Unfortunate love update Tuesday 5 December 2023

Unfortunate love 5 December 2023: The Episode starts with Pandit ji tying their hands and asks to do the ghatbandhan. Malishka ties the ghatbandhan. Pandit ji says now the rounds will start and asks them to get up. Shalu asks Ayush to call virender and asks him to open the door. Ayush says he will not open the door, after whatever we have done. Bani asks him to call some relative who is attending the marriage. Ayush calls a relative and asks him to open the door. The relative is stopped by the guard who tells that Neelam ordered not to open the door.

The relative refuses to help him, fearing Neelam. Ayush gets upset and tells that Neelam has done all the arrangements. Bani says only Neelam can open the door. Vikrant tells Pandit ji that they shall take the rounds without taking the vows, as they have taken it already. The Pandit ji asks them to take 4 rounds first. Lakshmi gets worried thinking about Rishi, and looks at the water in the kalash.

Dadi tells Virender that Lakshmi seems to be worried. Malishka and Sonia tell that the rounds shall wrap up fast. Lakshmi looks at the water in the pot and gets teary eyes. They complete 4 rounds. Pandit ji says now the bride will take the vows from the 5th round. He asks Lakshmi to repeat after him. Rishi is drowned in the Pool and thinks Lakshmi…our togetherness was till here, I tried to be your saathi and saarthi and always thought to give you happiness even after giving my life, today I am dying but couldn’t give you happiness, I couldn’t become your saathi and saarthi. Lakshmi says Rishi…Malishka asks what? Lakshmi says Rishi is in trouble. She says my heart is saying that he is in danger. She tells Virender and Dadi that Rishi is in trouble, my heart is shaking up and asks them to save him.

Neelam looks as if Lakshmi is lying. Malishka thinks why Rishi is in trouble, Vikrant had just tied him. Dadi asks what are you saying? Lakshmi says he is in big danger, I will go and save him, and says this marriage will not happen. Karishma shouts stop and says you want to save yourself from this marriage and that’s why wants to go from here. Lakshmi tells Neelam that Rishi is really in danger and asks them to believe her. She pleads with Neelam to let her go to save Rishi and says he is your son, please believe me. She says I can feel it, and says even now I am feeling the same, which I used to feel whenever he is in danger. Karishma says enough and says Rishi is not in a trouble, he didn’t come as he don’t want to attend your marriage. Neelam says if Rishi is in trouble? Karishma says it is not like that, and if he is in trouble then we will take care of him. She tells that she can prove this and tells that Lakshmi is saying to get saved from this marriage. Lakshmi says how to make you understand, he is having difficulty to breath, and says she will marry once Rishi comes here. Sonia says when he comes here, then he will not let the marriage happen and that’s why you are saying this. Karishma says if she gives us such excuse then we will let her go.

Lakshmi says I am saying truth and tells that she can feel and says even one second is important for him. She tells Neelam that she will bring Lakshmi here, and swears on the fire that once she brings Rishi here, she will do as she says, but for now let me go from here. Neelam shouts enough and tells that she is a mother and can understand that she is doing this to stop the marriage. She says Ayush, Shalu, Bani and Rishi couldn’t stop the marriage, and that’s why you are doing this. Lakshmi says I am not stopping this marriage, and says first let me go and search him. Dadi asks where you will search him. Karishma says it is her conspiracy. Dadi says if it is not her conspiracy. Dadi says whenever Rishi is in trouble, Lakshmi has sensed it. She asks Neelam if this marriage is more important than Rishi’s life. Vikrant gets angry. Neelam says she is getting this marriage so that Rishi can live peacefully and marrying Malishka. Virender tells Neelam that Lakshmi has sworn that she will marry after coming back and asks her to let Lakshmi go, as the reason is big. Karishma says Rishi will stop the marriage and that’s why she wants to bring him here. Sonia says Rishi bhai is fine, and has not stopped her marriage, and that’s why she is doing this. Dadi says Lakshmi doesn’t lie or say nonsense. Virender says exactly.

Neelam requests them to let Lakshmi marry Vikrant today. Rano asks Lakshmi to have pity on herself and us, and asks her to think about her father and says what he will feel that his daughter ran away from her wedding, and says they are telling you so much, and raising fingers on you. Lakshmi says let them raise fingers, I will hear everything. She shouts enough and says there is nothing important than Rishi, there is nothing important than Rishi’s life. She says I will go and bring him safely, and says whoever wants to say anything, can get me married, or throw me out without marriage, or can cut my neck, but I will do everything to save Rishi and now nobody can stop me. She opens the ghatbandhan cloth while Karishma and Rano try to stop her. She is about to leave, when Vikrant, Saloni, Malishka and Karishma stand on her way. Vikrant asks her to marry and then we all will go to search Rishi. Karishma says this way marriage will happen and you can search him too. Malishka says without marriage, you can’t go out, so there is just one way out. Saloni says we have no problem with Rishi, and says but if he has been here then he would have stopped the wedding. Anjana says they don’t want her to be so close to Rishi, though she knows that their relation is pure. She asks her to do the marriage. Vikrant says first the marriage shall be done, and then we will go and save Rishi.

 Vikrant telling Lakshmi that he promises that they will go and search Rishi once the marriage is done. He says where we will go and search him, it is better that we all shall go. Malishka asks Lakshmi to get the marriage done first and then search Rishi. Vikrant says nobody wants bad for Rishi and thinks good about him. He says we shall complete the rasam and do as you say. Rishi is still trapped in the pool. Pandit ji says he has never seen such marriage before where there are many hurdles, and asks if it is a sign that this marriage shall not happen. Vikrant says nothing will happen and says it happens in true love, and asks him to see how the marriage happens without any hurdle now, and says true love always win in the end. Pandit ji says you said right, true love always

win. Rishi finds the knife in the pool which was dropped by the goon and takes it. Pandit ji says for the 5th round, the girl promises that….Lakshmi starts saying the vow that he shall take her advice in whatever he do and goes on saying it. Pandit ji thinks she knows the vow. Lakshmi recalls Rishi and her marriage. Rishi cuts the rope. Pandit ji looks at his Assistant surprised. Everyone looks on surprised too. Namashivay plays…..

The goons drink and tell that he was not dying, but now he is dead. The goon tells that they shall drink and leave. The other goon tells that they shall get more money from Vikrant. Shalu tells Bani that Neelam is doing wrong with Di, though she has never replied to her. She says Di has always saved jiju and Neelam aunty is returning her favor this way. Bani says even Bau ji is not supporting Di. Shalu says Karishma aunty thought her as enemy, and always blames Lakshmi. Malishka tells that Lakshmi always do the drama. Kiran says vikrant won from Lakshmi. Kiran says he will oust her from here. Lakshmi says I give you this swear. Pandit ji asks Lakshmi to take the 5th round with him. Rishi frees himself and is coming out of pool. The goons get up. Rishi throws one of them in the pool and takes holds the goon’s neck and takes him from there. The second one tries to hold him. Sonia says once Lakshmi becomes Vikrant’s wife, I will give party to my friends and you have to pay the bill. Neelam smiles. Shalu and Bani continue to cry. Shalu says when Di needs jiju the most, he is not here. She says all the family members have ruined Di’s life and is handing her over to Vikrant. Ayush says Shalu. Shalu says it is your mistake too that this marriage will stop, but we are trapped here and can’t do anything. She asks him to curse himself and realize that his bhabhi’s life is going to be ruined. Rishi beats the goon. The other two goons come there. Rishi fights with them. Lakshmi stops while taking the rounds. Rishi beats the goons. Lakshmi says I had given swear to Rishi that I will always support him, I had married him and gave swear to him. Rishi beats the goons and says Lakshmi is married to Vikrant because of them, and says if her life gets ruined, then I will send to hell.

Ayush says Shalu is right, and says whatever happening is a sin. He says Bhabhi can forgive us, but not God, this is a sin and there is no forgiveness for it. He says vikrant has trapped everyone and is marrying Bhabhi, and I am helpless. He cries and thinks with whom I shall apologize, shall I apologize to Bhabhi, whose life is ruined, or shall I apologize to Shalu and bani and cries.

Lakshmi says I have given him swear to support him always witnessing the Devis and Devtas. The Security guard comes there. Rishi asks him if he is fine and asks him to go to hospital and get his treatment done. The guard nods ok. Vikrant asks what happened to you Lakshmi. Lakshmi says I have to go to Rishi and runs, the ghatbandhan cloth falls down. Lakshmi is about to run out when she sees Rishi coming there, drenched in water fully. Everyone looks at Rishi. Rishi walks inside with difficulty. Neelam comes near him and says Rishi. Rishi is still looking at Lakshmi. Lakshmi hugs him and cries. Dil Jhoom Jhoom Jaaye…..plays…..Everyone looks shocked. Rishi holds her too. Vikrant, Saloni and their family are shocked. Lakshmi asks Rishi, if he is fine. She says you are hurt and might be feeling pain. She says I got late to come. Rishi says I came late, I am sorry. He sees the ghatbandhan cloth burning and throws it from her shoulder. Neelam asks how did you get drenched, if everything is fine. Vikrant says how he is alive and thinks he had asked his goons to kill him, and says he is alive and standing here as my enemy, he should have come late, I would have got married.

Malishka hugs him and asks Rishi, where was he? she cries and lies that her life was stuck worrying for him, (though she was not letting Lakshmi go to save Rishi). Virender asks Rishi to tell what has happened? Rishi says I will tell everything. Shalu asks Ayush to take out some way, and says I can’t stay here, and will get mad. She says even Chachi didn’t punish us like this. Bani says di must have married by now and her bidaai would be happening. Ayush says even I didn’t get such punishment before, and says how to take you both out. Shalu says we shall go out through the window. Ayush asks what are you saying? Shalu says yes, today is our last day here, and tells that just like they have broken Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage, they will break our friendship also. Anjana asks Lakshmi if her worry is relieved seeing Rishi and asks her to complete the rounds. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand and asks if the marriage haven’t happened till now, if the rounds haven’t happened. Lakshmi nods no. Karishma asks Lakshmi to come to the mandap and says Vikrant is waiting. Kiran says you have burnt the ghatbandhan. Lakshmi looks at the burning ghatbandhan. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand shocking everyone.

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