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King thinks about Abhi’s words. He asks Pragya why she is happy? Pragya says she talked to Kiara and she asked me to tell you she loves you… King looks at her surprised. Pragya says I wanted to give the phone call to you, but she asked me to give you the message that she loves you, Daddy! King smiles.

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Abhi is looking at Pragya. Purab tells that even King is looking at Pragya. He asks him to dance with Pragya. Abhi says I wonder why King never fell in love with her. She is so good. Purab says it is good. He announces the Couple’s dance. Disha shows her henna tattoo. Purab smiles.

Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and takes her to dance. They dance while the song Pal bhar plays…. Tanu gets upset.

King gets doubtful. King comes to Pragya and takes her to dance with him. Pragya looks at Abhi. King imagines dancing with Pragya. Abhi gets upset and unplugs the music system. King asks who has stopped the music and even the DJ has escaped? Abhi says Pragya danced with me so nicely. Granny calls pragya. Abhi thinks she is not King’s wife and he is acting!

King says Abhi has a wife, but also have an affair. They go to drink. They ask each other if they are hiding something? Abhi asks if he wants to ask him something? King says even you want to ask. Abhi says we will decide who will ask first. He tosses a coin. King wins the toss.

Abhi says can you bear the truth? King asks him to say the truth and asks do you like Pragya? Pragya hears him and gets tensed. Abhi smiles.

Pragya comes to King and tells that his Aunt is calling him and asks him to go and meet her. King says whenever we have a drink, you interrupt us. He goes. Abhi says you sent him away as you don’t want King to know about us and I should not know about you. Pragya scolds him for taking King’s name. Abhi says I will drink more and if you don’t want me to drink so much, then tell me the thing that you are hiding from me! He asks her not to worry and says I will behave better than King.

Purab comes to Disha and gets romantic. She warns him teasingly. Purab says you don’t have guts. Disha hugs him. Purab asks if we should go to the room? Disha says he is looking like King of romance and kisses his cheeks. Purab says you have changed a lot! Disha says which one do you want? Dasi calls Purab. He tells Disha that he will reply her later and goes.

Pragya tells Disha that Abhi is drinking so much! Disha says only you can handle him. Pragya asks why shr’s not listening to her?
Tanu says you don’t have any right on him, as he is my husband and asks why did you talk to Disha? She says he will listen to me, but who are you? Pragya asks her to stop him.

Nikhil comes to Dr. Anjali. Dr. Anjali asks if she has an appointment with him? Nikhil says no and tells that he wants a straight answer from her and threatens her politely. He asks which report is she making for the Mehra family? The Doctor recalls Disha’s words to keep it confidential and tells that she doesn’t know. She silently presses the security guard button. The security guards come there and holds him. Dr. Anjali takes his pic and says if you do anything, then I will complain about you! Nikhil says sorry and leaves.

Abhi had too much drink. Tanu comes to him and says it is enough! Abhi asks with what right is she stopping him? Tanu says I am your wife. Abhi asks her to call Pragya! He says he will only stop drinking when she stops him. Tanu says you are crossing your limits and why send Pragya here, so that she crosses her limits too? Abhi tells her that the wine in the glass always get less. He asks the bartender to give him more drink!

Pragya comes to Abhi and asks why are you drinking so much? Abhi asks are you my wife? Pragya looks at Tanu. Abhi says if you are my wife, then you can have a say, else… Pragya holds his hand and stops him from drinking the more. Tanu gets angry and takes Pragya away from there. Abhi asks the bartender who looks so nice with him? The Bartender says Pragya.

Disha comes to Purab and tells him what she did. Disha says Abhi will do whatever he wants to do. She says he is drinking and imagines he thinks of what he will become, and says romantic! Purab says he is feeling shy.

Pragya asks how dare you hold my hand and tells that she was silent as they always met during the function. She says today, I will answer you! She asks her not to take her silence as weakness and warns her not to call her the sec ond woman. Tanu says you are coming between Abhi and me! Pragya says I will do whatever you think!

Tanu calls Nikhil and asks about the report? Nikhil says no, he doesn’t have it. Tanu calls him a fool and scolds him, and asks him to keep dreaming about her! Nikhil tells that he will enquire even if he has to kill the Doctor for it!

Abhi gets henna tattoo applied on his hand by a Woman. Pragya comes there. Abhi shows her his henna tattoo. A fb is shown, Pragya shows her henna tattoo hand to Abhi. Abhi wipes it and asks her not to try to come closer to him! Fb ends. Abhi says sorry for that. He shows his hand . Pragya sees his hand and smiles. Abhi rubs his hand on her hand and says I applied henna tattoo of my name on your hand.
Disha shows her henna tattoo to Purab and asks him to search for his name. Purab gets romantic.

Aaliya watches them. King asks if she is spying on others? Aaliya says I was not doing anything. She asks him to spy on Pragya instead of her! King asks her not to talk about Pragya. Aaliya asks him to spy on Pragya and says you will know some important things! King’s Aunt says Aaliya is right.

Pragya takes Abhi to the washroom and tries to wash his hand. Abhi refuses. Pragya says she will wash her hand! Abhi asks why do women apply henna tattoo? Pragya says for special occasions! Abhi says gents also apply henna tattoo. He says this is our special occasion. He gets up. Pragya asks him to stop! Abhi says I got reminded of something seeing your hairs, and says he remembers his curly hairs. Pragya makes him wash his hands silently. Song plays…They look at each other.

King searches for Pragya and thinks where is she? He thinks to talk to Abhi and goes towards his room. Abhi is about to kiss her, but their romance get interrupted. Pragya asks him to stop behaving like kids and throws water on him! Abhi says not two handful. Song, jo tu rus janiye… plays. Pragya falls on him. He asks if she is taking advantage of him and wants to kiss him? Pragya asks him to leave her! He holds her closer and asks her for a kiss? Pragya asks him to leave her! Abhi refuses and says it is too late!

King comes just then and sees Abhi with Pragya in the washroom. He gets shocked. Tanu also comes there. Abhi pulls Pragya closer and hugs her.

It shows that King comes to Aaliya’s room and sees her crying. He gives her tissue. Tanu sees Abhi and Pragya together and goes angrily. Pragya thinks why didn’t she say anything to me?

Abhi falls on Pragya and acts to sleep. Pragya thinks if he is asleep? Abhi gets up and tells that he was making Tanu jealous. Pragya says you say anything when drunk, and asks him to come out!

King asks Aaliya why is she crying? He asks her to lighten her heart and talk. Aaliya says how can anyone make the broken heart lighten, and says you might have never understood, and says it hurts. She says lucky are those who are in love and says it is nonsense! He says lucky are those who love and their heart doesn’t break. She says she fell in love and then her heart broke, and asks what is her mistake, she loved and tells that she can’t live without her broken heart. She says she fell in love, but she couldn’t get it. She tells that people become good in love, but love makes you do wrong things today. She says I did wrong to get Purab, and tells that love made her do it.

She says whenever I see Purab and Disha together, then it hurts, and it makes her wants to cross all limits! She says I love purab, and then stops thinking Purab’s happiness is in Disha. She thinks she can’t separate them, as she doesn’t want purab’s heart to break. She says I really don’t know what to do? She says should I do what I want or think about Purab? She says should I fight with my destiny, listen to my mind or heart, I just don’t know! She says I get happy seeing him from afar, but people like you come and taunt me! She says it is not easy and says you will understand when your heart breaks and asks him to stop lecturing her, and to stop making her understand and asks him to understand that she is just a girl who just wants to be loved! King hugs her to pacify her.

King’s Aunt thinks the wife is somewhere else, and the husband is somewhere else, what a kalyug!

Aaliya breaks the hug, and says sorry and goes.

Tanu thinks if Abhi tells the truth about their marriage to Pragya, then she will also tell the truth of her marriage, and then, they will kick her (Tanu) out and get back together! She thinks Nikhil is a waste, good for nothing!

Nikhil thinks of Tanu’s taunts and stands outside the hospital. Dr. Anjali sits in her car. The Ward boy gives her files. Nikhil thinks to shoot her if she doesn’t agree.
Pragya takes Abhi to his room and wipes his face with a towel. Abhi says I didn’t know that everything would be happy and says you got worried seeing me drinking. Pragya says I was worried about the party! Abhi says liar! Pragya is about to go, when Abhi tells her he missed everything about her, the fighting, cheering, and so on. She says you don’t want to leave me, but you asked me to let you go. He asks why is she afraid? Pragya says I am not helpless!
Abhi asks then why does she goes far away from him and asks if her helplessness is bigger than her love? Pragya says if someone sees us here then… Abhi says King’s Aunt will think that her doubt came true and says we love each other! He asks her to stay with him.

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