Unfortunate love update Friday 7 July 2023

Unfortunate love 7 July 2023: The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Malishka why did she come in a hurry? Ayush asks what happened, do you want to check anything. Malishka asks what? Ayush says you came fast, may be to search something. Malishka says she came to call Lakshmi for puja. Lakshmi says come. Ayush stops her and asks Malishka to help them find the proofs. Malishka says if you are joking then I have no time, says she is going downstairs. She thinks he was at Lakshmi’s side, then at my side and then again at Lakshmi’s side. Ayush stops her and asks her to come. He says I am very serious, we are searching a fraud whom we are searching. Malishka asks whom? Ayush says ponga pandit. Malishka asks who is he? Ayush says you didn’t know and says I saw him coming here.

He asks her to search him. Malishka says how will I know him, and says if he is not sure then would have escaped. Ayush says no chance as Police is standing downstairs, infact he is in this room and that’s why I am asking you. Malishka thinks if he is doubting me. Lakshmi asks Ayush what is he doing? Ayush says he is testing Malishka, and says if she catches him then she is not involved. Malishka thinks what game he is playing with me with Lakshmi and thinks Balwinder fooled Police and escaped. She sees Balwinder behind the sofa. Ayush notices her reaction. Malishka asks are you sure that he is here? Ayush says yes and ask her to go. Malishka says you have wasted my so much time and asks them to come. She tells Lakshmi that she shall have some sense and says if anyone asks, then I have to take you name. Lakshmi asks her to go and take her name.

Ayush tells Lakshmi that the fraud is here. He asks Lakshmi to come, and says even we shall go. Lakshmi says yes, lets go. They pretend to open the door and close it. Balwinder realizes that he is acting smart with him. Ayush and Lakshmi are about to check behind the sofa.Rishi looks at the kalash. Karishma stops him. Ahana says let him check. Rishi asks them not to worry. He finds an open wire and tells that this is someone’s well planned masterplan. He holds the wire and finds it connected to the switch box. He says when Lakshmi touched the kalash, someone switched it on. Ahana says who will do this? Rishi says that Pandit. Kiran asks Rishi to leave the wire and says if anything happens to you. Rishi says Lakshmi and our family’s enemy will be caught. Malishka thinks to send Rishi to Lakshmi, so that he diverts her attention. She says she is feeling bad for Lakshmi after whatever happened with her.

She asks Rishi to be with Lakshmi and bring her downstairs. Rishi says ok, thanks. He says first I will tell this to Durga Devi and then will go. He tells Durga Devi that he is sure that the fraud Pandit had come here to kill Lakshmi. He shows the live wire which was connected to the plug. Durga Devi says so you want investigation to be on. She asks who has called the fraud here. Karishma says when he came, Kiran said that she knows him and she is trustworthy and family to us. Virender says yes, Karishma told me. Kiran says I didn’t know that he is fraud. Rishi says if he is called by Kiran aunty then why did he run away. Durga Devi says Ayush told that he went to guest room. Rishi says Lakshmi is also there. Malishka says we had checked but nobody was there. She says he ran away. Durga Devi asks are you sure? Malishka says we have checked and nobody was there. She thinks he escaped.

Durga Devi says he was Balwinder and knows everything about whatever happening here, and that’s why he acted to be Pandit and came here. Rishi says he must have kept eyes on us.Durga Devi says someone is giving him all the info and looks at Malishka. Rishi comes to the guest room. Balwinder hides just as Ayush and Lakshmi’s attention is diverted. Rishi tells that Durga Devi said that the pandit was Balwinder. Ayush thinks seeing Malishka’s reaction, he felt that he is here. Balwinder is hiding. Rishi says Malishka told that he is not here. Ayush says his gut feeling is saying that he is here. Rishi says first I will handle him then Inspector Durga. They search him. Lakshmi collides with Rishi. Rishi asks if she don’t find any excuse to get closer to him. She hits her head with his head and says I don’t need to make excuse to come closer to you, I can come just like that. Ayush says I really wish that you don’t get separated.

He tells Rishi that now love also happens, and tells him that he saved Lakshmi as he loves her. Lakshmi gets emotional. Ayush says we shall search him and his partner. Balwinder closes his eyes and gets worried. Rishi is about to see Balwinder, when Malishka comes there and calls Rishi. She asks why you are stuck with them and asks them to think about Dadi, until when you will make her wait, puja is important to her. Rishi says lets go from here. Balwinder checks outside and finds Durga Devi standing. He thinks what to do, thinks to commit suicide by jumping off the balcony and thinks to write their names. He sees saree kept in the packet and wears it. He comes out wearing the saree. The constable tells Lady constable that Balwinder is here, and asks her to catch him. The lady constable asks him to stop.

Lady constable stopping Balwinder. The constable laughs and says he was joking. He picks Durga Devi’s pen. Balwinder thinks to leave from there silently. He starts leaving. Lady constable sees him going and says she is walking like man. Durga Devi comes there and asks them if Pandit was found. They say no, he might be eloped. Durga Devi says I feel that we shall come later, as they are worried after whatever happened with Lakshmi. Lady constable says if we can leave the puja. Durga Devi says our puja is our work, I talked to Pandit ji and he said that we can go. Karishma asks why Lakshmi is making us wait and says she is acting as VVIP. Dadi says she told about completing puja even after this incident. She says she didn’t accuse anyone of us, but rather stayed quiet. She asks her not to worry.

Virender comes there. Dadi goes. Rishi asks Neelam if he called him. Neelam says no. He says Malishka told him. Lakshmi tells Ayush that Malishka or her Mom shall not know that we are doubting him. Kiran tells Malishka that Balwinder messaged that he has escaped. Malishka says thank god. Ayush asks why did she lie that everyone is waiting for them, and asks if she wanted someone to elope from guest room, if anyone hid there, thief, ghost etc. Malishka says she don’t want his joke. Ayush says who said that I am joking. Malishka scolds him and asks who I am? She asks him not to talk to her like that. She goes to Neelam and asks if I am the member of the family here or not. She says Ayush was accusing her that she lied and called him downstairs. She says whoever goes to guest room, gets stuck. She says Lakshmi, Ayush and Rishi got stuck there. She says if I told that you all are waiting then did I say wrong? Neelam says we all were waiting for Lakshmi.

She asks her to calm down. Malishka says this is my house and my puja and asks if I will not be worried. Neelam says you are responsible. Karishma says Mom praised Lakshmi, but Malishka is doing the responsibility. Ayush tells Malishka that if he started saying then she can’t survive here in this house. Malishka asks them to see. Neelam praises Malishka and taunts Lakshmi. Rishi tells that Lakshmi stopped there and she sensed something. Neelam asks did I ask? She asks Ayush not to insult Malishka. Karishma asks him not to forget that Malishka is his would be bhabhi and Rishi’s would be wife. Ayush says my foot.Malishka comes to Lakshmi and asks if she heard what they said and says they are waiting for you to leave, and I shall become the bahu. Lakshmi says they don’t know your truth. Malishka says what truth and says truth is that I love Rishi very much and you are inauspicious for Rishi and this house. She says since you came, bad things are happening in the house.

Lakshmi asks who has been doing this? She tells that she knows that she had called Pandit to harm her. Malishka complains to Neelam that Lakshmi is blaming her. Kiran asks how dare you to blame her daughter. She says Neelam is not saying anything, but such an inauspicious thing happened today because of you. She asks your inauspicious effect is big. Ayush says even I am feeling the same thing, as Lakshmi. He says Malishka is behind this incident. Kiran says look at you,Ayush, you came to what level. She asks him to use his own mind. She says my daughter didn’t call him, and that Pandit went from here as his grand daughter fell down from terrace. Ayush asks how did you know this? Kiran says I got the message. Ayush asks her to show the message. Kiran asks if you are doubting me? Ayush says my doubt will be gone and asks her to show the message. Neelam says Kiran or Malishka or nobody sitting here can do this. Ayush says I just want to see the message, my mouth will be closed. Kiran shows her mobile.

Ayush reads the message and says there is a message. He says he has another question and asks how did he message you. Kiran says I took his number today, to do puja at my friend’s house. She says she didn’t know that he was criminal. Ayush says he was criminal and the people with him are criminal. Neelam tells Ayush that she is silent as she loves him, and says she respects Kiran and Malishka a lot, and will not her anything against them. She says Police will find out who is criminal and asks him to sit for puja quietly. She asks Kiran and Malishka not to mind for Ayush’s sayings.

Rishi comes there and asks what happened? Lakshmi says nothing. Virender asks everyone to attend the puja. Dadi says she don’t want any trouble to happen. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand and takes her to do puja. Malishka thinks Lakshmi’s destiny is good that nothing is happening, though she tries to harm her. Rishi and Lakshmi do the puja. Pandit ji says puja is completed and asks them to have prasad so that puja completes fully. Lakshmi gives prasad to Pandit ji, Dadi and others. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he has urgent call and asks her to send prasad to his room. Dadi thanks Pandit ji and gives him dakshina.

Ayush is in his room and thinks I know, Malishka is doing all this, but I don’t have any proof. He says she conspired to kill Lakshmi and I couldn’t do anything. He thinks she will attempt again and again. He thinks Lakshmi has bear enough and now nothing shall happen to her.Lakshmi stops Virender from bending down and picking the fruit plate. She says Bau ji you are having back pain, and says it will increase more if you bend. Virender says what about your pain, and says a big incident happened with you, but didn’t say anything and was worried for my Bau ji’s puja. He says I was scared if anything had happened to you. Lakshmi hugs him and says even I was scared Bau ji, thinking if my stay is this much only with the family.

Malishka and Kiran come to the room. Malishka says today Lakshmi and I both were saved. Kiran says our plan is ruined. Sonia asks did you plan to kill Lakshmi? Kiran asks how can you think like Ayush, do you think that we can do this? Malishka says what? She says I hate Lakshmi, she is my enemy, she has snatched my Rishi from me and she can fall to any level. but I have a class and limit which I will not cross. Sonia says I know, and I am on your side, but if I come to know that this murder plan was yours, and you are lying, then I will not support you. She says I can’t support a criminal mind. Malishka lies to her that she didn’t do anything, and asks her to trust her. She says whoever comes and scolds me. Ayush comes there and is about to hit Malishka. Malishka turns her face and shouts. Kiran shouts Ayush. Ayush stops.

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