Twist of fate update Saturday 2 December 2023

Twist of fate 2 December 2023:  Kaatiyani ask Prachi if she is her real mother. Prachi asks why you are asking? Kaatiyani thinks then only I will know if you will become big trouble or not. Laali says nobody is her real mother here. Bindi’s mother says Khushi is like our daughter. Ranbir comes there.

Prachi asks where is her son? Ranbir says I couldn’t find the car and asks Kaatiyani to tell about the entry. The goon comes there and asks them to leave Kaatiyani. Akshay and Rhea come there. Rhea hugs Prachi. Akshay asks if you are fine and asks if Khushi is found. Prachi says khushi is not here. Kaatiyani tells the goon that she lied to them that the girl is not here, and he is her son. The goon thinks that’s why they didn’t do anything to her. Ranbir says sorry to goon, calling him Chintu. Inspector comes there with his team. Prachi says nobody is here? Inspector says we will check if they are hidden. Kaatiyani asks Prachi not to worry and says we will search that girl.

The constables check and tell Inspector that they are not here. Inspector says we will check somewhere else. Ranbir says we will also leave. Prachi says sorry to Kaatiyani. Ranbir says sorry Amma ji and Chintu. He turns and sees the goon whom he had beaten in the godown. He goes to the goon and starts beating him.

The goon pretending to be Chintu is about to go to Ranbir to beat him, but Akshay holds him. Inspector comes back with his team. Kaatiyani acts and asks what is happening? Ranbir tells Inspector that this goon knows where is Khushi? The goon refuses to tell where is Khushi, and says until you reach her, she will be sold. Ranbir says you will sell my Khushi, my daughter ad says I will break your hands. He hits the goon and the goon faints.

Inspector stops Ranbir. Akshay asks the goon to say where is Khushi? He tells Ranbir that the goon has fainted. Prachi says we shall search Khushi. Kaatiyani says I didn’t know that they are involved, and asks them to beat them, says she don’t want such children. Akshay says your son is fine, just unconscious. Police and others leave. Kaatiyani asks balbir and his goons to come, and tells that they have gone.

Balbir takes Khushi to room. He tells Tiger that they shall call Shakti here. Kaatiyani asks if Beer bottles are here. They break beer bottles near the bed and goes. Khushi wakes up and thinks Amma is sleeping. She steps down the bed and the glass pierces her foot. She says there is so many glass pieces here. Kaatiyani laughs and asks her to go to bed.

Balbira and Tiger come to Willson and says sorry. Willson asks if the girl has eloped. Balbira tells that the Police is searching the girl. Willson says I already told many people about her. He says he will call them there. Prachi tells Ranbir that she will drive. She drives the car. Akshay calls Prachi and says they shall reach fast. Prachi drives fast. She says there is no petrol because of Ranbir. She says we shall wait for Rhea and Akshay, and gets down from the car. Rhea tells Akshay that they have lost the way. Akshay asks her to call her, but there is no network.

Veera and his goons come there. Veera keeps knife on Ranbir’s neck. He tells Prachi that he came to know that she is rich, and tells that he will call her family and get money. Prachi tells Veera that they are searching a girl. Laali asks him to listen. Veera takes them to haveli. Willson comes to haveli. He says he has called some women to handle the girls.

He says we sell the girls, and make money, but respect them too. He says if they are not here, then we will not have money, we shall respect our work. He asks if there is any good place, I can’t call them here. Kaatiyani says there is other side of haveli, which is beautiful. Balbira asks tiger and shakti to decorate that side. Veera asks the goons to tie them at different sides. The goon says who will handle them. Veera slaps him and says divide and rule. Laali asks Veera to listen to them, but he doesn’t listen.

Prachi asks why you brought us here. Veera says Police had come here and checked and will not come here again. Prachi asks where is Khushi? Veera says there is no girl. He asks the goons to keep Ranbir and Prachi in one room and Laali and Bindi’s mother to other room. The goons take them. Veera thinks Prachi is gone. The goons are getting the haveli decorated. Prachi and Ranbir don’t see them. Veera comes there.

the goon taking Prachi and Ranbir to the room in the haveli. The decoration is going on there, but they don’t see. Other goon take Laali and Bindi’s mother to some other room. Veera asks Prachi to sit. Prachi sits. Ranbir says he will stand, he is not a guest and will stand. Veera shouts asking him to sit. Ranbir sits and asks him to let him go, as he didn’t mess with him. Veera says I know you both husband and wife.

Prachi says we are not..Veera asks Ranbir to tie her hands and feet. Ranbir ties her and asks shall I leave. Veera says now I will show, what a villain does? He calls Kalu and asks him to tie his hands and feet. He asks them not to think of eloping. The goon takes the girls to the room, where Khushi is already there. He asks them to change the clothes, after Kaatiyani gives them. He threatens them and goes out. Khushi asks the girls why they are here, if they are also kidnapped. The girl says yes. Khushi asks why he asked to change the clothes. The girl tells that they are going to sell us to rich people.

Willson welcomes the customers and tells that they can do the deal here peacefully, without any hassles. He asks them to sit. Ranbir gets teary eyes and says why this is happening? Prachi says why you are …and …Ranbir says I have promised Khushi that I will not let anything happen to her, she don’t need to get scared. He says now I don’t know how she is, I shouldn’t have leave her with Laali and Balbira.

He says why did I leave her, I couldn’t take care of her. He says I couldn’t take care of our Panchi. He says God had snatched Panchi from us, but gave us Khushi. He says I couldn’t save her. Prachi asks him not to cry. Ranbir says Khushi called me and asked me to save her, as she trusted me, but. He says she might be waiting for me, thinking Shiv will come and save her.

Prachi asks what you are saying and asks if we will get Khushi if you get emotional and says you are not alone, even I was there, I couldn’t take care of her. She says Khushi calls us Shiv and Parvati, so we will not accept defeat and says lets try to do something. She says we couldn’t save Panchi, as we were not together then? She says now we are together for Khushi and will save our Khushi. Ranbir says yes and asks her to open the rope. Prachi opens his rope. He then opens the rope and frees Prachi’s hands and feet. He says finally we came out, but there is dead end.

They come out of a window. They see the decorated hall and many men are there. Prachi says this is the same place where we were kept as hostage. Ranbir says we didn’t walk for 20 kms that it will be changed. Prachi says we shall take someone’s help. Ranbir says we shall go from here silently, taking advantage of the crowd. He sees Balbira and pulls Prachi.

Prachi falls down on Ranbir. Balbira, Willson and others hear the sound and look upstairs. Ranbir keeps his finger on her lips so that she don’t shout. Song plays…He moves her hair from her face. Willson asks Balbira to go and check, if someone is there. He asks Tiger to come. Ranbir tells Prachi that Balbira is here, and tells that it is the same haveli they had come. Prachi says Khushi is here, and realizes that Balbira wants to sell Khushi. Balbira and tiger are coming there.

They hear Balbira telling goon that Ranbir might have come here, as Khushi informed him on call. The goon says he will shoot him. Ranbir stops Prachi from getting up and says we shall be saved to save khushi. He asks her to move back silently. They move silently while sitting. Willson calls Balbira. Balbira and the goon come to search Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi hide. Ranbir tells Prachi that they shall go to that side. They go to that side. Prachi says what we will do? Ranbir says now we know what is happening outside. He asks her to let him think. Prachi says we will get them caught, and…Ranbir asks her to calm down and think. He says Khushi’s responsibility is mine, and asks her to be there, he goes from the window.

Veera comes to the place where they had kept Ranbir and Prachi. He says they are eloped. The goon comes there and tells Veera that Ranbir has taken Prachi and tells that he is not Krishna, then also escaped. Veera says I am not his Mama. The goon locks Laali and Bindi’s mother. Laali blames Bindi’s mother and tells that they land in this problem due to her. She says she knows Balbira will sell Khushi and will make money. Bindi’s mother asks don’t you feel ashamed to say this about your daughter, when Ranbir and Prachi are doing so much for her. Laali says Khushi is not my daughter.

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