Twist of fate update Monday 20 November 2023

Twist of fate 20 November 2023: Ranbir and Akshay are talking. Priya comes there. Ranbir says you didn’t tell me that you have called her and says guests will come for office project party. Akshay says he has brought only special guests. He says Prachi is strange, says she don’t enjoy the party and is making Priya also do the work.

Ranbir thinks he is in love with Priya and thinks tell clearly that Prachi is making love of your life do the work, so you are angry with her. He asks him to enjoy and chill with Priya. Akshay asks enjoy. Ranbir says you said that Priya couldn’t enjoy due to Prachi. Akshay asks him not to leave him. Vikram calls him. Ranbir asks him to enjoy and goes. Akshay says he behaves weird sometimes and asks Priya to show the file.

Vikram asks Ranbir if Akshay knows Prachi and your past. Ranbir says I don’t know. He says we are having just business deal. Vikram asks what about Prachi, if it is business deal for her? Ranbir says may be, I didn’t peep in her heart, I don’t know. Vikram says Prachi had gone to temple today, to do puja for you. Ranbir asks why Mom didn’t tell me. Vikram says it is weird for us, and says we are uncomfortable in this situation. Ranbir says few things which are habituated, doesn’t go easily. Prachi comes to her room and recalls Ranbir and her good moments. Khushi comes there.

She asks why you are worried. Prachi says no. Khushi makes her sit on sofa and says badi dadi says when a person smiles by heart, her eyes are small, and when a person smiles fake, then her eyes are big. She asks why you was smiling fakely and asks her to tell. Prachi says you are really my happiness. Khushi asks her to smile for her. Prachi says how can you talk so wise. She says whoever understands well is wise and says she learns a lot while selling flowers on the signal.

Prachi hugs her and asks if her Maayi talks to her nicely. Khushi says yes, you have done magic on her, she makes me have tasty food. Laali comes there and says Khushi, you are here and asks her to help her. Prachi asks how you are Laali ji? Laali says when you give me so much respect, my heart gets happy. Prachi asks her to be good. Laali says you gave me a big order of 50000 Rs, now my head don’t get hot due to poverty. She asks Khushi to come and do the work. Khushi asks Prachi to smile genuinely and goes. Prachi goes out of the room.

Dida comes to the kitchen and asks the cooks to send the snacks and cold drinks to the guests. Dida says Badi Dida is calling. Pallavi asks her to pick the call. Dida says I can’t talk to her and says you know who is coming with her. Pallavi says we can’t snatch someone’s rights for someone else. She asks her to ask her to get ready for surprise. Pallavi picks the call. Badi Dida asks where is choti? Pallavi asks where is she? Badi Dida gives call to Rhea. Rhea takes the call. Pallavi asks where are you, there is a surprise for you. Rhea says she is coming.

Prachi thinks to make an excuse and leave from the party. She collides with Ranbir and their hands touches. Ranbir thanks her. Akshay tells Priya that don’t she think that she shall tell Prachi to enjoy and let others also enjoy. He asks am I right? Priya says you are right. Prachi looks at Ranbir. Akshay says she is very beautiful, how can anyone be so beautiful, and tells that she shall be arrested. Priya thinks he is saying some other girl and says we saw her just now. Akshay says even you are beautiful, so shall you want to get arrested too. He says media has come.

Prachi tells Ranbir that she didn’t know about his birthday today. He says Mummy saw you in the temple. Prachi says it is your misunderstanding. Dida thinks Rhea is going to come here, what is going to happen.

Akshay welcomes the media and announces his collaboration with Ranbir’s company. He says he is opening his own company to collaborate with Ranbir’s company and tells that they will be business partners now. He calls Prachi to them and tells that Prachi has a big hand in bringing Ranbir and him together. He says Dad called him here to learn some work and make his life better. He says Prachi has made them meet and gives her credit for their partnership. The reporter asks when the work will start. Ranbir says we will start fully fledged work from tomorrow. Another reporter asks the reason for their partnership. Akshay says it is obvious, two competent people’s have same aim, ie happy and bright future.

The reporter asks about partnership ratio. Ranbir says if we shall tell all the secrets and says whatever we deserve will get. Prachi excuses herself. She sees Dida and is about to touch her feet, but Dida stops her. Pallavi asks why you stopped her from touching your feet. Dida says you know everything and then also asking. She gets sad. Vikram asks Dida to come with him and says he needs help.

Ranbir and Akshay come to the bar counter. Ranbir asks for juice. Akshay says we can drink occasionally, else why you set up this bar. Ranbir tells that many people are here, it doesn’t look nice to drink infront of them. Akshay says it is dry party today. Ranbir says we will drink when meet alone. Akshay says you are having good values and not mischievous too. Ranbir sees Priya and says love of your life is here, and might think you wrong, as we don’t realize how much we will drink. He says we might tell something wrong in drunkard state.

Vikram asks Dida to see Khushi carefully. Dida says she is our Khushi, helping her mother. Vikram asks why you are not understanding me? Dida says what you want to show me. Vikram says Khushi looks like our Ranbir. Prachi hears him.

Vikram telling Dida that Khushi looks like Ranbir. Dida asks him to come with her. Prachi hears and gets upset. She tells Laali that she has some work with Khushi and will take her for 2 mins. She says she will send someone to help her. Akshay tells Ranbir that even he don’t want to drink infront of her, don’t want to lose respect if she respects me. Ranbir asks if she don’t respect me. Akshay says she respects me, but insults too on my face, but Dad says that she shows me mirror.

Ranbir says she shows your reality. Akshay says she tells me what I don’t know about me. Ranbir asks if your Dad knows about her. Akshay says my Dad is my number 1 friend and you are number 2. Ranbir asks what is his decision? Akshay says Dad knows that I love her, he is super happy and this girl is his first preference and he is happy that I love her. Ranbir says you are lucky, whoever you love, your family will hate her, and tells that he will be sandwiched then and will suffer.

Akshay asks did you bear all this. Ranbir recalls and says yes, I have suffered and bear everything. He says I will tell you everything when we have drink in hand. Ashok calls Akshay. Akshay tells Ranbir that his dad will ask him if he proposed her.

Prachi takes khushi to room, and tells her that she looks like her. Khushi says yes, and tells that you are very beautiful and tells that she likes Alia bhatt also, but you are more beautiful. Laali calls khushi. Khushi says maayi is calling me. Prachi says you look like me. Khushi says yes, I look like you. Prachi gets dadi’s call and tells her that Khushi looks like her. Dadi asks what? Prachi says Ranbir’s father saw him in her. Dadi says that’s why you are competing. Prachi ends the call and thinks Khushi looks like her.

Ranbir takes Akshay to the terrace and asks him how he is going to propose her. Akshay says yes and shows the ring. Ranbir asks him to go and propose her. Akshay says he didn’t have courage, and Dad is calling again and again. He says I used to prepare for speech, but when she is infront of me, I couldn’t say. He says he has been proposing her since 3 years, but she is rejecting him. He says when I came here, I proposed her, but she refused.

Ranbir says how is this possible and says you are good, then why she refused since 3 years. He asks how do you propose? Akshay says I take ring and asks her, will you marry me? He says she refuses. Ranbir asks who propose this way and asks him to propose infront of him. Akshay bends down on his knees and asks will you marry me? Ranbir asks if this was best, and says the girl you love so much, ordinary proposal for her. He asks her to make her feel more special. Akshay asks how to make it special, and asks him to tell?

Rhea tells Badi Dida that she is very happy and don’t know how to control. She is happy that she will meet everyone. She stops the car at the bakery and buys cake for Ranbir, and gets happy birthday Ranbir written on it. She comes back to car. Badi Dida says you are very happy today as you are going to meet your love. Rhea says it is not like that. She smiles.

Akshay comes behind Ranbir and says you was telling me and came here. Ranbir thinks how to tell him. He goes to Laali and asks if projector can fit here. Laali says yes. Akshay asks what is he going to do. He asks if you are going to propose someone. Ranbir recalls and a fb is shown. Ranbir is about to propose Prachi and asks her for a chance and says I am practicing since a long time. She asks him not to propose and says I will refuse you. He asks for a chance and asks her to turn and act as she saw him just now.

He sits and reads his proposal seeing the paper. She asks him to fix big screen behind and propose her reading it. Ranbir pulls her closer and says I love you, will you marry me. Prachi says Ranbir Kohli, my answer is yes, yes, yes, I will marry you Baklu. Ranbir says chikchiki. Fb ends.

Akshay asks Ranbir to come and help him. Laali thinks they don’t want decoration, but Khushi. She thinks to decide, to whom she shall give Khushi, to Ranbir or Prachi. Ranbir tells Akshay that he will tell him, and asks him not to do what he was doing. He asks him to keep his heart open infront of her, and says things will come out from your heart automatically. He asks him to make her feel that you love her the most in this world, nobody else can love her more than you. He asks him to make her believe that you will never hurt her, your love will never get less for her, you will love her always in every situation, and will not leave her hand and support. He says make her believe that there is no girl, only she is there for you.

Akshay says lets try. He says I love you, will you marry me? He says I love you when you are fine and will love you more when you are not fine. A waitress hears the proposal and goes from there shocked. Akshay says he will go and propose her. Prachi asks Priya to check the mails. Priya sees Akshay bending down on his

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