Twist of fate update Sunday 28 January 2024

Twist of fate 28 January 2024: The Episode starts with Pallavi going out of the room. Ranbir tells Prachi that Mummy went, they don’t need to play with water. He takes big towel and small napkin for Prachi, saying you are small too. Prachi laughs. They come out of the washroom, to the room. Prachi asks Ranbir, why did she lock us in the room and left.

Ranbir says may be she wants us to love a bit. Prachi says I feel ashamed. He asks her to kiss him. Prachi refuses. Ranbir says I will do remarriage else. Prachi says no and says we will kiss and asks him to close his eyes, and count till 5. She starts counting. Akshay. Vishaka and Manpreet make Dadi rest on the bed. Akshay says I will call Pallavi aunty or Ranbir. Dida says what they will do, and asks him to call the doctor. Vishaka asks if you are that much hurt. Dida asks if I am lying.

Akshay says he will call the doctor who has come as guest. :Pallavi collides with Rhea’s goon and his phone falls down. Pallavi sees Mihika’s photo on his phone screen. He says sorry and goes. Pallavi thinks where is the kitchen, as she has to take coffee for Prachi and Ranbir. Mihika signs Mayank to come. Mayank signs her and calls someone. Mihika goes. The goon goes upstairs insearch of Mihika.

Akshay brings the doctor to the room. Vishaka says may be bone is broken. Manpreet tells that she is hurt. Manpreet says she will go out to inform Pallavi, but Dida stops her. Akshay says he will go, but Dida stops him and says she wants all the family around her, as her heart is weak. Akshay asks Doctor to check her. Doctor checks Dida. Dida acts to be in pain. Vikram sees her through the window and comes inside. He asks what happened? Dida tells that she is in pain and tells that she had fallen down. Vishaka says Dida’s heart is weak. Vikram is surprised and asks when did this happen. Dida says my son is joking even in this situation. Doctor says he will give her injection. Dida refuses. Vikram asks Doctor to give her injection.

Dida thinks if something goes wrong if she takes the injection, and thinks she can’t stop them for long. She stops Doctor and says her pain is gone. She gets up and walks and asks them to race. She thanks the God and says she has become well. Vikram says how did she get well so fast. Manpreet says miracle has happened. Vishaka says no engagement can be done.

Ranbir asks Prachi to kiss him. Prachi says you will kiss me, I will feel ashamed, you are a boy and shall kiss me. She says they shall do 1 2 3 4 5 again, and starts the countdown. Ranbir falls on the bed. Prachi kisses in air, opens her eyes and says you have vanished. Ranbir says I am beside you. Pallavi comes there. Prachi says she came to scold us. Pallavi says she had gone to make coffee, but saw kada ingredients and made it. She asks them to drink it. They drink it hesitantly and says it is bitter. Pallavi says she is taking Ranbir with her and asks Prachi to come outside after 5 mins. Ranbir says I miss you….Prachi says I miss you baklu. Pallavi takes him from there. Mihika searches for Mayank and the goon comes infront of her. Mihika is shocked. The goon tries to make her unconscious by making her smell chloroform.

Mayank comes there and hits something on his head. Mihika says thank god, you have come. Mayank says I had to come, as I am yours and you are mine. Mihika says actually I wanted to tell you that I can’t marry you as I….Mayank makes her smell chloroform and she faints. Pradeep comes there and covers shawl on her head, to take her from there.

Prachi thinks why my head is shaking up, goes to bathroom and washes her face. Ranbir asks Pallavi where she is taking him, as his head is shaking up. Pallavi says we have to go there and asks him to rest for sometime. Mayank hides unconscious Mihika, while Pradeep hides the goon, seeing Pallavi and Ranbir coming there. Once they go from there, Pradeep and Mayank take unconscious Mihika from there, and the waiter sees them taking her. He asks them to stop, but they leave. The waiter sees Mihika’s necklace and thinks to keep it, thinking it is of diamond. Prachi thinks to go out. She goes out of room.

Pandit ji asks Ashok to call them as he has to go somewhere else also. Ashok asks Divya to call Mihika. Divya says don’t know where is she. Manpreet, Vishaka and Akshay come there. Ashok asks where did they all go? He asks where is Mihika. Vishaka says we are searching both Ranbir and Mihika. Akshay says both are missing together. Pallavi brings Ranbir there. Manpreet says Ranbir is here. Vishaka says then where is Mihika? Pallavi says I found just Ranbir. Pandit ji asks how much time, will be taken? Vishaka says for engagement. Manpreet says it is engagement time. Ranbir says I can’t do engagement. Pallavi asks what? She recalls Ranbir and Prachi’s love confession. Vishaka asks why you don’t want to get engaged. Pallavi says that’s what I am asking. Ranbir says how can I get engaged without Mihika. Akshay says I thought you don’t want to get engaged, as your ex wife had come. Ranbir asks what you are saying and says my head is shaking up, and falls on the sofa. Vishaka asks if you are drunk. Pallavi says by mistake, but I made her drink kada, now he is fine. Shahana comes there and asks if anyone saw Prachi. Akshay says even I am searching her. Ranbir sees Prachi coming there and stumbling.

 Shahana asking if anyone saw Prachi. Akshay says no, even he is searching Prachi. Prachi comes there and says her head is shaking up. Akshay says it seems you both drank together. Dida says sometimes your talk seems to be misbehavior. Akshay asks really Dida, and says sorry. Prachi asks where is Mihika? Akshay asks Ranbir about Mihika. Ranbir asks him to call her. Akshay calls Mihika, but her phone rings there itself. He finds it under the table. Everyone gets worried. Ashok says she is not that kind of girl who leaves her phone anywhere. Ranbir says I will search Mihika. Everyone starts searching Mihika. Mayank keeps Mihika in the car and asks Pradeep to drive the car fast. Everyone comes back and says they didn’t find her. Dida asks where she could go? Akshay says she is not in the farm house. Divya says may be she went home. Pradeep asks Mayank what he will do now. Mayank says don’t know and tells that Mihika loves Ranbir now, and asks what is in him? Pradeep says nothing. Mayank says she wants to marry Ranbir. Pradeep asks where to take her, to your house? Mayank says my parents and wife are there, and asks him to take them to his (Pradeep’s) house. Everyone is searching Mihika still. Ranbir asks Akshay to call Mihika’s friend. Waiter comes there. His phone rings and he takes out his phone, and Mihika’s necklace falls down from his pocket. Pallavi says it is Mihika’s necklace. Manpreet says yes. Akshay asks waiter from where he got it? Waiter says he don’t know how he got it. Ranbir asks him to tell else they will take him to PS. The waiter tells that the girl was drunk, and two men were taking her outside. Ranbir scolds him for not informing them before. Divya says Mihika was not drunk, she was in her senses. Akshay asks waiter to tell who were they? Ranbir says I feel that Mihika was not drunk, but someone mixed something in her drink and took her. Manpreet says she is kidnapped. Vishaka says two people kidnapped her. Abhay says what will be their motive. Divya says may be money. Ranbir tells Akshay that they shall take waiter to PS, and he will say more there. Pallavi says may be it is Rhea’s work. Prachi goes behind Akshay and Ranbir. Ashok says he will call Police.

Rhea thinks till now there is no confirmation about Mihika’s kidnapping. Prachi comes to Rhea’s house and asks where is Mihika? Rhea asks her to get lost. Prachi gets inside calling Mihika. Rhea closes the door. Shahana comes there and knocks on the door, asking Rhea to open the door. Rhea asks what the hell you are doing here? Prachi asks where is Mihika? Rhea asks do you think that my lavish house is PS. Prachi asks her to tell where is Mihika? She takes Rhea’s call and says I am checking your call log. Rhea says let me make it easy for you, and says she didn’t get call till now. She says my lovely sister has become clever. Rhea pretends to make fake call and says cut Mihika into pieces. Prachi says don’t do this, and snatch phone from her hand. She finds that there is no call. She raises her hand to slap her, but Rhea holds her hand.

Akshay, Ranbir, Abhay and Vishaka come to the PS. Vishaka tells that Mihika is kidnapped before her engagement with Ranbir. The Inspector says may be she has left from home after the planning. Akshay and Ranbir tell that she is not like that. Inspector asks if she had boyfriend before. Ranbir says yes, but he got married and left her. Inspector says that’s why she left you for her boyfriend. Ranbir says she is not that type of girl and tells that he feels that she is kidnapped by two men, and reminds him of the waiter’s statement.

Rhea tells Prachi that she is her sister and not Mihika. She says she got her kidnapped by her men, and says now her engagement will not happen with my Ranbir. Prachi asks what you will get by doing this? Rhea says Mihika is not getting engaged to Ranbir today. Prachi asks what about tomorrow. Rhea asks how did you let Mihika come closer to Ranbir, and says Ranbir was between us. Prachi says Ranbir liked me, you and now Mihika. Rhea blames her. Prachi says you have always blamed me, and says you didn’t love Ranbir. Rhea says I love Ranbir always, and even now. Prachi says this is not love, but possessive, and obsession. She says if you had loved him then wouldn’t have talked this way. She says you can’t force someone to love you, you shall free him, if he returns to you then he is yours. Rhea says I can’t think this way, and asks her to wake up and says when someone slips from our hand, then he becomes of someone else. She says I will not be quiet. Prachi says you don’t understand and asks her to tell where is Mihika, else she will call Police. Rhea says you are the epitome of truth, my sister etc, and then says you have burnt my happiness always, and asks her to leave her alone for God’s sake.

Prachi says she will call Police. Rhea says my goon didn’t call me till now, and says if he don’t hear my voice, then he will make Mihika’s pieces. Prachi says she will call Police and can’t wait more. Rhea hits vase on her head and then tries to suffocate her neck with her hands, and asks her to die. Prachi feels short of breath. Ranbir comes there, saves Prachi and pushes Rhea. He asks Prachi if she is fine, and asks if she wants to come to doctor. Rhea tells Ranbir that he is thinking her wrong and says Prachi was trying to kill me. Ranbir asks if you are mad. Prachi says don’t say this. Ranbir says you like your sister a lot, now stay with her. He gets upset and turns to go. Prachi comes behind him and asks him to listen. Rhea takes the gun and tells that she always said that Ranbir is hers, and says if he can’t be mine, then he can’t be of someone else. She is about to shoot Ranbir. Prachi runs to Rhea and pushes Rhea so that the bullet hits somewhere else. She shouts asking Ranbir to go. Ranbir says he will not go alone, and takes Prachi with him. He closes the door. Rhea gets angry.

Pallavi tells everyone that they don’t know Rhea, she can go to any extent to get Ranbir. Ranbir asks Prachi to sit in the car. Prachi asks who has called him here? Shahana says she has called Ranbir here. Rhea threatens to shoot herself if he leaves. Ranbir says you love yourself so much and can’t kill yourself. Rhea thinks she knows that he will stop. Ranbir asks Rhea to shoot herself and says starts counting. Rhea doesn’t shoot herself. He says I know you loves yourself a lot. He sits in the car and drives off. Prachi tells Ranbir that Rhea has hired a goon to kidnap Mihika. Rhea tells that she will take her revenge.

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