Destined by fate starlife update Saturday 13 January 2024

Destined by fate 13 January 2024: Kanha gets tensed seeing Sayuri hearing his and Saroj’s conversation and nervously asks what is she doing here, she should have taken Kuku out. Sayuri asks him till when he will avoid Saroj’s questions, she will answer Saroj’s questions. Saroj says she wants to know how she spent her 1 year. Kanha says he already answered her questions, then why she is questioning Sayuri now.

Destined by fate 12 January 2024

Whole family gathers. Sayuri says let her answer Saroj’s questions as she wants Saroj to hold her grandchild happily.Sayuri describes that before going for a holy pilgrimage how she learnt via doctor that she was pregnant and how she fell down from the cliff and survived and when she delivered a baby, she wasn’t allowed to hold her baby; she faced may difficulties until she reached home and held her baby. Saroj says she can’t believe so many miracles happened with her and she got pregnant when doctors declared she can never become a mother.

Sayuri says that miracle happened. Saroj refuses to believe her and gets adamant to get Kanha and Mithu’s DNA test done. Kanha says he already told her that he knows Mithu is his daughter and he doesn’t want to perform any test.Back to room, Kanha asks Sayuri not to bother about Saroj’s words. Sayuri is says she’s not bothered as Saroj won’t have to face any other’s questions and can confidently answer now.

Kanha praises her positive thinking. Indu questions Saroj for questioning Sayuri’s character. Saroj gets adamant that its her right to know the truth as she is worried for her son like Indu is worried for her daughter. Their argument ensues. Daadi Mausi interferes and calling Indu as a guest says she doesn’t does have any right to interfere in their family matters. Indu feels disheartened and leaves with Bhanu.

Daadi mausi asks Saroj not to bother about all this and asks Rashmi to explain her mother and grandmother what they really meant.Kanha informs Nakul what Saroj did. Nakul asks if Saroj believes in DNA tests than Sayuri. Kanha says Sayuri handled the situation positively and its good that Sayuri has Mithu and Kuku to get busy instead of thinking all this. Rashmi hears their conversation. Kanha notice sher and asks her to come in.

Rashmi thinks she will not let Sayuri in peace so easily. Sayuri spends time with Kuku and Mithu. Kuku dances on Leja Lejare.. song. Sayuri joins her.

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