Twist of fate update Monday 11 December 2023

Twist of fate 11 December 2023: the orphanage worker asking Pallavi to go to office and says she will see Khushi. Dida asks if you don’t have manners, you don’t know how to talk to the kids. The worker says I have handled 50 girls like her. Pallavi says how you are talking and tells her that she will complain to her son about him.

Aryan threatens to call the Police. The worker says I am doing my work and asks Khushi to come. Khushi refuses to go with her. The worker says if you act or do any drama then I will not let you meet your Shiv. Pallavi, Dida and Aryan are shocked. Meera asks Satish to throw Ranbir out. Satish says this guy is mad, we can’t give the child to everyone, and says you are different and is claiming to be his father.

Ranbir says I am her father. Meera asks then why she was selling flowers at the signal. Ranbir says say it destiny, I was unaware. Pallavi says Khushi is his daughter, and tells that they came to know in the hospital. Meera asks why didn’t you tell me, when I came to your house to take her. Dida says we want to hide the fact. Meera asks from whom. Ranbir says I will bring the DNA test report.

Satish says seeing your madness, it seems you will bring fake DNA report and refuses to give him Khushi. Ranbir tells that he will file case on their orphanage. Meera says your anger and frustration proves that you don’t deserve to be someone’s parent. She asks him to leave. Pallavi says we shall go from here now.

Prachi refuses to eat food. Dadi tells Shahana that they will also not eat food. Shahana says you both are my strength, and if you lose it then what will happen to me. Prachi asks her not to cry. Shahana asks her not to cry. Prachi says if everything was fine, then I would have got Khushi, and says she is feeling like losing her, she had promised her so much, but what to do now. Shahana says there is a difference, and says Panchi is found and will come to you soon. She says she might be feeling pain, as you are crying here, and must be missing you. Dadi says we shall become each other’s strength and shall not accept defeat.

Ranbir, Pallavi and Dida come to the lawyer’s office. Ranbir asks pallavi and Dida, why did they tell that he can’t be a good father and says how dare they, how they can say such things for me. He asks why did you ask me to come out. Pallavi tries to make him understand to control his anger and says they will labeled you as short tempered and say that if you can’t handle yourself then how can you handle the little girl. She says if you couldn’t handle your anger, then you can’t get her. Ranbir says I don’t know what to do, and thinks when did lawyer will come.

Lawyer comes there. Ranbir asks where was you? The lawyer says he was in court, he told Aryan and he said whatever happened in court. Ranbir says I told them that I will remarry soon, but they didn’t agree. The lawyer says they ask for your present and not your future. Ranbir asks him to sue the orphanage. The lawyer says he can sue them, but if they can sue them and if they give Khushi to someone for adoption then they can’t do anything. Ranbir asks if there is any law and order or not.

Khushi looks for Ranbir. The worker asks her to come with her and says you can’t meet Shiv. Khushi says Shiv is my Papa. The worker says you don’t have a papa. Khushi bites her. The worker says you will not go to room now, but will go to dark room now. She locks her in the dark storeroom and goes. Khushi knocks on the door and calls Shiv and Parvati. Prachi senses Khushi is in trouble and tells Dadi that Khushi has come. She asks Shahana to check. Dadi asks her to handle herself. Door bell rings. Shahana goes to open the door. Akshay comes there. Prachi asks if Khushi came. she sees Akshay. Akshay asks if you are fine? Prachi says she had gone to orphanage, but was declined to get Khushi. She asks him to go there and bring Khushi. She says if you could do this, then I will not forget your favors all life.

Dadi says she has given her sleeping pills to calm her mind, but she is not relieved. She says she is yearning for her daughter and needs Khushi. Akshay says he will make her sleep in the room. He takes her to the room. Dadi says I can’t see her condition. Khushi is scared in the dark room as the light flickers. She falls on the table and tells herself that Shiv and Parvati had said that I am very brave, if I cry like this then nothing will be fine. She sees a window and moves the chairs from there, and climbs up to open it.

She finds the window tied with the strings, and tries to break it. She then gets a small steel stick and tries to open it. Prachi tells Shahana that Khushi might be waiting for me and tells that she might have thought I have lied to her, and tells that she will go there and inform her now. Shahana hugs her and says if you go there now, Khushi will feel that you are weak and asks her to handle herself. She says it is a matter of one night, we will go tomorrow and get her.

Shahana telling Prachi that they will go in the morning and will bring Khushi/Panchi back home. She says she will twist her finger to get her. She gets Akshay’s call and goes, asking Prachi to rest. Prachi comes to the window. She says now I understand Shahana that what you said…Ranbir comes there. Prachi gets emotional and hugs him crying. Ranbir says everything will be fine. Prachi says I have hidden a thing from you. Ranbir says I know and says you are her mother, and I am her father. He asks her not to be afraid and says I will not take Panchi away from you. Prachi asks really and hugs him.

It turns out to be Prachi’s imagination. Ranbir is sitting in his room and recalls telling Prachi that he wants to be the father of a little girl. He recalls holding Panchi in their hands, and then seeing Khushi. He also imagines Prachi walking in his room and says you are here. Prachi says why did you hide from me, if you are her father, then I am her mother. Ranbir asks who told you this and says I was about to tell you, but when I saw you, I couldn’t understand. Prachi says you couldn’t understand if you shall tell a mother or not and asks him not to act to be innocent, and says you have done wrong, she is my daughter and I had kept her in my womb for 9 months and gave her birth.

She reminds him of his words that she is his everything. Ranbir reminds that she had promised not to leave him, but left him. Prachi says you had forced me to leave. Ranbir says no, you can’t blame me and says it is responsibility of both to fulfill the relation. Prachi asks why I need you, you was not with me. Ranbir asks her not to say anything and says you are in anger, and don’t force me to say something which makes me say something that make you hate me.

Prachi says I will give you fitting reply to you, and says you have snatched my rights and gave to someone else, and I stay quiet. She says now you tried to snatch my identity of a mother, and says I am not that old (vulnerable) Prachi. She goes. Ranbir says you can’t take Prachi from me and he goes out, collides with Pallavi and asks her to stop Prachi. Ranbir says Prachi is there. Pallavi says it is your fear and nothing else. He says it might be my guilt and tells Pallavi about his imaginary conversation with Prachi. Ranbir thinks he shall not be afraid.

Khushi comes out of the window. She sees the worker scolding the kids and going from there. Khushi leaves from there.

Dadi comes to Prachi and asks if I ask you not to cry, then will you stop crying and will sleep. She asks if you can do what I ask you to do, to bring Khushi here. She says I say it unnecessarily and asks her to have sleeping pills to sleep peacefully, so that they can think of bringing Khushi home. She asks her to lie down and sleep.

Ranbir says I wanted to record all the moments spent with Khushi, but now I will live the moments with my daughter. He says nobody can snatch my daughter from me, I will keep her with me irrespective of whatever happens. He thinks he was emotional and didn’t ask Khushi why she was emotional. He says he wants to bring Khushi home. He hears the whistle sound and comes out of his room asking who is in my house. He says he will call Police. Khushi comes out and asks why Police, you was about to take me to your home. Ranbir gets happy seeing her and hugs her. They get teary eyes.

Prachi comes out of her house. Akshay comes there in his car. He says I talked to Shahana, and she told that you are unwell and had fainted in the afternoon. Prachi says I have to go now. He says I will come with you and will not let you drive. Prachi says please let me go. Akshay insists. They leave in the car.

Ranbir asks Khushi to sit and asks what happened. Khushi tells him that warden madam punished her and locked her in the dark room. Ranbir asks how dare she? He asks did you get scared. She says yes and tells that she ran away from there from the window. Ranbir asks what do you mean?

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