Imlie starlife update Tuesday 21 November 2023

Imlie 21 November 2023: Keya shows footprints on floor to the family and says someone entered their house. Imlie says she had come late last night. Keya asks not to teach her as she can see 2 people’s footprints with one of a child. Divya excitedly takes pics of footprints and says mata rani has given them darshan and their problems will be solved. Divya says if that can happen, then mata rani would have listened to her prayers and sent back Atharva.

Divya continues her excitement and takes Shivani and Manish to make pooja arrangements. Kairi watching the drama hiding thinks they are considering her as Seeta maiya. Dhairya tries to speak to Imlie. Imlie says she considered him as friend, but he betrayed her and made her feel alone. Dhairya apologizes her and tries to explain. Imlie says she doesn’t trust anyone and hopes she gets back her daughter, only then she won’t feel alone, looking at Rudra.

Atharva tongue lashes for Chini for letting Kairi go and says he forgot in these 5 yeas that Chini is not Kairi’s mother. Chini says she will accompany him to search for Kairi. Atharva warns her to stay away and leaves home. Chini sits crying. Anu hears their conversation over phone. Kairi searches for her mother in Rana house. She walks to Atharva’s room first where she sees Devika. Devika cries looking at Atharva’s pic and says she felt his presence in Goa and she is performing pooja for him. Chini looks at guitars and plays piano. Devika searches the room thinking its Atharva. Kairi hides. Shivani comes there and asks her to come down for pooja. Devika says she felt Atharva’s presence. Shivani takes her down saying she needs this pooja more than Atharva.

Shivani notices Imlie leaving home and asks where is she going. Imlie says she is going to police station to follow up on her daughter’s missing complaint. Shivani says one mother Devika is crying for her son there and another mother Imlie is searching for her daughter here, Imlie should attend aarti for Atharva with Devika and make Devika feel good. Imlie says she lost her right on Atharva, recalling Atharva saying Chini is Kairi’s mother. Shivani asks why is she saying that and takes her for aarti. Family plays aarti on a music player and performs pooja. Chini passes by a speaker and breaks its wire by mistake. Shivani asks servant to check music player. Servant informs that music player’s wire is broken, he needs time to refix it. Shivani asks who will sing aarti now. Imlie sings aarti. Kairi feels hungry and eats laddu kept for Devimaa and falls asleep behind the idol.

After aarti, Divya notices prasad laddu missing and says she told them that mata has visited their house. Shivani says someone must have eaten prasad. Divya says she is sure mata rani visited them last night and is with them now. She asks Imlie if she believes her or not. Imlie says mata rani is present with them always and gives a lengthy moral gyaan. Atharva returns home and apologizes Chini seeing her crying for Kairi. Chini assures him that god will bring their Kairi back home.

Imlie reaches police station. Inspector sarcastically asks why she didn’t visit police station since a few days. Imlie says she had gone out of station for a few days and asks if they got information about her daughter. Constables laugh on her and says the can find her daughter only if she has any pic or sketch. Imlie sits to draw her daughter’s sketch. Inspector says Imlie saw her daughter’s face only once when her daughter was born, let’s see what she draws. Imlie closes her eyes and draws a sketch and is shocked to see its Kairi.

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