Unfortunate love update Monday 25 September 2023

Unfortunate love 25 September 2023: The Episode starts with Ayush coming to the hospital with his family. He asks Nurse about the guy and the girl who have come here. Nurse says the girl is critical and her husband got her admitted, the girl is pregnant. Dadi says pregnant. Nurse asks didn’t you know, if you are their family. Neelam says I am his mother. Nurse says he said that he has nobody in his family. Karishma says he has all the family. Neelam asks about the patient’s name. Nurse says her name is Suchita. Karishma says her name must be lakshmi. And the guy’s name is Rishi. Nurse says there is no patient here with this name, and says may be she is admitted in other hospital.

Karishma asks Ayush if his info was right. Ayush says it seems wrong now. Virender says we shall search them in nearby hospital, where Malishka had found Rishi’s car. They leave. Rishi asks the doctor if the operation is done. Doctor says yes, she shall gain consciousness in 3 hours, else will slip in coma. Rishi says she is a strong girl and will not go in coma. Doctor says we have given her best treatment, she will have one problem even after gaining consciousness. He tells that the brain cells which are damaged are related to memory, and her memory can be affected. He says we have given her best treatment, how effective is it, will be known after she gains consciousness. He says you can meet him if wanted, she is in ICU. Rishi goes to ICU to see Lakshmi. Tere bin jeena pawunga plays…He sits at her bedside and cries badly, keeping his head on her shoulder.
Kiran comes to know about the fire in the hotel and hopes Malishka is fine. She asks Malishka if she is fine? Malishka says I am fine. Kiran asks how is Rishi? Malishka says she doesn’t know, and tells that Lakshmi was unconscious, so he was taking her to hospital. She says she found his car met with an accident. Kiran asks if Rishi is fine. Malishka says she doesn’t know, he is neither calling nor picking the call. Kiran says everything will be fine. Malishka says that panuati Lakshmi is with him, until she is with him, nothing right can happen with Rishi or me. Kiran hopes Rishi gets fine.

Bani asks Shalu where we will go, as Ayush said that they were not in that hospital. Shalu says even we shall go and search in every hospital. Rano comes home. They inform Rano about Rishi taking Lakshmi to the hospital. Rano prays for Lakshmi and asks them to update her.

Rishi asks Lakshmi to get up and fight with him. He says you are not looking good while lying like this. He says my life stops when you don’t speak, just get up for me. He recalls his moments with Lakshmi. He says Lakshmi, please get up, I can’t bear. She moves her fingers and blinks her eye lashes. Rishi thinks Lakshmi gained consciousness. She opens her eyes and says Rishi. Nurse comes there. Rishi asks Nurse to check Lakshmi, she has taken his name. Nurse sees Lakshmi unconscious still. Rishi says I am not lying, she had gained consciousness and took my name. Nurse says I can understand your worry, you love her a lot, but you said that you are not her husband. She gives Lakshmi’s mangalsutra to him and says we had taken it out before operation. She says we have done her operation well, you don’t worry. She asks him to sit outside. Rishi goes out and recalls making Lakshmi wear the mangalsutra. He thinks Lakshmi always fulfilled her promise, but I couldn’t.

Malishka comes to Oberoi Mansion and calls Neelam. Servant says they are not at home. Kiran calls Malishka and tells that Neelam and others had gone to a hospital, but Rishi was not there so they went to another hospital. Malishka says this guy has troubled everyone.

Rishi comes to the temple and rings the temple bells. He then folds his hands. He recalls Lakshmi asking his hands this way, and asks him to pray to God with true heart. He prays to Goddess to make Lakshmi fine, and not to let anything happen to her. He says she cares for everyone, make her fine for me. He picks the flower petals and throws at Mata Rani asking her to make Lakshmi fine. He moves back and collides with a saint sitting there. He says sorry and says I didn’t see you.

The saint says when you was praying, then your concentration are not on other things. He says today is ekadashi and asks him to pray for Lakshmi. Rishi asks Lakshmi? Saint asks him to do tapasya before and after aarti and stand with his one leg and keep two hands on the head and pray to God, then he can get God’s blessings. He says it is difficult, but if you do it then your prayers will be answered. Rishi says I didn’t know if I can do this. The Saint says your eyes have the will, as you love Lakshmi a lot. He says your test starts. Rishi stands on his one leg and folds his hands above his head. Lakshmi is shown in hospital. Rishi continues to do it and prays.

Nurse saying time is running and she didn’t get consciousness till now, and worries that she might go in coma. Rishi is praying for Lakshmi still, standing on his one leg and with his hands folded. The Saint tells Rishi’s love for Lakshmi is truthful and her love too. Doctor checks Lakshmi and says she shall gain consciousness, if she goes in coma, then don’t know when she will gain consciousness. Nurse says she can lose her memory also. Doctor says anything can happen, she might lose her life or her life can change for forever. Ayush thinks one hospital is left, City hospital. The saint keeps hand on Rishi. Rishi falls down and says sorry. The saint says you have completed the challenge, you will get your Lakshmi. Rishi asks if she will be fine as before. Main phir bhi tumko plays….

Rishi comes to hospital and asks Nurse when Lakshmi will gain consciousness. He thinks to apply the ashes of Mata Rani’s feet to Lakshmi, and thinks of Saint’s words to kiss her on her forehead, then his love will be with her. He recalls Saint’s words that he loves Lakshmi a lot, and says I have to save Lakshmi.

He recalls Lakshmi telling that his Mom loves him, he says he loves her (Lakshmi. He recalls Malishka asking him who is Lakshmi, if she is beauty queen. He recalls Lakshmi coming to him and telling that Ayush gave them tickets for us. She asks if you will come. Rishi says he will come to concert, and then they will go for dinner and long drive. Lakshmi gets happy and says she will get ready. Rishi then tells her that he had already planned dinner with Malishka, and says it was slipped from his mind. He says we will go later. Lakshmi says ok and is going. Virender comes there. Lakshmi asks if you have any work with me. Lakshmi says no work, and says you used to do all the work without my saying. He says he came to remind Rishi about the meeting tomorrow. Lakshmi goes. Virender reminds Rishi about the meeting tomorrow. Rishi says yes. Virender asks what is it, why you refused Lakshmi? Rishi says he had already planned with Malishka. Virender asks why you are running behind Malishka. He asks do you know whom you love? Rishi says Malishka. Virender says Ayush, Maa and I know that you love Lakshmi. He says you wanted to go with her from your heart, but your mind stopped you. He says you used to get sad when Lakshmi gets sad and gets happy when she is happy as you love her. He says you are attracted to Malishka, it is physical attraction or infatuation. Rishi says no, I love Malishka. Virender says I will pray that you will realize this soon. Fb ends. Rishi keeps his forehead on Lakshmi’s forehead. He says why I am feeling love for Lakshmi, if I really love her. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays….Nurse comes there. She says Lakshmi is gaining consciousness. Rishi says her hand moved. She goes to call doctor. Rishi calls Lakshmi and says I am here. Lakshmi opens her eyes and looks at Rishi. He recalls Ayush’s words that he loves Lakshmi a lot and recalls Virender saying the same. He holds Lakshmi’s hand. Lakshmi just looks at him. Rishi gets teary eyes and happy seeing her in conscious state.

Balwinder finds the bottle empty, he doesn’t have money. He finds only some coins in his pocket and thinks even poison can’t come, and says since she came in my life, she became panauti.

Rishi thanks God and tells Lakshmi that he prayed for her a lot. He asks why did you risk your life to save me, see that there is bandage everywhere on your body. He asks her not to risk her life for him. He asks if there is any means of this life without you, and says I will not let anything happen to you. Doctor comes there and asks him to go. Rishi says she wants to tell me something. Doctor asks him to go out. Rishi says thank god, Lakshmi gained consciousness, I will make her understand not to take risk for me or anyone. He thanks the God. His innerself comes there and keeps hand on his shoulder. Rishi other half comes out of his body, and they both go out to talk, while Rishi is sitting on the bench still. Rishi sees Lakshmi and his photos everywhere. His other counter part says I am your heart and mind. Rishi’s other counterpart tells that he loves just Malishka. The first one makes him see Malishka and his pic, and says you think this, mind think this, but not your heart. The second one says even my heart feels the same. The first one says I am your heart, everyone knows and sees you love Lakshmi and not Malishka. The second one says I love Malishka and will marry her after marrying Lakshmi. The first one says you are thinking about Lakshmi’s happiness. The second one says yes, I think of her happiness as I….The first one says you love Lakshmi. The second one is stuck with the realization.

Rishi’s heart arguing with his counterpart brain. His mind tell that he doesn’t love Lakshmi. His heart says you love her and that’s why brought her home, as you didn’t want her to marry wrong guy like Balwinder. Rishi’s mind says I care and worry for her. His heart says this is love. Rishi’s mind says no. His heart asks why you didn’t bring Malishka home? Rishi’s mind asks why, when I have promised her of marriage, then why to bring her home now. His heart says you can give life for Lakshmi, but when she does the same, you scolds her and gets angry. He says you don’t want to lose her, and had said my Lakshmi, his life is nothing without her. He says you said this to her many times, that she is your peace and you want to marry her. Rishi’s mind recalls saying it to her many times, and recalls their moments. His heart says that Saint told you that if you love Lakshmi then your love will save her from every trouble and what happened, she got consciousness. He says she could have gone in coma, but she didn’t go, because of you and your love, you love Rishi, and asks him to accept this. He asks until when you need proofs, and says you cry for her, get happy for her, you fight with the world for her, even with your mom. He says you are her Saathi and Saarthi and your heart beats for her, and you are ready to give your breath to her. He asks him to just look at himself and think. His mind looks at the photos. His heart says you love Lakshmi. Rishi’s mind says I love Lakshmi. Main Phir bhi tumko chahunga. His heart asks him to say aloud. Rishi’s mind says I love Lakshmi. He shouts and says I love you Lakshmi.

Rishi opens his eyes sitting on the bench, and says I love Lakshmi. He thanks God and says I realized that I love Lakshmi. He says everyone used to say, but I didn’t listen to anyone or trusted them. He says I couldn’t tell Lakshmi, as I don’t know myself, but now I realized that I love Lakshmi. He says I love Lakshmi, and thinks he will not waste time and will tell her that I love her. He gets happy and says I love Lakshmi. Malishka comes to the hospital and asks if Lakshmi is admitted here. Receptionist asks who is she? Malishka says it is none of your business. Receptionist refuses to tell her. Malishka says she is her friend. Rishi thinks if I shall tell Lakshmi, and thinks what she will think, thinks he has already wasted much time, and thinks to tell. He then thinks the place and time is not right. Ayush is driving the car, while everyone is in the car. He asks them not to worry. Virender worries for Lakshmi, which upsets Neelam. Neelam says Rishi is not picking the call. Dadi says something has happened, that’s why he is not picking the call. Ayush says everything will be good. Bani and Shalu are in the auto. Bani says di will be fine. Shalu says she will be fine and says we shall pray to baba ji that she shall be fine. Rano calls her and asks where are they? Shalu says they are going to the place, where Ayush called them. Rano says Rishi should have informed. She asks her to inform her if she shall come. Ayush messages Shalu asking her to come to City hospital. Shalu asks driver to take them to City hospital.

Rishi thinks he shall tell her and comes inside. Lakshmi thinks Rishi, Doctor said that Rishi brought me here. Rishi asks how is she feeling? He says I know you will say that you are feeling perfect so that I don’t get worried. He says actually, I want to tell you something, I don’t know if this place and time is right or wrong, but now I realized. He says everyone understood, but I couldn’t understand. Lakshmi thinks what is he saying?

Rishi says Lakshmi, what I want to tell, I don’t know how you will react, but you need to know. He says you can get angry on me and slap me also, and asks her to do whatever she wants to. He says I will talk with my heart, and will say what is in my heart. Malishka thinks Rishi didn’t tell anyone where is he, once I find him, then I will scold him.

Balwinder knocks on the door. Rano thinks if Shalu and Bani returned. She then thinks they talked to her just now. Balwinder doesn’t speak and keeps on knocking the door. Rano picks the broom and opens the door. She sees him and asks what is he doing? Balwinder says he wanted to do jagrata and that’s why came here. He asks her to give the money which he had given her. Rano says she doesn’t have the money, and tells that it is spent. Balwinder says I had given my hard earned money to you, for getting my marriage done with Lakshmi. Rano asks him to go. Balwinder says he will not go until he gets his money. Rano says I will break your hands and legs and will get you beaten up by the neighbours. Balwinder says I will beat them. Rano says I will beat you, and hits him with broom. She says you want money, you don’t deserve to get chiller and asking for money. She says I am mad already, and you are asking for money. She says Lakshmi got burnt there and you. Balwinder says what happened to her. Rano tells him everything. Balwinder says if they sworn to do drama wherever they go. He says until I get married to her, I will not let anything happen to her, will snatch her from yamraj. He asks where is she? Rano says she didn’t know. Balwinder says I will find out about hospital and tells Rano that he wants money back from her. Rano asks him to leave and gets angry.

Malishka gets Balwinder’s call. She thinks if Rishi comes to know, then…She thinks to end his matter once and for all. She picks the call and asks if I am your slave. Balwinder says you are of Rishi, Lakshmi is mine. He says he is worried since he came to know about Lakshmi, and asks where is she? Malishka asks if I am her secretary and says she will message him if she comes to know. She ends the call and sees ICU. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he was scared when she fell unconscious and went to Mata Rani to pray for her, and brought tilak for her, and then he applied it to her forehead. He says there I met a man there, who told me to apply the tilak on your forehead and kiss on it. Malishka opens the ICU door, but they are not there. Rishi tells that he is feeling shy and today he saw his heart and mind fighting, and tells her that his heart has won, as it was saying the truth. He says it was my mistake that I couldn’t see the truth, and can’t understand. He says all the misunderstandings are cleared now, I came to know whom I love, and the person I love is you. He says I really love you, I love you truly. He goes on confessing his love to her repeatedly. Lakshmi looks at him cluelessly, as if she don’t remember him.

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