Unfortunate love update Wednesday 16 August 2023

Unfortunate love 16 august 2023: The Episode starts with Lakshmi telling Karishma that she doesn’t know where is Malishka? She says truth will come out one day and then everyone will know that I am innocent. Karishma asks her not to lecture her and says it will be revealed before everyone, how cunning, evil, bad you are. She tells that Malishka is the future bahu of the house, and tells that if something happens to her, then she will make her life hell. Malishka comes out of the polythene hideout cover. Balwinder says real Malishka, he couldn’t identify her. He says they have gone and says he was confused what to do, when Virender came. Malishka recalls blackening her face with the fear of getting caught, thinks she will kill Lakshmi for this. She thinks now Uncle will not identify her. fb ends. Malishka tells Balwinder that Lakshmi and you are both dirty water, and calls them illiterate people. She tells that Virender told that even if I tell them that Lakshmi kidnapped me, then also they will not believe me.

She says he called her beggar and tells that lakshmi deserves to be beggar. He asks if they couldn’t see that you are here. Malishka says they can’t feel. She tells that same thing will happen with Lakshmi and she will blacken her face. Balwinder asks what are you saying? Malishka calls him street guy and mawali and asks him to do her work silently. Balwinder refuses. Malishka tells that she will give any amount asked if does her work, then he can buy any number of Lakshmi. He says he will buy 99 Lakshmis. Malishka asks him to go and bring Lakshmi here, today she will see my real avatar. Balwinder says ok, then I will take money fully for 99 lakshmis. Virender tells Kiran that this place is not safe for you and says you would have told Abhay, Rishi or Police. Kiran says thank you, I told Malishka is there, but she was beggar. She says I will drop you. He says driver will bring his car. Kiran leaves. Malishka says I will not leave you Lakshmi today.

Lakshmi thinks she made Malishka as her friend, even after knowing her. She says she wanted to separate them, but then also she don’t want to do anything wrong with her. She says everyone is against me, but I know Rishi is with you. She worries for Malishka and prays for her safety. Balwinder thinks what Malishka will do with Lakshmi. He thinks whatever she do, she is giving him money. He tells that he needs Guddu’s help and calls him. Guddu asks how is he? Balwinder says he is fine and having rich chocolate etc. Balwinder asks him to do his work, and tells that they will get 4 crores and will divide it. Guddu asks what needs to be stolen? balwinder says Lakshmi. Lakshmi thinks to call Rishi, but thinks he must be in the meeting. Balwinder calls Lakshmi with his changed voice and tells that he called her to give her info about Malishka, as she enquired with disco. Lakshmi asks who are you, and why you called? He tells that malishka is kidnapped by a big gang, I am risking my life and calling you. Lakshmi says I am coming there.

Guddu asks Balwinder to convince Lakshmi for marriage. Balwinder says who will marry the dead person. He says Malishka has done setting to kill her. Guddu gets afraid. Balwinder says we will get money from Malishka and will leave. Guddu asks what Malishka wanted to do. A fb is shown, Malishka tells that she will do Lakshmi’s teervi. She tells that she will kill Lakshmi, then will go and tell everyone that Lakshmi tried to kill her, and in self defence, she killed her. She asks him to go and bring her. Balwinder tells that if she doesn’t give him money then he will not leave her. Malishka threatens him. He gets scared and tells that he will bring Lakshmi. fb ends. Lakshmi is driving her car. Guddu is lying on the road. Lakshmi stops the car and gets down to help him. She turns him, he is wearing face mask. Balwinder comes there with face mask and kidnaps her. Guddu gets up and starts driving th car. They take her in car. Rishi is driving his car. Lakshmi sees him and calls him. Balwinder sees Rishi and hides Lakshmi. Rishi doesn’t see her.

Malishka looks at the sharp weapon to kill Lakshmi. Kiran tells Abhay that Malishka is not kidnapped, she has kidnapped herself. Abhay asks what? Malishka tells Lakshmi that she has kidnapped herself. Kiran tells Abhay that God knows what Malishka is going to do. Lakshmi tells Malishka that Rishi and her relation is for births and nobody can separate them. Malishka stabs her. They fall on the opposite sides.

Lakshmi asking Balwinder to leave her. He ties her hands and mouth and then blindfolds her, so that she don’t see his face. He then removes his mask. Guddu also removes his mask. Lakshmi shouts for Rishi. Rishi regrets to scold Ayush and thinks I shouldn’t have scolded him. He thinks Lakshmi asked not to scold him, and thinks he is younger brother and will learn soon. He thinks to buy something for Ayush. Ayush comes to Lakshmi’s room and calls her. He thinks where she went? Guddu is driving the car and suddenly it stops. He gets down to check.

Rishi thinks Ayush will be happy to see the gift and thinks he will hug him first and then will slap him. He then thinks he will not slap Ayush, else Lakshmi will get upset. He thinks Ayush is lucky to get such a bhabhi and I am lucky to get such wife. Kiran worries for Malishka. Abhay comes there and asks if Malishka is found. He asks if Lakshmi told where is Malishka? Kiran says what Lakshmi will say, she didn’t kidnap Malishka. She tells taht Malishka has kidnapped herself and did all this planning to trap Lakshmi and to separate Rishi and Lakshmi. Abhay is shocked.

Malishka thinks she shall get some weapon to kill Lakshmi and thinks to ask Balwinder to bring something. She then searches for the weapon and finds a sharp weapon. Abhay tells Kiran that he can’t believe that this is done by their daughter. Kiran says I tried to make her understand, but she is habitual to play dangerous game. He asks if she knows what will be the consequences. Kiran says I told her that Rishi and the family will abandon her. Abhay says it is Rishi’s fault too, he forced her to do this. Kiran tells him something. Abhay says I will make her understand not to do this again. Kiran says don’t know what she thinks when alone. He says she has gone mad to get Rishi and says why she didn’t bring her back home. Kiran tells that Virender came there, and tells that Malishka saved herself somehow. Abhay asks what? Kiran says we all got saved. Abhay says this might be Balwinder’s plan. Kiran says it is Malishka’s plan. Abhay says Lakshmi is innocent and will prove her innocence. Kiran says Malishka shalls ave herself. She says Neelam trusts her a lot and will not leave Malishka if she comes to know that she has ruined her family’s respect. Abhay says how to stop all this. Kiran says God knows what she is going to do. Malishka looks at the sharp weapon and thinks once it goes inside Lakshmi, she will have ‘the end’.

Lakshmi thinks if the car is not working. She thinks to tap on the door. Just then door opens. Guddu sits and drives again. Shalu calls Lakshmi and finds her car on the road. She gets down the auto and sees her phone inside. She calls Ayush from her mobile. Ayush wonders where did lakshmi go? He gets Shalu’s call and picks it. Shalu tells him that Lakshmi’s car is on the road and her phone is also inside the car. Ayush says he will come there. Guddu asks Balwinder what happened? Balwinder signs him not to talk and pat on his head.

Ayush reaches Shalu and gets Lakshmi’s phone. He finds their calls as the last missed calls. Shalu worries for Lakshmi. Ayush says we will search her altogether and asks her to sit in his car. He thinks where to search Lakshmi Bhabhi, even I am worried, don’t know where is she? He leaves.

Malishka thinks why Balwinder haven’t brought Lakshmi until now, it is too late. Balwinder lifts Lakshmi and brings her to the godown. Malishka opens her blind fold. Lakshmi is shocked to see Malishka. Malishka asks didn’t you identify me? Lakshmi says Malishka. Malishka says she is Malishka Rishi Oberoi. Lakshmi says you was kidnapped. Malishka says yes, I am kidnapped and you are also kidnapped now. She says I have kidnapped myself and you, I was helpless and blames her for doing this. She says I thought to send you to jail, so that Rishi comes back to me. She says my mom said that I did wrong. I have taken a big risk and did a big planning, but Virender uncle said that even if Malishka says then also they will not believe that Lakshmi kidnapped her. She says I did a big risk, but there is no benefit.

Lakshmi says I really can’t believe that you have done this, and tells that her destiny saved her, as Ayush called her. She says I will go out from here and will tell everything to everyone. She says I have to do this, to stop you. Malishka asks who are you and calls her illiterate village girl. She says you will defeat me, did you forget that you was Lakshmi Bajwa. She says I got you married to Rishi, else who you are? She says I thought you are innocent girl, but you have changed seeing his money, innocence etc. She says my love is my life, and inshort you wanted to snatch it. She says I will punish you today. She tells that Rishi loves just me and wants to get freed from your clutches. She says I will free you from jail, and I will free you from your clutch, then Rishi and I will marry and my dream will be fulfilled ultimately. Lakshmi says this will not happen and says this mangalsutra is my bhagya and only God can change it, says she will not let her mangalsutra go even if she dies, tells that Rishi and her relation is for many births, nobody can separate us, as we are made for each other. Malishka says Rishi is mine, and I will make him mine, he was always mine and will be mine only. Lakshmi says he was never yours. Malishka raises her hand to slap her. Lakshmi holds her hand.


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