Unfortunate love update Friday 15 December 2023

Unfortunate love 15 December 2023: The Episode starts with Shalu and Bani thinking that Lakshmi will go with Rishi. Rano comes there. They inform her that Jiju is coming. Rano gets happy and says Rishi shall take Lakshmi from here and says burden will go away from my head. Shalu says Di is not a burden, infact she is lowering your burden by doing job. Rano says she wants Lakshmi’s betterment, atleast Rishi will get her married to a nice guy. She asks Shalu to make badam halwa. Rano says make less quantity for me. Neelam thinks I never thought that this will happen in my life, and says my own son, whom I have kept in my womb, gave him birth and brought him up, and that Lakshmi snatched him from her.

She says Rishi used to obey her, but now her words doesn’t matter to him. She says I will not Lakshmi come here, and says I will not stay with her, and that Lakshmi shall leave. Karishma says I tried to call Rishi, to tell about your decision. Neelam says let him do what he wants. Karishma says I will not let real Lakshmi (you) go for fake Lakshmi, and says this is your house and asks why will you go. Neelam says something will happen even today which shall not happen.

Lakshmi brings Rishi to Rano’s house. Rishi asks if we came here to get the bag. Lakshmi asks if he is fine. Rishi says you are my pain and medicine too, and asks if she is coming with him. Lakshmi says we shall go inside and talk. Shalu and Bani see Rishi and hug him happily. Rishi feels the pain due to his injury. They ask how they came together. Lakshmi says she met him on the way. Rishi sits on the sofa. Bani gives him water. Rishi drinks water and asks Lakshmi to bring her bag. Shalu brings her bag. Rishi tries to take Lakshmi’s bag and feels pain. Lakshmi stops him. Shalu says I will keep the bag in the car. Lakshmi takes the bag and keeps it aside, says she will not take bag. Rishi says we will do shopping on the way. Lakshmi says I am not going with you, and says this is my house and now I will stay here. Rano comes there. Rishi greets her. Rano praises him and asks Shalu and Bani to bring something for Rishi. Rishi says I don’t want anything, and asks her to make Lakshmi understand, says she don’t want to return. Lakshmi says I don’t want to return. Rishi says you didn’t say this in car else I wouldn’t have let you come here. He asks Shalu, Bani and Rano to ask her. Rano asks why you don’t want to go. Lakshmi says she just don’t want to go. Rishi asks how can you leave me and our family. Lakshmi says you and your family will be in my heart, but don’t be stubborn to take me. Rishi says I will take you, this is right. Lakshmi says truth is that, I am not your wife now, and don’t have any relation with you. She asks if you will stay in someone’s house without relation with them. Rishi says you are our house’s daughter and asks her to come with him, else he will lift and take her with him. Lakshmi refuses to go with him, and says everything is fine, why you are ruining things. Rishi says I want your betterment and you, and says I request you to come.

Lakshmi refuses to come, and tells that you are ignoring Malishka because of me, whom you love and will marrying. She says I can’t bear this and don’t want any injustice to happen with anyone. She says we were married, now we are divorced and we are not husband and wife, and that’s why I can’t go there. Rishi says our relation is still there and says I….Lakshmi cuts his words and says we are even now friends, but you can’t take me as a friend also. Rishi says I have taken your responsibility. Lakshmi says I didn’t ask you to take it and says I am thankful to you, and says I have stayed there, I don’t want any fight or argument to happen because of me. Rishi says nothing had happened because of you. He asks them to make her understand. Shalu asks Lakshmi to think about Bau ji and says he might be hurt that you went from there. Bani asks her to go. Rano asks why she is not listening. Lakshmi says I have decided. Rishi asks if you are coming home with me or not. Lakshmi says I will not come. Rishi says you have to come with me, and gives his swear. Lakshmi keeps hand on his mouth to stop him.

Virender comes to Ayush’s cabin. Ayush asks him to sit on his chair. Virender says it is your chair and asks him to sit. He asks him to tell the updates. Ayush tells that your meeting with investors is fixed, and tells that they shall call the press meet to keep the rumors at rest, that our downfall came. Virender says we will just convince the investors and they will tell everyone. Ayush says who might be spreading the rumors. Virender says our enemies. Ayush says it might be my mistake that this is happening. Virender asks him not to regret and learn from his mistakes. He goes. Ayush thinks Mama is super hit and has always encouraged me. He says I promise that I will handle the business well with honesty.

Lakshmi asks Rishi not to give her swear and says if you try to take me forcibly then we will not have even friendship. She asks him to go and marry Malishka, and says even I want this. She asks him to accept her sayings and marry Malishka. Rano asks if you have gone mad, he has done so much for you, and you have forgotten his favors and leaving him. Lakshmi says I can’t leave him till I die, but doesn’t mean that I will stay in his house. She folds her hands and says I will not return. Rano says she is a mindless girl. Rishi gets sad and says I have taken responsibility of yours, and says he couldn’t fulfill his promise to make her happy. Lakshmi asks her to think about his happiness and says it is very pain to make someone yours and then leave that person, it is pain to go away from someone. Shalu asks why don’t you understand that your happiness lies with him. Bani says your happiness is with him. Rano asks Lakshmi to go with Rishi. Lakshmi goes inside, while Rishi leaves upset.

Dadi thinks if Rishi will convince Lakshmi to return or not. Karishma comes there and says Neelam Bhabhi is leaving the house. Dadi hears her. Karishma says you are fine with Neelam bhabhi leaves the house, but you are sad that Lakshmi who is inauspicious for our house has left. Dadi says I didn’t ask Neelam to go. Karishma says Rishi went to bring Lakshmi and she is waiting for Rishi to come, and says she is an evil soul or must have learnt black magic from some devil and that’s why she captivates everyone in her trap. Dadi says then you would have been trapped by now. Karishma says thank god, she didn’t and says Lakshmi is inauspicious. Dadi says she is God’s avatar, she is neither inauspicious nor she has learnt evil magic from any devil. Rishi comes home. Karishma thinks Lakshmi might be waiting outside. Malishka says if she comes then I will murder her. Kiran says first let him say. Rishi tells Dadi that Lakshmi didn’t return. Dadi smiles and says I knew that she will not return. She says she went so that no argument or fight happens here, and tells Karishma that she was not shock that Neelam will leave, as she knew that Lakshmi will not come. Rishi asks where Mom wanted to go? Karishma says if Lakshmi had come then Bhabhi would have left. Dadi says we couldn’t make her as our house Lakshmi. Kiran tells that Rishi might be hurt as Lakshmi didn’t return. Karishma says if Lakshmi is upto something. Malishka says Dadi is sad that Lakshmi couldn’t be her bahu. Karishma says we will respect you more when you becomes bahu. She goes to tell Neelam. Kiran tells Malishka that she shall bring Rishi closer and give her happiness, so that he becomes her fully, else this time he will go far from her. Malishka says she will get closer to Rishi and make him realize how much she loves him.

Lakshmi keeps her clothes in the cupboard while Bani takes it out. Shalu says why didn’t you go with Jiju? Lakshmi says he is not our jiju, and says what Bau ji taught us, that we shall care for other’s happiness and shall not do anything which hurts them. She says you didn’t know what was happening as I was there, and says they were arguing and distancing from each other. She says if I had let fingers raised on Bau ji’s values. Shalu says but Jiju and your destiny is same. Lakshmi says let Lakshmi’s bhagya leave on Lakshmi Bhagya.

 Malishka coming to Rishi and saying that she missed him when she saw the rain, and reminds him that they used to go on long drives, then they used to go on a walk too. She says he used to hold her hand, they used to argue and fight and cheer up each other. She says then we used to have coffee together. Rishi thinks of Lakshmi and his moments. Malishka asks where did he lost? She says I am talking romantically and you are silent. She says she wants his happiness and he is sitting sad. She says I am your Malishka, so no more sadness, just love, happiness and romance shall happen. She says Lakshmi is your life’s old chapter, and asks him to tear it and throw. Rishi shouts at her, and says Lakshmi is part of me and my life, how can I keep her away from my life. Neelam comes there and says you had gone to bring Lakshmi, without my consent, you have hurt me so much, but I am forgiving you, as you didn’t bring Lakshmi back with you.

Rishi says this means that Lakshmi helped me, as this is not trust that I didn’t bring her here, but the truth is that she herself didn’t return, so she helped me, and says Malishka was telling that I shall keep Lakshmi away from my life. Neelam says Malishka said right and says Lakshmi is your past, and for the past, the present and future shall not be ignored. She says I am making Malishka as your present and future, with all the rituals. She says she has fixed their marriage date, and this time the date will not be changed, and the marriage will happen on the same date. Rishi says Mom. Neelam says they can’t wait for Lakshmi’s remarriage, and says now Lakshmi herself told you to move on, and asks him to accept Malishka and think of his future with her. She says you haven’t accepted my sayings, and says I am your Mom, and wants you to agree to all my sayings. She asks him to take her for jewellery shopping and buys ring, jewellery and mangalsutra for her. Rishi says ok. Malishka gets happy and hugs her. Neelam then asks Rishi to concentrate on business too, and says your priority shall be Malishka and business. Malishka smiles and tells Rishi that Lakshmi’s name shall not be in his life and house.

Lakshmi asks Shalu and bani to help her in her new start, and asks them not to be sad, and says we shall leave behind the past and shall concentrate on future. Shalu says don’t know, but I will regret all life. Bani says I wish you both had never separated, and stayed together always.

Next morning, Lakshmi gets ready to do to job. Shalu says I will make your tiffin and asks her to do puja. Lakshmi does aarti and puja. Malishka makes Rishi wear the jacket and says our Jodi is best, you are handsome and I am gorgeous, our Jodi is best. She asks him to smile for her. Rishi keeps the fake smile on his face. Malishka gets happy and asks him to come.

Lakshmi comes to the jewellery store. The salesgirl comes there and hugs Lakshmi for the job. Rishi and Malishka come there. They see Lakshmi there. Malishka says we shall go to some other jewellery store. Rishi asks her to buy whatever she wants, till then he will go out and talk on phone. Malishka asks Rishi to treat Lakshmi as the worker. Rishi goes outside. Lakshmi asks the employees what they are doing. They tell that they are waiting for Pooja. Ayushman Khurana comes there and gives receipt, tells that he came to collect the chain which he had given for repair. The salesguys ask him to bring Pooja to take the chain. Ayushman says she is unwell, I will ask her to make a call. He goes out and calls the salesguy, says she is Pooja. She then asks him to give the chain.

The salesguy says ok. Rishi hears her and says this is Pooja’s voice. Ayushman comes infront of Rishi. Rishi says he is just one woman’s man and loves Lakshmi so much, and asks him not to take him wrong, and says he is just Pooja’s fan. Ayushman says there is nobody like her. Ananya Pandey comes there and tells that she had come to meet Lakshmi, who is her friend. Ayush asks Rishi if she is his Lakshmi. Malishka comes there and says he is hers. Ayushman asks Rishi about her. Rishi asks him not to ask. Ayushman asks them to watch the film and goes.

Kiran tells Neelam that finally Rishi and Malishka will marry. Neelam says this marriage will happen anyhow. Kiran says Lakshmi had emotionally trapped Rishi, and he was not coming out of her clutch. Karishma says Rishi had kept the condition that first Lakshmi will marry and then him. Kiran says when her marriage had cancelled, I thought Lakshmi will trap Rishi forever, but as Lakshmi left home, she got hopeful, but it broke when he went to bring Lakshmi back. She says Malishka feels that Rishi loves Lakshmi. Neelam asks what? She asks her not to have such thoughts and says where is Oberoi family and where is she? She says he is just obliged that she saved his life, and asks her to remove this thought from their minds. Kiran says Malishka has become fragile and cries thinking this. Karishma says Malishka loves him so much and is insecure about him, and says I try to pacify her always. Kiran says Malishka got happy when Neelam asked them to go and buy jewellery and mangalsutra. Neelam says she wants her to come here for forever. Karishma says I want to see Malishka’s grah pravesh and says I hope no hurdle shall come in the way. Neelam tells that no hurdle will come, and Malishka will marry Rishi and will enter in this house on the same date.

Malishka comes to Lakshmi and says she wants mangalsutra as she is marrying Rishi. She says last time she couldn’t take it due to her, and says this time even if she comes or more worse person than her, then also she will marry him. Rishi tries to stop Malishka. The salesgirl asks her what she wants. Malishka asks Lakshmi to tell her. Lakshmi says mangalsutra. The salesgirl says this is not Mangalsutra counter, and asks her to go to that counter. Malishka says I want Lakshmi to show and tells that she knows our likes and dislikes. The new salesgirl tells that it is her counter and asks her to come. Rishi takes Malishka to that counter. Malishka thinks if Lakshmi had shown the mangalsutra, then I would have insulted her more and taunts her. The new salesgirl shows her mangalsutra. Malishka asks Rishi to make her wear it. Rishi refuses. Malishka asks him to keep on her neck and show. Rishi keeps mangalsutra on her neck. Malishka calls Lakshmi and asks her to choose before thinking of her status, and insults her. Lakshmi says mangalsutra has no status, its value is with his respect and pride. She selects mangalsutra for her. Malishka says hopeless and pushes the tray. Rishi asks her to select herself. Malishka picks a mangalsutra and asks him to make her wear it. He keeps it on her neck. Malishka asks how it is looking? Rishi says nice. Malishka says I will wear it always and once I wear it, I will not take it off.

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