Unfortunate love update Thursday 7 December 2023

Unfortunate love 7 December 2023:  Episode starts with Dadi telling Vikrant that when Rishi accused you, I got sure that you are a bad person. She slaps him and asks him not to raise his eye at Lakshmi again. Police comes there to arrest Vikrant. Rishi says I told you that your time will come, and I will bring your time, you will go to jail and you will get rotten in jail, your life is ruined. Virender asks Police to take him. Karishma asks Inspector to take his family also. Vikrant says it is not their mistake, leave them. Inspector says court will decide. Neelam says take all of them.

Vikrant says although you have won this fight, but I will win the battle. Rishi asks Inspector to take him. Malishka asks Rishi to make Vikrant get hang punishment. Vikrant tells Rishi that there is one person in this house, who knew everything

about me and my planning. Malishka asks him to stop it. Ayush asks who is it? Vikrant says her name is Malishka. Mukesh asks the Servant not to be scared, and says we have opened the door, and that’s why Ayush sir came out and held the goons. Vikrant tells that Malishka knew everything about him. Malishka says he is lying and doing this so that our marriage doesn’t happen. She says I don’t know anything about you. Karishma says if Malishka had known then she would have told us. Kiran says this guy is lying. Malishka grabs his collar and asks if he wants to break her marriage with Rishi.

Vikrant says I am taking revenge for the slap, and tells Rishi that she has made my video also. Malishka cries and thinks the video is in my phone, and thinks what shall I do now. Rishi asks Malishka if she had known everything. He says I did so much to expose this man, and I was about to die today and Lakshmi’s life would have ruined today, but then also you didn’t tell us. Karishma says you are doing mistake, what we have done. Vikrant says Malishka was with us, as she wanted to get Lakshmi’s marriage with me anyhow. Rishi asks Malishka to say. Malishka says he wanted us to fight. Ayush thinks if Rishi bhai sees video in her phone then he will break his alliance with her. Malishka says I am saying truth. Ayush says Vikrant is lying and says when video is not found in your phone, then you shall slap him, and also Rishi bhai shall slap him. Rishi asks Malishka to give her phone. Malishka asks him not to doubt her.

Rishi says I am not doubting, but wants to break his mouth. Neelam says I don’t want to see, and says I will not doubt my bahu for a criminal. Rishi says I am not doubting. Lakshmi says it doesn’t matter if Malishka had known or not. Rishi says if she didn’t tell us, then that means she wants to ruin your life and wanted you to leave from here. He asks if you wanted this. He asks Lakshmi if you was on Malishka’s place, then also you wouldn’t have supported Vikrant to marry her. He asks Malishka to give her phone and says if Vikrant is saying truth then I will break relation with you for forever. He says we will not have any relation. He asks her to give the phone after unlocking it. Malishka gives her phone to Rishi. Rishi says there is no video in this phone. Vikrant and Saloni are shocked. Kiran and Neelam take a sigh of relief. Malishka says there was nothing in it and says you have doubted me because of him, and he don’t want us to marry, like he didn’t marry. Rishi slaps Vikrant. Inspector says you can’t take law in your hands. Vikrant says I will take revenge from you. Rishi tears Lakshmi’s garland and throws at Vikrant’s face. Vikrant snatches Inspector’s gun and aims at Rishi. Rishi says you did my accident, tried to kill me with knife and then tried to drown me in water, but I didn’t die. He asks him to shoot.

Vikrant says you will die with this bullet. Inspector asks Vikrant to give the gun. Vikrant asks Inspector to leave his family else he will shoot everyone. Puneet asks why he wants to become criminal. Vikrant says I will not let you go to jail and asks Saloni, Puneet and Anjana to leave. They leave from there. Vikrant says I will shoot. Ayush sees knife and signs Malishka to kick it. she kicks it. Ayush gets the knife and throws at Vikrant, just as he shoots. Rishi’s hand gets injuring. He holds Vikrant’s hand and tries to take gun from his hand. Vikrant shoots in air and Neelam and Dadi get saved from the bullets which are about to hit them. Dadi falls down. Everyone asks her to get up. Dadi gets up and says bullet went past her. Rishi snatches gun from his hand and says I will not leave you. Virender says no Rishi. Rishi turns and looks at Virender, and Vikrant attacks rishi on his chest. He tells Rishi that he will come again to win this battle. He runs away. Inspector runs behind him. Lakshmi ties her bridal dupatta and ties on Rishi’s hand. Rishi says I am fine. Lakshmi asks why you are not listening, why you didn’t listen and says if anything had happened to you, then what would have happened to me. He says so much blood is flowing, you are so stubborn and not listening to anyone. She cries. Rishi says I am fine, and says I didn’t want him to run away from here. Malishka says then also he ran away, and did this to you. Virender says I will take you to room.

Rishi says I am fine. Ayush says doctor is coming. Rishi asks Lakshmi to come. Malishka says I can take you to room. He says Lakshmi is with me. Virender asks Ayush to take Dadi to room, and says he will send the guests. Ayush appreciates Dadi, who says there are two tigress, one is me and other one is Lakshmi. Lakshmi takes Rishi to his room and removes his kurta, and applies ointment to his hand. Lakshmi asks if he is feeling pain. song plays….Rishi says no. He asks if you are also hurt and says first your treatment will happen and then mine. Lakshmi says I am feeling pain seeing you in pain. Rishi asks why you are feeling pain? Lakshmi says our relation is of pain more and asks why you are habitual to show bravery. Rishi says this is happening because of you, if you have refused Vikrant before then this wouldn’t have happened. Shalu and Bani come there and asks jiju, if you are fine. Rishi asks jiju. Neelam comes there and asks who goes infront of gun and says she wants to slap him. Rishi says you can slap me Mom. Neelam says you know to convince me. Malishka comes there with doctor. Doctor checks Rishi. Lakshmi goes out from there.

 Ayush giving medicine to Dadi. Dadi asks about Rishi. Ayush says Bhai is fine, and asks her not to worry for him, as his shield is with him. Dadi says yes, Lakshmi is with him, nothing to worry. Doctor checks Rishi and asks the family not to worry. He asks him to take medicine and rest. Neelam asks him to rest. Lakshmi comes there and asks Neelam to rest, and says you didn’t have your medicine, take it and have rest. Neelam takes medicine from her and drinks water. Lakshmi asks her to rest now. Neelam says how can I take rest, my son is in pain. She say I will sit with you. Rishi says no Mom, and asks her to rest, and says if I need anything then I will ask Lakshmi, as her room is near. Virender says yes. Malishka says what you are saying, his Mom and would be wife is with

him. Rishi asks them to relax. He tells Malishka that he will meet her later. Ayush massages Dadi’s feet. Dadi blesses him and asks him to take her to Rishi. Ayush says Rishi Bhai is fine and will come to you tomorrow, then you both can sit and talk. Dadi says Lakshmi has saved Rishi from Vikrant’s bullet, by pushing Rishi. Ayush says we told everyone, but nobody listened that he is a bad guy, and says Lakshmi was there to save him. Neelam says this all happened because of Lakshmi. Dadi says but. Virender says we shall not talk about it. He asks how are you?

Dadi tells that she is fine and asks didn’t you see how I handle that goon? Virender asks Neelam to see. Dadi asks her not to worry about Rishi as Lakshmi is with him. Neelam says Lakshmi and says I am his mother and will be worried for him. Virender says Maa don’t want you to worry and get unwell. He praises Lakshmi for giving her BP medicine and says that’s why she is Lakshmi. Dadi says really Lakshmi. Neelam says lets go. Virender asks Ayush to drop Rano, Shalu and Bani. Dadi thinks Lakshmi is really Lakshmi and is the angel sent by God.

Malishka tells Rishi that she will be with him and asks him to sleep. Rishi says Lakshmi is with me and tells that Lakshmi’s room is opposite to his room. Malishka asks Lakshmi to sleep in her room and says I will stay in your room, so that I can come here to Rishi and take care of him. Shalu asks why to change the room. Malishka says if I could then I will change her house and asks Shalu not to say anything, as she is nobody in the house. She says she will not talk about this tonight and asks Lakshmi to stay in her room.

Ayush comes there. Rishi slaps him and asks why didn’t you tell everyone that I am coming there with proofs and that Saloni is Vikrant’s wife. Ayush recalls and tells him that Karishma snatched phone from his hand. Malishka thinks now he will ask me, and is about to go. Rishi asks her when I told you that Vikrant and Saloni are husband and wife, then why you didn’t tell everyone. Malishka says Vikrant has succeeded to initiate fight between us. Rishi asks her not to change the topic and tell. Malishka tells that she didn’t believe when he told her, and if she had told them then they wouldn’t have believed her, and scolded her like they scold him. She goes from there and comes to her room. She says everyone scolds me, and says what do they think about me? She says there was a time when everyone used to love me, and now they love Lakshmi. She says it would be good if Lakshmi and Vikrant had married today, but the oversmart Vikrant has drown himself and does many mistakes, if he had show some smartness then would have married Lakshmi and his dream and my dream would have been fulfilled. She says he was about to expose me, but thank god, I got saved. She thinks where did that video go and checks in her phone. Shalu hugs Lakshmi and says baba ji is with you.

Bani says with jiju too, he will be fine. Ayush says I will drop you. Shalu says we will go by ourselves. Ayush says I will not let you go, and says Mama ordered to drop you. Rano asks Rishi, how are you? Rishi says he is fine. She then asks Lakshmi. Lakshmi nods fine. Rano says what we thought that Lakshmi will become bahu of a big house, but her destiny is dirty. Shalu says we will leave. Rano says atleast I will save auto money, marriage didn’t happen. She asks Ayush if he will come to drop them. Ayush says I will drop you all, as it is Mama’s order. Rano says I will wait outside. Shalu asks him to rest. Ayush says how can I rest until you rest. He asks Lakshmi to sit and says you are wearing heavy clothes since many days. Rishi says he will change his vest, but needs help as he has pain in his arms. Lakshmi says no need to tell, I know. Rishi says I know that you feel pain when I feel pain.

Rishi asks her to help her change the vest. Lakshmi says I will call Malishka. Rishi asks her to help him and says if you are not my wife then even Malishka is not my wife. He says I will change my vest myself, even if I feel pain. He opens the cupboard and tries to change his vest. Lakshmi says she will help him. She is about to help him, when Karishma and Kiran come there. Karishma shouts at Lakshmi. Kiran asks what is she doing? Rishi says Lakshmi was helping me to change the vest. Kiran taunts Lakshmi and asks Rishi to take Malishka’s help. She asks Lakshmi to go. Lakshmi goes from there. Karishma says it would be good if Lakshmi had got married today. Rishi asks you wanted her life to be ruined. Karishma says she didn’t mean that. Kiran asks how is he? Rishi says he is fine. Karishma tells him that Malishka can take care of him more better than Lakshmi and she is his would be wife. Kiran says it is her duty to take care of you, and it is your duty to take his help and says in this birth, Lakshmi can’t take her place. Kiran and Karishma go from there. Kiran comes to Malishka and tells her that Lakshmi is trying to get closer to Rishi, she was in Rishi’s bedroom. Malishka says how dare she? Kiran asks her to concentrate on Lakshmi and says she is going to stay here, as she didn’t marry. Malishka says I am burning as she didn’t marry and says Rishi should have come some what late and says who cares if Vikrant is bad or goon, and says Lakshmi would have gone from there. She says where did the video go from my phone? Kiran says she had deleted the video.

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