Twist of fate update 9 December 2023

Twist of fate 9 December 2023:  Ranbir coming to Khushi and holding her hand. He says sorry as she opens her eyes. He asks her to sleep. She sleeps again. Ranbir thinks of thanking Prachi in the past, and tells Khushi that he used to pray to God always that he needs a little cute angel and God sent her.

He says you are a big blessing of God. He says his trust came back on God again. He promises that he will be with her always and will not let her go anywhere, and will not let anything wrong happen with her, even if he has to give his life for her, and calls her Panchi. He says I love you Panchi. Aryan hears him and asks if Khushi is Panchi, our Panchi, your Panchi. Ranbir locks the door and tells that Khushi is Panchi. Aryan says oh God…and gets happy. Ranbir says God has sent our Panchi back in our lives, and asks him to promise that he will not tell anyone. Aryan hugs him. Ranbir asks don’t you want to know how do I know? Aryan says your fondness for her, was of a father for his daughter. He says you always loved her as your daughter. He says mind needs proofs, but heart feels everything like you. Ranbir says yes. He hugs her. Aryan says she is very cute. Ranbir says she is like me.

Later everyone is sitting to have food. Pallavi gets emotional seeing Khushi. Vikram says its natural, she has bear so much for us, now she is with us, so it is an emotional moment. Prachi and Shahana bring Khushi outside. Dadi calls khushi near her and gives her envelope asking her to open it later and not now. Khushi asks why? Dida says it has chocolate which Dadi wants you to have later.

Ranbir says he has made special butter sandwich for her. Priya brings the sandwich. Prachi asks if it has mushrooms. Ranbir asks why? Prachi says if she is allergic like you. Khushi says I eat it, but gets red spots. Ranbir thinks even she is allergic like me. Prachi tries to make her have aloo paratha and gives her a small bite. Khushi asks her to eat. Prachi asks her to eat first. Khushi looks at everyone. Akshay asks what happened? Khushi says I never saw so many people having food together. She says she likes family to be together, and love each other.

Everyone smiles hearing her. Ranbir and Prachi hold Khushi’s face at the same time. Khushi asks them to have food and says there is so much breakfast. Ranbir says I will make her eat food and asks everyone to eat. Just then Meera comes there and asks Khushi to come with her. She asks if you are ready to come? Khushi says Parvati had said. Prachi reminds Khushi of what she had told her. Ranbir says I will come very soon to meet you. Khushi meets everyone. Prachi says I will come to meet you. Meera takes Khushi from there.

Later Prachi thinks of Khushi and thinks God has sent her to me, she is Mata Rani’s blessings to me. She thinks to make her wear new clothes daily, makes her wear hair clips and will buy school books for her. She thinks she didn’t wear good clothes before, she will give her all the happiness and every moment. Ranbir tells Aryan that he will give her all the moments which she had lost and tells that he will take Khushi. Aryan says what about Prachi? He asks how you will hide from Prachi that Khushi is her daughter. Prachi also tells that she will not tell Ranbir, he can spend time with her like now, but she can’t be with you. She says she knows that he loves her a lot and will separate her from her, if he comes to know that she is his blood, that’s why she will never tell him that he is her Papa.

Ranbir tells Aryan that he will never tell Prachi that she is his mother. He says Prachi can spend time with her, and can stay with her here, but will never tell her that she is her mother. Aryan tells Ranbir that even Prachi has equal rights on Khushi.

Prachi says she has first right on Khushi and thinks to talk to orphanage official before Ranbir. She is leaving. Dadi asks where are you going? Prachi says she is going for important work. Shahana says Akshay called and asked you not to come to office today and rest at home. Prachi says she has important work and has to go. Dadi asks Prachi what is she hiding from them? Shahana says she is hiding? Prachi says I am not hiding. She tells that she is going to orphanage, and will complete the legal formalities and will bring Khushi home. Shahana and Dadi get happy. Prachi says I have decided to take her home. Shahana says she will be with us. Prachi asks them not to tell anyone, specially Ranbir about the adoption.

Ranbir tells that the matter is something else and says if Prachi comes to know that she is our daughter, then she will not let her stay with me and will take her. He says I know, and tells that we have moved on in our lives, Prachi has moved on with Akshay. Aryan says and you have moved on with Rhea. Ranbir says no, Prachi also feels the same. He says if Khushi had not kidnapped, then Papa wouldn’t have come and told that she looks like me. He says I got the DNA test done and then I came to know that she is my Panchi. Rhea hears and gets happy, and asks him really? Ranbir gets tensed.

Rhea overhearing Ranbir and Aryan’s words and goes out happily. Aryan says she will tell everyone now. Rhea goes out and tells them that Panchi has returned. She tells them that they are connected with Khushi by their hearts, our eyes get bright, and tells that they have blood relation with her.

Pallavi asks what you are saying? Rhea tells that Ranbir’s daughter Panchi is Khushi, your grand daughter. Pallavi asks if Khushi is Panchi? Dida says how can this be possible. Rhea says it is a God’s miracle and Ranbir confirmed it with DNA test. Vikram says I knew that she is Panchi, I told Mummy ji that resembles Ranbir. Pallavi asks Ranbir if he knew about this. Dida asks why you didn’t tell us. Vikram asks if you got the DNA test done.

Ranbir says yes, Khushi is our Panchi, I got the DNA test done. Pallavi says why did you hide this from us. Ranbir says Panchi has returned. Pallavi asks if Prachi knows about this. Rhea says I will call her and inform. She calls Prachi. Prachi doesn’t pick the call, but then calls her back. Rhea picks the call and says hello. Ranbir cuts the call and says he don’t want Prachi to know that Khushi is her daughter Panchi. Prachi says Rhea is not picking the call. She says if they come to know about Khushi. Dadi says you are worrying as you have hidden it from them. Shahana says if they had known then would have come and take her from there.

Prachi stops the car and prays to God to give her Panchi. She then goes to the taxi. Dadi asks her not to worry and says we will get Khushi.

Rhea asks Ranbir why you didn’t want Prachi to know that Khushi is her daughter. Ranbir says I have seen Prachi and Akshay together. He says they are happy together, he takes care of her and finally she got the guy she always wished for. Rhea says we are talking about Prachi, and not Akshay. She says I don’t understand why you don’t want to tell her. Ranbir says Prachi is Panchi’s mother, and says when she comes to know about this, then she will take her from here.

He says Akshay and Prachi are going to stay together after marriage and my daughter will not call Akshay as papa. He says I won’t let my daughter go away from there. Rhea says Prachi has first right on Panchi. Ranbir says Prachi will take her from here. Pallavi says Ranbir is right and asks her to forget that she is your sister, and asks her to think calmly and think about it. Rhea asks what? She asks Vikram to make them understand and asks him to say, as he will say the truth.

Vikram says we understand your point of view, but Ranbir is not wrong either. He says Prachi will take Khushi from here, and then she will be someone else’s daughter and grand daughter, but if she stays here, then she will have her own relations, her own papa and others. He says Prachi can come here to meet Khushi. Ranbir says Prachi can love her thinking her as Khushi, but not as Panchi. He says he is happy that she will get her mother’s love. Rhea says it is a difference between loving a child as her own and loving a child like a mother.

She tells Ranbir that he has been selfish. Ranbir says yes, I am selfish. Rhea asks if you will not tell her about Khushi. Ranbir says Prachi and Akshay will get together, if they can accommodate my Khushi in their lives, if they can bring her up like me, take care of her like me. Rhea says but….Ranbir says I am going to orphanage to meet Khushi and says nobody shall tell this to Prachi. He goes. Vikram asks Rhea to understand Ranbir’s situation. Rhea says no, Ranbir is wrong. Vikram asks her to think.

Prachi, Shahana and Dadi come to the orphanage. Dadi asks if they know that they are coming for adoption. Prachi says yes. Shahana tells that they will choose Khushi only. Meera meets Prachi and others. Prachi says she has brought all the documents. Meera asks if you would like to adopt the child today. Prachi says yes. Meera asks her to meet the kids and asks Dadi to fill the form. Shahana says she will fill the form.

Vikram asks Rhea if she is coming with them. Ranbir and others come there. Ranbir says Rhea is not coming with us. They ask if she is coming to orphanage to take Khushi. Rhea says I didn’t tell my sister that she is her daughter. Ranbir says ok, don’t come, I really don’t care. She asks him to tell everything to Prachi. Ranbir keeps her head on his head and gives his promise to her requesting her not to tell anything to Prachi. He promises her that he will tell truth to Prachi, but later. He asks her to promise that she will not tell. Rhea promises and asks him to tell truth to Prachi. Ranbir promises her. They leave for orphanage.

Rhea asks Vikram if you didn’t go? Vikram says I am with you, I couldn’t say it openly, but I understand you.

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