Twist of fate update Wednesday 4 January 2023


Twist of fate 4 January 2023: Ranbir asking Prachi to try a design on her hand. Prachi says it is very bad. Shahana says it is good. Prachi says it is very bad. Pallavi asks the mehendi designer Nandini to apply good design to Prachi. Nandini asks Prachi about the design. Prachi chooses the same design, chosen by Ranbir.

Aryan gets happy and informs Ranbir. Ranbir gets happy and looks at Prachi. Aryan says the fire is at both sides, you are saying, but she is hiding. Song plays…Suna hai…

The Nurse comes to Dr. Madhurima. Dr. Madhurima says she will not do any work now. Nurse asks her to sign on the reports. Dr. Madhurima checks the report and asks about Rhea’s report. Nurse says her report is dispatched to her house, but she is not pregnant. Dr. Madhurima gets tensed and goes.

Shahana collides with Rhea and the water falls on Rhea’s dress. She says sorry. Rhea smiles and says it is completely fine. She says it is your habit to do this and says it is your identity. Shahana says I am saying you sorry and you are taunting me. She says now I don’t want to talk to you. Rhea asks her to calm down and not to waste her energy on her. She goes with a guest.

Shahana sees Rhea’s mobile ringing. Dr. Madhurima tells that a big blunder happened, as her nurse sent her report to home through courier and says nobody shall read it. Shahana ends the call and thinks to talk to Prachi. Wendy Maasi tells that the design is good. Prachi says it is not selected by the designer.

Vikram tells Ranbir that they shall go for family pic, as the functions are tiring and damn frustrating when I see you and Prachi smiling, you both have smile, but there is no happiness from within, you people are just pretending to be happy. Ranbir asks really? Vikram asks if you both want people to think that you both are happy. Ranbir says I thought that I am sad, but Prachi is happy, but she is also sad. Vikram says obviously she is sad as we have forced her to marry. Ranbir hugs him and says you have made me happy as Santa claus.

He goes to Sid and tells that Prachi is sad. Sid looks on. Ranbir sees the mehendi designs of the ladies and says very pretty. He likes Pallavi’s mehendi. He goes to Prachi and asks her to show the design. He says it is so so design. Prachi says it is chosen by you. Ranbir says it is your mistake and asks if you will agree to whatever I chose for you, and asks her to be stubborn on her point. Prachi says I do whatever I like to do, and what is right for me, and says he is not important for me. Ranbir thinks if she drinks bitter gourd juice or gets bitten by snake. He says whenever she opens her mouth, she spits poisons, and is insulting me. Shahana comes to talk to Prachi. Dida and Wendy ask her to sit.

Rhea sees Ranbir coming and pretends to fall. Ranbir comes to her and asks what happened? Rhea tells that she just fell down, it happens due to pregnancy. Ranbir helps her get up. Rhea asks him to take her to room, and says she wants spray. Ranbir says she shall be careful for walking.

Prachi tells that the design is good. Dida asks if she is thinking about Ranbir. Pallavi asks her not to think about him. Prachi says she is not thinking. Wendy asks Dida to come and have mehendi with her. Pallavi greets Mrs. Khanna. Prachi greets her as well. Mrs. Khanna says she will also get design on her hand.

Aaliya asks Wendy if she came again. Dida says wendy has decided to forgive. Wendy says not Aaliya, just Pallavi. Aaliya threatens Wendy Mausi. The designer asks Prachi to keep her hand safe else the design will be ruined. Shahana tells Prachi about Dr Madhurima’s call and says what could be in the report. Prachi says truth about Rhea’s pregnancy. Aaliya hears them.

Rhea thinks she wanted his concern for her and her fake baby. Ranbir gets the spray and sprays on his foot. He asks her to come out if she feels better. Rhea gets up and says thank you for everything. She says you don’t love me like I do, but if you take care of me even a little then I feel that….Ranbir says stop it.

Rhea says we are now husband and wife, and now I am pregnant with your child. Ranbir says don’t talk about all this, I feel uncomfortable. He makes her sit. Aaliya comes there. Ranbir asks her to take care of Rhea and goes. Aaliya tells Rhea that they are in trouble and her pregnancy report is coming. Rhea says when I didn’t get the test done, then how did the report is coming. Rhea calls Madhurima. Madhurima tells that the report went to delivery section and was dispatched. She asks her to make sure that nobody reach the report.

Ranbir talking on call and ends it. Aryan asks what is going on? Ranbir says nothing. Aryan asks him to be around Prachi. Ranbir says original advice, I am going and will be near her. Aryan says I think that I will get specs. Ranbir hits on his tummy and tells that his boxing training shall be started from tomorrow. He says I know what to do about your advice, and goes. Wendy Mausi and Dida see Prachi and Shahana standing near the door. Wendy says what they are doing there? Dida says Prachi is waiting for her hero. Wendy tells that both Shahana and Prachi’s heroes are inside. Dida asks who is Shahana’s hero? Wendy says it seems like Shahrukh khan is doing his film promotion and you are asking who is the hero? Dida gets confused.

Ranbir comes to Prachi and asks what’s up. Prachi says she is drying her mehendi and asks him to go. Ranbir says if you are blowing on your hand. Prachi says she is busy and asks him to go. Shahana says bye. Ranbir asks Shahana to stay away from Prachi, as she is making her as hers. He asks if someone is coming that you both are staring at the door. Shahana says Chachi is coming, whom you don’t know. She says Wendy Dadi’s sister’s sister in law’s Chachi. Ranbir says it is far away relation. He calls Prachi and tells that she is Wendy Dadi’s relative Chachi and asks her to come out. Prachi goes out.


Just then courier guy came there, and tells Shahana that the courier is on Rhea’s name. Shahana asks him to give her. Pallavi says Rhea will get it. Prachi sees Ranbir pretending to be Chachi, and asks what is her name? Ranbir says Lekha Chachi. She catches him. Ranbir says sorry. Prachi says her neck is paining talking to him on phone. He takes the mobile and asks if she needs massage. He pulls her inside the curtain hearing Rhea. Rhea and Aaliya are going from there. Ranbir hides with Prachi. Rhea looks back and goes. Prachi asks what did he do? Ranbir says doctor asked me not to take stress. Prachi says she has S on her hand. Ranbir rubs her mehendi with his hand. She says you have ruined my design and asks what did you do? Ranbir says where there was S, I will stay there. Prachi asks what do you mean? Ranbir says I will wash my hands, as mehendi is on it. Prachi asks him to give her mobile.

The courier guy tells Pallavi that she (Shahana) said that she is Rhea. Shahana asks him not to be oversmart and tells that she asked him to give courier to her. Pallavi takes courier from him. Shahana gets tensed. Ranbir and Prachi are in the washroom. Ranbir washes his hand. Then Prachi washes her hand. Ranbir asks why you are washing your hand. Prachi says you have ruined the mehendi. Ranbir says I have enhanced the mehendi color with my touch and says we both. Prachi asks what he wants to say? Ranbir says this mehendi color is enhanced with my touch, and if you think that someone’s else name is written on your hand, then you are wrong.

He says this mehendi is of my name, you are wearing ring of my name and you are fully mine. Prachi asks why you are doing this? Ranbir says don’t you know, don’t you feel anything. Prachi says I feel, but you proved me everytime, so whatever is there tell me truly. Song plays….Ranbir holds Prachi’s face.

Prachi gets emotional and closes her eyes. Just then they hear someone coming there. Ranbir says I will go and check. He comes out and sees Shahana coming. He asks what happened. Prachi comes there. Shahana falls while going to Prachi. Ranbir holds her. Prachi asks Ranbir to go as Shahana wants to talk to her. Ranbir goes. Shahana tells Prachi that Pallavi has received the courier and says I got an idea to get it. Prachi says she will come with her. Rhea tells Aaliya that the courier guy gave her courier to Pallavi. They see Pallavi holding the envelope. Pallavi asks Dida to keep it in the study room.

Dida asks her to ask someone else. Pallavi says please, keep it. Dida takes it. Pallavi attends the guests. Aaliya collides with Dida and the courier falls down from her hand. Aaliya gets angry on Dida for colliding with her. Wendy says you talk to everyone like that, asks her to pick the courier and keep in study. Aaliya says she don’t have time else she would have shown. She takes the courier and goes, asks waiter to keep it in the study room. Waiter keeps it on the table and it flies away. Someone steps on it and the envelope gets stuck to that guy’s shoes. Rhea comes to Pallavi and asks about courier. Pallavi says she gave it to Dida, to keep in study. Rhea goes. Pallavi thinks what is in it? Rhea gets upset and thinks Shahana and wendy are after her. She hears Wendy and Dida talking about hardwork fruit which is sweet.

She says you both look good while talking and asks what happened? Wendy says sweet juice doesn’t look sweet now, seeing her. She says what you ate that honey is coming out of your mouth, asks her to be careful else it might fall on her clothes. Rhea laughs and says your friend is funny. Dida says I wish we could tell this about you. Rhea thinks she can’t do much buttering of the oldies. She thinks to ask Aaliya to ask. She comes to Aaliya and asks her to ask Dida about courier. Aaliya says Dida had given courier to her, which she gave to waiter. She says I saw him keeping it on the table.

Ranbir comes to Vikram and tells that something is happening to him from within. Vikram asks if he is having upset stomach. Ranbir says no, and tells that he don’t want Prachi’s marriage to happen with Sid. He don’t want that. Vikram asks are you sure? Ranbir says it is heart matter, I will not use mind. Vikram hugs him and asks him to go and tell Prachi. He says infact she is searching for you. Ranbir says I think she is searching to beat me. Vikram asks him to go. Ranbir goes. Prachi stops the waiter and asks him to go and serve there. Rhea and Aaliya look at Prachi and Shahana and go. Pallavi thinks what is happening. Ranbir takes Prachi for dance. Aryan comes to Shahana and tells that Ranbir is going to ask Prachi not to marry Sid.

Shahana gets happy and says it is a wonderful thing, says I was searching something now else I would have danced with you surely. He asks what? She says nothing. Ranbir and Prachi dance on the song Meherban hua. Sid smiles looking at them. Rhea gets jealous and upset. She goes to Sid and holds his hand. Prachi turns and comes to Sid. Rhea comes to Ranbir and dances. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and they continue dancing. Sid smiles. Rhea gets upset. The guest comes there, on whose shoes, the report is stuck to. Shahana comes near him and keeps her foot on the envelope. The guy walks infront and Shahana picks the envelope. She comes to the room and closes the door. She checks the envelope and finds it open, with no report in it. She gets shocked.

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