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Shrishti persuade that Prithvi has a huge share in Janki’s wellbeing, he must have given Janki a shock to threaten her life even more. Janki must want to tell them the same. Preeta didn’t want to accept the fact. Shrishti says Janki wanted to meet Preeta as she wanted to tell her about Prithvi. And as soon as she took Prithvi’s name, Prithvi created the whole drama of the bullet. She suspects that Prithvi also knows what Janki knows. She must ask Prithvi why he tried to kill Janki… in fact get a clarification that how Prithvi got Janki well at once.

Rishab asks Preeta to speak to Prithvi about the matter. Preeta was sure that Prithvi can’t do such an act. She agrees to speak to Prithvi. She is sure Prithvi is a nice man, he always speaks well to her family and inquires about Janki aswell. Karan was annoyed at Preeta’s trust over Prithvi. Preeta leaves the room, confused.

Sherlin wasn’t ready to change into doctor’s constume and kill Janki. Prithvi grabs Sherlin’s neck deterring to kill her if she disagrees to do so. Sherlin resists and hits him down. Prithvi fell down on floor. Sherlin warns him of a breakup within minutes and clarifies she won’t kill Janki.

Prithvi apologizes Sherlin hoping she forgives him. He hugs her thinking that he can show her worth if he didn’t need her. He agrees to wear the uniform and go to kill Janki.

Sherlin wonders why Prithvi has changed a lot, though their relation was always turbulent but they were never so distant. There surely came someone between them. Preeta comes from behind and asks Sherlin about Prithvi. Sherlin questions why she is looking for Prithvi? Preeta says Prithvi is her fiancé, but why Sherlin feels jealous. Sherlin says jealousy is a trait of poor, and Prithvi isn’t that kind of a man.

Preeta curtly replies that she must know what kind of a man Prithvi is, who Sherlin is to tell her. She must inquire Prithvi himself how Sherlin knows him better than her. While walking away, Preeta thinks this was way too much but it brought shock over Sherlin’s face anyway.

The doctor tells everyone that Janki is out of order, but they can meet her after she gets conscious.

A nurse greets Prithvi. He was boastful of himself as doctor and sure that Luthra won’t recognize him now. He turns to see Preeta in the corridor, she decides to call Prithvi. Prithvi cautiously stood nearby with the phone ringing. Preeta comes right behind him and the phone drops. Preeta apologizes for startling him, but it might be an urgent call. Prithvi thinks Preeta will recognize him if she finds the number on screen.

Preeta had just bent down to pick up the phone courteously but Prithvi grabs it at once and runs away from the corridor. Preeta calls him strange and leaves the corridor. Prithvi was relieved that Preeta left. Preeta appears into the corridor once again and gets a call from Prithvi. Prithvi tells Preeta that he fought the goons after they had left, he was hurt on the chest and came to consult the doctor. Preeta tries to be clear with Prithvi and asks what Janki said to him. Prithvi asks about what? Preeta asks how Janki at once began to speak. Did she tell him something?

Preeta says to Prithvi that Janki wanted to say regarding him, has he any idea about what it was, he says that he cannot understand what she is saying, he will come to meet her as soon as possible, she walks in the corridor, He thinks that he is losing all the cards, he must do anything to kill Janki as none else beside her knows the truth regarding him and all that he has done to harm the Luthra’s, he can even kill Sherlin for his goal then what is Janki in front of her. He will be in trouble if Janki wakes but he will not let it happen.

He goes towards the room, seeing that none is there, he gets very happy and even if he would have come without a mask there would have been nobody to stop him, he enters the room and seeing Janki says that he is here because of her dressed like a doctor.

He phone rings and he wonders that it can be only Sherlin because she is the one who calls at such a moment, he ask what the matter is she says that he is interested in marrying Preeta and so has gotten mad with her, she says that Preeta came o her looking for him, he says that Preeta is only looking for her because of Janki, he has no time and she must not call him again, he gets angry saying that he will change th settings and she must not disturb him, she says that he is getting very rude with her and she fears that he might leave her for Preeta.

He turns to Janki saying that he has got no disturbance from Sherlin, she has hit him many times but after this no problem will come from her, she is going to die and the doctor will be responsible because no one will suspect it was him. He says that if she was awake he would have asked her how to kill but since she is paralyzed then he will do what India did with the other county which was a surgical strike and he will kill her.
Preeta is in the hall, the family comes and says that Janki is out of any problem, Preeta gets happy and hugs the nurse, Shrishti also comes and then Sarla and Dadi also join them, they all share a happy moment, Karan says that he cannot be left behind and trying to make the moment a joyful he taunts her and leaves after Preeta.

He asks if he can come but she says that she has gotten the permission and he cannot go as he is a cricketer. He says that if he takes on the costume then he can go. She says that she has gotten in this position after studying and he cannot come. He starts to argue, she leaves but he pulls her saying that she will understand what he is to her when she comes close and then she will realize what he means to her. The nurse is on the call and telling that she saw Karan with his girlfriend and they are close.

Both of them get away ad say that they are not girlfriend and boyfriend, she breaks up with her boyfriend in front of them and asks Karna if she can become her partner. Karan gets away from her and tries to protect himself from the girl by making her believe that Preeta is his girlfriend, they then leave the nurse.

Karna and Preeta are walking the hall, Preeta says that he got a bit too far, he says that if he had not done this then she would have become his girlfriend, he says that he was the one who saved her because if he had let her come into his life then Preeta would no longer be the same. She asks if he wants to meet Janki because he really wants to in a hurry.

Prithvi asks Janki from which knife she wants to be killed, he gets paranoid then says that she must not play games with him
He is about to kill her but then stops because he Is not able to, he then refuses to kill her making excuses, he says that he will kill her in a way which she does not even realize. He tries to suffocate her, and feels a lot of joy.

Preeta says that she will be the first t meet Janki, Karan starts to argue saying that he has the first right. When they are about to enter the nurse comes saying that the doctor wants to talk with her, they leave, Karan thinks that he can meet Janki while she is away which will make her mad, he is about to enter but then his phone rings.

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