My desire update Tuesday 5 December 2023

My Desire 5 December 2023: Samrat drives car getting intoxicated and recalls the moments he spent with Nayantara. Aye Dil Hai Mushkil… song plays in the background. He cries thinking how could he push his Nayan from the cliff, he can’t live without her and wants to die.

He drives car rashly to commit suicide but applies brakes seeing Prem standing on road. He walks to Prem and asks if he is fine. Prem asks why was he driving car so fast, Nayan is gone and even if something happens to Sam, what will happen to him. Sam hugs him and thinks Nayan wanted him to take care of Prem. He promises Prem to never leave him alone. Mohit wants to him and says its good to see his love for Prem, he brought Prem here as he knows Sam would do something to himself. Sam promises to take care of Prem. Mohit drives them home.

After a month, Sam continues to drink. Mansi asks him to stop drinking as he has concert after many months and its important for him. Sam says he doesn’t care. Mansi says music company is launching a new talent and its a threat for him. Sam says he doesn’t care as nobody can beat him. Nayan gets ready in a rockstar’s attire. Samrat starts his concert. Host announces that Sam will have a face off with new talent.

Nayan walks in singing Har Kisiko Nahi Milta Yahan Pyar Zindagi Samrat is shocked to see her. He emotionally hugs Nayan and says he knew she is live, he was going near lake everyday to find her, he is happy to see her back. Mansi is also shocked to see Nayan. Nayan asks him to stay away from him and asks just because he is a rockstar, will he touch her inappropriately; she is Antara and not Nayan. Sam says its impossible.

Fans insist to start a face-off. Siddharth asks Sam and Antara to keep their personal issues aside and start their performance. Antara says she wants to perform as its her debut, but Samrat is spoiling it. Sam agrees for a face-off. Mansi thinks why is Nayan calling herself as Antara. Nayan and Sam continue Har Kisiko Nahi Milta.. song face off. Aalia enters and thinks new singer is singing really well. She is also shocked to see Nayan. A fan says she is Antara and not Nayan. Aalia clicks Antara’s pic and sends it to Mohit to let Iyer family know about it.

She calls Mohit and asks him to check a pic. Mohit is shocked to see Nayan’s pic. Aalia says Nayan is right in front of her performing on stage. Mohit asks if Nayan is alive. Aalia asks Mohit to bring Iyer family to concert soon. Mohit schows Nayan’s photo to Iyer family and informs them that she calls herself as Antara. Malati, Ishani, and Govind say she is Nayan for sure and rushes towards concert venue. Nayan recalls practicing singing via a teacher and becoming a singer in a month.

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