ayush asks if you will not meet him. Doctor says he is perfectly fine. Virender asks if we can take him home. Doctor says shall stay here for a day. Dadi insists to take him home. Doctor says ok and says he will get the discharge papers ready. Dadi says we will take him home and he will be fine. Malishka says I will take good care of him and then he don’t need anyone.

Rishi gets up from the bed and goes out. Malishka goes behind him. Lakshmi thanks the God for making Rishi fine and says now I will bear all the pain and will not complain, just make him fine. Shalu and Bani come there and hugs her. Rishi comes out and asks Ayush where is Lakshmi? Ayush says Lakshmi went. Rishi says she knows my condition and she went. He gets upset. Malishka gets happy. Ayush says Lakshmi worries for you. Rishi says she might have gone home. Virender, Neelam and Dadi come out. They say we shall go home. Saloni asks Vikrant to come out of washroom. Vikrant comes out and tells that Rishi will tell everyone about me. He says now he will go home and will say. Saloni says nobody will believe him. Vikrant says we shall not think the enemy weak and says we have to kill him anyhow, at any cost. He says Rishi has to die.

Lakshmi keeps Rishi’s room ready. Mukesh tells that he has made arrangements to make kada. Lakshmi asks him to make breakfast and tea, and thinks Rishi didn’t drink water also. Mukesh asks what happened? Lakshmi says no and tells that she will make kada. Mukesh asks who will take care of Rishi like you used to do. Lakshmi reminisces Rishi and thinks of their moments.

Rishi comes home and calls Lakshmi. Neelam asks what is the hurry to meet her. Rishi says I want to tell her that Vikrant is a fraud and married. Neelam asks what is this madness? Rishi says he is saying truth.

 Neelam asking Rishi to understand what she is saying and says I am your own. Rishi asks her to trust him and says Vikrant is fraud. Neelam says I am not believing you and that’s why you want to go and tell Lakshmi, and asks if she is more important than us. Rishi says she is my responsibility and tells that he will not let her life ruined. He says she will believe me. Neelam tells that she will not believe you and says Lakshmi’s life would have been ruined if she had got married to Balwinder. Rishi says Vikrant is more worst than Balwinder, he is emotionless. Dadi asks what is the proof? Rishi tells that he has proof and tells that it is in his clothes which he was wearing before the accident. Virender says Ayush will bring those clothes from hospital. Rishi says I will give

you proofs and will not let Lakshmi marry Vikrant. Neelam asks Dadi why she is supporting Rishi. Dadi says if there is any proof then let him show, and says it is better that such relation shall be broken. Neelam tells that she feels that Rishi is lying because of Lakshmi. Virender asks her not to accuse Lakshmi. Neelam asks him not to cut her words.

Rishi comes to room and collides with Lakshmi. Lakshmi says sorry and asks if he is feeling pain. Rishi says I am feeling much pain. Lakshmi makes him sit and says sorry. Rishi asks how many times, you will say sorry. He says he is hurt as she is not listening to me and tells her that Vikrant is a betrayal guy, a fraud and bad guy, and tells that he is married too. He says I have enquired and got the proofs. He tells her everything and says Vikrant told me himself that he is married then why you are not believing me. Lakshmi asks him to rest and says I have kept clothes for you, and asks him to change and rest. He asks her to stay back and reply to him, asks do you trust me or Vikrant. He says we have spent so much time together, we were husband and wife and stays in the same house even now. He says you understands me so well, and came to save me, though I didn’t tell you about my accident. He asks her to say, whom she trusts Vikrant or him.

Neelam says how to make Rishi understand, so that he gets some intelligence. She says she wanted to lock him in the room like she used to do in his childhood. She says I will punish him until he realizes his mistakes. Dadi says enough. Neelam asks her to tell Rishi. Ayush comes there and tells that Doctor asked them to take care of Rishi. Malishka goes to Rishi’s room. Virender tells Ayush that Rishi said that there is proof against Vikrant in his clothes. Ayush searches for it and finds a burnt paper.

Rishi says you are silent till now and says your silence is hinting that you trust Vikrant more than me. Lakshmi says you know my answer. Rishi says I want to hear from you. Lakshmi says I am the answer to your question, and says I am here in this house for you. He says Lakshmi….I swear on you and keeps his hand on her head. Malishka comes there and keeps his hand on her head. Ayush opens it. Everyone asks what is this? Is this a proof? Karishma says Lakshmi is the mastermind. Neelam says don’t say anything to Lakshmi, she didn’t do anything. Malishka asks him to swear that he is not doing conspiracy against Vikrant to stop Lakshmi’s marriage. Rishi swears on her and says he is not doing any conspiracy against Vikrant. Karishma asks Neelam why she is taking Lakshmi’s side and says Rishi is not clever to do planning and plotting and make fake proofs to show us. She says I am sure that this is done by Lakshmi. Kiran says even I don’t believe that Rishi can do this. Ayush says Rishi bhai is right and Lakshmi is innocent. Karishma says Lakshmi is clever to change Bhabhi’s perception too. Neelam asks Virender and dadi, if they saw that everyone feels that Lakshmi can change me and you are asking me not to doubt Lakshmi. Virender says you all can say bad about Lakshmi, but nobody can change her place in my heart, and tells that one day even you all will believe Lakshmi like I do.

Malishka says you are taking my fake swear. Rishi says I don’t take fake swear. Malishka says you are doing conspiracy. Ayush is upset. Karishma asks him not to do something which will make them feel guilty infront of Vikrant and his family. She says tomorrow is mehendi and asks him not to do. Ayush says the truth can’t be hidden or get afraid and when he is exposed, Vikrant will be ashamed. Rishi says I am not doing any conspiracy. Malishka says then it is lakshmi’s conspiracy. Rishi says then I wouldn’t have pleaded infront of Lakshmi to believe me. He says he has proof. Ayush comes there and tells that the proof is burnt. He says Vikrant had thrown the paper on the temple diya, but I saved it and kept it in my pocket,. Malishka smiles and says this is the proof that you all are doing conspiracy.

She blames Lakshmi and says Rishi took my fake swear because of you, and asks how much you will trouble and pain me. She says not many days are remaining here for you, and asks her not to take Rishi’s name, as he is mine and says he has taken my fake swear, but I love him so much and can give my life for him. Lakshmi goes from there. Ayush gives medical file to Rishi. Malishka asks him to think about Rishi’s happiness. Ayush says I am his brother and asks her not to teach him, and says he can give his life and can take someone’s life for him. Malishka says Ayush will soon know that I am your happiness. She says thank god, you are fine after the big accident. He says thanks to Lakshmi, she saved me. He says you wouldn’t have known about me. Malishka says Lakshmi might have kept spies behind you, and asks him to let Lakshmi get married. She asks if you don’t want to marry me, then tell me right now. She asks if you want to marry me or not. Rishi says no and asks her not to think this way. Malishka says thank god, let Lakshmi marry, else marry me, then I will not say if Lakshmi is not married. Rishi says I will not let Lakshmi marry Vikrant. Malishka says she can’t wait for their marriage and asks him to understand.

Vikrant and Saloni come home. Anjana asks Saloni if she talked to Vikrant. She sees him and asks what happened to him. Vikrant says he has fallen down. She says thankfully he is fine, else would have to postponed the marriage. Vikrant says he will marry Lakshmi on the same date, and gets angry. Anjana says don’t know what happened to Rishi, and asks him to have leave to enjoy marriage functions.

Ayush thinks Shalu is right, this accident is a conspiracy and blo*dy Vikrant is the conspirator. Shalu calls him. Ayush says you are right that Vikrant did his accident. Shalu asks Ayush what about the proof which jiju got. Ayush says it was burnt and tells that they have to hurry up, as tomorrow is mehendi and then marriage. He says he don’t know what to do. Shalu says we have to do something, and says we can’t trouble jiju for this. Ayush says I will never let my Bhabhi marry this cheap man. Shalu and Bani say yes. Ayush says if I was forgiven for 1 murder, then I would have suffocated Vikrant to death.

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