His mistress child update Friday 8 December 2023

His mistress child 8 December 2023:  The episode starts with Babuji calls Arvind and Kamini to him and telling them that they both are his son and daughter, but he doesn’t want to see their face again in life. Amma says once Krishna gets well, they will bring Krishna home and will give Ashok and his family’s rights to them, Arvind and Kamini can do whatever they can. She drags Arvind and Kamini out and warns them to dare not disturb their Babuji again and says they can’t dare to stop them from giving Krishna’s right to him. Bansal says Kamini is innocent.

Amma says neither him nor Kamini is innocent, parents are not fool and know what their children are up to. She walks away from there. Arvind yells that their efforts went in vain, now legitimate son became illegitimate and illegitimate son became legitimate.

Kamini hopes Krishna dies soon and curses him.Yashoda cries looking at unconscious Krishna. Amma returns to her and says their Krishna will be fine. Donee kid’s parents walk to them and assure them that Krishna would be fine soon as he saved their son’s life, they promise to pay for Krishna’s treatment and pray for him. Amma tells Yashoda that Nupur would be tensed hearing about Krishna’s condition and hence she will go home and comfort kids and return soon. Manoj tells Yashoda that it’s proved today that relationship of heart is more stronger than relationship of blood. Amma returns. Doctor tells Yashoda that if Krishna doesn’t get conscious after an injection, they need to give him an electric shock. Amma asks how can he think of giving electric shock to a small kid. Doctor says they don’t have any other option and asks nurse to make arrangements.

Babuji walks in on a wheelchair and requests doctor to wait for a few minutes. He describes how Krishna faced humiliation via him, his father, and the world and asks Krishna to wake up and fight with him. He holds Krishna and talks emotionally. Doctor says Krishna’s condition will worsen if he does that. Yashoda asks doctor let Babuji continue. Warboy video calls Arvind and shows him the situation at the hospital. Doctor asks nurse to make arrangements for electrical shock now. Babuji hugs Krishna and chants Hanuman chalisa. Krishna doesn’t respond. Arvind and his team get happy seeing that. Krishna calls Babuji and opens eyes. Babuji happily hugs him. Doctor says injection worked. Krishna recalls Babuji’s hatred for him. Arvind fumes seeing Krishna back into his senses and says he will not give Krishna’s right at any cost and will fight even with his parents. Kamini provokes him.

Krishna asks Babuji if he is fine. Babuji says he is fine with Krishna’s effort and his grandson got him back to life. doctor asks Krishna to walk and check if he is fit. Krishna walks. Babuji says he will take his grandson back home. Krishna warns him not to call him as his grandson as neither he is grandson nor he is his grandfather, he is an illegitimate child and that is the truth. Babuji determines to convince Krishna.p

Suresh telling Krishna that soon he will convince him to accept him as his grandfather. Krishna asks him not to hope that he will accept him as his grandfather as his mother died pleading him to accept her child as his grandson, but he never accepted him; he will go somewhere if Suresh pesters him. He asks Yashoda to take him back to the ICU as he doesn’t want to see Suresh again. Amma asks him not to say that to his dadaji. Suresh says let him say anything as he is hurt. Yashoda takes Krishna towards his hospital room. Donee kid’s parents offer 5 lakh rs cheque to Krishna. Krishna asks why they all pity on him; Suresh never accepted him as his grandson and called him illegitimate till now and when he got 25 lakhs and saved his life, he is accepting him as his grandson out of pity; even they are pitying on him, he doesn’t need their money.

They say it’s for his future. Krishna says when he has a mother like Yashoda madam, his future is secure. Yashoda backs Krishna and refuses to accept their money.

Suresh feels sad recalling Krishna’s reaction. Malti asks him to calm down as Krishna’s point is valid. Suresh says he has taken 2 decisions to correct his mistake and says first he wants Yashoda, her children, and Krishna to return home with him and second he will give their rights to them. Malti walks to Yashoda and informs her about Suresh’s decision. She says Krishna’s point is valid, but they have to forget the past and move on. Yashoda agrees.

Arvind fumes recalling Suresh accepting Krishna and takes oath to never let Krishna in this house. Kamini provokes him and Bansal says he has called someone to help them legally. Randhir walks in and says they can fight emotionally and he will fight legally against Yashoda and her children. Yashoda returns home and hears Anvi telling Nupur that Krishna must be running around trying to gain sympathy from Suresh. She tells them that Krisha wasn’t running around and describes how he risked his life and donated his bone marrow to save gather 25 lakhs and save Suresh’s life. She says Suresh accepted Krishna and wants him back home. Avni gets jealous hearing that.

Next day, Yashoda visits Krishna. Doctor informs her that both Krishna and Suresh will be discharged tonight. Yashoda informs Krishna that Suresh wants them back home. Krishna refuses. Yashoda says let Ashta and Nupur deprive of their grandparent’s love and own house. Krishna asks her not to emotionally blackmail him and says he will return home for 3 days and if he accepts Suresh as his grandfather in 3 days, he will stay back or else he will return to Yashoda’s rented house and tea shop.


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