Unfortunate love update Thursday 25 January 2024

Unfortunate love 25 January 2024: The Episode starts with Ayush telling Shalu that she shall be hopeful and Lakshmi Bhabhi will be fine. Bani says but hope is breaking. Ayush says Mama, Nani and Rishi Bhai have hope and didn’t lose it.

He says Rishi Bhai fought with all the family members for Lakshmi Bhabhi and if needed, he can fight with all the world for her. He asks them to wipe their tears, and says they shall have strength, and says they shall support Rishi bhai with hope and trust and then see that Lakshmi Bhabhi will be fine. He says forget about whatever Neelam Mami said, but the fact is she is upset, but she has accepted Bhabhi as her bahu. He asks them to give strength to Rishi and make Lakshmi fine. He says we have to catch that girl who is responsible for Lakshmi’s condition, we have to catch her and get her punished.

Malishka hears him and thinks to harm Ayush.Mukesh comes to Rishi and Lakshmi’s room. Mukesh asks if Bhabhi will be fine, as she is getting scared seeing me. Rishi says she will be fine very soon. Mukesh goes. Lakshmi looks at the food plates and says it is her favorite. She asks if she can eat. Rishi says no, you can just see it. He laughs and says it is for her only to eat. Lakshmi sits on the ground to have food. Rishi asks her to sit on the sofa to have food. Lakshmi says you are buddhu and tells that the food shall be eaten seated on the ground. She then says she didn’t wash her hands before having food.

Rishi asks her to come and calls her little princess. Lakshmi says little princess. He says yes. She asks him to promise that he will agree to her sayings. Rishi says cement promise. Lakshmi asks what is it? Rishi says it is promise. She goes to wash her hands.

Malishka thinks Ayush doesn’t have any proofs against her, so she shall not get worried. Karishma tells Malishka that Bhabhi is unwell and kept fast for Bhai, but Mad Lakshmi asked for food, and is not keeping fast for Rishi. Malishka says how can mad person keep the fast. She says leave it. Karishma goes. Malishka thinks to take advantage of the situation. Rishi looks at Lakshmi and his marriage photo frame and says when they got married, he was away from her, when they got divorced he was away from her, and asks Lakshmi to come back to him. Lakshmi says I have come. Rishi comes to Lakshmi. Malishka comes there and stops Lakshmi from having food. She asks her to get up.

Lakshmi gets scared and runs from there. Rishi asks Malishka why did she stop Lakshmi from having food. Malishka tells that Neelam aunty is fasting even though she is unwell, and tells that Lakshmi shall keep fast for him. She says if she was on her place, then she would have kept fast for his long life. Rishi says he doesn’t believe on all this, but what matters to him is just Lakshmi.

Neelam thinks Rishi lost his happiness due to Lakshmi and blames her in her heart. Dadi comes there and asks her to have juice. Neelam says she is fasting and will not have it. Dadi asks her to eat or drink juice, if she feels unwell. Malishka tells Rishi that if Lakshmi can’t stay hungry for few hours, for his long life. Rishi says Lakshmi is important to me and I can’t see her hungry. He says Lakshmi don’t need to keep fast, for my long life as she has saved me many times. Malishka argues with Rishi. Lakshmi thinks what this girl is saying, that if I stay hungry then he will be tall. Malishka says if I was on her place then I would have kept fast till I die. She goes. Rishi asks Lakshmi to come and have food. Lakshmi pulls his cheeks.

Karishma comes to Neelam and says Lakshmi is not keeping fast. Neelam says she is unwell and doesn’t know about the fast, so its ok. Karishma says but. Neelam says leave it, just now Mummy ji was saying the same. Rishi asks Lakshmi to have food. Lakshmi asks what that girl was saying? Rishi says it is not important. Lakshmi says she was saying that if I don’t eat food then you will be tall. Rishi says she was saying that I will have a long life. He asks her to have food. Lakshmi refuses to have food for his long life. Rishi says it is not like that. Lakshmi says if you live long then you will help everyone, and play with me. She asks him to smile and says your life is increasing. She asks if he doesn’t know to smile, and teaches him to smile. Rishi thinks this is called soulmate, and says her heart and mind are thinking of me, wants to increase my life.

Malishka comes to Kiran’s house happily, and says nobody said anything. She says she got a chance to marry Rishi. Kiran asks if Lakshmi has gone mad or you have gone mad. Malishka asks who will stay with a mad girl, and says she is a child. Sonal says she can be fine. Malishka says Doctor said clearly that she will be fine. She says Neelam aunty said that Lakshmi can’t stay there, and I asked him to come with Lakshmi to our house, so that I can get him, but Rishi refused. Kiran says if you get caught then will be in jail. Malishka asks if I got caught till now, and says if Lakshmi can harm me, no. She says I will not to be trapped and I want my Rishi back in my life, and says Lakshmi didn’t keep the fast and Neelam aunty must be angry. She says she will do whatever she wants.

Rishi comes to the terrace and asks the Moon to come for another Moon, and says she is hungry and kept fast for me. He sets off the diyas. Ayush asks if you have kept fast for Bhabhi. Rishi says Lakshmi has kept fast for me. He says Malishka had come to stop Lakshmi and Lakshmi heard her and kept the fast. Mukesh drops the mesh on the ground and says sorry. Rishi picks it and sees through it and sees Lakshmi coming there. Lakshmi says you said that Chanda Mama came. She gets scared seeing Ayush. Ayush tells that he wants to befriend her. Lakshmi nods no. Ayush goes. Rishi says we shall sit. Lakshmi sits on the swing and asks Rishi to make her swing. Rishi makes her swing. Lakshmi is happy.

 Rishi asking Lakshmi if she was having stomach pain, as she told him. Lakshmi says buddhu, it was not pain, but rats were running in the stomach here and there. She tickles him. He says don’t do it and tickles her. Everyone comes there. Karishma asks what you are doing here, Rishi? Rishi says Lakshmi has kept fast for me. Dadi asks if she is fine. Rishi tells that Malishka had come, and talked about Karwachauth fast, and that’s why Lakshmi heard and kept fast. Karishma says Malishka worries for Rishi and made this mad girl kept the fast. Dadi asks them to sit. Shalu tells that Di can’t forget the love and Jiju, and tells that she has kept fast for him even in this condition. Bani says nobody can separate them. Ayush says they shall never be separated.

Lakshmi asks when Chanda Mama will come? Rishi asks her to count till 10 and then it will come. Lakshmi says 1…2. He asks her to count in her heart.Shalu says Moon has come. Rishi says Chanda Mama came. Lakshmi gets happy, jumps and dances with him.

Neelam lights the diya to do the aarti. Rishi thinks it will be a problem, if Lakshmi sees the fire. Abhay tells Kiran that everything will be fine for Malishka, Lakshmi’s madness is the proof for that. Sonal says Malishka’s good time will come. Lakshmi says you said that we will have food. Rishi says yes, and asks her to sit so that she don’t see the diya. He stands infront of her while she looks at him through the mesh. Neelam does Virender’s aarti. Lakshmi’s mesh falls down near the aarti plate. Lakshmi sees Diya and shouts fire….She runs. Rishi runs behind her calling her name. Virender sets off the diya. Neelam says what did you do, I was doing aarti. He says aarti was done. Neelam gets upset. Rishi holds Lakshmi and asks her to see that there is no fire there. He asks her not to get worried and tells that this is God’s diya, and you shall not be scared. Lakshmi hears him. Dadi asks Neelam to continue the rituals. Neelam touches Virender’s feet and he makes her drink water.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that they shall do the same rituals. He says you are an angel for me as you have saved my life many times. Karishma asks him to lit the diya. Rishi says no. Lakshmi looks at him through the mesh. Malishka comes there and thinks if I am dreaming? She thinks Lakshmi has kept fast for him. Karishma tells Malishka that Lakshmi is doing what you asked her to do, and says else how mad girl would have kept the fast. She says all the credit goes to you. Dadi asks Lakshmi to touch his feet. Lakshmi touches his feet. Rishi makes her drink water. He says now the puja is done, and asks her to have food. He says he will bring the food. Lakshmi asks him not to go. Ayush goes to bring the food.

Shalu asks Rishi to ask Lakshmi. Rishi asks if she has forgotten that they are her sisters. Lakshmi says no, they are not my sisters. Ayush brings the food. Lakshmi asks why did you come here? Rishi says we will have food now. He asks Ayush, Shalu and Bani to go from there. Rishi asks her to sit on the swing and eat food. Lakshmi sits and says sorry. She sees Virender making Neelam have food. She signs Rishi to come and asks him to make her eat like him (Virender). Rishi makes Lakshmi have the food with his hand. Sona sona plays……..Rishi feeds her food.

Lakshmi then sees Neelam feeding food to Virender, and she makes Rishi have food. Neelam and Virender seeing them. Malishka asks Karishma if Lakshmi is acting to be mad. Karishma says I don’t know. Ayush, Shalu and Bani smiles. Rishi cleans her face. She bites his finger to tease him. She pretends as if something went in her eye, and he blows on her eye. Shalu says Di doesn’t identify us, but identifies Jiju. Ayush asks Shalu to break his fast, and says make him have food. Malishka gets upset and goes from there. She says my own plan backfired on myself. She gets Sonal’s call and she tells her that Lakshmi has kept the fast with proper rituals, and says she has become heroine in everyone’s sight. She says she had asked Lakshmi to keep the fast for him. Sonal asks her not to any foolishness.

Ayush comes to Malishka and says you have done this. you asked Lakshmi to keep the fast. Malishka says she is worried for Rishi. Ayush says we don’t want you to worry for Rishi Bhai or anyone else and asks her to leave, and don’t come to this house again, as she has no work here. He says Lakshmi and Rishi Bhai are married, and asks her not to come.

Rishi asks Lakshmi if her stomach is filled. Lakshmi says he fed her so much, and asks if his stomach is full. Rishi tells that even she made him had enough food. Lakshmi says liar. Lakshmi asks what is his name? Rishi says Rishi. Lakshmi says she doesn’t like it and tells that his name shall be of mischievous kids, and tells that Chintu, Mintu….Rishi looks on.



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