Twist of fate update Thursday 5 January 2023

Twist of fate 5 January 2023: Ranbir and Prachi dancing on Zalima song during the mehendi ritual of Prachi. Rhea gets angry. Prachi gets emotional. Ranbir signs what happened? She nods nothing. He holds her as they dance.

Prachi slips and is about to fall on the pointed edge of the couch, when Ranbir keeps hand on it to save Prachi from getting injury. Prachi gets saved from getting head injury. Everyone gets shocked. Dida asks Prachi if she is fine. Prachi looks at Ranbir. Ranbir gets emotional and hugs her. Prachi smiles and gets emotional too. Vikram, Dida and Wendy smiles. Rhea gets upset. Pallavi says it is good that nothing has happened and says she wants to talk to everyone, and wants to invite all the guests. She says this party is not yet over, and it will go on till Diwali.

Prachi claps surprising Ranbir. Other also claps. Ranbir gets upset and goes. Shahana thinks how did the papers go missing from the envelope. She checks and thinks the door is closed, then how did the papers go missing. She keeps the envelope in the magazine. Rhea is standing outside the room. Shahana opens the door and sees Rhea. Rhea asks what you was doing in my room. Shahana says I came here by mistake. Rhea asks if she was spying on her on Prachi’s sayings.

Shahana asks her not to take Prachi’s name and asks if she is jealous of Prachi and Ranbir’s dance. Rhea pushes her out of the room and closes the door. She says don’t know when her good days will come. Aaliya comes there from the bathroom and asks her to stop cursing herself. Rhea says Ranbir will not let Prachi marry Sid. Aaliya shows the pregnancy report and says she followed Shahana and she had opened the envelope also. She says when she went to close the door, I took out report from the envelope and saved you once again. Rhea says this marriage will not happen.

Prachi comes to the room. Ranbir says you was about to get hurt. Prachi says you was making me dance forcibly. Ranbir says you was dancing with me and asks why she was running. Prachi says she knows that he is acting to protect her, and tells that now he has someone in her life officially to take care of her. Ranbir says Sid has no right to take care of you and nobody can take care of you better than me. Prachi asks who are you to take care of me. Ranbir says because I love you, damn it. Rhea witnesses his love confession and gets sad.

Aaliya comes there and hears them too. Ranbir asks Prachi not to tell that someone else will take care of her, as until he is alive, he will only take care of her and until he is taking care of her, nothing will happen to her. Rhea and Aaliya leave. Ranbir tells Prachi that though he asked her to marry Sid and leave from home, but that doesn’t mean that he don’t love her. He says even if we are away, then also I will not stop loving you, if you are feeling bad of my words, then I don’t care. Prachi gets emotional and smiles. Ranbir is about to go, but he comes back to Prachi. He is about to touch her, and leaves from there. Prachi turns and looks at him leaving.

Rhea comes to the room and breaks the things in the room. Aaliya asks her to listen. Rhea says I don’t want to listen and says if you want to hear your appraisal then bravo, well done. She says you can save the report, but not my life. She says when Ranbir is not with me, then what will I do with that report. She says it doesn’t matter if it goes in anyone’s hand and tells that she is alone, and getting inferiority complex and finds myself worthless.

She says when I saw my Ranbir with Prachi, then I think that I shall die and not stay in this world. She says I know I am beautiful, smart and perfect and says people used to call us best couple in college, but since Prachi came, everything is gone. She says she don’t have any peace or happiness. Aaliya says you are very good and asks her to take control of her life. Rhea says he doesn’t care for me, and says sometimes he talks to me or cares for me, on Mom or Pallavi’s sayings. Aaliya asks her not to forget that she is Rhea Abhishek Mehra and she is the daughter of Abhishek Mehra. She says you are a born winner like me and your Papa, and will get what you want. Rhea says I just want Ranbir and he don’t looka t me. Aaliya says ok, we will get Prachi moved away from Ranbir’s sight. She says time has come, when Prachi has to go away from not just this house, but from this world.

She says tomorrow is Diwali, I will tell you. Rhea thinks what Buji is going to do with Prachi.

Shahana comes to Prachi and tells that the envelope was empty. Prachi says may be you didn’t see properly, and says may be the report is with someone else. Aaliya goes to the tailor. Tailor says work will be done. He says whoever wears that dupatta and go near the fire, will not be saved. Aaliya says she wants her to wear the coffin after wearing this dupatta. The tailor says he will keep gun powder in such a state in that dupatta that whoever wears it and go near the fire, will burn and die.

Aaliya thinks Prachi will not be saved. Prachi searches for the report. Priya shows the tissue paper. Shahana says they want paper in which hospital is written. Prachi says or else Rhea’s name is written. Rhea hears them and recalls Aaliya’s words.

Vikram tells Pallavi that he wants to tell her something and tells that they are hurrying up and doing a big mistake. Pallavi says I know what you want to say. Vikram asks her to hear him fully and says we know how much Ranbir loves Prachi. He says Ranbir was scared thinking Prachi might get hurt and hugged her without caring about anyone standing there. Pallavi says so what, he is sensitive. She says two rituals and functions have happened and asks if he is joking. Vikram says if the functions have happened then the marriage shall happen. She says she has no pressure. Vikram says you are pressurizing others. Pallavi asks him to switch off the lights and let her sleep.

Aaliya comes to Rhea’s room and finds her crying. She asks what happened? Rhea asks her to take her away from the city, and says I am fighting for my rights, for my Ranbir, but I am not getting anything. She says even after doing planning and plotting, I am not getting successful.

Rhea crying and telling Aaliya that she is not getting anything even after planning and plotting and asks until when she will fight. Aaliya asks her to tell what has happened now. Rhea says what happens always. Aaliya says how many times I shall tell you that you are Mehra’s daughter and shall not cry. Rhea cries. Aaliya says I will go and talk to Prachi and is about to go. Rhea comes behind her and says I have only you in this world and nobody else.

Aaliya asks her to tell what happened? Rhea says Prachi and Shahana were searching my pregnancy report. Aaliya says I had told you this. Rhea says when you told me, then I was crying seeing Ranbir-Prachi’s closeness, and that they are coming closer, and I fear that Prachi will keep me away from the family, and will ripped

me away. Aaliya says I have set everything. Rhea says I think you shall not kill Prachi. Aaliya asks who is saying this? A sister. Rhea says I don’t want you or me to get trapped. Aaliya says her death will look as an accident. She says tomorrow is big day, Diwali’s dark night, when Prachi will light the diya then she will be burnt herself. Rhea smiles.

Next day, the tailor comes to Aaliya and gives two dupattas with 1 and 2 written on the chits. He says no. 1 is made specially for you and no. 2 is duplicate. Aaliya asks if it will work. Tailor says 100 percent and asks her to tell him if she has any work in future. He goes. Aaliya says Prachi, your Diwali gift is ready, which will help you in the blast. She turns and sees Priya standing. She asks what is she doing here? Priya says she is cleaning the house for Diwali. She asks if I shall keep it in room.

Aaliya says no. She turns and sees Pallavi standing. She lies to her that she got dupatta for Rhea from temple and then thought about Prachi, she will feel bad, and that’s why got for her. She asks her to give them being their mother in law. She asks her to give no 1 to Prachi and no 2 dupatta to Rhea. Pallavi asks why the numbers are written. Aaliya says they believe in different Gods, so got their dupatta blessed by their Gods. Pallavi thanks Aaliya for thinking about them. She asks Priya to call them. Prachi and Rhea come to Pallavi. Pallavi says puja was kept for both of you and dupatta was brought from there, as you believes in different Gods, so the dupattas are blessed with different Gods.

She checks the no and gives dupatta to Prachi for baby’s safety and good health. Prachi takes her blessings. Pallavi then gives dupatta to Rhea and says it is for your baby’s safety. Rhea thanks her and says she don’t miss her mother due to her. Pallavi calls Aaliya near her and thanks her. Aaliya says our happiness lies in their happiness. Pallavi says happy Diwali and goes. Prachi also goes. Aaliya says our happiness is in Prachi’s death, and tells Rhea that plan’s second part is completed, the dupatta reached Prachi which has our blessings, and says she will reach kaal just as she goes near the fire. Rhea says waiting for evening, this Diwali Prachi will be burnt and her dupatta will become her shroud.

Prachi gets ready and talks to the baby. She says your Dadi loves you a lot and asks baby not to feel bad of her scoldings. She says she is your Papa’s Mummy so she will love you a lot, and cares for us a lot, and that’s why brought this dupatta from temple for your long life and lots of happiness. She wears the dupatta and tells that both Ranbir and his mother are same, they will do something that you will feel that nobody loves you more than them. Aaliya and Rhea hear her. Rhea says I was nice to her, and that’s why her destiny was good. She says now she don’t need her anymore and will blacken her life for forever, this Diwali. She says people end the evils during Dussehra, and today on Diwali, I will end evil of my life. Aaliya says if you had not saved her that day, then Prachi and her baby were not alive, and this Diwali, Ranbir and you would have celebrated. Rhea says this time, she will reach crematorium ground directly. Aaliya says it is not needed, as she will be burnt here fully, as the blessings dupatta is actually shroud.

Pallavi meets the guests and asks them to come inside. Vikram meets a guest Sanjay and welcomes him. He says you come for Diwali always. Sanjay tells that this is my favorite festival. Vikram asks why it is celebrated. His daughter Neha comes there and tells that Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years. Vikram asks how are you? Neha asks him to ask her dad. Vikram says she is like your wife. Sanjay says that’s why he didn’t bring his wife. Dida comes there and greets him. Aryan comes to Neha and teases her. Neha looks at Ranbir. Shahana says he is looking sona munda. Prachi nods no. Neha says he is handsome. Rhea says he is my husband. Neha says I will ask why did he marry? Ranbir comes there and greets Neha. He asks her to come and meet Dida. She says she already met her. Ranbir asks her to meet her with him. Neha asks why did you marry so soon? Ranbir says as he was in love. Neha asks if it is permanent.

Ranbir says yes. Prachi asks Rhea why did she introduce herself like this. Rhea goes from there. Prachi follows her. Rhea asks waiter to give her cotton, as someone’s voice is piercing her ears. Prachi says excuse me. Rhea says she wants cotton as her ears don’t like someone’s voice. Prachi goes behind her. Rhea asks her to step aside and let her go. Prachi asks her to stop calling Ranbir as her husband. Rhea asks her to stop taking breath, and asks can you leave this? She says if I don’t call Ranbir as my husband, it is like not breathing. And asks who is she to tell her this, as she is going to marry Sid, and is pregnant with his child. She says I am pregnant with Ranbir’s child. She says you will marry Sid and leave from here.

She says you shall not order me. She says you will not hear what I call Ranbir. She says let me guess, what you call Sid after marriage, my love, my husband and life partner. Prachi says I have seen people seeing dream with open eyes and you are happy seeing it. Rhea says my dream is going to be fulfilled soon, and you will be out from here after marrying Sid. Prachi says I will stay in this house. Rhea says daughter will leave from her house always. She asks her to accept the reality, and says today is Diwali, then your marriage and bidaai. She asks her to accept her reality and says then you will cry less.

She says I will help you to accept it, and says Ranbir and I will do aarti together, and you shall see it, may be all your dreams will be broken seeing husband and wife doing aarti. Prachi says God’s aarti is done by husband and wife, we have taken rounds witnessing the rounds, and says our kumkum bhagya is with us. Rhea says it seems that you will refuse to marry Sid. Prachi says I agreed for Mummy’s sayings and my heart feels that everything will be fine, and that fine will happen with Ranbir. Rhea says whoever does the aarti with Ranbir, he will be in her kumkum bhagya.

Sid comes to Aaliya and insists to talk to her. Aaliya says I am talking to Mayuri. Sid says even I have to talk to you. Aaliya excuses herself. Sid says I want to meet Mihika, and says that day you threw me out of the car. He says everyone will see me sad, if I don’t meet her, then everyone will know. Aaliya asks if you are threatening me? Sid asks her to think whatever she wants to.

Sid telling Aaliya that he will be upset if she don’t make him meet Mihika, and then everyone will see sadness on his face, then they will know that he is in problem, it will be difficult to hide the truth. Aaliya says you are threatening me? Sid says think like that. Aaliya says I was joking and asks waiter to give him cool drink. She says he is not liking my jokes, his mind will be calm drinking juice. Sid asks if you will make me meet Mihika or not? Aaliya says let me call my Man, he will take you with him. She calls the goon and asks him to come to Kohli Mansion and take him to meet Mihika. Rhea comes there and hears her. Aaliya tells that she has seen something in his eyes, if he don’t meet Mihika today, then he will be rebellious. She says I saw desperation in

his eyes, and don’t want him to have frustration. She then goes to Sid and asks him to wait, as she called her goon. Rhea asks him to do aarti with Prachi and leave. Sid says ok. Aaliya says the car will stop at the hell, and tells that tonight they will get rid of Sid and Prachi, both. Rhea smiles.
Prachi recalls Rhea’s words. Shahana comes to Prachi and asks what did that witch tell you? Prachi says she told that Ranbir is her husband. Shahana asks her to hold Ranbir’s hand and tell that he is your husband, then Rhea can’t tell anything. Prachi says she is already angry. Sid comes there and says hi girls. Shahana asks why is he happy? Prachi says smile is stuck on his face. Sid says Aaliya will make him meet Mihika today, and tells that he had threatened her. Prachi says she is very dangerous and can do anything. Sid says she has taken my advantage and threw me out of the car. Shahana says I will go with him. Sid tells about her condition, that they shall do Diwali puja together. Prachi says she is afraid of her conditions, and asks him to be alerted. Sid says for Aaliya, we are going to marry and that’s why she will not to do anything to me.

Pandit ji comes there. Dida asks him to come. Pandit ji asks the married couples or the just two persons shall to do puja. Aaliya and Aryan do the puja. Aaliya gives aarti plate to Sid. Ranbir takes it from his hand and looks at Prachi. He goes to her and brings her to do aarti with him. Prachi and Ranbir do the aarti together, making Rhea upset. Pallavi looks on. After Prachi goes, Rhea comes to Ranbir and holds the aarti plate to do aarti with him. He leaves the aarti plate. Shahana comes to the front and takes the aarti late. Rhea is forced to do aarti with Shahana. She recalls her words that whoever does aarti with Ranbir, Kumkum bhagya will be in her destiny. Pandit ji asks everyone to say jai and tells that Lakshmi puja is completed and asks them to light up all the diyas. Prachi says she will light the diya. Aaliya thinks Prachi will die. Sid sees Aaliya smiling and tells Rhea that he wants to meet Mihika. Ranbir asks Neha to do a favor on him. Prachi lights the diyas. Ranbir sees Prachi and says he finds Prachi. He says he is the first husband who wants his wife to scold him, and says their love will be different from others, says I love you Prachi. Rhea is in her room and looks down from her window. She tells Aaliya that she is looking at Prachi, she is holding her life in her hand. She says just as the tailor told that the dupatta will catch fire and she will be burnt into ashes. Aaliya says you are seeing the best show of your life. Rhea says I am watching last day show of Prachi’s life. She says why to take risk and says she don’t want to be anywhere near her, and don’t want anything to happen to her. Aaliya says she is washing her sin with the fire, and says Prachi and her baby will be burnt in ashes and Sid will die too. She says all our enemies will be killed today. She sees Aryan standing. Aaliya turns and looks at Aryan. Aryan looks on shocked.

Ranbir comes to Prachi and holds the diya. He says you have lit the diyas. Prachi asks where is your Neha? Ranbir says I will call her. Prachi says he wants excuses to call Neha, and says I am chikchiki and will eat his head, then he will ask Neha to save him. Dida asks what is she murmuring alone? Prachi asks what is Neha and Ranbir’s connection? Ranbir hears her and thinks she is jealous? Ranbir gets happy. Vikram comes there and asks what doing? Ranbir says nothing. Vikram says your Mom called you to burn crackers with you. Ranbir says what is the use of burning crackers and tells that they shall do it without pollution. He says we have lit the Diyas. Pallavi comes there and thanks Ranbir. She tells Ranbir that Vikram called him on her name, and tells that they don’t burn the crackers. Vikram says how the Diwali is celebrated without the crackers.

Aryan asks if I can come inside. Aaliya says yes. Aryan says he came to take his charger. Aaliya asks him to return her other phone which he took to play the games. He says ok and leaves. Aaliya tells Rhea that it is good that she didn’t tell him anything

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