This is fate update Monday 20 November 2023

This is fate 20 November 2023: Arjun asks Preeta to let go of Rishab’s hands, she inqui9res about the reason when he says he has held it as they both are going to dance on the song, Anjali thinks he has planned the dance so she would have to execute it, Rishab asks if he wants to dance with him but Preeta refuses to let them dance and takes Rishab with her, just as they both reach the stage Anjali instructs the Dj to start the song, they all think that Preeta and Rishab are about to dance so they both are forced to dance on the song, Sameer and Shristhi also join them along with Arjun, the three of them dance together in the song followed by Shristhi who also joins them, while Preeta leaves.

Shristhi finally just dances along the three of them, Mahesh also dances along them but Shristhi just at the end sees prithvi in the party, Sameer asks why she brought him here, she informs him about Prithvi and they both hide pulling him to the corner after covering his mouth.

Rishab explains to Arjun how he might have caused a fight between them both, Arjun with a smile mentions he did a good did to which Rishab leave replying he should not do such good deeds.

Mahesh is sitting when Rakhi hands him water, Karina instructs the waiter to even bring tissue for Bhai, he doesnot know why she is saying this when he replies because Mahesh is sweating a lot, Karina asks if he recalls how he said she has gotten old but he in fact got old as he is sweating so much after this dance, Mahesh asks Maa to tell karina so she doesnot tease him, Dadi going to Mahesh mentions he is still like a young boy, she signals Karina when Kritika explains they should not tease her uncle because he is still very young. Rakhi also assures Mahesh is fine, she leaves mentioning she will bring napkin for him as he is sweating, Mahesh gets angry saying she also just tries to impress Karina.

Rishab coming to Preeta asks if it was nice, she agrees to it after which he asks what she wanted to talk with him about, Preeta realizing it mentions it is relating to Kavya so she takes him inside.

Shristhi and Sameer rush Prithvi into the room when he asks what is Prithvi doing here, he even asks her to call the police but Prithvi snatches the mobile from her hand explaining she must call the police but for Arjun as he is not a nice person, he reveals that Arjun doesnot reveal the true identity and is backstabbing them all, Shristhi asks if he can understand what he is saying, Prithvi informs he has come to help them since Arjun is not a nice guy and they must stop Rishab as Arjun is just trying to ruin them all. Prithvi pleads them to trust him and even hands Shristhi the mobile mentioning she can even get him arrested if he proves to be a liar, because If they donot believe him then would be ruined.

Rishab asks Preeta why is she showing him the report card, Preeta reveals that her numbers are really low so and it is because she is just busy in talking and having fun, Rishab assures they are still decent marks to which Preeta informs that if she attains such marks in the next class then would surely fail. Rishab assures there are also a lot of other fields including creative fields as a cricketer, just like their Karan. Preeta replies that he should not act like a child as they need to attain good marks for a better future. Shristhi coming to them mentions she found out something important, they both inquire her when she reveals it is about Prithvi.

Shristhi leaves with Preeta while Rishab pulls Arjun into the room where Shristhi and Sameer are also waiting. Arjun asks what is happening when Rishab replies there is no need to act innocent, Sameer informs that his identity has been revealed, Arjun gets worried when Sameer mentions they have found certain things pertaining to him hearing which he is shocked. Shristhi explains that he beat Prithvi a lot, Arjun questions if this is what he said, Shristhi replies he said Arjun is a backstabber. Sameer questions why he not told them that he locked Prithvi in the trunk of the car, Rishab explains he should feel worry because he did not think what would happen if anyone does something wrong to him, who would come to free him. Shristhi replies that they both packed Prithvi, Shristhi opens the wardrobe revealing Prithvi tied. Rishab informs Arjun must always come to them if there is any such problem in the future, Sameer assures of handling Prithvi as they must attend the guests.

Arjun rushes out informing Anjali that Prithvi is still in the party, she replies they have locked him in the trunk but Arjun replies he broke free which worries Anjali who explains they can not let him meet with the Luthra’s. Arjun asks her to calm down as Prithvi only met the Luthra’s. Anjali replies so he called her here so they both can run away, Arjun asks her to calm down explaining Prithvi told them half of the truth but the Luthra’s refused to believe him and have tied him in the wardrobe. Arjun assures they would surely take their revenge for which they have come here, as after the video is played then it will ruin the image of Rishab, he asks if she has placed the pen drive when they both leave.

Prithvi thinks the luthra’s have not done right to him as they should have surely made him unconscious because then he would have surely taken a nap, Raja and Vishnu reach the room so wonder who has done it, Sherlin also reaches the room and opens the wardrobe to find Prithvi tied, she starts scolding him but then raja opens him up.

Prithvi explains she should have helped him but is just scolding him, they both start arguing with each other, Vishnu informs he found the watch placed on the floor. Prithvi exclaims this is how they came to know he was here and even scolds Sherlin. Vishnu mentions they heard her talking with Rishab saying how she wants him back in her life, prithvi slaps him mentioning he would only believe it when Bhagwan jee says it to him, he hugs Sherlin. Prithvi vows to teach them a lesson.

Rishab asks Preeta if there is something wrong, she assures it is fine however he knows it when Preeta replies that she never wants to say it again and again but she still doesnot get good vibes from Arjun, she feels something wrong will happen and it is not because of Prithvi, she also knows RIhsab would have taken the decision after taking everything into consideration but there is a doubt in her mind which is becoming stronger. Rishab replies she has an important place in his heart but he wants to say Arjun is not that bad a person when Preeta replies she feels he would do something against them, she mentions they all think of him like Karan but this is why they are over looking this problem but then it is upto him, Rishab stops seeing Rakhi so asks what has happened but she asks Preeta to come with her since she wants to talk to her, Preeta gets tensed.

Prithvi slowly walks thinking about when Arjun threw him out of his office and threatened that he would be in jail after a while so will be away from the life of Preeta, Prithvi sees Sherlin coming who immediately hugs him, he asks what happened when Sherlin replies that whenever he used to go and attack to the Luthra’s she will always advise him to be careful but today she is not going to say anything as he will surely win, Prithvi taking her hand mentions today he would surely win and it is his confidence and she has shown her trust for the first time, he assures today that Arjun would lose from him and now no one can win from him, she wishes him all the best when they both hug each other.

Sherlin hears Anjali talking with Arjun, she informs him that he has sent him the video which they

would play on the projector. Sherlin goes to hear them when she hears how Arjun exclaims that Rishab is thinking he has come here to make a collaboration but he doesnot know that today would be last day of his happiness, Anjali also exclaims they would ruin Rishab when Arjun mentions that he is sure everything will be ruined for them, Anjali asks Arjun if they can stop making the step because the entire Luthra family would be affected by their decision, Arjun questions what is she saying because he has surely made up his mind and now would do everything they have thought about, she asks him to calm down and he leaves, Sherlin thinks she needs to inform Prithvi.

Prithvi is drinking in the kitchen when Sherlin comes explaining that she has heard and found out how Arjun is not who he seems, he is going to play a video which would ruin the image of Rishab. Prithvi replies he wonders why Arjun is not partnering with them when he is also the enemy of the Luthra’s, Sherlin replies she doesnot know about it but that he is going to play some video, Prithvi in frustration replies he wants to get that pen drive under any circumstance.

Rishab while talking on the phone hits his hand which hurts him a lot, Arjun not being able to bear it rushes to him mentioning he hurt his hand so is he a small child and why does he always act like Preeta, Rishab clarifies he did not do it on purpose when Arjun replies he saw Rishab hit it, he replies Karan would do it. Arjun questions him when Rishab mentions karan would punch the wall when he was angry but he did not realize it would hurt so much, Arjun asks if he did not want to know why did karan used to punch the wall, Arjun mentions Rishab must not think they donot feel pain because in reality the pain in their heart is much greater to any physical injury, Rishab questions how does Arjun know Karan so well when he was his brother, Arjun replies because he is karan. Rishab getting shocked asks what he means so he clarifies he is a lot like Karan, Arjun inquires what sort of a brother was Rishab that he did not notice the pain karan was going through, Rishab getting furious asks if Arjun was there to realize what was happening, he explains Karan was like his child. Arjun asks then why he changed so much, why did he stop loving his brother., Rishab asks what sort of questions is he asking and how can Arjun say such things, Arjun questions then why did he take his life, Rishab warns him so Arjun says why was he not able to recognize his brother, Rishab stops the media personal from taking photos. Rishab replies he doesnot know why Ajrun is asking such questions and even if he is in the center of their business and family but it doesnot mean they would forgive him for everything, Rishab explains he forgives Arjun because he makes him remember his brother and it would be better if Arjun doesnot say such things ever again, Rishab leaves while Sameer notices Arjun walking so follows him.

Preeta asks Rakhi maa what happened, she replies she has understood Preeta since the first time they met and she is sure Preeta would not do anything wrong but is not able to understand why does she hate him so much, she knows Preeta will have a reason and will know she believes Arjun to be her son. He is a really nice person so she doesnot know why Preeta hates him when Preeta replies she can understand her feelings but there is something to which Rakhi mentions there is no need to think about it because if she keeps on thinking then would only feel wrong. Rakhi explains that she has a lot more experience in life and knows she is not wrong about Arjun so Preeta must forget all that she thinks about Arjun. Preeta explains that Rakhi has a very big heart but she is really simple. Arjun coming asks what has happened, but Rakhi refuses to tell him, he says there is no need to lie since he can read her face, Preeta replies she did not say anything when arjun exclaims that she would not have liked when Preeta said something against her, he mentions his relation with Preeta is just like this so he asks her to come and say it straight to his face. Preeta mentions he should not take tension of her family as she will surely be with them, Arjun leaves.

Sherlin calls Prithvi to the room explaining that this would be the pen drive which they were talking about, Prithvi and Sherlin immediately hide when Shristhi comes but they instead cause the pen drive to fall, Prithvi signals Sherlin who tries to pick it however Shristhi leaves. Sherlin tries to put it back however Prithvi asks her to come as they would see it in some other place, she replies that there would be a laptop in Rishab’s study. Shristhi takes out the pen drive which she had kept as the backup.

Sameer questions Arjun why is he behaving like this, he warns Sameer to not touch him again when Sameer questions what has happened to him since Rishab is really tensed and he loves his brother a lot so cannot see him in such a condition. Arjun in frustration replies he was not with Karan at that time when he needed him the most otherwise, he would have saved Karan, but he was partying, Sameer sits down crying which breaks Arjun who asks what happened, Sameer explains he really loved karan who was his brother but Arjun is right to say that if was there with him then might have saved his life, Arjun hugs Sameer.

Rishab welcomes Sahil, before going with him to the bar where he says he would serve himself. Sahil explains he had to come and inform him about the rumors in the market regarding the collaboration. Rishab assures there is no need to believe anything in the market, Sahil tries to warn Rishab how Arjun is their enemy, but Rishab replies in business everything is done from the mind. Rishab explains the world has not seen Arjun so how they all are making such theories about him. Sahil mentions he can just tell what people think but cannot change his mind, Rishab advises him to relax as there is no need to change his mindset. He turns to see Preeta standing, she also thinks about how she doesnot get good feelings regarding Arjun but doesnot know why does Rishab jee believe in him so much, she is tensed.

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