Twist of fate update Wednesday 6 December 2023

Twist of fate 6 December 2023: Ranbir sees Akshay and Prachi together. Ranbir feels jealous and leaves from there. Prachi apologises to Akshay as he asked her not to cry but she is still crying. Akshay makes a comment and asks her not to worry about it.

Vikram comes to Ranbir and consoles him. Vikram hugs Ranbir. Ranbir tries to cover up the reason for his crying. Vikram plays along with Ranbir and says he is going to give blood to Khushi. Ranbir asks Vikram if people will really feel emotional if they give blood to others. Vikram makes a comment and says yes.

Vikram comes and greets Dadi and Shahana. Vikram looks at Khushi in the ICU. Vikram asks why don’t they feel what he feels? Vikram says to Everyone that Khushi is a carbon copy of Ranbir and reminds now their blood group also matches Ranbir. Dadi says a lot

of people have the same blood group. Pallavi says they can talk about it later and asks Vikram to first give blood. Pallavi tells the nurse to take Vikram to give blood. Ranbir recalls Vikram’s words.
Ranbir comes into the washroom and thinks of Khushi. Ranbir looks himself in the mirror and also looks at Khushi’s photo. Ranbir feels that Khushi looks just like Prachi. Ranbir thinks Prachi might be the daughter of his and Prachi.

A doctor comes into the washroom. Ranbir greets Dr. Satish as he met him after a long time. Ranbir thinks this is fate as them meeting here right at this moment. Ranbir seeks Dr. Satish’s help and asks him to do a DNA test of his and Khushi’s. Dr. Satish agrees and requests Ranbir to hide the fact that they know each other. Ranbir agrees.

Wilson and Balbir think of how to get out of here. Wilson reminds Balbir his girlfriend sent them here as she double crossed him. Balbir says she was manipulated by others. Wilson and Balbir think of how to get out of here. Balbir says to Wilson that they can get out with his girlfriend Laali’s help saying Laali will do anything for money. Wilson asks Balbir to give it a try. Balbir requests the inspector to allow him to make a phone call. The inspector agrees.

Balbir calls Laali and says to Laali that he regrets what he did and says he is missing her. Laali says their relationship is over after what he did with her. Balbir asks Laali to meet him in the jail and says if she does that then she will get a lot of money. Laali agrees to meet Balbir.

Balbir tells Wilson that Laali is coming and he has to tell her how she will get the money and which lawyer to meet. Wilson praises Balbir. Balbir decides to teach a lesson to Prachi after she gets out.

Prachi apologises to Maata Rani and prays for Khushi’s well being. A lady Pandit comes and tells Prachi that the direction of the wind is changing and asks Prachi not to worry. Prachi tells Lady Pandit that her daughter’s life is in danger. The lady Pandit tells if they do Havan then everything will be alright and asks Prachi to come with her. Prachi agrees.

Ranbir looks at the moon and prays to God so that his suspicion will become true that Khushi is his Panchi.

Ranbir praying to God to do some miracle. Rhea comes to him and keeps her hand on his shoulder. She tells him that just as Dad said that she looks like you, it seems like she is your ansh, your own blood. Ranbir smiles. Akshay prays to God to unite them and says they are perfect. Ranbir meets the doctor and asks if the work is done. Doctor says it is done, lets see what result comes. Nurse goes to a room. Doctor asks Ranbir to come. Ranbir says I thought that the result will come late. Doctor says this is the benefit of being a doctor. Nurse Bela meets other Nurse Hema and tells her that whatever they have done is right as they have done with good intention.

She says the matter is about a mother, who lost her one day old daughter. Hema says it seems we have done right, but if anyone comes to know. Doctor says I have shown as if Patient consented for the DNA test. He gives the DNA test report to Ranbir. Nurse Hema gives DNA test report to Nurse Bela. Bela checks the reports and finds the DNA matched. Ranbir opens the report and finds DNA matched.

He says Khushi is my Panchi, says she is my daughter. He says it is a miracle. He thanks Doctor and goes out. Bela says it is a miracle and goes out. Ranbir thinks to tell everyone that he got Panchi. He comes to the waiting room and asks everyone where is Prachi? Pallavi asks what is the matter? Ranbir says he will tell only Prachi and says she will say that she has never heard such a good news.

Vikram asks what is the matter? Prachi comes there. Ranbir tells her that he has something to tell her, for what she has prayed for day and night. Everyone asks what is it? Ranbir tells Dida that she was always right always and says you tried to make me understand. He tells Pallavi that you always used to say that good things happen with good people, but I didn’t listen. Vikram asks what has happened? Ranbir says because of you, I came to know about this, you are hero. Shahana asks what is it? Ranbir says you must also have prayed. He thanks Rhea and Akshay for their support system.

Prachi coughs. Akshay goes to bring water for her. Ashok also gets a call and goes. Ranbir tells Prachi that they have dreamt that their children shall play in their house always etc. He says then you got pregnant and gave her life with your breath, but we lost her. He says now we don’t need to cry for her, all our prayers are fulfilled and tells that God had snatched our Panchi, but he has returned our Panchi back, who was near us but we couldn’t identify her. He says Khushi is our daughter Panchi. Prachi cries happily and hugs him. Everyone is smiling. Khushi comes out of her ward, they run to her and hug her.

Pallavi says Khushi is our ansh, our grand daughter. Dadi calls Khushi for a hug. She asks Shahana to make her sit. Shahana makes her sit and they see star and moon on her foot. They see star and moon on her foot. Dadi says she is Panchi? Prachi says you are my Panchi. Khushi says Khushi. Prachi says my Khushi, my Panchi, my daughter. Ranbir says I am your real Papa.

Prachi says I am your real mother. Khushi says Mamma and Papa. Dadi says only God can do this miracle. Pallavi and Dida are happy too. Vikram says I understood seeing her one glimpse. Pallavi says lets go. Dida says Khushi is Prachi’s daughter and will stay with her mother. Pallavi asks what do you mean, and says we have yearned for her. Dadi says Prachi have yearned for her and cried a lot. Shahana says it is her prayers’ effect that she is here. Dadi says Prachi has right on her. Dida says Ranbir has also prayed. Pallavi says it is first Ranbir’s right on her.

Prachi and Ranbir hold their hands. Dida asks Ranbir to leave her hand and says your marriage is fixed with Rhea. Khushi asks why you are doing this? Pallavi asks Shahana to take Prachi from there. They all argue. Ranbir asks them to stop it. It turns out to be his imagination after he got the report.

Bela comes to Shahana and says she wants to tell her something. She tells that after she told her about Prachi’s daughter, she has done something after seeing the same birth mark on her foot. She says Khushi is Prachi’s daughter. Shahana gets happy and thanks the God. She cries and asks how can you be so sure? Bela shows the DNA test report and says Khushi’s DNA is matching with Prachi’s DNA. Shahana gets happy and thanks Bela for returning life to Prachi. Nurse smiles.

Prachi is doing the havan with a lady. The lady tells that havan is done and asks her to bend down infront of Maa and says her both hands are on your head, now she will only fulfill your wishes. Prachi lies down infront of the goddess, gets up and rings the bells. The lady shouts Maa. Shahana comes there running and calls Prachi. She says Khushi…..Prachi asks her to tell. Shahana says Khushi is your daughter. Prachi is stunned. Shahana says she is your own daughter. Prachi asks what do you mean? Shahana says she is your daughter Panchi, and she has birthmark under her foot even now. Prachi gets emotional and cries happily. She says Khushi is my daughter Panchi.

Prachi says I want to see her and says lets go and see her. Shahana says you can’t meet her, as doctor refrained us from meeting her. Prachi says I was away from her since so many years, nobody can stop me. She collides with a nurse and says sorry. She says my daughter was lost and I used to pray for her daily, and now I got her back. She says I can’t talk to you more, I have to go and meet her. Naina song plays….Bela comes out of a ward. Prachi hugs her and says I got my daughter. She says Shahana told me what you have done for me, which I can’t explained to you in words.

She says she is feeling blessed because of her, and thanks her. She asks her not to tell anyone, what she did. Prachi promises and hugs her. She is about to go to the ward, but Doctor stops her and says you don’t know the hospital rules, let me treat her. Prachi says please let me treat her. Doctor says I have to call security and calls him. Prachi says ok, I will not come inside. She says I just want to see her once, touch her once, be with her.

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