My desire update Friday 7 July 2023

My desire 7 July 2023: Vidyuth asks Pihu why didn’t she reply Raj. Pihu says its none of his business, what Raj told is a big deal for a girl and she needs time to think about it. Vidyuth says there is either yes or no to Raj’s proposal, if she hasn’t accepted Raj’s proposal means she loves him. Pihu says he should clearly understand that she doesn’t like him and leaves from there. Vidyuth thinks it proves she likes him. Pihu returns home and thinks why she is hesitant to accept Raj’s proposal and is thinking only about Vidyuth when she shouldn’t. Preesha walks to her and reveals that her memory is back and she is acting. Pihu excitedly hugs her and says she is so happy to hear that. She asks how can she help her now. Preesha reveals about organizing a doctor’s conference to invite a doctor who helped Armaan in his crime, take Armaan there, and then make him confess Armaan’s crimes. Pihu asks why would Armaan accompany them. Preesha says that is why she needs Pihu’s help to convince Armaan and take him to the conference. Pihu says she had promised Rudra and even her to help them reunite and asks what shall she do. Preesha explains her plan.

They take Armaan to a conference in lieu of taking him out for Pihu’s friend’s birthday party. Armaan asks why did they bring him here. They say he would feel better if he interacts with people. Armaan thinks he is not a fool and knows they are up to something, he needs to find out their plan. He agrees and asks where shall they go now. Pihu says banquet hall. Rudra watches them hiding. Armaan sees doctor’s conference and asks if his friends are oldies. Pihu acts as checking invitation and says her friend’s birthday party is tomorrow. Armaan says let us go from here and tries to open door, but finds it locked. Staff says door is jammed from outside and they have called a technician. Preesha asks Armaan to relax and have something as he is on medications. Armaan hesitanlty agrees. Rudra on the other side of door thanks staff and gives his reward. Staff says he will open the door once Rudra orders.

Pihu asks Preesha why did they bring Armaan to a food counter. Preesha says fraud doctor would surely come to food counter and would interact with Armaan. Pihu praises her detective idea. Rudra watches them and hopes doctor comes soon. Armaan says he wants to get out of this place as soon as possible, why isn’t the door opened yet. Preesha says she spoke to waiter who said they need another 5-10 minutes. Armaan agrees. He notices Dr Gupta passing by and thinks what is he doing here. Gupta meets Rudra and says he invited all the neuropsychiatrists and hopes doctor comes there soon. Armaan wheels to them and finds Rudra there. He asks Rudra what is he doing here. Rudra says his family doctor invited him here and walks away.

Armaan gets suspicious thinking if Rudra, Preesha, and Pihu are up to something. He bribes a waiter and asks if ther is some other way out. Waiter shows him a way via kitchen. Armaan calls Pihu and Preesha and says let us go from here as he found a way out. Preesha asks what happened. Armaan says Rudra is here. They both look at each other’s face. Armaan thinks definitely they are with Rudra. Preesha acts surprised and asks how can be Rudra here. Armaan says he just spoke to Rudra and asks Preesha to wheel him out as a good wife. Preesha wheels him out of hotel and asks Pihu to wait with Armaan till she gets car.

Doctor gets out of car and notices Armaan. He says its a pleasure to meet him again after a year again. Rudra thinks what is tha tman speaking to Armaan. Armaan thinks Pihu shouldn’t know about it or else he would be in trouble. He refuses to identify doctor. Pihu thinks he definitely must be that fraud doctor seeing Armaan’s nervousness. She notices Rudra and signals him. Rudra thinks he must be the fraud doctor then. Armaan insists Pihu to take him from thee. Doctor thinks why is Armaan refusing to identify him when he helped him so much a year ago.

Rudra asks if Dr. Sharma if he can help him. Dr. Sharma says he is searching for doctor’s conference room. Rudra thinks Dr. Sharma is trapped now and takes him to an empty room. Dr. Sharma asks where did he bring him here. Rudra says he brought him at the right place as he wants answers for a few questions. Dr. Sharma asks what kind of questions. Rudra asks if he remembers Preesha whom Armaan had brought and got her memory erased. Dr. Sharma realizes why Armaan refused to identify him and says Rudra is mistaken and caught a wrong person. Rudra pins him down and he knows how he erased Preesha’s memory and infused hatred for him in her memory, etc, he wants to know each daily. Dr. Sharma says he will not reveal anything. Rudra says he will destroy his name and fame and inform his family about his wrong deeds.

Dr. Sharma asks not to involve his family in this as its not there mistake. Rudra sys what was Preesha’s mistake he destroyed her family life. Dr. Sharma tries to escape. Rudra pins him down again, trashes him, and ties him to a chair. Dr. Sharma shouts he can’t do this to a doctor, he really doesn’t know what he is talking about. Rudra says he will not spare him until he reveals whole truth. Preesha returns home with Armaan, drops Armaan to his room, and thinks how will she find fraud doctor. Pihu walks in and informs that fraud doctor was found, but Armaan refused to identify him. Preesha asks how will they find that doctor now. Pihu says she had shown that doctor to Rudra who was watching from nearby, Rudra will catch that doctor. Preesha calls Rudra and asks if he found fraud doctor. Rudra says he caught Dr. Sharma and tied him to a chair, he has whole night to get information from Dr. Sharma.

Digvijay walks to Armaan and asks where had Preesha and Pihu taken him. Armaan says they took him to a doctor’s conference and he found out that Preesha’s memory is intact and she is fooling them, he found Dr. Sharma there and he refused to identify Dr. Sharma in front of Pihu. Digvijay reveals that he had gone to Preesha’s room to get a headache medicine and found an injection and syringe there, and when he sent its pic to his doctor friend, he was shocked to learn that the medicine is given to numb the nerves instead and Preesha is playing a game on him. Armaan says he will continue his drama to find out Preesha’s plan. Digvijay gets Dr. Sharma’s location.

Armaan acts as asleep. Preesha enters and gives him injection. She then calls Rudra and asks if doctor revealed anything. Rudra says not yet, but he will not give up. Digvijay returns to Armaan’s room and asks if Preesha had come. Armaan says she came, gave him injection, and left; he controlled himself somehow. Digvijay makes him walk. Armaan thanks him for his help. Digvijay says he is like his son and he can do anything for him. Rudra continues to question Dr. Sharma and Dr. Sharma continues that he doesn’t know anything. Armaan with Digvijay reaches hotel and takes Dr. Sharma’s room number from receptionist. Rudra video calls Vidyuth who has tied Dr. Sharma’s wife and asks Dr. Sharma to reveal truth at least now. Dr. Sharma’s wife pleads to spare her. Vidyuth says he will if her husband reveals truth. Dr. Sharma agrees to reveal truth and agrees that he helped Armaan erase Preesha’s memory.


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