Laxmi update Sunday 1 January 2023


Laxmi 1 January 2023: Arjun praises Laxmi n says that she is looking gud in green suit arjun asks her that isnt she sad arjun couldn’t see her in green suit?Laxmi in her usual cheerful way says something “” and ask him to hurry as they have to buy many things.


Laxmi is seeing sum suits and ask Arjun howz it? (whenever she asks him he just nods his head ) Laxmi told Ajun wat is it? watever she chooses he nod his head wil he help her in selecting suits or not?…she selected one suit and told the shopkeeper that she wont give a single penny more than 50rs n shopkeeper told he wil not give less than 60rs now Laxmi’s lataring n pataring starts, if in this ways prices increase so one day people will walk without clothes arjun said its juxt 10rs diference wats the big deal…shopkeeper also ask her to agree wid arjun… laxmi walks out of the shop n asks arjun she wants this same material n 50rs n she doesn’t care how he wil do it…well arjun asked the shopkeeper give in 50rs he’ll pay the rest…outside the shop laxmi is waitin arjun says to her that he’d buy the suits in 50rs… laxmi is impressed by Ajay.


Laxmi tells Arjun dis is the best gol gappe shop in kanpur…and ask him to stand in queue she’ll get sumthing(sorry cant understand wat she said) a thug started passing comments on laxmi and stopped her way…she ask him to leave but he is not in a mood to get out of her Way Angry den our brown belt Laxmi gave him a tight slap n ask him not to trouble her again…

thug is fully annoyed Arjun cums in b/w thug calls his gang Laxmi asks Arjun to leave but angry youngman is not in a mood to leave he told laxmi dun worry nothin will happen n ask her to step back then dere is full filmy dialouge exchange b/w Arjun n the bad guy…on hearing dis laxmi murmured.The fight start Arjun gave one punch to the badguy and the badguy is on the floor all his gang members shouted and ran towards Arjun n suddenly serious fight scene converts into comedy scene arjun on seeing the gang cuming towards him shouted cheatin cheating dis is cheating. Ajun asks laxmi to run n bad guys are chasing dem…(Arjun is holding Laxmi hands and both run, finally they sat in an auto n get out of the place.


They both looked at each other n started laughing… arjun is lookin at laxmi n laxmi asks wat r u seeing like dis? only hero cums to save heroine from thug n praises his dialogs.laxmi asks arjun can she say something? arjun in his mind saying that he knows wat she want to say coz whenever any hero saves heroine from thugs she says i luv u to him…laxmi confesses that she had done frndship wid him just bcoz she knows only he can make her meet arjun bt from now he is her true frnd coz she is sure that he’ll never leave him…on hearing dis arjun in his mind sayslaxmi instantly said meine pyaar kia (arjun is like wat?Ermm) den she said salman khan n dis proves that u r a salmankhan fan there wanted n here meine pyaar kia…ROFLit means dosti pakki aj k baad no sorry n no thank u.

In next scene dey both reached laxmi’s home… laxmi asked arjun to have chai n pakoras coz he couldnt eat gol gappey…auto is still there so autodriver asks him to hurry coz its been 5 o’clock n he’s getting late suddenly Arjun remembers sumthing n tells her he will have chai n pakoras sum other day bt now he have to leave…laxmi says as u wish.


Arjun enters his room n finds his toys on table n thinks who have taken out his childhood toys den he sees a girl behind the curtain bt wen he removed the curtain she disappeared…he see’s her hand n quietly he grabs her hand n pushed her towards himself n she falls on Arjun.Arjun pulling that new chick toward him, some tururururu annoying bg is played, Arjun says hi and the new chick says arent you surprise? Arjun says “No cuz you are the only one who touches my stuff” She nags Arjun as if she is his Girlfriend Wacko She asks Arjun why didnt he called her, did he find any english catLOL She calls Arjun Mr. Tomtom, he asks her not call him with that name, she promise that nobody will know about that name and also nobody will dare to call him by that name Arjun calls her Ms. Murder and they talk about watching their first movie together. She suddenly ask Arjun why did he came home by Auto, Chalak Arjun quickly changes the topic and asks her why she came so early as she was about to come 2 days later. She says Mr. Agnihotri called her and they goes to meet other family members.In Laxmi’s house, Buaji praises Arjun’s ability to bargain and she says she likes him as he helped them alot.


Laxmi’s sister says Arjun is a mere accountant but he seems so khandani hain na Laxmi. But Laxmi argues that Ajay learned everything from Arjun cuz he works for him. Both Buaji and sister yells.In Arjun’s house everyone is in dining hall eating, they are talking about Arjun and Purwa’s childhood. Suddenly Purwa asks Dad Agnihotri for calling her early and says is there any surprise for her? Dad Agnihotri tells yes but this surprise is for both Purwa and Arjun. Dadi insists him to disclose the surprise.Dad Agnihotri says that dadi and he wants to play with their grandchildren, he further says that he dont want Purwa to miss Arjun and vice versa, they are childhood friends and dont want them to be apart. Dadiji cuts off in the middle and asks him to get in the point. He says, he wants to change their friendship in Shaadi Shocked Dadiji chokes, but everyone except Arjun is happy and smiling. Dad Agnihotri says Purwa is perfect for Arjun and the family, their marriage date will be fix soon. Arjun looks at Dadiji but she say nothing.In Laxmi’s house, Saraswati is talking in phone to her fiance and asks him what color chudi should she need to wear? Buaji cuts in a middle and says red, it will look good in brides beautiful hand. All the sudden Laxmi grabs some red bangles and forcefully makes buaji wear it. Buaji looks at Laxmi lovingly.

In the other corner of the phone Saras’s fiance and Saras has some little cute sa nokjhok, Laxmi also joins them but Saras asks Laxmi to go receive the guests.IN Arjun’s house, as usual all the women are choosing jewelries but dadiji seems sad and Arjun devdas, they looks at eachother. Swati selects a beautiful pendant and asks Mom Agnihotri to keep this, Mom Agnihotri says she will order two, as one daughter is going another is coming. Purwa smiles. “this update was written by blasters series, search and follow us on facebook for fastest updates” Mom A further says everything things is set now, they should do saghai is the same day. But Dadiji interrupts and says Mom A is kanjuss as she wants to do two ceremonies in one function. Arjun was abt to leave to receive guests. Arjun’s phone rings, its Laxmi, she asks him to help her to receive the guest from station. Arjun smiles at herDay Dreaming and agrees to help her but later he knows that his and Laxmi’s guests are coming from same train, he talks to dadi. He says his life has been jalebi and he will tell everything to Purwa. But dadi stops him and promise that she will find a way. Dadi cutely says if anything happens than she will make Arjun and Laxmi run away.In station, Arjun sees Laxmi calling him, he hides and takes off his jacket. Suddenly Akash comes and asks Arjun to whom is he talking to hiding in the corner. Arjun makes networks issue. Akash doubts Arjun and says is he okay? Arjun’s servants are standing in station with juice, mithais and stuff, Laxmi claims that railway govt. did it in honor of her dad. Arjun looks at her, their bg plays Day Dreaming. Train comes and Laxmi rushes to hug her relatives.She asks the man with juice and mithais to serve but he looks at Arjun as the arrangement is by Agnihotris. Arjun nods and the guys starts serving. Arjun again starts staring and Laxmi makes faces.

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