Twist of fate update Monday 29 January 2024

Twist of fate 29 January 2024: The Episode starts with Abhay asking Akshay, why did Bua got down to go to temple. Akshay says Bua ji is religious and might have thought that Mihika will be found if she goes and prays in temple. Abhay asks why is he relaxed? Akshay says I don’t want Ranbir and Mihika’s engagement to happen, as Prachi doesn’t like him.

He says he wants the night to pass and Ranbir shall leave from their house, and says once I find her, I will make her understand and end Ranbir’s relation with her and our house. Abhay asks him to relax and drive calmly.

The Inspector comes to the farmhouse with the constable and finds Rhea’s goon there, and also handkerchief with chloroform. He calls Ranbir and tells him that he has found a goon who is in the wanted list, who might have kidnapped Mihika. Prachi tells Ranbir that she thinks that Rhea’s goon has not kidnapped Mihika. Ranbir tells Prachi that if he is right then they will reach Mihika. Pradeep takes Mihika to his house. He asks what to do? Mayank says I don’t know what to do, and asks him to bring charger. Mihika gains consciousness and finds herself in Pradeep’s house. She looks at Mayank and asks what did you do with me, I shouldn’t have trusted me. Mayank says but I trusted you. Mihika says I will leave. Mayank says I didn’t bring you so that you can go. He says you will not go anywhere.

Mihika asks him to leave her. Pradeep asks them to talk in low tone and says his neighbors might hear them. Mayank asks Pradeep to tie her hands. Pradeep gets tensed. Mayank himself ties her hands with a cloth. Mihika asks him to let her go. Ranbir comes to Mayank’s house and asks where is he? Mayank’s father asks him to come inside, and calls Mayank, but the call doesn’t connect. Mayank’s mother coughs. Prachi asks if she is fine. His mother says she is not fine. Mayank’s father says that they need bahu now, but Mayank left her in her mayka. He stumbles. Ranbir holds him and asks if he is fine. Mayank’s father says his son shall be like him, and says they want his love, but he wants just money.

Mayank tells Mihika that he has heard that she loves Ranbir. Mihika says you are already married. Mayank asks her not to make him angry and says he is booking tickets and they will run away from here. Someone knocks on the door. Pradeep and Mayank go to check, who is on the door. Mihika takes the phone and calls Ranbir.

She tells him that she is in Pradeep’s house, they have kept her captive here, and says she will send him location. Ranbir asks her to send. Pradeep and Mayank look outside, but nobody is outside. They come back and search for the phone.

Ashok tells Akshay is on the way after filing Police complaint. Manpreet tells Pallavi that you didn’t tell us that Rhea is so dangerous, and says if you had told us then we wouldn’t have planned this engagement. Dida asks her not to worry. Pallavi says once we find Mihika, we will call off this engagement and says she feels what Manpreet ji is going through and says I should have told how dangerous Rhea is, and says I thought that she has moved on and has mend her ways. She says I had thrown her out of the house last time. She says whoever tries to marry Ranbir, Rhea does the same thing with that girl. Dida asks what you are saying and takes her to side. Pallavi says Ranbir doesn’t want to do this marriage and tells her that Prachi and Ranbir were in the room together, and says they love each other a lot. She says if this marriage happens, then Rhea will show her other avatar and Mihika will become like Rhea.

She says they don’t stay together and don’t let each other stay with someone else. Dida asks her to be quiet. Pallavi says if truth changes if I stay silent then I would have been quiet. Akshay comes home and tells that Vishaka went to temple to pray. He gets live location sent by Mihika. Abhay says I will come with you. Akshay asks him to stay at home. He leaves with Manpreet and Pallavi.

Ranbir, Prachi and Shahana come to Pradeep’s house. Inspector also comes there and tells that they got Ranbir’s call. Akshay comes there with Manpreet and Pallavi. They also search Mihika, but she is not there. Akshay asks what Mihika was doing here? Ranbir says Mayank got her kidnapped, he was her ex boyfriend. Akshay says why he will kidnap her.

Rhea threatens to kill Mihika with the knife. A fb is shown, Rhea comes to Mayank’s house. Mayank finds his phone with Mihika. He asks what did you do? Pradeep opens the door and asks who are you? Rhea asks him to move and asks him to close the door. She asks if there is any room here which is not in the house. She holds Mihika’s neck and says she came to help them. Pradeep says storeroom. They take her to the storeroom. Police, Ranbir and others come there. Rhea tells Mayank that she has to send Mihika with him, to get Ranbir. Pradeep asks how did you know that Mihika is here. Rhea says I know how competent I am, and what I can do, to get my love. She says Ranbir is mine and will always be mine. Just then some books fall down due to Pradeep. Rhea and Mayank go to Pradeep. Mihika takes a chance and runs from there, shouting for help. Everyone hears her voice. Mihika comes there and sees Manpreet and others. She says Mom. Rhea hides seeing everyone. Mayank comes infront of them and says if Mihika tries to go away from me then I will commit suicide. He threatens to cut his wrist. Mihika says don’t do this. Rhea escapes from the window. Manpreet asks if he is Mayank. Mayank says he is her ex boyfriend and says if she goes away from him, then he will cut his wrist. Everyone is shocked.

 Inspector asking Mihika to come to them, and says we will handle him. Mayank asks him to be quiet and tells Mihika that if she goes away from him, then he will cut his wrist. He tells that he loved her so much, that he didn’t love anyone. He says I cheated on you, I am sorry that I couldn’t understand your love, I took so much time to understand that you are best.

He asks her not to go and says I will accept all your sayings, please don’t go away from me. He says I am sorry that I have to brought you here this way, as you was getting engaged. He says my love will never get less for you, if you go away from me then I will die. Mihika goes near him, takes knife from his hand and throws it, and then she hugs him shocking everyone. Ranbir goes to Mihika and says you are doing wrong, and says your good thing is this and even bad thing. He says this guy doesn’t love you, he is lying. Mayank asks him to be quiet. Ranbir says I know everything and says Mayank came to know recently that your Papa is a big business tycoon, and your brother has so much money, and that’s why he is feigning his love to snatch all their wealth, and says if you think that I am lying then this thing is told to me by his respected father. He says his Papa said that his son should have been like him, they want love, but don’t know what happened to him that he just wants money. A fb is shown, Prachi says we shall leave. Ranbir says we will leave in 2 mins. He asks Mayank’s father, why he says that. Mayank’s father says that he came to know about Mihika, his first girlfriend. Ranbir records in his mobile secretly. Mayank’s father tells that Mayank is taking divorce from his wife, who is good, and says I tried to make him understand, but he told that he didn’t know that Mihika is the daughter of Tandon from London, who gives us contracts, once he marries her, then he will become crorepati. Fb ends. Ranbir shows the video to Mayank. Mayank says this is fake video, I love you, you know about it. Mihika gets angry and asks Inspector to slap him. Mayank and Pradeep try to run, but Police catches them. Mihika hugs Manpreet and cries. Manpreet tries to pacify her.

Mihika then hugs Ranbir and cries. She thanks him for saving her again, and asks if you will get engaged to me even now. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Prachi gets sad. Ranbir says yes, I will do. Manpreet says all is well, that ends well. She says I will talk to Pandit ji, there is still mahurat. She thanks Ranbir and asks them to come. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Prachi looks at him and starts walking out with him.

Mihika then hugs Ranbir and cries. She thanks him for saving her again, and asks if you will get engaged to me even now. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Prachi gets sad. Ranbir says yes, I will do. Manpreet says all is well, that ends well. She says I will talk to Pandit ji, there is still mahurat. She thanks Ranbir and asks them to come. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Prachi looks at him and starts walking out with him.

They all reach home. Vishaka hugs Mihika and asks her to sit. Ashok asks if you are fine. He asks Akshay what had happened? Akshay tells him that Mihika’s ex boyfriend had kidnapped her. Manpreet says he had kidnapped her, and she was coming in his talks, but Ranbir showed her video in which Mayank’s father told him that it was Mayank’s trick to trap her for money. Mihika says he doesn’t love me. Divya and Abhay tell her that she is saved. Mihika says thanks to Ranbir, if something good happened with me then it’s Ranbir. Vishaka says all is well that ends well. Abhay says Tai ji said this too. Vishaka says it is an old saying. Aryan takes Ranbir from there. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other. Akshay notices this.

After sometime, Manpreet calls everyone for the engagement. She asks Prachi if all the arrangements are done. Prachi brings the rings. She is about to collide with Ranbir and looks at him. Ranbir sits with Mihika for the engagement and looks at Prachi still. Akshay are noticing them. Pandit ji chants the mantras and does their tilak. He then asks Mihika to make him wear ring first. Manpreet gives her ring. Divya says 1 second, I want to take video. Mihika makes Ranbir wear ring. Pandit ji then asks Ranbir to make her wear ring. Vishaka asks Ranbir to make her wear it. Ranbir gets nervous and looks at Prachi. He recalls making Prachi wear the ring, and puts the ring on her finger. Everyone claps. Prachi also claps while getting emotional.

Divya tells that Abhay and I want to announce. Abhay says we have a surprise. Divya tells that they will perform song on Dream girl 2 song. Ranbir says Dream girl was good. Abhay asks her to come for the performance. Shahana sees Prachi struggling with her emotions.

Abhay and Divya start dancing on the song dil ka telephone hai bajta ring ring . Mihika and Ranbir dance with them. Akshay comes to Prachi and dances with her. Mihika kisses on Ranbir’s cheeks while dancing. Pallavi, Manpreet, Vishaka and Shahana dance too. They then sit and see their performance. After the group performance, Mihika holds Ranbir’s hand and dances with him. Prachi goes to side and watch them dancing. Tu na hoke bhi mera……plays…..Mihika slips and pushes Prachi on Ranbir accidentally. Ranbir starts dancing with Prachi, while she tries to go. Akshay gets upset and drinks wine. Everyone looks at them. Ranbir holds Prachi and they continue dancing. He sings too.. Pallavi gets upset. Prachi goes with the flow and gets emotional while dancing. Akshay drinks more and then throws the glass near Prachi and Ranbir. Ranbir and Prachi get shocked, and so are others. Ashok asks if you are fine? Akshay comes to Ranbir and Prachi, and keeps her hand on Ranbir’s shoulder. He then keeps Ranbir’s hand on Prachi’s shoulder, and other hand on her cheeks.

He tells Vishaka that this is perfect, and says sorry yaar, I couldn’t see your dancing, while you both were dancing so closer. He asks them to stay together and not to go far. Prachi says Akshay….Akshay says I am your husband, and says I am giving you permission to dance with a stranger man while getting closer to him. Everyone is shocked.

 Vishaka trying to stop Akshay. Akshay stops her and tells that their performance is missing. He asks DJ to play the song. He asks Manpreet to stand there and see their performance. He says there shall be a good moment for Ranbir and Prachi. He drinks wine and breaks the glass. He asks what happened, dont you want to dance. He asks Ranbir to move back and asks Prachi to dance with him. He asks what happened if she is not getting any feelings, and says you are my wife. Ashok tries to stop Akshay. Akshay tells everyone that Ranbir is a disgusted person. He says he searches chances to roam around my wife like a housefly on the jaggery. Prachi is shocked and says Akshay. Ranbir asks what you are saying? Akshay says my wife herself provokes him and also lets him touch her. Ashok asks what nonsense you are saying? Akshay says I am talking, problem is in my wife, she don’t stop him and let him touch her, so problem is in her and not in Ranbir.

He says girl like you can’t get a good family, girl like you are disgusted, cheap and characterless. Ranbir gets angry and hits Akshay, asking how dare he to say bad about Prachi. He beats up Akshay. Akshay also hits him with his head. They both have a fight shocking all the family members and guests. Abhay tries to stop Akshay while Ashok and Aryan stop Ranbir. Ranbir says Akshay is saying nonsense and calls him mannerless. Akshay says I have proved my point, everyone saw. He says I was talking to my wife, then why did you get angry? He says my wife is not stopping you and giving you right. Ranbir gets angry and holds his neck.

Prachi asks Ranbir to leave Akshay for God’s sake. Ranbir asks why and with what right, I shall leave him. Akshay says Prachi likes you and when she likes you, then she will stop you. Manpreet gets angry and slaps Akshay. She says if you utter a word more then I will forget that you are my son. Prachi goes from there with tears in her eyes. Ranbir was about to go behind her. Akshay says Ranbir is going behind her. Ashok gets angry and says he dont want to talk to drunkard guy and asks Vishaka to make him come out of inebriated affect. Vishaka says what to do? Pallavi says I will make kada. Vishaka goes to help her. Akshay says I am not drunk and says you all are inebriated and blind in Ranbir’s trust. Ashok asks him to sit quietly. Dida asks them to close his mouth and says people are listening and then will taunt us.

Pallavi makes kada and brings there. They ask him to drink. Ranbir makes him drink forcibly and asks Pallavi when he will be fine. Pallavi says in 5-10 mins.

Prachi goes to room and recalls Akshay’s words. She takes her trolley and keeps her clothes in it. Shahana tries to stop her and asks where you are going? Prachi says I don’t want to talk. Shahana says you are doing the right thing, and asks why you didn’t answer Akshay and was listening silently, he was raising finger on your character. Prachi says the person who doesn’t value you, you shall not waste time on him. Akshay comes out of drunkard state. Ranbir goes to him angrily, but everyone stops him. Dida asks if you remember now. Akshay realizes what he did and looks for Prachi. Mihika asks what does you think that you are a great personality, and says you don’t how to talk, and asks him to have some manners. She asks if you are mad to say that Ranbir is interested in Prachi. She says you are forcing me to tell the truth to everyone and tells that he had risked her life to save his life. She says he is a scared little rat, when the attack happened in the mall, Prachi was on the gun point and you had hidden yourself in the corner, then Ranbir saved Prachi. She says if my Ranbir was not there then Prachi bhabhi wouldnt have been saved. She says I made you understand many times, but you don’t understand.

Akshay says everyone knows that you are mad and asks her to mind her tongue whenever she talks to him. He says you can’t handle a relation and wants to marry Ranbir. Ashok scolds Ranbir and says if you had any problem then you would have talked to him. He asks if you are jealous of him, as he is better than you. He asks him to go and apologize to Prachi. Manpreet asks him to apologize as he has done wrong. Vishaka says you have hurt Prachi and made her upset, and asks him to go and convince her. Ranbir says if you don’t accept your mistake then Prachi can leave. Akshay says I will apologize to her and you also. He says sorry to Ranbir and goes.

Shahana asks Prachi to take her charger. Prachi is about to leave and sees Akshay. Akshay asks what you are doing? Prachi asks him to move from her way. Akshay says sorry. Prachi asks for what? Akshay says I have accused you. Prachi says you can’t accuse or blame me, and says if you think that I am hurt and feeling bad due to your dirty mind then you are wrong. She says I am angry on myself and I am foolish not to understand you. She says I thought you are good and sensible, but today you have shown me how was your thoughts? Akshay says I was not in my senses. Prachi says you was standing on your feet, and was shouting my name and accusing me. She says you was in your senses. Akshay says if you leave me then I will be ruined.

Prachi says I didnt take responsibility to make your life better. She says this relation was truthful now as we had friendship relation, but now there is no friendship too. Akshay asks Shahana to make her understand and asks Prachi to listen. Ashok and Manpreet see Prachi coming there with her bag. Prachi says I am leaving the house because of Akshay, and not because of them. She thanks Manpreet for taking care of her, and says I will not stay where I am not respected. Ranbir tells Prachi that he will drop her. Prachi says she don’t need him and says I have bear so much because of you. Ranbir says what did I do? He says Akshay insulted me too, and says if his thought is dirty about you, then it is dirty for me too. He says Akshay has assassinated my character too, and asks if I try to trap you.

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