Unfortunate love update Wednesday 4 January 2023


Unfortunate love 4 January 2023: The Episode starts with Virender asking Lakshmi what has happened? He then tells that he will not ask her, but will make house arrangement for her and asks her to keep some money. Lakshmi says it is not needed. She says she doesn’t agree for few things and asks him not to arrange house or money. Virender asks if you will refuse, if I ask for something. Lakshmi asks him not to ask her to return. Virender says I know you are stubborn, but I am stubborn too and will take you back home one day. She asks if I can come and meet you. Lakshmi says your daughter’s house is yours too, I have lost one Bau ji and can’t lose you. She says I will get strength from you. He says you are seeking strength from me and asks her to remember always that he is with her always. Lakshmi cries and turns to go. Bhagyalakshmi song plays…..Virender cries.

Neha thinks to order a nail shade online. Rano comes home with Lakshmi, Bani and Shalu. Neha asks why Lakshmi came with the bag. Rano says Lakshmi is divorced now. Neha asks Lakshmi why did she divorce such a handsome guy and home. Rano says don’t ask her, she will not tell. Neha takes Rano with her.Kiran comes to Malishka’s room and calls her. She sees Malishka coming there with Sonal. Sonal says Lakshmi will stay with Balwinder after divorce. Kiran kicks Sonal’s suitcase and asks them what they were talking about.

Malishka tells that she is going to be Mrs. Oberoi and says Rishi agreed for divorce. Sonal tells that all the credit goes to her, for ousting Lakshmi from Rishi’s life, now he is just hers. Kiran slaps her and asks her to shut up and leave. She says I am still feeling guilty and regrets for calling her here and asks her to leave. Malishka goes behind Sonal. Sonal says if she was someone else then she would have hit her bag on her head. Kiran goes upset. Malishka says Lakshmi is out due to Sonal and she would help in future too.Neha asks Rano, how her marriage will happen now. Rano says yes, this is what I am thinking and says she scolded Oberoi family too.

She says Lakshmi will have free food now. Bani and Shalu come to Lakshmi. Bani says we are always with you, and asks her to be fine. Malishka calls Sonal and thinks how to apologize to Sonal. She calls Ashish. Ashish asks what happened, Sonal was upset. Malishka asks where is he, and says she will come. She asks him to stop Sonal there. He says he will do what Sonal says. Malishka thinks Rishi will dance on her tune again as Lakshmi is oust.Shalu tells Lakshmi that she wants to ask her something. Lakshmi says she can’t refuse her again and again, this divorce was destined, this is Lakshmi Bhagya.

Rano thinks to get alimony from Lakshmi. She asks Lakshmi when they will give alimony and asks what is the amount? Lakshmi says they will not give.Sonal tells Ashish that malishka’s mom kicked her out the house. Ashish says he will not bear and gets angry. Sonal tells that’s why I don’t want to tell him. She says she shouldn’t have helped malishka.Ashish says Malishka called him and he told where is he? Rano asks why did you leave without taking alimony. Lakshmi says she refused to get it. Rano gets upset and says what I thought that I will get the girls’ married and get relieved. Bani says if you had taken money, then people will say that you have taken the money. Rano thinks to get the alimony.

Sonal tells Ashish that kiran insulted and humiliated her. She says he doesn’t know how she felt. Malishka comes there and apologizes to Sonal. She tells that Kiran likes her very much. Rishi cries and thinks about Lakshmi and him.Rishi telling Ayush that Lakshmi didn’t wait for him even once and he couldn’t see her going. Ayush says I told you so many times. He says she turned and looked back, but you didn’t come, so she left. He says she shall get upset and not you. Sonia tells Malishka that whatever Kiran did was wrong. Malishka says she is my Mom and asks her to keep her on that place.


Malishka says she will make sure that she will handle her mom and asks her to come with her. Sonal says I will make you get your Rishi back, but I can’t come to your house. Malishka says she will not let anything happen to her and asks her to come.Rishi tells Ayush that he was about to come, but Lakshmi had closed the door. Ayush says Lakshmi will never do such a cheap thing and praises her. He hugs Rishi and says you didn’t stop her. Rishi says sorry. Ayush says don’t apologize to me for this, I will never forgive you. Rishi says mistake is mine, if I haven’t done that mistake then Lakshmi would have been with me, says sorry Lakshmi. Lakshmi thinks about Rishi’s words.

She thinks why did you betray me rishi, which one was truthful this or that? She says which Rishi is truthful. She says I never thought in my dreams that you will betray me. Bani comes to Lakshmi and asks her to have food. Lakshmi refuses. Shalu asks her to either have food or go back to Jiju. Lakshmi asks why you are calling him Jiju. Shalu says he is my Jiju and asks her if she is having food. Karishma tells Neelam that her wish is fulfilled. Neelam laughs and says she was right from day 1 that Rishi doesn’t love Lakshmi. Karishma says he loves Malishka and got freed from Lakshmi. Sonia and Devika come there. Karishma hugs Sonia and tells them that Rishi got divorced from Lakshmi. Devika asks really? Sonia says we will have party.

Karishma says we will party grand. Devika says this is not good. Sonia says my brother is freed from her clutch. Devika says Lakshmi is right for Rishi and he will be sad without her. Sonia says if he was happy with her. Dadi comes there and says you all are happy and don’t think about Rishi. Neelam tells Dadi that everything was just me for Rishi and I understand his happiness well. Dadi says then I am wrong, Rishi threw her out for the swear given to you. Dadi asks her to do something for Rishi’s happiness. Neelam tells Karishma and Sonia that they have to do something for Rishi’s happiness at the earliest.

Rishi thinks about Lakshmi and his moments. He imagines Lakshmi standing behind the curtain and says Lakshmi happily. He then sees her standing infront of him and vanishing. Ishq hai tujhe…He says Lakshmi will not come, the way she went, I forced her, she will never return. He imagines her coming there and walking inside. Song plays….He asks did you really come? He touches her and then hugs her. He says he was feeling as if he was missing her a lot. He says I am ready to bear anything and asks her to stay there. He says I can’t live without you. Lakshmi asks why did you do this, which made me leave you.

She asks why did you …with Malishka. She asks if you didn’t feel that it was a big betrayal.She says she can’t bear to see Malishka touching him, and says I am dead from inside seeing you with her. She says it was better if you had killed me, and says I am not alive after seeing all this. She says my life is snatched from me, how to live. He says he did a mistake. Lakshmi asks how? Rishi says I hurt you and gave you a wound which can’t be compensated. He says he will convince everyone and asks her to tell that she wants to stay with him and don’t want to leave him. He says please forgive me for any of my good deed. He says I promise you that I will not give you a chance to leave me. Lakshmi says you had given me the promise on marriage day also. Rishi thinks about their marriage. Lakshmi says you have broken that promise.

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