Twist of fate update Sunday 19 November 2023

Twist of fate 19 November 2023:  Ranbir looking at his cupboard and thinks what to wear, he doesn’t like to celebrate and Mummy has thrown surprise birthday party. He gets Mohit’s call, who asks which site shall be booked for hotel launch. Ranbir asks why? Mohit says today evening is the party for the partnership with Akshay. Ranbir asks him to cancel the party. He calls Akshay.

Akshay picks the call and asks what’s up? Ranbir says yes, and tells that he can’t have the party today. Akshay asks if partnership is cancelled. Ranbir says no, and tells that he can’t be at two places at the same time. He says his mummy has thrown his birthday party, which he had forgotten. Akshay says you have forgotten your birthday. Ranbir says yes. He tells that they shall keep the collaboration party in his birthday party and asks him to send the numbers of guests whom he shall invite. Akshay says ok. Prachi is sitting infront of him. Akshay tells her that today is the collaboration party.

Pallavi comes there and selects clothes for him. She asks him to get ready and says she has forgotten the flowers. Ranbir says I will book the flowers. He calls Laali and asks her to bring flowers to his house for decoration, and also invites them for his birthday. Laali asks did you forget that you have beaten my boyfriend yesterday. Ranbir says yes I feel that you will come, as I am calling you for work and I will give you 25000 Rs for your work, and says it’s ok if you don’t want. Laali says I will bring the flowers. Ranbir says I had beaten your boyfriend.

She says she will bring flowers and says business is different and asks him to send the address. Khushi hears her. Ranbir thinks Chikchiki gave him good idea, give work to Laali, and she will talk to him about Khushi.

Ashok comes to Akshay. Akshay says he is going to Ranbir’s house for his birthday party, and for collaboration party also. Ashok asks him to propose Prachi at the earliest else someone else will take her. Akshay asks if you are scaring me. Ashok tells him that he didn’t tell his mother also. He tells that his friend used to love his wife, and when he showed her, he fell in love with her, but didn’t say anything to his friend. He says he got his friend job done in Australia, so he went there. He says then I wooed your mother and married her. Akshay says what did you do? Ashok says until you get your love, it is not yours. Akshay takes his clothes and asks about his friend Katiyal. Ashok says he has broken friendship with me, but I have no regrets. Akshay says I didn’t know that you are so clever.

Shahana says Prachi is upset and doesn’t answer well. Dadi says today she is fighting with good memories, as today is Ranbir’s birthday. Shahana says that’s why she was behaving strangely. Dadi says if the past becomes the part of today, then it is not forgettable. She says the past is coming infront of her. Shahana says Prachi’s pain has increased since she came here and says she gets some happiness due to Khushi. Dadi and Shahana think to give her some time.

Prachi recalls celebrating Ranbir’s birthday. A fb is shown, Ranbir likes the decoration and teases her asking for kiss. He asks her to promise to celebrate his birthday always. She promise him and asks him to promise that he will always love her forever. He says I will love more and more, irrespective of whatever she does. He tries to kiss on her cheeks. Prachi asks him to cut the cake and sings happy birthday song, when he cuts the cake. She asks him to promise that he will make her eat cake first. He asks her to always stand infront of him, and says when the candle light falls on you, you look very beautiful.

She promises him and wishes him happy birthday. Fb ends. Dadi comes to Prachi and informs her that Akshay has come. Prachi says ok and goes out. Akshay asks her why she is not yet ready for the collaboration party. Prachi asks when did you tell me? Akshay asks her to go and get ready fast, and tells that he has to give cheque to his partner. Prachi goes to get ready. Akshay asks how you both bear her.

Dadi says you have lied to her, that you already told her about party. Akshay says if I haven’t lied then she wouldn’t have got ready to come with me. Dadi and Shahana tell that Prachi doesn’t like if someone lies and asks him not to lie next time. He says you are scaring me.

Prachi comes ready. Akshay looks at her. Prachi asks what is the matter, tell me else will tell in car. Dadi asks him to go and talk to her on the way. Prachi thinks what happened to him, he is mad. Akshay leaves. Shahana tells Dadi that Akshay is mad. Dadi says he is mad in Prachi’s love. Shahana says now what will happen. Dadi says don’t know what is written in her destiny and says she shall get happiness.

Aryan comes to Dida and gives call to her, says your sister called. Dida takes the call. Pallavi asks her to call her Badi Dida. Dida talks to her Didi. Badi Dida asks her to give call to Ranbir. Dida says Ranbir came from office, he is getting ready. Badi Dida says we are getting ready to come there, and tells that they haven’t missed his party in 5 years. Dida says ok and tells Pallavi and Aryan that they are coming and they have to keep it as surprise. Ranbir comes to Dida and Pallavi, and says I want to request you something and asks if I can call my friends. Pallavi asks why you didn’t tell before. Ranbir tells that his company has collaborated with Akshay Tandon’s company and that’s why he wants to call them to celebrate the collaborated. He says he has suggested the idea of merger of the party. Aryan asks if business is expanding and asks why you didn’t tell me. Ranbir says when I come here, you was celebrating happy birthday, and when I see it, I remember Prachi. He stops thinking about her.

Aryan asking Ranbir why he didn’t tell them before about his partnership. Ranbir says when I have come, I wanted to tell you all, but you was celebrating my birthday and when I see happy birthday then I think of Pra….Aryan asks who? Ranbir says nobody. He asks shall I call them. Dida says you can call anyone. Aryan says it is good business deal celebration will also happen with your birthday.

Ranbir says he has a special surprise for them and says someone is coming here, who will bring a lot of happiness. Pallavi, Dida and Aryan asks Khushi. Ranbir says yes, Khushi will come. They all get happy. Pallavi says guests will come and asks him to help in some arrangements. Later Pallavi sees Vikram. Vikram says thank god, I came on time.

Pallavi says guests are coming, you are on time. She says do you know what your son has done. Vikram says today he is born. Pallavi says your son got a big project. He says I know. Pallavi says he got financers and a partnership with a big company. Vikram gets happy and hopes that everything shall be good. He has a strong feeling that everything will be good. Pallavi says we will have just happiness, someone good steps have come here, and we got lucky.

Akshay and Prachi are on the way. He asks why is she silent? Prachi says nothing. He asks why she was upset in office also. Prachi says everything is fine. Akshay says I understand you somewhat and says I am not like those who force the other person to say. He asks her to take her time. He says I can tell you, where we are going? He says his name is Ran…Prachi gets Priya’s call and she asks him to send the file and she will send her correction. She is talking to Priya and goes inside Ranbir’s house.

Akshay thinks he didn’t get a chance to tell her about coming to Ranbir’s house for party. Pallavi sees Khushi and is happy. Vikram is happy to see her happy. Pallavi says I had told you about khushi. Vikram says you was emotional about her. She takes him to meet Khushi. Khushi greets them. Vikram smiles. Laali asks where to decorate these flowers. Pallavi says I will tell you.

Vikram looks at Khushi and says her face resembles to Ranbir. Pallavi says you say anything and goes. She asks Laali to do floral decoration here. Ranbir comes there. He lifts Khushi and hugs her. Khushi gives him flower with birthday wish. She says she heard cook and waiter talking that today is your birthday and was telling that you are very good, take care of everyone, think about everyone, and says I felt good, as if they are talking about me. She says she regards him as his family. Ranbir says I felt from within and thanks her, for the huge happiness. She asks him to read the predicted message.

He reads today you will meet your love. Ranbir asks why you give me message about love. Khushi says because you are lovely like my Parvati. She says you both are same. Pallavi comes there. Ranbir asks Laali if he can show house to Khushi. Laali says yes. She thinks he seems to be rich, whoever is rich between Parvati and Shiv, will get khushi.

Prachi comes inside talking to Priya and doesn’t realize she is in Kohli house. She ends the call and slips. Akshay holds her. Ranbir sees her and recalls taking promise from her. They walk towards each other. She says happy birthday. Ranbir says today is my birthday, if you will not give me kiss. She kisses on his cheeks and smiles. It turns out to be Ranbir’s imagination. Prachi is still standing with Akshay. Akshay goes to wish Ranbir happy birthday. Vikram looks at Prachi. Khushi runs to Prachi and hugs her. She says I was talking to Shiv about you. Akshay asks Prachi to wish Ranbir. Prachi wishes happy birthday to Ranbir. Ranbir thanks her for coming. Prachi says she doesn’t know that it is your birthday party, I have come for collaboration party. She gets emotional and goes from there. Ranbir tells Vikram that Prachi works for Akshay.

Prachi gets emotional seeing the chair and recalls Ranbir and her moments. She gets teary eyes. Pallavi comes there and asks her to stop. She says 6 years is much, I am not complaining, you are here and you are fine. Prachi asks what about you? Pallavi says I am standing where you had left me. She says our relation was not ideal or cordial, and I realized this when you left from temple without saying anything.

Prachi says it was not like that. Pallavi says it was unexpected for me and says thanks for keeping puja for Ranbir. Prachi says she keeps puja for all the family members. Pallavi says when I saw you in PS, I saw you alive after 6 years. She says we have moved on, and asks her to moved on. Prachi says even I have moved on. She says she is going to washroom. Pallavi thinks to talk to Prachi someday and tell her what Khushi means to them.

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