Laxmi update Monday 2 January 2023

Laxmi 2 January 2023: The episode begins at the station with Arjun looking at the list handed over to him by Lakshmi. Just then, our very own Shatabdi Express LakshmiLOL comes towards him hurriedly and starts talking in her usual enthusiastic voice but with a hint of annoyance, scolding him for not having left to look for the guests in the train from the list she had given him. He tries to explain but she just cuts him off and tells him to go receive the guests quickly and leaves muttering. Arjun looks at the list in his handa and wonders as to how would he find the guests with the help of that list. He finally decides to find them by calling out for “Bajpai Ji ke Guests” and starts on his task looking through the coaches asking for “Bajpai Ji ke Guests”! Meanwhile, Lakshmi’s Chachi gets hold of her and slyly asks her about the “Handsome Guy” (Arjun) and if she was secretly planning to go for a love marriage to which lakshmi easily clarified saying he is Ajay, a friend of hers who is helping them out for her sister’s wedding.While Ajay(Arjun) is looking for the guests coach by coach, Tauji and two of his other relatives are waiting outside a coach wondering why hasn’t anyone come to receive them since they had already been told that they would be received from the station. Finally Arjun reaches them and is suddenly engulfed in congratulatory hugs by the three, who then ask him who he is. Just then Lakshmi comes and answers their question the same way as she had answered Chachi’s.

Tauji then asks Arjun about his employment status to which he responds saying he is an accountant and they are impresses. Lakshmi then proceeds to offer them the refreshments.The waiter hesitates again and looks at Arjun who stays silent while Lakshmi sternly tells him to serve the guests properly questioning his hesitance.Lakshmi instructs Ajay to take care of the guests and specially the luggage saying she would be back soon and leaves. Just then Arjun’s phone rings and his brother asks about his whereabouts informing him that he is waiting for him on platform number 2 as their guests had started arriving. He is in a dilemma as to what he should do.He finally excuses himself for two minutes and runs to platform 2, grabbing his jacket from one of the counters on the station.He then politely receives a couple of his guests, directing them to the car that was waiting for them outside. As soon as they left, he again removed his jacket, giving it to the food stall guy and receiving a couple of lakshmi’s Guests, directing them to the rickshaw waiting outside. And once again, he throws his jacket back on and repeats the same routine of receiving his guests, becoming Ajay, receiving Lakshmi’s guests and so on…Phew! Our Munda is seriously tired and suddenly he finds Lakshmi standing directly accross from him a few feet away, while he was in his Arjun avataar(with the jacket on).

Just as Lakshmi turns, a TT accidentally blocks her view and by the time he moves, Arjun is back to Ajay.Taya ji and his acquaintances come out and a huffing and panting Ajay escorts them outside, assuring them that he would get their water bottle that they had forgotten in the train. As he leaves to look for the bottle, the Agnihotri’s weddding planner finally finds the waiters serving lakshmi’s party and scolds him for serving unknown guests while the Agnihotri’s guests were leaving without the refreshments and tells him to apologise to lakshmi’s party and go ahead to serve their own guests.Acting on his orders, the wiater goes to Lakshmi and apologizes for the goof-up telling her that the refreshments were infact, for the Agnihotri’s guests. lakshmi smiles and thanks him saying that if they continued committing such errors, no one in the country would die of hunger LOL.As she turns to leave she suddenly realizes what the waiter spoke and asks him again if he said that the Agnihotris were there to which he responded positively. Lakshmi then enquired if Arjun was there as well and on receiving a postive response for that as well, she leaves to find Arjun excitedly.Arjun is looking for the bottle inside the train when he sees Lakshmi coming excitedly, lost in her own world. He smiles but then he notices a porter pushing a trolley full of load at a high speed, not bothering to look where he was going. He worriedly runs to save lakshmi from getting hit and manages to pull her just in time to save her from being hurt. He is lost in her eyes, with the cute bg music playing while she looks on bewildered. Lakshmi questions him about the jacket he was carrying on his arm.

Arjun is shocked and asks her why she was worried about the jacket just a moment after being saved from being hit. Lakshmi brushes off his concern saying nothing could harm her today since her Arjun was also there at the station. Arjun is suddenly speechless and feigns shock at first and on being questioned again about the blazer, tells her that it was indeed Arjun’s blazer that he left with him. She asks him shocked as to why he didn’t let her meet him to which he replies by saying that Arjun had to leave for office due to some important work. As Lakshmi is busy in loving hugging and caressing the jacket, Arjun looks at her with a smile on his face, amused yet touched by her fondness for Arjun. Arjun gets a call and he discreetly answers the call carefully assuring the caller that he would reach soon. He then leaves informing lakshmi that he needs to leave for office. Arjun reaches the Conference room where his employee asks him for the pendrive to create the presentation. Arjun checks his pockets and realizes that he forgot the blazer with lakshmi which had the pendrive in its pocket. He worried wonders as to how he would get the pendrive from lakshmi’s place since his father and the clients would be reaching within half an hour.Meanwhile at lakshmi’s place, everyone is busy in the preparations when lakshmi reaches home and asks everyone their view on the decorations. Everyone praises her beautiful arrangements. Then Chachi goes on to praise Bua saying she has maintained herself well, when one of the mausis suggests to Bua to find someone for herself too. Its an akward moment for bothe the sisters and Bua, but Bua handles it.. Then Mausi goes on to enquire about Ajay, while Chachi suggests that Ajay would be perfect for lakshmi(we agree!Embarrassed) and suggests to lakshmi if she is fine she could talk to her father about it.

lakshmi denies saying he is just a friend. The ladies begin hooking up Ajay to some other girl in their relation. As Lakshmi’s father thanks them for coming over to bless Saraswati. As the hosts offer their services, Chachi says that she can’t sleep without an AC in summers and a heater in winters in her room. She also asks them to send in bottled water o her room as she falls ill if she drinks other water. While lakshmi’s father looks worried, lakshmi saves the situation expertly, telling her that she wouldn’t need an AC as it was winter season and that she wouldn’t need a heater as her room had no windows and hence no way of feeling cold. As for the water issue, she said that they would give them boiled water which is far better that the contaminated bottled water available these days.Bua questions Lakshmi about the jacket in her hands. lakshmi informs her it belongs to her future husband. Just then she checks the pocket and finds the pen drive. She reaches Arjun’s office to return his jacket. She asks the receptionist the way to Arjun’s cabin. On being questioned about having an appointment, she simply replies that one doesn’t need an appointment to meet their own people and that she is Arjun’s special friend with whom he had forgotten the jacket she was holding and that she had to return it to him.The receptionist points to Arjun who was standing in the corridor. Arjun meanwhile notices lakshmi and makes a futile attempt to hide. lakshmi comes to his side and addresses him as Ajay. One of the employees look on at their exchange and Arjun sends him away.

Ajay asks her the reason for coming over to which she replies that he had forgotten the jacket with her and requests him to arrange a meeting with Arjun. He tells her that Arjun was busy and had a meeting in 15 minutes and that he couldn’t meet her that day. He tells her to leave thanking her for the jacket and requests her to leave.Lakshmi then cutely requests him to treat her to a coffee since still had 15 minutes in the hope that Arjun might come out of his cabin and she could meet him. Unable to refuse her, he gets her a coffee and tells her its a take-away. She complains that he was trying to send her away to which he says that he would lose his job and lakshmi agrees to leave after inviting him to attend her sister’s mehendi function. Arjun is relieved to find the pen drive in the pocket. lakshmi is walking, looking behind again and again in the hope of finding Arjun, not paying attention to where she is walking, and bumps into…TADA…ARJUN”S FATHER!.Lakshmi, having spilled coffee on Arjun’s dad starts apologizing furiously saying that she wasn’t looking where she was going and that she was looking behind and hence accidentally spilled coffee on him. Arjun’s dad meanwhile was looking at her furiously and when she stopped speaking he told her sternly that a person should always look ahead and walk to which Lakshmi agreed and apologized again. Arjun’s dad brushed her off saying it was ok and that she should leave. Arjun looked on helplessly and signalled her to leave. As she was leaving, lakshmi cursed herself for having spilled coffee on her future father-in-law!

His dad then walked over to where Arjun was standing and asked him about Lakshmi, to which Arjun responded that he didn’t know her and that she probably had come looking for a job in their office. Arjun’s dad commented that people like her weren’t even fit to work in their office and Arjun looked at him sadly. Arjun tries to divert his attention asking him not to spoil his mood and requests him to check the presentation before the clients came in. Arjun’s dad asked him for the presentation after warning him for his slip-up addressing him as Dad in office!The scene shifts to next morning, Lakshmi’s place, wedding preparations on in full swing. Bua is worried about the amount of work still left and is wondering how she will do it alone. just then our hero, our munda Arjun comes in and assures her that everything will be done since he is there to help. Bua starts explaining to him the long list of work that has to be completed while he listens on patiently and carefully assuring her. Then he sets off to work,handling everything perfectly, even serving the guests refreshments himself., and clicking pictures for kids.Enter our EVIL CHACHI, whi claims to be a family member otherwise but here, is shown cribbing that its one of a kind wedding where the guests are made to work and that no one has even offered her a class of cold drink since moring. Arjun who is passing by carrying a tray of cold drinks offers her a glass to which she again complains saying telling him that he intends to send her to the hospital by making her drink cold drink in winters. Arjun quickly grabs a cup of hot tea from a passing waiter and brings it to her and says take your pick.

Chachi smiles and praises him saying he is the only one who actually takes care of her. She then enquires about the where about of Lakshmi. At that very moment, our sunshine Lakshmi makes a dhamaakedaar entry bringing the groom’s party along. her sister is delighted by her gesture. Lakshmi rightly says that since the two had the haldi ceremony on the same day, she thought it would be best to have it together-double the people, double the fun! The sisters share an emotional moment with Saraswati appreciating Lakshmi for getting the groom there since he didn’t really have many people to enjoy the ceremony in his own family.Lakshmi’s father, standing besides Arjun praises Lakshmi telling him that he is proud to have a daughter like her, who despite living in her own dreamland, never forgets about her family. He tells him how, more than him, its Lakshmi who has planned and undertaken so much for her sister saving each penny from her Kathak classes. He prays that God may grant Lakshmi’s dreams too. Arjun thinks to himself, that Lakshmi’s dreams are right there, real, in front of her own eyes, in her very reach.

They begin the haldi ceremony amidst much fanfare, with lakshmi being the first to apply haldi on her di n Jiju, obediently following Bua’s instructions of starting with the feet going up to knees, hands n then face. She is followed by the other relatives. Her mausi applies haldi on her too. She protests but Mausi cuts her off saying that according to belief, an unmarried girl who applies haldi gets married sooner. Lakshmi’s cousins a busy drooling on Ajay saying that they would get married to him in the blink of an eye if he agreed. They call lakshmi and request her to introduce them to him. She looks annoyed and they apologize immediately saying that they thought he is just her friend. she then says that he IS just a friend and that she would happily get them married to him, in a slightly irritated voice. she takes them to him and introduces him to them. They flirt with him clearly and he seems slightly uncomfortable, subtly denying their offers at getting him something to eat or drink. They then crack a joke n Lakshmi joins in their laughter when Bua comes to Arjun’s rescue, scolding the girls for being behind his back. The girls leave unwillingly. Lakshmi tries to tease him saying that though he looks okay, he is pretty bad in the girls department. Arjun retorts by reminding her of the coffee spilling incident from earlier in the day and how she looked so nervous then. Lakshmi tries to turn the tables saying that he was HER to-be father in law but Arjun cuts her off pointing out the TO-BE part!LOL Lakshmi playfully applies haldi on his cheek and runs away with Arjun following close on her heels. They share a cute and playful moment.

The relatives, Chachi n Mausi are commenting as to there is nothing special about the haldi and that its getting very boring to which Chachi adds her expert comments bragging about HER(when did she buy it?) Delhi saying that they have a lot of fun in such ceremonies there, calling professional music players and that girls dance with zeal. Lakshmi enters and ensures her that there would be nothing falling short in her sister’s wedding. And so begins the dance with Arjun playing the dhol.The song is a parody of Mere Angne mein with the wordings instead being that she would marry a rich man, a man with a jet and not a scooter, a man with a blazer n not shirt-pant, that she wouldn’t amrry any NRI, she would marry a guy who had a big mansion. She wouldn’t marry a doctor or an engineer, but only the owner of a listed companyAs Lakshmi dances around playfully, Arjun looks at her lovingly, admiring her smiling form.Both her sister n the groom notice her talking freely to Ajay and Saraswati asks him for his viewpoint to which he says that he can see that Lakshmi likes Ajay, but isn’t ready to accept it because she has built her imaginary world with Arjun Agnihotri. They decide to wait for things to happen on their own!

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