Twist of fate update Sunday 21 January 2024

Twist of fate 21 January 2024: The Episode starts with Ranbir telling that Prachi is going to do decoration of the entire house for us. Manpreet says Prachi didn’t know that the house is so big. Ranbir says Prachi is very much happy from her heart as she will get rid of me finally, and then says with Mihika, as you all know how is nanand and bhabhi relation. Mihika says Bhabhi loves me a lot.

Ranbir says then she will love me too. Divya says she loves you too and that’s why decorating the house herself. Prachi says no, never and tells that she is happy to do the decoration and can’t wait to get rid of Ranbir. Everyone is confused. Prachi says I stand by it, and will not change my decision and says I love Mihika very much, and asks why will I get rid of her, if I have to get rid of someone then it is Ranbir.

Shahana says Prachi jokes a lot and tells that their relation is such. She says in our house, bhabhi teases Nanand’s husband. Manpreet says it happens. Ranbir says I thought Prachi is not joking. Akshay asks him to increase his sense of humour and smiles when needed. Prachi laughs and says right Akshay. Manpreet tells Prachi that they shall go to storeroom, to make arrangements for the lights. They go to storeroom. Shahana asks Prachi if something happened between Ranbir and you. Prachi says she don’t want to talk. Manpreet asks what? Shahana lies to her that she don’t want to talk to her about her office. Prachi says you are liar like Ranbir. Manpreet shows the lights and decoration stuff and says you should have taken responsibility of food or other things, but you wanted to decorate, you are different. Shahana says yes.

Akshay says he has told everyone about their rooms and sent their stuff in their respective rooms. Vishaka asks Mihika and Divya to practice dance later. The decorators come there. Vishaka asks them to drink tea and then do the work, says she will explain to them. Akshay tells Prachi that he will help her in the decoration, as even he is happy with the engagement.

Mihika asks Prachi to help her. Abhay talks to Shahana. Aryan says he knows her well and says she is headache. Shahana says he is jealous. Manpreet asks Ashok not to make any call now and takes phone from his hand. Ashok asks what is this childishness.

Vishaka comes to the kitchen and looks for the tea dust. She climbs the ladder. Ranbir comes there and asks her to get down, asks if she don’t want engagement to happen. Vishaka asks what you are doing here. Ranbir says he can come anywhere and asks why did she climb the ladder. Vishaka says she wants tea dust. Ranbir gives its canister to her. Vishaka says you are good and your mother is also good, and likes Mihika. She asks him about his mother. Ranbir says the girl Mummy doesn’t like, my relation couldn’t go longer with her. Vishaka asks if she used to dislike his first wife. Ranbir says he was going to bathroom and goes. Vishaka thinks he loves his first wife even now. Aryan looks at Prachi and thinks she got married to Akshay due to me, and thinks he has done this blunder. Akshay looks at him and comes to him. He warns him not to see his wife. Aryan asks if he is psycho and tells him that Prachi is his sister. Akshay says psycho and presses his hand…says he don’t want anyone to look at his wife. Aryan thinks there is something wrong with him surely.

Mihika sees Mayank’s 44 missed calls and thinks he is mad. She senses his presence, just then she sees Mayank coming there indisguise holding the bouquet. He goes inside. Aryan stops Ranbir and asks what do you think of yourself? Ranbir asks what did I do? Aryan says that he doesn’t like the guy whom Prachi has married. Ranbir says Prachi likes him, and says everything is changed now. He says even I am not the same. Aryan says there is something wrong with that guy and says there was something scary and dangerous in him, like he was devil in human body. Ranbir says he is normal and tells that when the attack happened in mall, he didn’t save Prachi and was sitting. He says we can’t do anything, as Prachi has chosen him, and says there is no point in arguing.

Mihika goes to her room. Mayank comes there and locks the door. He asks why you are doing this engagement. Mihika says I am trying that the engagement shall not happen. He says you can’t marry someone else. Mihika says I am not marrying him. Mayank asks if you think me mad and says if you are not marrying him then what is this? He gets angry and then says sorry. He asks her to promise that she will not do this marriage and will not do this engagement too. Mihika says I will go and talk, and can’t talk to you right now. Mayank says until you return, I will die. He keeps knife on his wrist. Mihika snatches knife from his hand and throws it. She slaps him and asks if he is mad? He says he is mad to marry someone else and hugs her and cries. Mihika says I will cancel the engagement. Mayank says if you can’t cancel it, then run away with me, promise me. Mihika nods her head. Mayank kisses her hand.

Ranbir recalls whatever Aryan said about Akshay. He then thinks I shall not think about Prachi, if she wants to show that she is happy with Mihika and my alliance, then I shall not think. He says I should have sent Aryan back and thinks they are confronting his feelings. Ranbir coming to his room. Prachi comes there and then realizes it is not her room. She goes. Ranbir closes the door angrily. Prachi knocks on the door. Ranbir opens the door. Prachi says you are very brave, but don’t show bravery on the door. Ranbir asks her to pack her bags and meet me on the terrace and says we will run from here. Prachi asks what you are saying? Ranbir takes her inside the room and asks what does this mangalsutra mean, which is given by me. He says you love me even now and lies about your feelings to me. Prachi says I don’t love you. Ranbir says you lie about your feelings. Prachi says it doesn’t matter to me, as your presence doesn’t matter to me. Ranbir asks her to say again. Prachi says I don’t care for your presence here. She goes. Ranbir closes the door. He says I will also show that you don’t matter to me in my life, and I will show that I don’t care about her.

Akshay sees Prachi coming downstairs and admires her. He thinks he is really lucky as he has her and she is with him in his life, but sorry I will not bear if anyone sees you. He says he was possessive boyfriend, but now much like this. He thinks he fears that Ranbir will win her heart. He thinks he shall not be insecure much. He gets Pallavi’s call and she tells that she is leaving with her family. Akshay asks her to come fast. Pallavi says I can’t wait to come there, and says I want to reach my son fast. She asks Vikram and Dida to come fast.

Shahana asks Prachi shall I ask something and asks if she will get angry. Prachi asks what? Shahana asks if she talked to Ranbir. Prachi says she went to his room mistakenly and he asked me to run away with him. He then asked me about the mangalsutra which is given by him. She says how can he think that I will run away with him, and says he knows that this is my sasural, and home and I am married. Shahana asks Prachi, why you are wearing Ranbir’s name mangalsutra even now. Prachi says I will tell some other time and goes. Shahana thinks Prachi is hiding something from him.

Akshay asks Ranbir if his mood is off, and asks what happened? Ranbir recalls Prachi’s words and gets upset. He says I was fine before you came here, and when you came here, don’t know why I got angry and says I get mad seeing your face, and asks why you are such. Akshay says I was about to say this to you, why you are becoming, which you shall not become. Ranbir says we shall fight openly one day, atleast we will know why we are fighting. Akshay says I tell you clearly that I don’t like you. Ranbir says I want to know the reason. Akshay says you know the reason, my heart says. Ranbir says that is the reason which is your heart saying. Akshay asks him to ask what his heart is saying. Ranbir says it is your heart and I don’t want to know why you dislike me. He says I am good and that’s why you are giving Mihika’s hand in my hand. He says there is so much going in my mind and asks him to be happy as Prachi is happy. He says atleast try and goes from there.

Mihika and Prachi are hanging the decorative curtain while standing on the ladder. Prachi falls first. Ranbir runs to hold her. Mihika also slips. Ranbir holds Prachi while Mayank holds Mihika from falling down. Akshay gets angry and asks Ranbir why did he hold Prachi, and says he should have saved Mihika. Ranbir says what is the problem, she is saved. Mihika goes to Ranbir and tells Akshay that Ranbir was that side and saved Prachi. She says it is too much now. Ranbir tells Prachi that Mihika is fighting for me and you are just watching. Prachi says she will fight for you as she is your would be wife. She says Akshay fought for me as he is not liking it what you have done. Ranbir asks what did I do? Prachi says I can’t say anything. Ranbir asks Akshay to get his mind treated, as he is doubtful that he is interested in his wife and is behind her. He says for your kind information, I am not interested in Prachi and she doesn’t mean to me. Shahana thinks I know why you are saying this. Abhay asks Ranbir not to make an issue. Ranbir asks if I shall react like Akshay and says I shall scold Sardar ji for holding Mihika, asking him how dare he to save her.

Prachi asks Shahana to come. Mihika asks Akshay, not to behave this way next time and goes. Abhay asks why she is increasing Akshay’s anger. Mihika says she don’t want to understand. Mihika goes to her room. Mayank follows her and asks what was it, why you are favoring Ranbir, and asks if you have any relation with him, you are taking his side as if you are his wife. He gets angry and then says sorry. Mihika says that’s why I run away from you, and asks why he has so much anger and fight with her. He says he loves her immensely and she is his life, love, enemy, wife, etc. He says when there is immense love, then anger is also there. Mihika asks him to give sometime and says if you had shown immense love then this wouldn’t have happened.

She asks why he is loving her suddenly, when he don’t used to pick her calls and ignores her. Mayank asks if you love me? Mihika says give some time to me and goes. Mayank calls his friend and asks him to come there. His friend asks him to send address and says he will come.

Shahana comes to kitchen and asks Prachi what she thought and says we shall run away from here, for forever. She says how Akshay was talking to you, if he has gone mad. She says he is saying that he has right on you. Prachi says don’t say anything and says I don’t want to invite any problems. She says I want engagement to happen fast, so that she can take bath in Ganga after that. Ranbir comes there. Prachi says everyone wants to think themselves as hero, and says she don’t need anyone, but people comes in her life. She says it is her life and she wants anyone. She cuts her finger while chopping the vegetable. Shahana is about to go to her, but Ranbir stops her and asks didn’t you hear what she said that she don’t need anyone.

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