Twist of fate update Sunday 3 December 2023

Twist of fate 3 December 2023: Balbira telling Willson’s goon that nobody is here, and Willson had misunderstanding. The goon says willson doesn’t have any misunderstanding and says if he said that someone is here, then someone is here. Balbira says today the day is bad.

They see Veera and his goons going from there. The goon aims gun at them. Balbira stops him and says Veera is his step brother and this is his area. Balbira asks goon not to tell anything to Willson. Kaatiyani comes to the captive girls and asks them to change the clothes, and look good. She asks the ladies to make them ready. She says if anyone showed smartness then what will happen with them, Khushi knows.

Khushi recalls Kaatiyani torturing her along with Balbira. Kaatiyani asks Khushi if you will tell everyone. Khushi cries. Kaatiyani asks if she is crying and has tears in her eyes. She threatens them and asks not to show smartness, else will lose their lives. He asks the ladies to get them ready. The ladies give them clothes to wear.

Willson asks who was there? Balbira says nobody. The goon tells Willson that it was Balbira’s step brother, who might have come to drink wine. He tells Balbira that he don’t lie. Balbira says he is my step brother. The guy tells that they can’t wait for the girls now. Balbira asks Kaatiyani to bring the girls. Willson says you will get what you wait and the wait is over.

Prachi comes out of the room and sees a man wearing long coat and hat. He walks towards her and holds her hand. Prachi says leave my hand, else I will break your face. Ranbir removes his hat and shows his face. She says why he worn this get up. Ranbir says everyone is wearing clothes like this, so I thought to be the guest, and tells that he will sit with them, and just as Khushi comes there, he will run away with her. Prachi asks from where you got it.

Ranbir says I have stolen it from someone, and tells that he has locked the guy in bathroom. A fb is shown. He lies to the guy asking him to give his googles, hat and coat, and says he will get it cleaned. He says it is the free Service. The guy gives the things and says willson did a good work. Ranbir locks him, and sticks under maintenance paper on the door. Fb ends.

Prachi asks what you will do, will you bet? Ranbir says if we go like this, then they will kill us. He says I will sit there, bet and then just as Khushi comes, I will elope with her. Prachi says ok, I will wait here till then.

Dida is talking on phone. Pallavi comes there and asks did you see Rhea and Ranbir. Dida says I saw just Vikram. Pallavi says I am searching Ranbir. Dida says you used to search Vikram after your marriage. Pallavi says now I am searching my son. Dida ends the call and tells Pallavi that she has given good values to Vikram. Pallavi says she has also given good values to her son. They argue. Pallavi says my son has gone on her Dadi. Dida asks her to call Ranbir. Pallavi calls Ranbir, but his phone is unreachable. She calls Rhea.

Rhea picks the call and tells Pallavi that they are in the restaurant and there is no network there. Pallavi asks her to tell truth. Rhea tells her everything. Pallavi says she will go to Police and asks what they are going.

Akshay asks Rhea why she didn’t marry Ranbir till now, though she stays in his house. Rhea recalls and says life is complicated. She says she will tell later. Kaatiyani is taking all the girls out with the ladies.

Prachi goes to the room and finds the room, which is on. She sees Khushi and regrets for not saving her from the temple. She says she will save her now. The lady senses her presence and turns. She then collides with vase and is about to fall. Other lady holds her. Prachi comes there and takes Khushi from there to the room. She hugs khushi. Khushi says you are here, and says I had called shiv, he should have come here. She asks where is he? Ranbir comes to the hall where the auction is about to start. Prachi says where there is Shiv, there is parvati.

She says he is also here? Khushi asks why you came late? Prachi says I should have come soon, and tells that she reached temple late, and tells that she will be with her always. Khushi cries and says I was very scared. Prachi hugs her and asks her not to cry. She calls Ranbir. Ranbir says Prachi, what happened? Prachi says Khushi is with me. He asks where are you? She says she is in the room where they are antique pieces and says she is in the second room on the first floor.

Ranbir says ok. He gets up to go. Prachi and Khushi hug and cry. Kaatiyani asks them to stop, and then asks them to stop, and says one girl’s footsteps is missing. The lady says everyone is here. She checks and says sorry. Kaatiyani says she wants the girl and asks the other lady to call Shakti. The other lady goes to call Shakti.

Prachi asking Khushi not to cry. She says your Maayi is also here, she came for you. Khushi says shall I say you something and says don’t know why, you seems to be mine, and you are with me, I have a feeling that everything will be fine, and I am not scared as my Shiv and Parvati is with me. Prachi says I am with you always and will not leave you, as you are my life and stays in my heart, like my heart beat and my own loved ones. She says I will not leave you and will stay with you always. Khushi says you calls me angel, but you are actually my angel. Prachi says you are my Khushi, my angel and everything. They feel someone at the door and hides. Kaatiyani comes inside. Prachi and Khushi are about to go out, when Shakti comes inside and tells Kaatiyani that they are not here,

but someone else. Kaatiyani says they are here, and says I heard them. Shakti says I didn’t hear them. Kaatiyani says I lost my eyes, but I can feel them here. Prachi and Khushi run out of the room. Kaatiyani says they are running, catch them. Shakti runs out of the room.

Veera is drinking while his friend tries to stop them. They meet with an accident. Rhea and Akshay are walking and come there. Akshay says we shall make them come in their senses. He makes Veera and his friend gain consciousness. Veera says our car collided and we..Akshay says our car was not working and we were walking.

Veera says I will help you, as you helped me, and asks them to sit in his car, says he will take them. Veera asks where you want to go? Akshay says we want to go to haveli. Rhea says actually a girl is kidnapped, Khushi by the goons. Veera asks how you are related to her. Akshay says we are not related from you, but Ranbir and Prachi think that girl as theirs.

Veera asks who is with them? Akshay says Laali and Binni. He says that a person was helping her, who misunderstood him to be Inspector. Veera says that stupid person is me. Veera’s friend says nobody was there. Veera says I saw Balbira there, but ignored. Akshay asks him to take them there. Veera says I will take you to haveli.

Shakti aims gun at Prachi. Prachi asks him to shoot and says then your guests will know. Khushi thinks to go back to save Prachi. Prachi looks for Khushi and goes. Ranbir comes to the room and searches for Prachi and Khushi. Shakti looks for her also. Khushi is hiding and worries for Prachi. Kaatiyani catches Khushi and asks her not to show any smartness. Shakti comes there. Prachi looks for Khushi. Ranbir sees Prachi and asks where is Khushi? Prachi tells him everything and says sorry. Ranbir tells Prachi that he understands her and says they have to save all the captive girls from here. Prachi says yes. Ranbir says first we shall save Khushi. They hold each other’s hands and go.

For the auction, the girls are standing infront of the men. Willson asks them to start the bidding and asks the ladies to take the girls inside. He says we shall start with girl no. 1 (Khushi). Balbira gets happy seeing the men bidding for her.

A guy bids her for 16. Willson says she is yours now. He asks her to take the girl. The guy says bring the girl and goes out. The goon takes Khushi outside. Khushi shouts Shiv and parvati. She asks the guy to let her go else God will punish her. The guy asks the goon to put tape to her mouth. The goon puts tape to her mouth and sits in the car with her. Prachi comes to the auction place and asks where is my daughter? She says I heard her.

She comes to Kaatiyani and asks where is my daughter? She asks if you don’t feel ashamed to do this with a small girl and says atleast you would have thought about your age. Willson asks why you are doing drama and asks who are you? Prachi says I am a mother of Khushi. She asks where is my daughter? Willson says you seems to be educated and says we came here for business. Prachi says Balbira had brought her here and asks where is she? Balbira asks her not to do drama and asks her to leave. Laali comes there and asks Balbira to leave Madam ji. Prachi goes to Kaatiyani and asks her to tell where is her daughter? She shouts Khushi.

The guy tries to start the car, but it doesn’t start and the flash light starts on and off. Ranbir recalls messing up with all the cars so that nobody can take Khushi. He could mess up with one car, which is of the gu. Willson comes out. Ranbir asks where is that small girl? Willson asks khushi. The guy gets down and tells Willson that his car is not working. Ranbir tells that he wants to get that girl and bids for 20. The guy says he will give 21. Ranbir says he will give 25. The guy asks if you have money. Ranbir says my guy is inside who is having the money. The goon asks the goon taking Khushi to take her in the room. Ranbir signs Khushi not to worry.

Ranbir comes inside with the guy and Willson. Willson asks where is your man? The guy tells willson that he didn’t see him. Ranbir says I was beside you. He sees Akshay and signs him. Veera says sorry to Ranbir. Willson asks Ranbir to give him money. Ranbir says greedy man, you will get your money. He takes Akshay to side and tells that he told him that he will give him 25 lakhs, but he doesn’t have, and he has called Police who haven’t reached yet. Akshay asks where is Khushi? Ranbir says Khushi is in the room and asks him to play along. Akshay says ok. Ranbir starts beating him asking where is his money? Akshay tells that the money was kept in the car decky, but was stolen from there.

Ranbir asks how did it get stolen. Veera asks them not to worry and says the money is in the car, I have kept it. He whispers to them that he has fake money bundles. Ranbir asks him to bring it and says until Police comes here, we have to handle. Veera says he don’t want to get caught. Akshay says I will save you, don’t worry. Ranbir also assures him. Ranbir tells willson that he heard some women voices and asks where are they?

Balbira takes Laali to the room, and asks if she don’t love him now. Laali regrets to love him in the past and says she don’t love him now. She says she is not an animal whom he is beating. She says I didn’t know that you are a big animal and asks him not to come near her. Balbira asks don’t you love me? Laali says no. Balbira takes out knife and says you have to die then? Laali asks him to move back from her. Prachi comes there and hits on Balbira’s head with a rod. Balbira falls down. Laali also beats him. Prachi and Laali come out. They see Shakti and Tiger holding Binni’s on gun point. Prachi takes knife from Laali and throws on Tiger’s hand. Binni runs with Prachi and Laali.

Veera’s friend brings the fake money notes. Akshay gives the suitcase to Ranbir. Ranbir thinks it is fake. He asks Kaatiyani where are those ladies whose voice, I have heard. Willson says let them go, give my money to him. Ranbir says you are greedy man. The guy tells that this guy seems to be wrong. Willson checks the money and finds the bundles. He asks his goon to bring Khushi. He says it was fun, and asks where is Balbira? Kaatiyani says he has taken all the ladies inside. The goon brings Khushi out. Khushi calls Ranbir as Shiv. Rhea holds Khushi. Willson asks who are you, and says you have showed smartness with me, I will not leave the girl. He runs to catch Khushi.

Akshay takes Khushi. And everyone is running. Balbira brings Prachi and shoots in air. Prachi asks why you haven’t taken Khushi from here. Ranbir says how I would have taken her. Willson is holding Khushi’s neck. Ranbir asks Willson to leave Khushi else he will make his condition worsened. He asks him to leave Khushi and runs to hit his head with willson’s head. Willson falls down. Ranbir beats him. The guy who had bought Khushi earlier, tells that he will see who will win Akshay also fights with the goons. Khushi tells Rhea that they have to save other girls also. Prachi fights with the women who were with the girls.

She then saves Laali again and ties Kaatiyani to the pillar. Shakti sees Khushi and Rhea saving the girls, and takes Khushi. He says you will not be saved now. Ranbir beats Shakti. Balbira gets a gun and is about to shoot Prachi, when Rhea throws chair at him and makes him fall down. The Police reaches there with Pallavi and Dida. Prachi asks Inspector to first arrest this woman (Kaatiyani). Kaatiyani says I am blind and innocent, and says I didn’t do anything. Khushi says she is bad and made me walk on the glass pieces. Dida slaps Kaatiyani for not showing sympathy on him.

Inspector asks Constables to take everyone from there. Pallavi hugs Khushi. Prachi gets emotional. Laali hugs Khushi. Ranbir holds Khushi’s hand. Khushi holds Prachi’s hand and go out. Inspector offers to drop Prachi, Ranbir and Khushi. Veera says I will drop them. Inspector says you will drop them if you drop you and says I am arresting you also. Veera asks why? Inspector says everyone is criminal. Akshay says we shall thank them, as they have helped us. He asks Ranbir to say. Ranbir says he has helped us so much and I have promised him that he will not be arrested. Inspector says I will arrest him. Akshay and Ranbir take his guarantee. Inspector says ok and asks Veera to take them safely. They all leave in the cars.

Prachi asks Khushi if she is fine? Khushi says yes, my Shiv and Parvati is with me. Veera says girl is brave. Ranbir and Prachi tell that they are like her. He asks Veera not to fly the car. Veera says speed breaker. Willson signs Balbira and snatches gun from Inspector and aims gun at him. Inspector refuses to stop the car. They ask Constable to stop the car. Balbira says they shall not show any smartness and asks them to get down. Inspector says don’t take law in your hands. Balbira says we will take your car and will take Khushi also. Veera’s car comes there and their car gets punctured. Veera’s friend informs them that Willson is standing and has gun in his hand. Willson shoots at the car.

Veera driving the car. Ranbir tells that back tyre is punctured. Veera’s friend tells that Wilson is behind. Wilson shoots at the other tyre. Ranbir asks Veera to stop the car. Prachi says else the car will fall upside down. Veera says he has gun in his hand. Ranbir asks him to stop the car else they can’t be saved. Wilson comes to their car and asks them to get down fast. Ranbir and Prachi refuse. Wilson says I am saying for the last time. He tells Prachi that they shall go out. They come out of the car. Wilson asks Veera and his friend to move back. Prachi asks Wilson to move back. Wilson asks Prachi and Khushi to walk towards the jeep. veera shouts Balbira. Balbira asks Veera to stay away.

Wilson asks Khushi to sit in the jeep. prachi says even I will come with her. Wilson says only Khushi will go with Balbira and asks her to let her go, else she will be dead. She says if she stays with us then you will get a chance to save her. Ranbir asks Prachi to make Khushi sit in the jeep. Prachi says no. Wilson asks her to listen to her husband. Prachi says I will make her sit. Inspector tells Wilson that he will not leave him. Wilson says your law can’t touch me, and asks him to just wear uniform and take the salary every month. They laugh.

Inspector says I will show you what I can do. Wilson shoots at the ground to stop him. They sit in the car. Balbira tells that the car is not starting. Ranbir hits Wilson and makes his gun fall down. Inspector beats the goon and takes khushi out. Balbira gets down and aims gun at Prachi. He says he will shoot her. He tries to shoot her, but there is no bullet in it. Prachi slaps Balbira. Balbira pushes her down. Prachi shouts Ranbir. Ranbir leaves Wilson and rushes to Prachi. Wilson aims gun at Ranbir- Prachi to shoot them, but Khushi rushes to them and takes bullet on her chest to save Ranbir

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