Unfortunate love update Monday 4 December 2023

Unfortunate love 4 December 2023: The Episode starts with Neelam thanking Malishka for handling everything with maturity. She says that’s why I say that you shall be my bahu, and says once this marriage happens, I will get you marry Rishi, and says not just this city, but the entire world will remember your marriage. Malishka thanks and hugs him. The guard gains consciousness and looks for Rishi. He finds him in the pool and calls him. The goons get alerted. Bani prays to Baba ji and says when Jiju will come, and thinks how to stop the marriage. She hears Pandit ji telling that the kalash shall not break else the marriage will be stopped. Bani thinks of an idea and goes to Saloni, and whispers cockroach in her ears. Saloni jumps and asks where is the cockroach? She jumps and the kalash pots falls down. Anjana asks what did you do?

Saloni says she got scared of cockroach. Pandit ji says now this marriage can’t happen. Virender asks what do you mean? Karishma says we will get double pots. Pandit ji explains to them that the kalashs were very important and as it has broken, this marriage can’t happen. Malishka says it doesn’t matter, 4 rounds are already done, so get the remaining rounds done too. She says new matka can be brought. Pandit ji says marriage can’t happen without the matkas.

Neelam says we shall get new kalash and the ingredients and you can keep it after the puja. Pandit ji asks her to get them. Vikrant tells that this will take time and says I have to do this marriage, and asks Pandit ji to get this marriage done without Kalash, it will work for me. Pandit ji says it can work for you, but not for me, I don’t do adharm work. Anjana scolds Saloni.

Bani tells Ayush and Shalu that she has done this, and tells them everything. Shalu says very good and hugs Bani. Bani says it would be wonder, if the marriage stops, but the marriage will continue once the kalash is brought. Neelam asks Pandit ji to ask someone to bring the kalash pots. Pandit ji says ok and goes. Pandit ji’s assistant comes there and opens the ghatbandhan telling that it is inauspicious to keep the ghatbandhan without the rounds. Dadi tells Virender that the marriage is stopping again and again.

Virender says he couldn’t understand. Pandit ji says the kalash pots will be brought soon. Vikrant tells Lakshmi that the marriage will happen, and says Ayush and Shalu tried to stop the marriage, but the marriage will happen. He thinks he told his goons to kill Rishi, and thinks he can’t return. The goons think to take Rishi’s photo to Vikrant. The goon jumps in and checks Rishi, tells the goons that he is dead. The goons turn to go, while Rishi holds the goon’s leg, and then holds his neck.

Karishma says Lakshmi is giving us so much pain and is proving that she is inauspicious. Kiran says don’t know what inauspicious affect, she will splash here. Malishka says if we had got her married in court then this thing wouldn’t have happened. Neelam says no problem, and tells that tomorrow sunrise will not see her inauspicious presence. Shalu tells Ayush that jiju is in danger. Ayush says I had talked to him, he is fine. Rano asks if they are doing conspiracy and says this marriage will happen. She says just 3 rounds are remaining. She says you can’t do anything and goes. Ayush says we can do so much.

Vikrant and Saloni are in the car. Vikrant asks Saloni, why did she break the kalash pots. Saloni asks him not to do this marriage and says there are many hurdles coming in the way, and says we can get trapped. Vikrant says I will do this marriage and says I am ready as the groom and will get Lakshmi. Saloni says if you don’t get Lakshmi then will get someone else. She asks why you wants just Lakshmi. She says you have changed before marriage and asks what you will do after marriage. She asks our everything is at stake, there is a big risk, if everyone comes to know about us, then…I don’t want to lose you. She asks him not to change after marriage and be just hers. They hear someone coming.

The first goon asks the second goon to stab Rishi. The second goon jumps in the water to stab Rishi. The third goon comes out of the water. The second goon holds him to stab him. Shalu tells Ayush again and says may be Jiju is in trouble. Ayush says he is fine, and says if anything had happened to him, then Bhabhi would have sensed it. Vikrant thinks Lakshmi saw Saloni in my embrace. He thinks Rishi came to know about us, and now Lakshmi caught us, this marriage will not happen. Saloni thinks she will ruin our relation and Neelam aunty will slap me. Lakshmi walks towards her and slaps her.

She says mannerless and betrayal guy. She says you both shall get more bad words than this, and says you people acts as dewar and Bhabhi, and do this when alone. She says you have made bhabhi and dewar relation impure and have stained it, you both are cheap. She says your husband is busy in work, and you will make such relation with your dewar. She asks Vikrant if he has any values or not, and asks if your parents will come to know about this, then they would want to be buried in the earth, and says what your brother will feel. Vikrant says I will make you understand, now we are getting married. Lakshmi slaps him and asks how dare you, do you think that I will marry you. She says I never thought that you are so cheap. She tells Saloni that she is disgusted to have affair with her dewar. Saloni tells her that Vikrant is her husband. Lakshmi is shocked.

 Lakshmi telling that Rishi and her sisters tried to made her understand that Vikrant is a betrayal and cheap guy and he has an affair with someone, but I didn’t believe them. She says Saloni..you are disgusted. Saloni says vikrant is not my dewar, but my husband. Vikrant says Lakshmi ji. Lakshmi slaps him and asks him not to take her name from his dirty mouth, and says a big lie and big betrayal. She asks how can you be so cheapa? She asks Saloni, why she wants to ruin her life. Saloni asks her to listen. Vikrant calls her Saloni Bhabhi…what you are thinking? Saloni thinks I was imagining it, Lakshmi didn’t do anything, and Vikrant is calling me Bhabhi, that means she is not doubtful on us. Vikrant says I will tell Lakshmi. Shalu and Ayush ask why jiju is not coming.

Bani says he should have come by now. Ayush says if Vikrant’s goons have kept him captive. Shalu prays for Rishi’s safety. Ayush says last time also he had only planned the attack. Bani says Jiju is in danger. Ayush says if Rishi bhai was in danger, then Bhabhi would have sensed, so he must be fine. Vikrant tells that Saloni was doubtful if the marriage will happen or not. Saloni says I came here and he was telling that the marriage will happen. Lakshmi apologizes on her sister’s behalf. Vikrant says until you are with us, this marriage will happen. He says Saloni was hugging him and crying. Lakshmi says Ayush cares for her a lot, and says dewar bhabhi relation is such. Saloni thanks that she didn’t doubt them. Vikrant says I hope we get married soon and we become of each other.

Rishi’sstruggles in the water continues and the goon hits Rishi’s head on the stone thrice and ties his feet. Saloni says thank god, Lakshmi didn’t get doubtful. She says if she had understood then she would have done hungama, and tells that she had imagined Lakshmi slapping me and you. Vikrant asks what weird imaginations you have. Anjana comes there and asks Vikrant to take the last three rounds, and then Rishi can’t do anything. She asks them not to be together. Saloni says I wouldn’t have asked you for second marriage.

Lakshmi thinks of Rishi’s words and Vikrant. She thinks she shall get married. Ayush, Shalu and Bani come to Lakshmi and asks her to come with them. Lakshmi refuses. Ayush says he will lift her. Neelam asks her to lift her. She says it is good that Malishka’s told me about you all coming here. She asks Shalu to take her. Shalu says yes, we will take her and will not let her marry Vikrant. Neelam asks them to shut up. Malishka asks Lakshmi to come and take the last three rounds with Vikrant and leave from here. Lakshmi goes with her. Neelam asks Ayush, Shalu and Bani to stay in the room and asks them not to come out. She locks the door and goes.

Pandit ji keeps the kalash pots. Dadi asks Virender if Lakshmi is marrying with her wish, or has agreed as we pressurized her. Virender says she said that she agreed to marry with her wish. Vikrant asks Pandit ji’s assistant to do their hast milap. His assistant keeps the beetle leaves and something on their hands. Pandit ji stops them and tells that he will open the ghatbandhan also. He says they shall get puja done before the marriage. Vikrant asks him to get the last three rounds done. Pandit ji asks if they want to keep the marriage or break it. Vikrant says ofcourse he wants it for life. Pandit ji says now they have to take 7 rounds, as there was so much time has passed for those rounds. Shalu hits on the door and throws the things, and asks Ayush to call Mukesh. Ayush calls Mukesh, who refuses to open the door and tells that Neelam asked him not to open the door.

Vikrant asks him to get the three rounds done, and tells that he don’t believe on all this. Pandit ji says they shall take 7 rounds, and if they don’t agree then he will leave and they can call other Pandit. He asks if they want the marriage for life or for brief time. Vikrant asks why didn’t you tell before, we wouldn’t have left the mandap. Pandit ji says then also kalash pots shall be kept. Vikrant asks him to get his marriage done. Pandit ji says such marriage is not marriage, but just an act. Anjana asks him to get the marriage done. Rano says we want this marriage for life. Puneet asks Vikrant to sit down and asks him not argue. Karishma says we should have called some other Pandit, else this marriage would have happen. Kiran says don’t know what is going to happen. Karishma says it is good that Rishi is not here, he shall come after the marriage completes. Malishka hopes that he is fine.

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