Unfortunate love update Thursday 21 September 2023

Unfortunate love 21 September 2023: The Episode starts with Rishi listening to the song and says it is Lakshmi’s favorite song. Ayush calls him. Rishi picks his call and asks if he called to time pass, and says he will talk later. Ayush asks what happened? Rishi says he is hearing Lakshmi’s favorite song. Ayush asks him to hear it with Lakshmi and tells that the meeting is cancelled. Rishi says ok, I will go home. He gets Leela’s call and tells her that he is not sure about the proposals yet. Leela thinks Rishi is right to be thinking that Lakshmi shall get the good guy and thinks to do something.

Malishka comes to the kitchen and thinks Lakshmi didn’t check the kheer yet. She pours liquid in the kheer so that Lakshmi’s lips get swollen for 5-6 days and says I will pick her lips and will throw it down for kissing Rishi.

Suhani hears her who has just come and says I will tell everyone. Malishka threatens her and tries to hurt her keeping her hand on the stove. Lakshmi thinks to go and check the kheer. Malishka threatens Suhani that she will send her to jail for theft and then she will not get job anywhere. She asks her to do finger on lips. Just then she sees Neelam standing.
Dadi asks Lakshmi if she made kheer. Lakshmi says yes. Dadi says she will have 5-6 bowls. Neelam asks what is she doing here? Malishka picks the bottle and the liquid falls in the coconut milk accidentally. She says she had come to drink water. She goes from there and signs Suhani not to say anything. Suhani asks Neelam, what is she making? Neelam says Coconut milk smoothie. She asks her to give coconut milk to her. Suhani gives her coconut milk.

Shalu finds the keys and thinks Chachi has kept money in it. Bani comes there and tells that they shall take the money so that they shall teach a lesson to her. Malishka thinks if Neelam aunty had come to taste the kheer. She thinks she will not even touch it, as Lakshmi made it. She says once Lakshmi tastes the kheer, she will throw the kheer, so that others don’t have it. She says you want to kiss my Rishi, now take swollen lips. She imagines Lakshmi with swollen lips and laughs. She thinks why Neelam had come to kitchen.

Rano comes to the room and searches for the keys. Shalu gives her keys. Rano asks did you open it? Shalu says no. Bani says I will open it and will show you. Rano says I trust you. She thinks to check the locker later. Neelam makes chocolate smoothie and thinks Malishka will like it. Lakshmi comes to the kitchen and is about to taste it. Suhani tries to stop her, Malishka looks at her angrily. Lakshmi asks Suhani to give water to Dadi. Suhani goes. Lakshmi is about to taste the kheer, then thinks Dadi wants to have it so she shall taste it first. She takes the kheer to the dining table. Virender asks Rishi about his meeting. Rishi says it is cancelled. Malishka thinks kheer bowl is kept infront of Dadi. She gets worried. Neelam asks Lakshmi to sit. Lakshmi sits. Virender says he wants Kheer. Dadi says it is mine and asks him not to keep eye on his diet. Malishka asks Dadi to give kheer to her. Dadi refuses. Malishka snatches Kheer bowl from Dadi’s hand and makes the bowl falls down. Everyone looks at them. Dadi gets sad. Malishka says sorry. Rishi tells Malishka that she would have eaten kheer after Dadi. Virender tells that Lakshmi will make kheer for you later. Lakshmi says she will make it in the evening. Neelam asks Malishka to have the coconut milk smoothie. Malishka refuses and says Dadi couldn’t have her favorite kheer. Dadi asks her to have it. Malishka drinks the chocolate coconut milk smoothie. Neelam and others look at her swollen lips and gets shocked.

Malishka feeling pain in her lips and sees everyone looking at her. She asks what happened? Neelam asks why your lips are swollen. Malishka looks at herself in the mobile camera and gets shocked. Neelam scolds Suhani and asks what did you add in coconut milk, that Malishka’s lips is swollen. Suhani says I didn’t do anything, what is done is done by Malishka. Rishi asks what did she do? Malishka gets up and asks why you are lying and threatens to get her arrested. Virender asks Suhani to say. Suhani tells them everything. Rishi says if she had mixed it in kheer, then how it came in this smoothie. Suhani says I didn’t know. She says may be she has added it in the coconut milk also. Malishka thinks liquid had fallen when she had hide the bottle behind her back. She thinks house help exposed her. Neelam says I can’t hope that you can do this. Virender says if Maa had the kheer. Rishi says how can you think like this. Karishma says if anything bad happened with others. Neelam says I never thought that you will do this. Dadi says bad work will get bad result. Rishi asks Malishka why is she taking revenge from Lakshmi. He says she always listens to your taunts, and says that was not a kiss which he did with Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks him to take Malishka to hospital, as she is in pain. Dadi asks Malishka to see herself and Lakshmi. Malishka says sorry and goes to hospital with Rishi.

Neelam says Rishi has become your slave, and Malishka has become conspirator, but she couldn’t become cunning and conspirator like you, that’s why she did mistake and did wrong with herself. She says if you have planned this, then your plan would have been success. Virender says just now everyone came to know that Malishka has done this, and then also you are blaming Lakshmi. Karishma says this is happening as Lakshmi is here, if she was not here, then this wouldn’t have happened. Dadi asks them to stop it and says if Malishka was successful and if this thing had happened with Lakshmi, then if you have accused Malishka? She says you always want to blame Lakshmi and asks them to stop scolding Lakshmi. Karishma says Mom? Dadi says matter is over.

Doctor tells Rishi that he has given her injection and tells that there is a strong effect of chemical. Malishka asks him to give her more injections. Doctor asks her not to speak. Sonal comes there and asks Malishka what happened to her? Malishka shows her lips. Sonal laughs. Malishka asks her to shut up. Rishi tells her everything. Sonal thinks Rishi is caring for her, it means Malishka has trapped him. Rishi says make her understand not to talk, else her pain will increase. He goes to bring the medicine. Sonal asks Malishka, if she had gone to dig land for Malishka or herself, and says Lakshmi should have been here. She says sometimes you act stupid and becomes hopeless. Malishka asks her to be quiet. Karishma says she will call Rishi and enquire about Malishka. Virender says if Maa have the kheer? Dadi says Malishka shall take this as learning, she shall not do this, else can be trapped in a big trouble. Virender says why Malishka shall do this? Karishma says because of Lakshmi, she had planned and ruined their valentine. Virender blames her for targetting Lakshmi always. He says if anyone of us had ruined the party then she would have taken revenge from us. Neelam says Malishka knows the difference and will not harm us. She says I will not forgive Malishka for this. Karishma tells that whatever happened between Lakshmi and Rishi was wrong. Virender says Rishi had saved Lakshmi’s life, Doctor had said that right treatment is given, then what is Malishka’s problem. Dadi taunts Karishma. Virender says Lakshmi shall take revenge from Malishka, as she broke their marriage, when she saw them in bedroom, then what she did, she moved away from their way. She asks Karishma to make her dear Malishka understand.

Doctor tells Rishi that the swelling will go slowly and asks him to call him if the pain doesn’t subside. Karishma calls Suhani and asks why did you open your mouth. She says if you had told me then I would have handled everything. Suhani says Malishka had threatened her. Karishma says you should have kept quiet. She scolds her and goes. Suhani thinks Lakshmi is so good, why Malishka is marrying here, only Lakshmi deserves to be the bahu of the house.

Lakshmi thinks if Malishka can do this, and thinks when the matter is about Rishi, she gets insecure and mad. She says when I told her clearly that she will not come between them, then why she is doing this, he was my husband but now he loves Malishka and they are going to marry soon. Virender comes there and asks if you are fine. Lakshmi asks why people think that I am wrong and says I don’t want anyone to get hurt because of me. She says bau ji used to tell that I shall be happy seeing others’ happiness and gets sad seeing others sad. Virender says we all see how Malishka is, and asks Lakshmi to be careful. Lakshmi says Malishka is scared that I will snatch Rishi from her, but I don’t think of this, doing it is far away. He says I know you will be sad, but will not snatch someone’s happiness, but some of the family members will not understand you and will think you wrong. Lakshmi says she is here for few days, and says I will go from here, but not from your heart. Virender says I wish I could stop you here for forever. He asks her to be careful. Lakshmi hugs him. Bhagya lakshmi song plays….He goes.

Shalu tells Bani that she has kept all the books open. Rano comes there and tells that she is going to rest in room, and asks them not to disturb. Shalu says she is going to check the locker. Bani says they shall steal the money and tell her that the thief have come and stolen it.

Malishka comes home. Sonal laughs and says your lips are looking funny. Malishka says I will give you this medicine so that your lips get swollen too. Rishi comes there and gives her medicine. Malishka takes the medicine and thanks him for taking care of her. Rishi says you shall thank Lakshmi, she stopped everyone from scolding you, and asked to get treatment. She says this is the difference between you and Lakshmi. He says you thought it was trap of Lakshmi that I kissed her, it was not true and you tried to take revenge on her. She says you tried to take revenge and did bad with her, but Lakshmi didn’t get you punished, she saved you from everyone and then got your treatment done. He says all proofs were against you, but then also Lakshmi didn’t do anything, and tells that if she wanted to do all this, then she wouldn’t have divorced me. She says you are doubting Lakshmi, that means you are doubting me, and says I betrayed Lakshmi and not you, then also she didn’t take revenge, as she is Lakshmi, she is great. He says you have proved that you can’t become Lakshmi. Malishka gets up and says why she will become like someone else. She says she don’t want to become Lakshmi. She asks him to stop talking like Ayush and says people become like me, and I don’t become like others. She says I am Malishka and asks if he understood. Rishi says I understood. He says you always doubt about Lakshmi and asks if you will doubt me even after marriage like this.

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