Twist of fate update Wednesday 19 October 2022


Twist of fate 19 October 2022: Shahana ask Prachi to show both her hands. Prachi says she is fine, nothing has happened to her. Shahana says I want to make sure that chemical powder is not fallen on your hands. Prachi says anyone can listen.

Shahana says let it be, and tells that she is sure that Rhea has planned this chemical attack on her. Prachi doesn’t agree with her and tells that Rhea can’t do this, as criminal minded people do such a thing, and thinks Balwinder did this in anger as Lakshmi was with her all the time. Shahana says you trust Rhea whenever her matter comes. Prachi says I trust my blood, we are from same mother’s children and we get some values from the birth. Shahana asks why Ravan was bad and why Vibhishan was good, who were born to the same mother. She says if anything had happened

to your face or body, now just grass was burnt. Dida comes there and overhears them. She gets shocked. Prachi says she is fine. Shahana tells Dida about the attack on Prachi. Dida says you got bad eye, and shall wear raksha kawach. Prachi says she is fine. Dida goes. Prachi asks Shahana not to tell Dida or anyone about Rhea, without proofs. She says I am ok and asks her not to get anger, as her nose looks strange in anger.

A guy comes to meet the Servant of the house and hugs her. He says we shall do something big and earn money. They overhear Rhea and Aaliya talking about Ranbir. Rhea sees gloves outside the house and comes outside. They ask the Servant Preeti about the guy. The guy says he is her boyfriend Nick and gives his visiting card to them. He says he will throw the gloves out. Aaliya asks him not to act smart and leave. He leaves.

Dida comes to the inhouse temple and prays to God for Prachi’s safety. Shahana comes there and prays for Prachi. Dida asks why did you come here? Shahana says you have come to take raksha kawach. Dida says I have come here to take this thread, and prayed to God to make it protective shield for Prachi. Ranbir hears them.

She says she is sure that God will protect Prachi, just like Lakshmi protected her this time. She finds the painting falling down, and asks Shahana to hang it. Ranbir comes to Dida and asks what happened to Prachi. Dida says didn’t you know? She says someone tried to apply color to Prachi and it fell on the grass and it burnt. She says Lakshmi saved her this time and says she is worried for her.

Ranbir gets worried and goes to Prachi. He asks if she is fine? Prachi says she is fine and asks what do you want? Ranbir checks her hands. Prachi asks him to stay away. Ranbir says I came to see if you are fine. Prachi asks why do you come here to trouble me. Ranbir says you was attacked and you didn’t tell me. Prachi asks if you are in Police, doctor, or concerned for me or love me. Ranbir asks why do you make me get angry and tells that he wants to be a person whom she trusts and respects. Prachi says I can’t trust you.

Ranbir asks why? Prachi says we get life one time, feels love one time and gets betrayed once too. She says I have done a mistake by trusting you once, and can’t do it again. Ranbir says did I tell you that I fell in love with each day, and says I came to know if you are fine. Prachi says just go. He asks why do you want to kill our love. Prachi says your love was never truthful. Ranbir says it was truthful as the hatred in your eyes. Prachi says it is truthful for someone else and not me.

Ranbir asks what do you mean and asks her to be honest? Prachi says you call me as your wife in day time and spends night with someone on her bed, and behaves as if it is normal. Ranbir says I am behaving normally, as I didn’t do anything. Prachi says Rhea was with you, and she had kept hand on you, and you was not wearing anything. Ranbir says I am not like that. Prachi says didn’t you think once, that I will see and my heart will break seeing it. Ranbir says I didn’t do anything. Prachi says you did and broke my trust. He swears. Prachi says you and Rhea are both drunk. Ranbir says I was drunk, but not Rhea. Prachi asks him to just go. Ranbir says I am going far from you and goes.

He recalls her words, and gets angry. He says she don’t want to hear me, and thinks that I have done wrong. He says she is ruining her relation with me. He throws the vases on the floor and says if Prachi is not in my life, then there is nothing in my life. Shahana comes there and asks what is he doing? She asks him if he has gone mad.

Ranbir asks her not to be concerned for him and says you would have listened to me and trusted me. He says you outlined yourself and outcasted me. He says don’t show your concern. Shahana says Prachi is important for me than you. She tells that she is with Prachi. Ranbir says she said right, but wrong blame is a big thing. Shahana goes to Prachi.

Aaliya asks Rhea not to walk. Rhea says I can’t take that Prachi anymore and says my blood boils seeing her. She behaves as if she is innocent and doesn’t know anything. She says I know she is the mastermind to ruin my life and has snatched my mom, dad and Ranbir. She says I am talking about 20 years ago, when she was born 1 min before me. She says she was born before me and says when mom and dad saw her, their happiness must be much, and when they saw me later, they wouldn’t have got so much happy. She says Prachi might have gone to Mom’s lap first and she was in her life. Aaliya says you was with Dad and he gave you so much love. Rhea says nobody can take Mom’s place and says a thirsty person is thirsty even he is made to drink water.

She tells that Meera aunty loved me so much, and gave me upbringing like a mother, but couldn’t give me love like mom. She says when Mom returned, she hugged me like I was born at that time. She says I felt it, but prachi was born 1 min before me, and showed her right and Mom loved her more than me. She says Prachi snatched my dad from me. She says when Prachi and Ranbir got married in the temple, Mom was with her. She says my husband regards Prachi as his wife and loves her. She says he made fun of our marriage, we slept together, but Ranbir behaves as if our marriage is a joke. She says I am going crazy and don’t know what to do. She says wedding night is not working and Ranbir is behaving as if it didn’t happen. They hear Ranbir throwing things.

Aaliya and Rhea come out. Aaliya asks what happened? Ranbir says what is the big deal, what is broken will be brought again. Rhea asks why Ranbir is angry? Ranbir says why are you asking Buji and asks Aaliya to go out, as he wants to talk to Rhea. He closes the door and asks Rhea if I didn’t tell you, how much I love Prachi on Mom and Dad’s anniversary. Rhea says I remember. Ranbir says then why did you sleep with me, and says you didn’t go, as you wanted to celebrate wedding night with me. He says you wanted this. Rhea cries and says how do I explain it? She says you were drunk, but were in your senses. She acts and says how i asked you to leave me, and then i wanted to go, and I was going away from the room, but you pulled me on the bed. Ranbir is shocked.

Precap: Dida tells Shahana that Prachi is upset with Ranbir as he slept with Rhea. She says if the truth is revealed then their relationship will get better. Rhea tells Aaliya that Prachi and Ranbir both shall go so far from each other, that they don’t unite again. She says I will close all the ways of Ranbir, and only one way will be opened which will lead him to me. Aaliya says that day will surely come.

Rhea telling Ranbir that she was going out of the room, when he pulled her on the bed. Ranbir recalls pulling Prachi closer to him for a kiss. Rhea says I am not like this, and can’t do this. He says I accept that I was drunk but can’t force you, it is not true. Rhea acts to cry and says someone wants me to get in depression and end my life with my hands, and says this situation was created so that you force yourself on me, and that’s why your drink might be spiked.

Ranbir says I haven’t done anything intentionally, I want to prove this to Prachi and tells that it is not our mistake, but mistake of a person who spiked my drink. He opens the door and finds Aaliya standing. He goes. Aaliya comes to the room. Rhea smiles seeing her.

Shahana tells that Ranbir and Prachi are not happy with each other, and we will be happy if they are happy. She tells Dida that she is scared that they might end their relation in anger. Dida asks her not to say that. Shahana asks what to do to calm down their anger. Dida says they don’t want to see each other’s face. Shahana asks what to do? Dida asks her to search the truth and says why Ranbir slept in Rhea’s room, and why he came out from there. She says Prachi is angry as she feels that he slept with Rhea, and says if the truth comes out then everything will be fine. Shahana says she will find out the truth and then everything will be fine.

Aaliya asks Rhea if Ranbir believed you. Rhea says I didn’t plan anything, and tells that he was questioning me about Shivratri night, and asked me how can I let become her husband when he was not ready and told her clearly that he loves Prachi. Aaliya asks what did you reply then? Rhea says he was questioning me, why didn’t I stop him as he loves Prachi. She says my mind was making excuses by itself and cried a lot.

She says I told him that I tried to stop you, was going, but you pulled me on the bed. She laughs and says he was angry first and then he was feeling ashamed and guilty. Aaliya says thank god, how you make a film and says you have become scary. She says this skill you have developed yourself. Rhea says I made him stand in the witness box and then he himself blamed him. She says everything will go on right and says I thought this plan is failure, but it is very effective and my all problems will end soon. Aaliya says it was our idea. Rhea says I will close all ways of Ranbir, and one way will be open which will lead him to me. She says she will separate Prachi and Ranbir and will make them go far away. Aaliya says that day will come.

Ranbir recalls Prachi confronting him for giving her rights to Rhea, and then Rhea’s side of story. He thinks I am not that kind of a person, thinks what happened that day. He thinks imagining Prachi and thinks how did I get drunk, and says I have moved all the bhang from there, then who made dad and me drunk. He tries to recall and thinks Prachi shall search the person who made me drunk, for her I am a bad person. He thinks I have to prove that I am not a bad person and will know what happened that day. He thinks I will not be at peace until then. Prachi opens the door and sees Ranbir standing. He thinks I told her so much, and shall say sorry to him. Prachi also thinks the same. They walk towards each other. Song plays…main kamli…They go past each other, without saying sorry to each other. They recall their happy moments of the party.

Aaliya tells Rhea that the day can come tomorrow and asks Rhea to work on her mind more, to separate Prachi and Ranbir. Shahana thinks what to do today and from where to start? Rhea asks what to do? Shahana thinks to keep eye on Rhea. Rhea asks Aaliya to tell what she thought. Aaliya asks her to think. Rhea says I am getting a bit, and says we have done a big work and shall develop hatred between them, but don’t know how to do it. Aaliya says we can get it done, and asks if you have thought that Ranbir’s one drink will bring him on your bed. She says one drink can separate two lovers and then….Rhea says if we can use this idea again and says nobody can do anything after we made him drunk.

Aaliya senses someone is outside and comes out with Rhea. She asks Shahana if Prachi sent her to hear them. Shahana says I thought to ask you about tea or cold drink. She says I will send. Aaliya says ok send. Rhea gets angry. Aaliya asks her not to worry due to Shahana, and enjoy her phase with Ranbir.

Ranbir comes to the kitchen and asks the Servants if they celebrated holi. The Servant tells that they celebrated holi. Ranbir asks the Servant who brought bhang in the house. Servant asks him to ask Aaliya and says you got drunk after drinking thandai from her hand. Ranbir says ok, I will ask her and asks him not to tell her. The other Servant looks at Ranbir, as he doubts Aaliya.

Prachi tells Shahana that her fan is not working. Shahana asks her to switch on AC. Prachi says AC went for air filling. Shahana asks her to sleep in her room. Prachi refuses. Ranbir says if she wants then she can sleep in my room. Prachi says someone is habitual to sleep in other’s room. Ranbir says I will be awake all night and will sleep in study room tonight. They talk indirectly. Prachi refuses to sleep in his room. Shahana says I am going to sleep in Dida’s room. Ranbir goes.

Prchi feels sweating and thinks to go to Ranbir’s room, thinks Doctor asked her to have a good sleep. She goes. Ranbir comes to the room and rests on the bed. He thinks my phone was in the washroom. Prachi comes there. Ranbir stops in the washroom, seeing her coming there. Prachi closes the door and thinks thank god, it is cold here. She thinks to wake up early and go to her room. She sets alarm for 5 am and sleeps on the bed. Ranbir looks at her from the washroom door. Teri galliyan plays….

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