Unfortunate love update Thursday 6 July 2023

Unfortunate love 6 July 2023: The Episode starts with Durga Devi looking at Balwinder who is indisguise of a Pandit. Malishka asks if Balwinder will do the work. Kiran says he is trapped and will do the work. Balwinder thinks if he had known that Durga is coming then he wouldn’t have come here. Dadi sings song main nikla gaddi leke. Lakshmi says Dadi. Ahana says you shall sing a birthday song. Dadi says it is Dadaji’s favorite song. She sings. Everyone claps. Balwinder claps silently. Dadi asks if he is scared. Balwinder says they don’t celebrate birthday etc. Rano says he shall clap. Malishka asks him to clap. Rishi and Lakshmi cut the cake along with Dadi. Rishi asks Dadi is about to make Lakshmi eat it. Rishi says make me eat first. Lakshmi says first Bau ji and Bua ji shall eat it and then the youngsters. Dadi asks Ayush to distribute cake to everyone. Ayush comes to Malishka and gives her cake. She eats it and looks at Balwinder.

Balwinder goes behind Malishka in the room. He asks if she doesn’t feel ashamed to have betrayed him and says you didn’t tell me that Inspector Durga Devi has come. Malishka asks him to do the work. He says first ask her to go. Malishka says what, then she will be doubtful that I have done this. She asks him to do his work and go from here. Balwinder says I will not do this work. Malishka says if I have to do it myself then why would I give you money. She gives him a bundle of notes. He says money and wine are my weakness, Lakshmi was my third weakness which will go today. Malishka asks him to go else someone will come. Balwinder goes. Malishka thinks where did I get trap? Durga Devi is coming there. Malishka asks him to hide in the bathroom. Ayush brings Durga Devi and tells that she wants to use the washroom.

Malishka says she has come to wash her face due to the cake. Ayush says ok, you go and takes Durga Devi from there. Malishka knocks on the door and asks Balwinder to come out. Balwinder comes out. Malishka says Lakshmi has kept puja for dada ji and her the end. Balwindr comes back to the hall. Ayush also comes. He signs Shalu. Rano and Neha notice it. Neha asks Rano if I shall go to Ayush. Rano says puja is going on, even Shalu refused and asks her to have some manners.Malishka tells Kiran that she had slapped money on Balwinder, as he was scared. Lady constable tells her colleague that she has to go and get call records. The constable says he has also to leave to get some lead about Balwinder. She says she will message Madam. They leave. Malishka tells Kiran that they are gone, Balwinder will do the work easily.

Durga Devi comes and sits for puja. Balwinder’s eyes blinks and he gets worried. Durga Devi eyes Malishka and reads the message. She thinks Balwinder and his partner shall not be freed. Pandit ji asks Balwinder to give the havan ingredients. Balwinder asks which ingredients. Pandit ji says which is in the plate. Balwinder gives the ingredients. Pandit ji asks Lakshmi to bring the prasad. Karishma tells Neelam that now what will happen, which we want. Lakshmi goes to kitchen, brings the sheera and gives to Pandit ji. Pandit ji checks and says it has garlic in it. Dadi checks. Neelam and Karishma act. Neelam asks who made this prasad. Lakshmi says I made it, but I don’t know how this garlic came in it. Karishma asks what do you mean? Lakshmi says why will I add garlic, I know it shall not be added in sheera. Neelam asks her not to blame others for her wrong doings. Karishma says you have added garlic instead of cashew nuts.

Lakshmi says may be I did a mistake. Karishma tells Dadi that they would have got sin, instead of good deeds. They insult her. She says bhabhi is very understanding and kept some prasad separately. Lakshmi says Bua ji. Karishma says don’t. Neelam tells Dadi that she will not let the puja destroyed and scolds her. She says you have tried to destroy the puja. Rishi says Mom. Neelam says it was inauspicious during the puja. Lakshmi tries to say. Neelam asks her not to say anything. Rano says Lakshmi can’t do such mistake, and says may be it is someone else’s mistake. Virender asks Neelam to bring the prasad which she has made. Neelam asks Dadi to say that they would have got sin. Ayush says Lakshmi bhabhi is saying that she has done a sin. Lakshmi tells that the puja will not destroy, and says she will come. Karishma brings prasad and says thank you bhabhi, because of your maturity. Malishka and Kiran get happy seeing Lakshmi humiliated. Malishka says Balwinder is afraid and can change his mind. She asks her to go and talk to him.

Kiran says if I say anything then Neelam and Karishma think that I am taking Lakshmi’s side. Balwinder thinks he is scared and the women are fighting over garlic.Lakshmi bringing Sheera again. She tells Pandit ji that she used to make prasad two times even in her village. Everyone smiles. Dadi says you made sheera twice. Lakshmi says I tried to say. Ahana says but nobody let me say. Pandit ji says she is Annapurna. Virender says even she can handle home like Neelam and she has kept Sheera like Neelam. She says she was scolded unnecessarily. Lakshmi says I didn’t feel bad, she is a mother and make up this house and family. She says I remember my mother when she scolded me. Virender says now puja will happen without any problem. Lakshmi asks pandit ji to keep two bhogs, one of Mummy ji’s bhog and other of my bhog. The guests praise her to be Bhagya lakshmi. Balwinder thinks this shall end fast so that I can go.

Rishi and Lakshmi sit for puja. Pandit ji says puja is completed. We shall sit for aarti. Everyone starts for aarti. Dadi says everything is done by Lakshmi without any problem, so she will do the aarti. Lakshmi says Virender and Neelam shall do the aarti. Neelam thinks I won’t let you become great and asks Lakshmi to do the aarti as Mummy ji wants. Lakshmi says but. Neelam says you will do the aarti. Dadi asks Lakshmi if you will not listen to your Mummy ji. Pandit ji gives her aarti plate. Lakshmi calls Rishi. Dadi asks them to do the aarti together.Rishi and Lakshmi do the aarti together. Lakshmi prays to Mata Rani and says nobody shall get any pain due to me, and everyone shall be happy. She prays for Rishi’s longlife. Rishi praysa to God to make her happy and fulfill all her wishes. Kiran prays to God to make Lakshmi move away from my daughter’s way. Malishka prays asking God to get Rishi and her married. Neelam says I live for my family and will go to any length for them, don’t let anything wrong happen with them.

Pandit ji says now everyone can have prasad. Balwinder thinks what about kalash. Malishka signs Balwinder. Balwinder says now bahu will do jal abhishek. Pandit ji is surprised. Balwinder says my father was a well known Pandit and tells that you have forgotten this, so I am telling. He recalls connecting the wire to the power socket. He signs Malishka. Malishka goes there and switch it on. Lakshmi holds the kalash and falls down on the ground. Rishi holds her and calls her. Inspector Durga Devi looks at the kalash. Malishka comes back to Kiran. Kiran signs Balwinder to elope. Virender calls doctor. Balwinder escapes. Inspector Durga Devi asks where is that other Pandit who was with you. Pandit ji says may be he run afraid of this incident. Kiran thinks you got doubtful later.

Rishi sprinkles water on Lakshmi’s face and asks her to open her eyes. Malishka thinks now your eyes shall not be opened. Shalu and Ahana ask her to open her eyes. Virender calls Doctor and says it is urgent. Rishi asks Lakshmi to open her eyes for him. Lakshmi opens her eyes. Rishi takes a sigh of relief. Everyone is happy. Malishka and Kiran get upset. Malishka thinks this panauti got saved again. Dadi says God saved her and heard our prayers, didn’t let you both separate. Rishi hugs Lakshmi.Durga Devi comes out and checks under her car. She thinks where did that Pandit vanish? Balwinder comes to a room, as told by Malishka and thinks to jump down. He stops seeing Durga Devi. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she is fine and hugs her. He says if anything had happened to you. Shalu and Ahana smiles. Virender says take her to room. Lakshmi says no, and says puja is still remaining. Ahana asks her to rest. Ayush says I will check the kalash.

Lakshmi stops him. Rishi says he will check how the current came in the kalash. Virender asks him not to touch it and says Durga Devi will enquire. Ahana says may be she left. Ayush says he will call her. Lakshmi says she will wash her face and hands. She asks where is other Pandit ji. Pandit ji says don’t know when he went. Rishi asks how the abhishek will happen. Pandit ji says I will get it done. Malishka tells Kiran that her plan ruined. She says Lakshmi will go to use guest room washroom, as it is near. Kiran asks her to go and save Balwinder, else they will not get saved. Pandit ji asks Dadi to get another kalash. Dadi asks Mukesh to get another kalash. She asks Ahana if Lakshmi is fine. Ahana says she is fine. Dadi prays to Mata Rani for Lakshmi. Ahana tells that today Rishi bhai saved her and taking care of her. Ayush comes out of the house and calls Durga Devi, when he don’t find her there, he is about to call her. Balwinder is in the room and thinks how to escape. Just then something falls down. Ayush hears the sound.

Ayush hearing sound coming from guest room and thinks nobody is there, everyone is doing puja in hall. Durga Devi comes there and says she came to search the Pandit who went missing from puja. Balwinder fixes his beard and comes to the balcony. His fake beard falls down and gets stuck in the light bulb. He thinks Lakshmi cursed him while going. Ayush tells Durga Devi that he might be inside only. Virender says Lakshmi is saved anyhow. Dadi says Rishi has saved her. Kiran thinks Rishi’s sight is stuck at the pot. Rishi asks whose conspiracy is this, to kill Lakshmi. Neelam says who will do this in our house. Rishi says Balwinder and that person giving him news about Lakshmi’s pregnancy have done this. They wonder how Balwinder came in the house.

The beard flies off and falls on the ground. Ayush senses something fell down and turns. Balwinder thinks how to run away without beard. Ayush picks the fake beard and thinks what is it? fake beard. He thinks from where it came. He goes to the balcony and sees Ayush checking the fake beard. Ayush thinks where did I see it and recalls seeing Pandit having that beard. He says ponga pandit. Lakshmi thinks it is good that Mummy ji didn’t do the puja, Pandit ji had asked me. She comes to the guest room. Balwinder sees her there and thinks to tell her that Malishka and her mother did this. He thinks he shall apologize to Lakshmi’s ghost. He comes infront of her and falls down on her feet.

Pandit ji tells Rishi that he is not understanding and tells that in this puja, Abhishek is not done. He says I was quiet and didn’t interrupt him. Rishi says may be it was his conspiracy, he was not Pandit and was fooling us. Ayush comes inside and thinks Lakshmi bhabhi haven’t come here, I shall talk to her there. He thinks even Malishka is not here. Virender asks if he saw Durga Devi. Ayush says she is talking to her staff and will come.Pandit ji apologizes and says I should have stop him right there. Rishi asks who is the Pandit and who has sent him here. He asks if that Pandit was Balwinder. Balwinder says take revenge from Malishka and her mother Kiran. He opens his eyes and doesn’t see Lakshmi, but Malishka.

Malishka slaps him and calls him coward. Balwinder says Lakshmi is roaming like a ghost. Malishka says you have kept cheap wire, she didn’t die. Balwinder says now I shall not be afraid. Malishka says you shall be more afraid as she is alive. She says she is in washroom and asks her to run away. Lakshmi hears Malishka talking to someone. Malishka asks Balwinder to hide and she goes away. Lakshmi comes out and asks who was here?

Ayush is coming there and collides with Malishka. He hides the beard and asks from where she is coming. Malishka asks why do you want to know. Ayush says Neelam Mami is calling you. He sees Lakshmi coming and tells her that he came to know who has done this planned attack on her. Lakshmi asks who? Ayush says your only enemy Malishka. Rishi says he will punish that enemy and will punish him, that he can’t take Lakshmi’s name. Neelam asks him not to do anything. Sonia says why do you want to do it unnecessarily. Rishi says Lakshmi could have died and you are saying unnecessarily. He says she is my wife, until she is here. Lakshmi asks Ayush if he is sure? He says he has gut feeling that Malishka is her enemy and wants to move you from Rishi and her way. Lakshmi says she doesn’t like me, but can’t fall to this level. She says I can’t believe this, and you can think wrong. Ayush says whatever happened today, I was forced to think that Malishka is behind this. She shows the fake beard and says it is of that Pandit. He says he heard something falling in the guest room. Lakshmi says I was in the washroom. Ayush says that Pandit was also there. He says he can’t run away as Durga Devi is standing downstairs. Lakshmi says he is still there. Malishka hears everything and thinks Ayush understood everything. She hopes Balwinder has escaped.

Rishi says he will not leave the person responsible for this. Neelam says I know you are worried, but I don’t want you to take law in your hands. Karishma says let Police do the work. Sonia says even I said the same thing. Neelam says you didn’t use the right words. Rishi says sorry to her. Virender asks him to let Durga Devi do. Dadi asks him to be with Lakshmi. Neelam says we shall do puja. Dadi says let Lakshmi come, as puja needs to be completed with her hand. Balwinder thinks he is trapped due to Malishka and her mother. He comes to balcony and sees Durga Devi and the constables standing. He thinks his destiny is broken and thinks how to get saved. He hears someone coming and hides behind the sofa. Balwinder hides behind the sofa. Lakshmi says may be he escaped. Malishka comes there. Ayush thinks you are getting caught.

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