Unfortunate love update Friday 1 December 2023

Unfortunate love 1 December 2023: The Episode starts with Vikrant asking Malishka where is Ayush, Shalu and Bani. Malishka says leave them, they must be crying in some corner. He asks what about Rishi, if he has done something. Malishka says you didn’t leave anything and says he will not get any proofs. She asks him to just remember Lakshmi and forget Rishi. Lakshmi comes to Rishi’s room and reminisces their moments. She steps inside and is engrossed reminiscing in their moments.

She picks his photo frame and tells him that this room was ours some day, and it was the witness of our togetherness and moments…which were just ours, our own…very own…the moment which was moment, but it was all life for me and it will be with me all life. She recalls their marriage and says when I came here in this life, I came as your life partner, but in Lakshmi Bhagya, our lives togetherness is ending, and I will take just good memories from here, and I have just good memories of this room. She says it was our house, just ours, we lived so much here, laugh, fight, getting upset and cheering up. She says I didn’t fight with others, like I have fought with you, may be with Bau ji. She says I had that right on you, you was mine, as if you was part of me, very close to me. She says I didn’t tell you one thing, today I will say….you are really good..you are so good that I never felt afraid when I was with you, you always supported you, I used to feel comfort and peace like we feel in the temple, as there is no fear there and just trust. She says you are temple for me, you will not be with me anymore due to the destiny. She says your memories will be with me all life, and hugs his photo frame. She says I am really lucky to get you, you used to protect me always, used to shield me, and used to understand my words without my sayings.

She says you used to fight with everyone for me, with Mummy ji also. She says lifepartner like you, everyone don’t get and says I will never forget you. She hugs his photo frame and keeps it on the table. Aap hamari jaan ban gaye plays……She is about to go out of room and says life is playing strange game, she had come here in bridal dress and is leaving today in bridal dress from this room and house, to start a new life. She says my destiny is always having friendship and enmity with me, it has fulfilled friendship by bringing you in my life, and now fulfilling enmity by sending me away from you, but who can fight with destiny, whatever is destined to happen will happen. Rishi thinks to call Ayush and says he has told him that he is bringing proofs. He thinks why Vikrant’s all family members are involved, what is the reason. He calls Ayush, but he doesn’t pick the call. Rishi thinks to talk to him later.

Neelam welcomes Vikrant with aarti and tilak. Anjana’s husband Puneet congrats them and hugs Virender. Virender congrats them. Anjana says I was waiting for this moment. Virender congrats her more. Dadi asks Rano to sit with them, as she is bride’s Chachi. She asks Mukesh to bring Chair for Rano. Rano thanks him. Virender asks Puneet if his elder son haven’t come till now. Puneet says what to say, we are feeling ashamed to say, he has chosen work over family. Anjana says we are tired of telling him, Saloni had cried, and Vikrant didn’t talk to him in anger. Puneet says he is sad that elder son is not here. Malishka thinks they are dramebaaz, and shall act in films. Virender says we shall not lower our happiness. Saloni asks about Rishi. Neelam says he has gone out. Anjana says it would be nice if he was here, but it is good that he is not here, as if he was here then…Neelam says I can understand, after whatever he had done. She says if Rishi comes then also this marriage will happen. Ayush, Shalu and Bani come there. Shalu asks Ayush, where is Rishi? Pandit ji asks them to call the bride. Rano is about to bring her, but Neelam says she will bring her. Rano says everything you are doing, so its ok. Karishma tells Kiran that Neelam is not giving any chance and is doing everything on her own.

Neelam goes to Lakshmi and says she has waited for this moment, and has bear her and saw her face daily. She says she supported Virender and Dadi against her wish, and tells that she has kept her here against her wish and getting her marriage done lavishly against her wish, for Rishi. She asks her to get up and says you have done all the rasams, and I hope you will do what is necessary for Rishi and this house, and for you also. She asks her to go away from her son very far, by marrying vikrant. Lakshmi says I understood what you are not saying. Neelam says it is good for you, did you understand. She asks her to come. Lakshmi goes behind her.

Vikrant thinks Ayush is here and can’t do anything alone, and thinks it is best that Rishi is not here, and thinks if he went to get proofs against him. He thinks I didn’t leave anything which Rishi can use against me and thinks Rishi can’t stop this marriage. Rishi is coming home and hits the stones on side of the road. Vikrant thinks Rishi can’t stop Lakshmi from becoming mine. Lakshmi comes downstairs with Neelam. Rano says she is looking beautiful and asks her to sit with her would be husband. Rishi thanks God and thinks he is saved.

He thinks to take the car reversed, but it doesn’t start. He takes umbrella and gets down, as it is raining. He thinks this happened due to bike rider, and thinks he shall not blame anyone. He thinks to call, and then thinks to take lift from someone, but nobody is there. He says one second is also important as Lakshmi must be moving towards Vikrant. All the evils get happy. Rano says Lakshmi will be really Lakshmi today. Rishi thinks what to do? Rano says you will never miss anything and says your Chachi is always with you. She blesses them. Bani says how we will stop this marriage. Shalu says only a miracle can stop this marriage. Ayush thinks Rishi Bhai can do some miracle and says please come. Pandit ji gives flowers in Lakshmi and Vikrant’s hands. They do the ritual. Pandit ji asks for garland. Malishka says I will bring. Vikrant tells Lakshmi that she is looking very beautiful today. Malishka brings varmala. Pandit ji asks them to stand up for the garland. Malishka gives the garland to Vikrant. Lakshmi closes her eyes and thinks of Rishi making her wear garland, as Vikrant puts garland on her neck. Malishka then gives garland to Lakshmi. Shalu and Bani hold each other’s hands. Lakshmi recalls Rishi bending down infront of her so that she can make him wear garland. Vikrant moves to tease her. Everyone laughs. Ayush thinks blo*dy rascal and fraud, I want to beat him. Shalu says you can’t do anything. Malishka asks Lakshmi to look at Vikrant and make him wear garland. Lakshmi makes Vikrant wear the garland. Everyone claps.

Pandit ji says varmala rasam is done, now sit down for remaining rasams. Malishka is standing near Lakshmi. Rishi repairs the car and thinks car will start now. He thinks Lakshmi, please wait for me and don’t do this marriage. He starts the car and drives off. Pandit ji asks them to forward their rights hands. They forward their hands. Lakshmi looks on.

 Pandit ji asking Lakshmi and Vikrant to keep hand on each other’s hand. Everyone smiles due to different reasons. Malishka thinks Lakshmi is gone from here, she tried to stay here, but this time she is kicked much and is not showing. She thinks to tease her and enjoy. She asks Lakshmi if she came to mourn and asks her to see Vikrant, who is smiling and says you want to be great and be happy with others’ happiness, so smile. Rishi thinks Ayush is not picking the call, and thinks he must have stopped the wedding by now, I have told him all the truth. He thinks I shall reach home fast. Malishka asks Saloni if she is happy and says your sautan is just 7 steps away from you. Saloni asks her to control herself and says rounds haven’t happened till now, Rishi haven’t come and I am worried. Malishka says Rishi can’t come, as he can’t bear the pain of losing from Vikrant. Rishi thinks I will show the photo to everyone.

Ayush feels helpless and thinks he couldn’t stop the marriage. Bani says Di is badly trapped. Shalu says Di doesn’t know that her life is going to be hell. Rishi comes home. The goons stop Rishi and asks if he is Rishi. Rishi says yes, and asks them to come inside. The goons start fighting with him. Rishi falls unconscious. The goons throw him away. Rishi opens his eyes and thinks to call Ayush. He thinks Ayush will not pick the call. He thinks to call Malishka. He calls Malishka. Malishka asks where are you? Rishi asks her to hear him and tells that Vikrant is already married and his wife is Saloni, whom he regards as bhabhi infront of everyone, he is acting. Malishka asks what you are saying, you come here fast. The goon snatches his phone and ties him to the pillar. Rishi thinks Malishka will expose Vikrant now. Malishka thinks what to do? Rishi thinks I will not let you marry Vikrant, Malishka will do something and gets angry on Ayush, for not stopping the marriage. He thinks Malishka will fight his war and will stop the marriage for humanity sake. Malishka looks on tensed. Ayush, Shalu and Bani get doubtful on her. Malishka thinks they are doubtful on me, I can’t talk to Vikrant and Saloni now. The goons look at Rishi. Rishi frees his hands. He thinks to go to his room and then will go downstairs. Malishka thinks how to tell Vikrant that Rishi has come to know. She thinks vikrant is exposed, it is good that he called me, and if he had called Ayush then the marriage would have cancelled. She thinks Rishi will come here at any time. Rishi slides himself and then gets up to go to his room. He runs.

Pandit ji is reciting the mantras. Malishka thinks how to tell Vikrant, God please help me. Just then she sees Mukesh bringing juice. She calls Mukesh and asks him to give juice. She then throws juice on Vikrant on the pretext of giving it to him. Vikrant gets up. Malishka asks him to go and clean his clothes, and asks him to go to Rishi’s room. Saloni asks him to clean it here. Vikrant tells that he will clean it, and don’t like stain. Anjana also insists him to clean it here. Vikrant insists to go and clean. Karishma gets upset with Malishka. Saloni takes out the threads from their hands. Vikrant goes to Rishi’s room and cleans his sherwani. He thinks what has happened that Malishka called me here. Rishi is standing on the ground. Malishka comes there and tells him that Rishi came to know that Saloni is your wife. She sees Rishi climbing through the window and tells Vikrant. Vikrant asks her to hide. She hides. Rishi comes inside and sees Vikrant. He says God has given me the proofs, you are married and your wife is Saloni. Vikrant says you took so much efforts to find out, and says my bride Lakshmi is waiting for me. Rishi asks if you are not feeling ashamed and says I will not let you marry. Vikrant says I did all the planning and will take my bride with me. Rishi says I will send you to jail. Vikrant says I will go for honeymoon with Lakshmi. He starts beating Rishi. Malishka thinks she can’t do anything, as Vikrant and Lakshmi’s marriage is necessary and thinks to kill Vikrant after he marries Lakshmi. Rishi also fights with Vikrant. He says your game is over, I will show your real and dirty face to everyone. He is going. Malishka gives rod to Vikrant. Vikrant goes behind Rishi. Malishka thinks sorry Rishi, I have to throw Lakshmi out today, bear this for me.

Ayush thinks why Rishi bhai haven’t come till now, rounds have started. He thinks what to do? Rishi is about to come downstairs, when Vikrant hits rod on Rishi’s head. He says you will tell my truth, my reality, show now. He says you can’t show or say my truth to anyone. Lakshmi gets restless and thinks why I am thinking about Rishi. She thinks she shall not think else drama will happen here. Neelam gets up and is going. Vikrant again tries to hit Rishi, but Rishi holds the rod and pushes him. Rishi faints and falls down unconscious. Vikrant throws the rod there itself and drags Rishi from there. Neelam is coming there. Lakshmi senses Rishi in danger as he is being dragged. She thinks she shall not think of him, and says Rishi please take care of yourself. Neelam stops and then ignores her worry. Vikrant brings Rishi to his room and throws him on the bed. Malishka asks how dare you Vikrant, to treat my Rishi this way. He says if I had not hit him then he would have been exposed. He asks her to sit with him, rather than eating his mind. He calls the goons and scolds them, says Rishi was here. The goon says he was tied here. vikrant says I asked you to tie him and take him away. He asks him to come to the room and take him away from here. The goon says which room. Vikrant says I will put bedsheet outside the room, come up and take him from here.

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