Rajjo starlife update Friday 7 July 2023

Rajjo 7 July 2023: The Episode starts with Arjun and Rajjo being on the way. He says I know you don’t want to come with me after knowing what happens on honeymoon, you take this as a picnic, I m going to do something special for you. Rajjo argues with him. She thinks he didn’t say it with love. Kalindi is tensed. Chirag asks are you fine. He says motion sickness, I got this tamarind candies for you. She says I have to say something, I m very sure this will upset you, take the car aside. He asks her to say. He says I have started to control my anger, tell me, I will tolerate.

She says its about Rocky, he is calling me like a psycho, I swear I didn’t answer, he got stubborn, please calm down. He stops the car and gets angry. He says you should have told this to me, I would have helped you. She says I didn’t want you to start drinking again. He says thanks for thinking for me, did you go to meet him today, was he there, tell me. She nods. He gets down the car. She says I m sorry, I wasn’t answering his calls, so he came there, you need to calm down. He says I know, we have to find a permanent solution for this. She says he might come to the farmhouse, I m scared. She hugs him and cries.

He says don’t worry, calm down, my Kalindi has come back to me. She says I don’t want to keep any relation with him. He says I will kill him if he comes, I will not repeat my mistake, I will never leave you alone. They hug. Rocky looks on and gets angry. He follows them. They all reach the farmhouse. Niharika welcomes them. She says Arjun called me here, he doesn’t want Rajjo’s practice to stop, he wants Rajjo to get admission in the academy, he is strange, but loves Rajjo a lot. Arjun says that’s called care. Chirag calls him a donkey. Rajjo smiles and says you were saying about this surprise. She goes to hug him and stops. They feel awkward. Niharika says Rajjo, I have made the entire day schedule. Chirag teases Arjun.

He asks are you a fool to call Niharika here. Arjun says Rajjo is so happy, honeymoon is just a holiday for her, she didn’t want to come with me. Chirag says I told you to speak your feelings, listen to your heart. Arjun says I have no problem, Rajjo just has Mannu and running in her dreams, not me. Chirag prays for a miracle. Kalindi looks around. She goes. Chirag goes to Kalindi. He asks her not to worry. Rocky says I have to find some way. Chirag sings and plays guitar. Everyone enjoys. Kalindi says I will go and check the door once. Chirag says sit, no one will come, don’t worry. He holds her hand. He asks Arjun to dance. Rocky looks on. Niharika says we all are enjoying. Rajjo says you have to hold Kalindi’s hand. Arjun says yes. Niharika says its okay, carry on. Chirag plays a song. Niharika and Arjun dance together. Rajjo looks on. Niharika makes Rajjo dance with Arjun. Nashe si chad gayi…plays..

They tease Arjun and Rajjo. Rajjo doesn’t see Rocky. Madhu is worried. Jhilmil comes. Madhu says I would have taken help from Rocky, he isn’t here, I want to go to the farmhouse. Jhilmil says I convinced them to spend time, we shouldn’t go there. Arjun wears his tshirt. He stumbles. Rajjo holds him. She says sorry, I didn’t know what happens in honeymoon, Mannu told me that husband and wife unite. Arjun says but its not the same in our case, right. She says yes, we don’t want this, we don’t know the future of this relation. He says I wish your future to be good, I want to see you succeed.

Arjun saying we will become friends, and not keep any secrets. Rajjo smiles. They sit talking and get to know each other. He teases her. She gets confused. She beats him with the cushion. They laugh. He says the day when I saved you was my life’s best moment, I mean that flood day. Hawa ke jhoke…plays… They smile and talk. Rocky says yes Maasi, I will come tomorrow. He ends call and says I m coming Kalindi. Its morning, Arjun wakes up. He sees Rajjo holding his hand. Rajjo wakes up and sees Arjun. They get up and feel awkward. Madhu asks Jhilmil would everything happen between them. Arjun and Rajjo come downstairs. He says you both here suddenly, is everything fine. Jhilmil says yes, she got a bad dream and we came here to see. Rocky comes and greets them. Kalindi comes and worries seeing him.

Chirag comes. Arjun goes to call Niharika. Madhu holds Rajjo’s hand. Chirag signs Rajjo and goes out. Madhu says you are happy or worried. Rajjo says nothing, I m fine. Madhu asks her to say, how was the night. Rajjo says really good. Madhu says I m like your mum, tell me. Rajjo says the night was really good, I got tired, but Arjun didn’t stop, we talked all night. Madhu asks what. Rajjo says good talks. Madhu says it means you both just talked all night. Rajjo says no, we danced and sang songs. Madhu gets angry.

Chirag punches Rocky’s face. He scolds Rocky and defends Kalindi. He says just stay away from Kalindi. Madhu asks where is Rocky. Rajjo holds Kalindi’s hand. Chirag says Kalindi and I have to leave now. Jhilmil says its okay, you may go. Arjun says we will also leave with you. Rajjo says yes, I also want to go because… Kalindi says you might be missing your mum, come, we shall leave now. Madhu says I will put pressure on them.

Everyone comes back home. They all discuss about the game. Madhu refuses to play. Kalindi worries. Rajjo talks to Chirag about Rocky. She says you can’t stop him from coming. He says I have warned him. She asks if he thinks of taking revenge because you have beaten him. He says I didn’t think of it, I asked Kalindi to be careful, if Rocky comes, then we can see him. He asks her to be careful. He says I don’t want Rocky to insult Kalindi. She says I will be careful. Rocky comes home and catches the delivery guy. Rajjo unlocks the door. She opens the door and doesn’t see anyone. She goes to pick the food parcels. Rocky enters the house.

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