Unfortunate love update Sunday 14 January 2024

Unfortunate love 14 January 2024: Episode starts with Malishka telling Lakshmi that she will snatch her mangalsutra for which she feels proud. Neelam goes to the temple and plays the shank. Malishka tries to snatch Lakshmi’s mangalsutra while the latter tries to stop her even in unconscious and critical state. She scratches on Malishka’s hand while tries to save her mangalsutra.

Malishka says you are shameless to hold it in unconscious state too. Rishi takes heavy breath. Neelam asks God to make Rishi fine. Malishka says she wants her to die, and says your mangalsutra, husband and Rishi will be mine, I will snatch my Rishi from you. She pulls her mangalsutra with force while making evil face. Lakshmi stops breathing and the machine beeps. Rishi opens his eyes, gets up and shouts Lakshmi.

The truck driver tells that he has the number and asks them to not to show any smartness. Malishka says Oops and looks at Lakshmi’s mangalsutra. She sees the straight lines on the machine and says good bye Lakshmi, bye from my heart. She hears someone coming and wears mask and glasses. Nurse comes there and asks who moved her mask and asks what kind of doctor you are. Malishka makes faces.

Rishi comes out of his ward and calls Lakshmi. Dadi says you got consciousness. Rishi says he is getting strange thoughts that someone is taking her life. Karishma says she is fine, and asks him not to worry. Rishi says if you don’t want to say then I will search myself. Nurse makes Lakshmi wear the oxygen mask and asks Malishka if has any mind or not. She finds Lakshmi having no pulse, and tries to revive her. She says you have killed her. Malishka says relax, this is her destiny. The Nurse holds her hand and tries to drag her out. Malishka fights with Nurse.

Dadi tells that Lakshmi is in ICU ward no 3. Malishka attacks the nurse with sharp equipment and is about to run. She collides with Rishi who has just come there, and falls down. Rishi comes to Lakshmi. Nurse says she has killed Lakshmi. Rishi says killed her. He tries to catch Malishka, but she pushes Rishi and runs away. Rishi shouts for Doctor.

Doctor comes there and gives her electric shock/CPR and says sorry to Rishi. Rishi asks her to move and tells Lakshmi that he has come to her. He says she is my wife and that nothing shall happen to her. He says we are just married and says I don’t care for myself, but nothing shall happen to Lakshmi. Doctor says now nothing can be done, as Lakshmi has no pulse and heart beat. She tries to cover white cloth on her face. Rishi pulls the white cloth from her face, and asks Lakshmi not to joke with him, he can’t bear it, as his heart is weak. He asks her to get up and cries. He wipes his tears and asks her to give her magical smile. She says we will talk about village stories, and will talk about Minto and Minty story, and will collide our heads also else black dog will bite us.

He says you are my life, I can’t live without you, you are my God….He asks her to open her eyes, and says my heart is beating, so your heart will beat too, and says nobody can snatch you from me. He asks her to open her eyes, and asks her to get up, and hugs her, saying he can’t live without her.

Karishma tells Dadi that she will not let inauspicious Lakshmi roam around Rishi, and says she will bring him. Dadi stops her and says tells how their lives are connected. She says Rishi is fine and now Lakshmi shall be fine. She says if Lakshmi is fine then only Rishi will be fine. She says they are incomplete without each other, you should have understood by now, else the matter is over.

The truck owner tells that he has this number. Virender asks if it is real. The truck owner asks him to believe or not. Nurse tells Doctor that someone came in doctor’s uniform and killed Lakshmi. Other Nurse comes. Doctor says Lakshmi is no more. Rishi hugs Lakshmi and asks her to open her eyes. His heart connects with her heart and the machine starts beeping and she gets back her pulse and heart beat. Doctor and Nurses get surprised and happy. Nurse says you have done miracle. Doctor says this is love miracle. Rishi asks Doctor to check her and says she is breathing. Doctor asks him to calm down. The truck owner says he has written the right number. Sonal calls him and asks him to vanish from there, and says she will give him much money. He asks who are you, who did accident from my lorry? She says yes and says she will give him much money, and asks him to meet her. The truck owner thinks he will take money from them and will kill them. He takes out the money given by Malishka, and then he snatches bag from Virender, and says he will come in sometime. He shifts all the money in one bag, and then leaks the gas, and thinks now they will be burnt. He goes out of the window, but drops the number chit, and locks the window. Virender, Ayush and Shalu are shocked.

Rishi asks Doctor to take care of Lakshmi. Doctor asks him to go to his ward. Nurse asks him to come. Rishi comes out of the ward. Nurse tells Doctor about Malishka. Doctor says she will bandage her hand. Karishma and Dadi hug Rishi. Rishi says he is fine. Bani comes there and hugs him. He asks where did you go, a big accident had happened with Lakshmi. Neelam comes there and hugs Rishi. Rishi looks on.

 Virender opening rope and freeing Shalu’s hands. Shalu opens the rope and frees Ayush’s hand. Virender sees the chit and is about to pick it, but it flies and goes under the table. Ayush gets up. Virender senses gas smell and tells Ayush. Ayush says he will switch off the gas. Virender says he will switch it off and asks him to open the window, and asks Shalu to try and get the chit. Shalu tries to get the chit while Ayush tries opening the window. Virender switches of the gas knob and tells them that they shall go out. Shalu says chit. Virender says I don’t trust that guy. They come out. Police comes there and asks if he is inside. Virender says he has fled and has leaked the gas, and blast can happen. Inspector asks them to go and says they will see. Dadi calls Virender

and says Rishi got consciousness. Virender gets happy. Shalu asks what about Di. Virender says call is ended. Doctor asks Nurse to be with Lakshmi and inform her if she wants break. Nurse says ok. Bani asks Nurse if something happened. Nurse says yes, and says a girl posing as doctor tried to kill Lakshmi. She tells everything, how Rishi’s love brought her back from death. Bani tells that she will be here. Nurse asks her not to worry and says she is with her.

Neelam asks Rishi, why did he go to Lakshmi? Rishi says if I had not gone, then something would have happened to Lakshmi. Virender, Ayush and Shalu come there. Virender hugs him and asks if he is fine? Rishi says yes. Ayush hugs him and asks if he is fine. Rishi nods his head. Ayush says everything will be fine just as Bhabhi recovers. Dadi says Rishi was telling that something had happened with Lakshmi. Rishi tells them everything and a fb is shown. Shalu says thank you jiju, you are real hero to saved Di. Rishi asks Ayush to be Lakshmi’s bodyguard until I get fine. Ayush asks if a girl came to kill her.

Kiran tells Malishka that it is good that she saw her jumping off from Lakshmi’s ward window, and asks if she has done the work. Malishka says Rishi has gained consciousness and has not lost his memory. She then tells that she has killed Lakshmi. Kiran is shocked. Shalu says that truck owner needs to be caught. Virender says that girl can come again to kill Lakshmi. Sonal comes to Malishka and says they have to give more money to the truck owner, and tells that he fooled Virender, Shalu and Ayush. Kiran gets angry. Malishka tells that she will throw money on him and he will be quiet. She tells Sonal that she has killed Lakshmi. Sonal says you went there again.

Malishka smiles. Karishma calls Kiran and says I called you to inform that Rishi got consciousness and he is fine. Kiran asks when he will be discharged. Karishma says he is under observation. Kiran asks about Lakshmi. Karishma blames Lakshmi and says a girl tried to kill Lakshmi. Kiran asks who was that girl? Karishma says don’t know, and says Lakshmi is fine. Kiran says we shall be happy that Rishi is fine. She asks her to take care and ends the call. Malishka says this illiterate, thick skin got saved again. She says I will kill her until she is alive. Kiran asks them to go and kill her now, and tell them that you was that girl who tried to kill her. Rishi recalls the truck hitting their car, and then the girl (Malishka) trying to kill her.

Malishka comes to the hospital and asks Ayush and Shalu, if Lakshmi gained consciousness. Ayush says she is inside. Malishka goes inside the ward and finds Lakshmi missing. She comes out and tells them that Lakshmi is not on the bed, and tells that she has got consciousness. Nurse comes there and is shocked that Lakshmi is not here. Ayush searches for Lakshmi. Malishka thinks she must have reached the hospital. Nurse says she was unconscious when I went to washroom. Ayush and Shalu go to search her. Malishka calls Sonal and asks her to reach PS before Lakshmi reaches there to give her statement against me. She says now she is not here, and has vanished. She says she went somewhere hiding. Sonal says how to stop her. Malishka asks her to beat and kill her, but stop her. Sonal says I will be trapped. Malishka says I will save you, and says right now we have to concentrate on Lakshmi. She thinks it is enough of Lakshmi’s drama.

Virender says I will check Lakshmi. Rishi wakes up and runs out calling Lakshmi. Nurse talks to the management and the hospital manager tells that CCTV is not working and someone gets missing from our hospital. He says this way, nobody will trust us, we treat poor people also along with rich people. Nurse says yes. Virender asks who is missing? Nurse says Lakshmi. All the staff searches Lakshmi. Nurse tells that she might have gone from window. Virender says someone might have kidnapped her, why she will go as her family was outside. The manager says nobody saw her going. Virender says the kidnapper is clever. The manager says he will call Police in sometime, and says after all it is the question of their hospital’s reputation. Virender says ok. Rishi hears them shocked.

 Rishi goes inside and asks the Manager if they are doing illegal work of selling organs here, and says how does the patients are attacking here. The manager asks Nurse to say. Doctor comes there and asks if I heard right? Rishi says Lakshmi is missing and asks Manager to search Lakshmi, else his hospital and he will not be saved. Ayush tells Shalu that he went out for sometime and Lakshmi vanished from there. Shalu says when the accident case came, I got vomiting seeing blood and you came behind me. Ayush blames himself. He asks if Bhabhi is kidnapped, if she was in her consciousness, then she wouldn’t have gone this way. Shalu says may be that girl kidnapped her. She then says that they were not there for a minute. Ayush says if she was in her senses, then she would have asked about Rishi Bhai and says she is kidnapped. Shalu says yes and gets worried.

Malishka thinks where did Lakshmi go? She says she knows black magic, and says she has created suspense. She thinks Sonal is also not calling me, and thinks she couldn’t meet Rishi due to Lakshmi, she is number 1 inauspicious. Rishi searches for Lakshmi. Malishka hugs him and asks how is he? She says I did mannat for your well being and will go to temple bare feet. Rishi tells that Lakshmi went missing and she didn’t go out of hospital also. She thinks God wants her to search Lakshmi. He asks her to search Lakshmi and take her to ward and call him, and says he will come there. Malishka says he was about to die, and now he is worried for Lakshmi. She says Rishi used to worry for me, I will ruin Lakshmi, then Rishi will take care of me 1000’s times more than you.

Shalu cries. Ayush tells that they shall not waste time and says they shall search Bhabhi outside. He says you have done Ardaas. Shalu says if Lakshmi is kidnapped. Neelam says Rishi and Lakshmi would have kept in different hospitals. Dadi says it is good that they are in the same hospital. Virender says don’t know where Lakshmi went. Rano calls Virender and asks about Rishi. Virender says Rishi is fine. Rano says Lakshmi shall be fine soon, and then both will be happy. Virender says he will call her and ends the call.

Malishka comes to the storeroom and gets Sonal’s call, and the latter tells that Lakshmi didn’t reach here. Malishka says so she is near me. She comes out of the storeroom, when she hears the boxes falling down. She says someone is inside. Lakshmi is inside. The manager asks the ward boys to search her. Rishi and Virender come to her, and asks the manager. The manager asks them to call Police and says someone’s life is more important than hospital reputation. Neelam comes there and asks Rishi to come with her. Rishi says Lakshmi needs him and whatever he is doing is due to her values and goes from there. Malishka thinks if I got the sound or I heard it just like that. She thinks if Lakshmi is inside, then I will kill her. She comes inside and looks for Lakshmi. Just then ward boy comes there and asks who are you, and what you are doing here. Malishka thinks he shall not find Lakshmi. The ward boy says that girl who tried to kill her, must have kidnapped Lakshmi. Malishka asks what you are saying? He says such things happens in films. They come out. Malishka goes to other way. Ayush and Shalu see Rishi.

They tell Rishi that they feel that Lakshmi is kidnapped, as if she had come in her senses then she would have called you. Shalu blames herself. Rishi pacifies her. Shalu says she has called Chachi here. Rano comes there and asks Shalu, why she gives him bad news. Rishi says just as he finds Lakshmi, he will bring Lakshmi. Rano prays for Lakshmi’s safety.

Ayush asks guard if he saw any lady patient going from here. The guard says he didn’t see. Shalu asks did you see who is coming here and going. He says yes. Rishi senses Lakshmi is here and starts searching. Malishka comes to the storeroom again and sees unconscious Lakshmi. She smiles. Rishi feels that Lakshmi is here, and says please meet me. Malishka says I found you, and says it seems even God wants me to kill you, and then marry Rishi and get him. She thinks how to kill her, and sarches for the gloves. She says now I will pres your neck. Rishi thinks Lakshmi shall give him hint that she is here. He searches her,. Malishak starts pressing her neck and asks her to die. Rishi coughs and looks at the store room. He thinks to check there. Rano asks Virender if he called Police. He says yes. Dadi asks where is Rishi? Rano says he went to search Lakshmi. Neelam says since they got married, Rishi is in danger and says Lakshmi is inauspicious. Rano asks her to stop cursing her and says she is herself in trouble and might be kidnapped and you are saying this. Virender asks Neelam to go home. Neelam refuses. Dadi tells that they shall go home. Virender insists asking him to go home. Rish comes there. Lakshmi coughs as she is about to gain consciousness. Malishka thinks Lakshmi is dead and says you are dead. Rishi comes inside.



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