Unfortunate love update Saturday 16 December 2023

Unfortunate love 16 December 2023: The Episode starts with Malishka telling Lakshmi that she will wear this mangalsutra always and once she wears it, she will not let it taken off, and tells that your mangalsutra couldn’t stay with you, as it was my right which you had snatched and snatched my love and married him, but I have snatched my love back and will make him as my husband irrespective of others’ doings. She asks Rishi to say yes. Rishi says yes looking at Lakshmi. Lakshmi looks on. Virender tells Dadi that Ayush has learnt well and is handling the business well. Dadi asks him not to worry about home and says she is here to handle it. She tells that she is thinking if God is taking their test or of Lakshmi. She says as Lakshmi left, she is worried for Rishi.

Virender says Rishi has a misunderstanding that he loves Malishka, and he doesn’t know that he loves Lakshmi and even Lakshmi loves him. Dadi tells that neither Rishi will be happy nor will keep Malishka happy after marriage, as nobody can be happy in loveless marriage. She says the house peace will not be there.

In the car, Malishka tells Rishi that they are going to make a new start of their life without Lakshmi, and says she had become wall between us, but now we are free from her. She says I promise that I will not let any problem come in your life. Rishi gets headache with her words. Malishka asks what happened and asks him to say that he is sad as Lakshmi left. She says we have brought mangalsutra and asks him to say something. He says he is not in a mood to talk. Malishka stops the car and says I am happy after many years, else Lakshmi would have hurdled on my happiness. She asks why you are ignoring my happiness. Rishi says I am not ignoring it. Malishka says we are getting married and our years long dream is going to be fulfilled, and asks him to be happy. She asks him to be happy, and says you say that Lakshmi wants to see you happy, and asks if you want to be happy and give happiness to Lakshmi or want to give her sadness. Rishi asks her to drive.

The salesgirl asks Lakshmi to forget him and move on in the life. The other salesgirl Suman asks if he was your husband. The Salesgirl tells that he was Lakshmi’s husband and now they are divorced, as Rishi used to love Malishka before. Suman says now he came here to buy mangalsutra to give pain to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says Rishi has given her those moments which will keep her happy always. Bani and Shalu talk about Lakshmi. Shalu says Di will be busy, but not happy. Bani says we shall do something and asks what Ayush is doing? Ayush thinks I tried to get Rishi and Lakshmi married, but now Malishka came between them and Lakshmi has no idea that their marriage is fixed. Virender comes there and asks him to sit. He asks what you is going in your heart. Shalu says Ayush is busy in business, as there is some problem. She says she wants Di to return and marry jiju. Bani says don’t know if baba ji will listen to us or not.

Virender asks Ayush not to worry about business. Ayush asks what about Rishi and Lakshmi? Virender stops him and says we shall focus on solution, and says lets go for business meeting. Shalu says Babu ji should be here, to make Di understand.

Malishka shows the rings and Mangalsutra to Neelam and Karishma. Neelam and Karishma praise her choice. Kiran says she is imagining how Malishka will look when she wears this, she will look as Ms. World. Malishka thanks her. Kiran says our dream will be fulfilled. Malishka says do you know from where I brought this jewellery, I brought it from the same shop where Lakshmi does job. Karishma says finally Lakshmi has accepted her value. Rishi says if Lakshmi wanted, she would have become owner of 10 jewellery stores, but her self respect was quite bigger than our status. He says she took her self respect and didn’t ask for even a rupee for divorce. Malishka says you always praises her and asks what is this behavior. Neelam comes to Rishi and asks him to be happy with Malishka, like he used to happy before Lakshmi had come. She says Lakshmi herself went away from you, then you also go away from her, and forget her memories and past. Rishi says if I hold Malishka’s hand then that doesn’t mean that I will forget Lakshmi. He says I will never forget her and goes to his room. He imagines Lakshmi scaring him. Rishi gets scared and says this reaction is expected. Lakshmi laughs. Rishi says you have scared me like kids. Lakshmi says you are a kid too. Rishi says don’t know when your habit to scare me will end. He finds her not there.

Malishka asks Neelam if Rishi is doing favor on me, and says what he said that he can’t forget Lakshmi. Karishma says you are his first and last love, and says this is happening as he had stayed with Lakshmi. Malishka says his love is not reaching him. Kiran says Lakshmi will fail infront of your love and asks her to oust Lakshmi from his life. Rishi gets teary eyes and says I miss you Lakshmi. Neelam asks Malishka to trap Rishi like Lakshmi had trapped him. She says you shall kick him out from his life, and says I had forgotten that she is Lakshmi and it is not easy for anyone to get rid of her memories, and says you have to wipe it and win Rishi, and asks if you can do this. Malishka says yes. Neelam says I am with you, do whatever you want. Malishka says I will wipe Lakshmi from everyone’s memories, like she was not here before.

Lakshmi comes there and sits. Shalu asks about Rishi and Malishka coming there. Lakshmi says they had come to buy ring and mangalsutra. Bani asks if you don’t feel strange. Lakshmi says I had come between them and says now she is divorced, and says he is her past and the past don’t return. Ayush comes there and asks Shalu and Bani to see what he has brought. Shalu asks what? Ayush says sweets for Bhabhi. He says I will call her, and says just as she hears me, she will come running and will say.

Lakshmi comes out and hugs him. Ayush says Bhabhi and says we have connection and says I am fine, fit and fine. Lakshmi asks if he is concentrating on business. Shalu says he has run away from the battle field. Ayush tells that he has brought sweets for her, and says it will not be sweet but bitter, as Rishi and Malishka’s marriage date is fixed. Lakshmi asks him to listen. Ayush cries and hugs her, and says you can do job and move on, but move on with my brother. He says the things are wrong, I am hopeful that everything will be fine and asks Lakshmi to agree.

 lakshmi asking Ayush not to cry and says you don’t look nice while crying. Ayush asks what about Rishi Bhai? He says even Rishi Bhai cries sitting alone, and says I have cried hugging you, but who is with him, he has become lonely without you. He asks Lakshmi to realize that his life is with her, and her life is with him, although many difficulties are on their way. He asks her to return his Bhai and Bhabhi’s relation. Lakshmi says tomorrow I will come home. Ayush asks her to say that she will come to her house. Shalu and Bani smiles. Ayush and Shalu hold each other’s hands, as he hugs Lakshmi happily. Shalu asks when all this will end. Ayush says when Bhai and Bhabhi marry each other. Shalu says they will not accept that they love each other.

Ayush says Bhabhi might return to him if she feels jealous. Shalu says she left jiju as she felt that Malishka shall marry him. Ayush says such people gives importance to love, but we will bring them on the right path. He says that girl can’t keep my brother happy. He says until they unite, we will stay strong. He says I will leave. Shalu holds his hand and says I trust you a lot and says Di and Jiju’s relation is in your hands. Ayush says love wins at the end, even if they fight. He says they will unite and if they don’t then change my name. Shalu asks shall I call you Jagundar, or Jhalla. He says no and says I trust love and the two people unite amidst the troubles. He holds her cheeks and pulls it, just as the bike rider rings the horn. He goes. Shalu thinks love shall win soon.

Ayush comes home and says har har mahadev, and drops the keys. Virender scolds him as the key would hit him. Ayush asks how was the meeting? Virender says superb, everything will be fine with Bappa’s blessings.

He says we started at the right time, all is well. Shalu and bani are happy that Lakshmi is going to Oberoi house. Lakshmi asks what is your problem if I stay here, and says everything will be fine in few days. Shalu says you don’t care about us, but cares for those who doesn’t value you, and asks her not to go. Virender asks Ayush if he is smiling as Lakshmi has returned, and says my house respect, pride and prestige has returned. Ayush says she will come tomorrow. Virender says may be Lakshmi is returning to talk to Rishi, as he is getting married. Ayush says this is the last chance for us, to make them realize their feelings for each other.

Shalu asks Bani to ask Lakshmi why did she leave from there, and says she worries for Malishka, neelam and Karishma whoever insults her, but she doesn’t value Jiju or others who loves her. She says she doesn’t care if Malishka ruins Jiju’s life and doesn’t care for him. Lakshmi says she cares for him a lot. Rishi hears Virender telling that they will try to unite them, and gets happy knowing Lakshmi is coming. Lakshmi says they are good friends. Shalu says it seems you are going to meet your love after many years. Lakshmi is upset and goes. Bani asks Shalu not to get angry on Di. Shalu says I was just pretending to be angry, so that I can make her understand. Bani says we shall talk to her in the morning, she will be bursts like cooker. She says lets go and sleep.

Rishi imagines Lakshmi in his room and dances with her. Dil Jhoom Jhoom plays… Rishi moves hair from her forehead and says you couldn’t stay without me. Lakshmi asks why you are feeling like this. He says Rishi Oberoi is such, and says you loves me like I love you. He says Dad used to say that I love you, but I realized it later. He says when Dad says that you also loves Rishi, then it might be truth too. He says even you love me a lot, but couldn’t say. He pulls her closer and asks her say, I love you Rishi. Lakshmi asks if he heard? Rishi says you didn’t say anything till now. She says buddhu. It is Rishi’s imagination. He laughs aloud and says he has gone mad thinking Lakshmi loves him. He says when she confesses her feelings to me, don’t know what I will do. He says whatever I will do, will be the first time and last time, which I haven’t done before. He says I love you and falls on the bed happily.

Malishka takes off her earrings and recalls Rishi’s words. She says you blo*dy crook, if you come in my clutch, then I will make you remember your Nani or your entire family, and then thinks I shall focus on the thing that I am marrying Rishi, and he is becoming mine, it doesn’t matter if Lakshmi is alive or dead, I shall be happy and shall not think all this. She says I can’t be sad and shall be happy so that I stay be happy and keep my Rishi happy.

In the morning, Rishi gets up and finds himself on Lakshmi’s bed. He thinks how did I come here, and then thinks I have come here and then asking myself. He recalls coming there in night and bringing flowers there. He thinks to decorate her room and starts decorating it. He then thinks to change her bedsheet and changes it. Pagal dil plays…..he then writes Welcome Home Lakshmi on the paper and sticks on the room. He says Lakshmi and my room is ready, though it is her room.

Bani asks if Di will confess her feelings to jiju. Lakshmi comes there, looks at the bag and comes to Bani and Shalu.

Bani asks Lakshmi for how many days she is going there. Shalu says we will not ask you, why you are going and for what, and when she will return. She says we will not ask you if you love Jiju or not. She says you have come here so that Jiju marries Malishka and asks if he will be with her. Bani asks her to confess her love to Jiju and says he will be very much happy. Shalu says you used to risked your life to save him, and asks her to accept that she loves him. Bani asks her to confess her feelings to him.

Rishi thinks to wear the jacket given by Lakshmi. He wears it and says he is looking good. He thinks it is Lakshmi’s choice afterall and it is best. He thinks he is looking handsome and dashing dude. He imagines Lakshmi in the mirror, signing him that he is looking best and to smile. He smiles and gives her flying kiss, then he realizes Malishka is standing behind him and smiling.

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