Twist of fate update Sunday 10 April 2022


Twist of fate 10 April 2022:  Ranbir lies on the bed and reminisces Prachi on the bed smiling at him. He feels hurt. ya rabba plays…..Prachi also imagines Ranbir on her bed and switches on the lights happily.

They couldn’t sleep and get up. He takes out his boxing gloves and punches on the punching bag. Prachi comes to the window and looks remorseful. Ranbir thinks of his moments with Prachi and says I don’t want to think about her, she is not worth it. Soni’s sister comes to Prachi’s room and finds her lost. She records her video and thinks Rhea will get happy today. Sushma comes there, calling Prachi. Prachi comes out of the trance. Sushma says I was waiting for you. Prachi says sorry.

Sushma says don’t say sorry, you haven’t done anything wrong, don’t say sorry. She says lets go and have breakfast. Prachi says I am not hungry. Soni’s sister tells that she will serve food. Sushma asks Prachi to have food in sometime and says I will go to office and driver will come back before the temple time. She thinks how to handle Prachi, and thinks Pragya hears, but doesn’t say and Prachi say and don’t hear and stay alone. She asks Soni’s sister Gita to pack her lunch bag and says I will not do breakfast. Gita goes. Sushma goes to Pragya and Abhi’s room. They are still in coma and on the ventilator support.

Sushma cries seeing Pragya and says that’s why I didn’t want you to come to India. She says my fear was of a mother, who lost one daughter and don’t want to lose another daughter. She says you gave me new life, I thought God sent you on Priyanka’s place. She says your love brought you to your husband, I would have accepted him, but couldn’t understand him. She comes to Abhi and asks if you are her husband, then why don’t you protect her, why she has to face the troubles after meeting you, then you she stood by you and got you freed of all your bad habits. She says I have sent Pragya to save your life and you have taken her far from me.

She says you should have taken her as a husband and not like this. She says get up Abhi and call Pragya. She says Pragya will get up hearing you, she is such a wife who fights with Yamraj for you. She then asks Pragya to get up and says I can’t live without you. She cries.

Lawyer comes to Sushma’s house and says he wants to meet Prachi. Gita comes to Prachi and says someone came to meet you. Rhea is restless. Pallavi comes to her and asks why are you nervous? Rhea says what do you think that Lawyer have reached Prachi’s house by now with the divorce papers. Prachi comes to the Lawyer. Lawyer introduces himself as Ranbir’s lawyer. Rhea says don’t know how Prachi will react seeing the divorce papers. The lawyer tells Prachi that Ranbir Kohli has sent divorce papers for her and needs her sign on it. Prachi is shocked.

Pallavi says Prachi wants to know first, if Ranbir has signed on it. When she sees his sign then her ego will be hurt and she will sign to show that she is not hurt. Rhea asks her to talk in low tone and says Ranbir might hear. She closes the door. Pallavi says when he don’t have time to talk to us, why will he hear us. She says you have copied Ranbir’s sign very well, and it looks like Ranbir’s sign. The lawyer gives the papers in her hand and asks her to sign wherever Ranbir has signed.

Prachi recalls Ranbir’s words and gets emotional. She drops the file on the floor and runs inside the house, recalling his words. Sushma comes out from Abhi and Pragya’s room. Prachi collides with her and again runs, recalling Ranbir’s words. Sushma is shocked to see her state and goes behind Prachi. Prachi locks the door. Sushma comes to the door. Rhea says Ranbir will get freed from Prachi today. Pallavi says not so easy, she will ask alimony from Ranbir. Rhea says how much she will ask, and says we will give her whatever she demands. She says when you talk to Ranbir, how he will react?

Vikram says marriage will happen when the divorce happens? He asks why are you both tensed? Pallavi says until when we will see our son in tension. Vikram asks about whom you are talking? Pallavi says I am talking about Ranbir. Vikram says Ranbir is doing great and says he has not just handled our company, but took it to top position. he says he should have done this before, but couldn’t do due to that Prachi. He says before talking about his marriage with Rhea, you shall talk to him about divorce. He says if you talk to him directly about marriage, then he will not reply positively. Rhea says we have started the divorce papers and sent them to Prachi.

Vikram asks if Prachi signed? Pallavi says Prachi will sign seeing Ranbir’s signs on it. Vikram asks Ranbir signed and says he….pallavi says you want all the answers now. Vikram says you are telling me everything in installments. Pallavi says we thought to separate him from Prachi, and then will talk to him about his marriage with Rhea. She says we have forged his signatures. Vikram says Ranbir’s fake signatures. Pallavi says don’t worry, nobody will know. She says Prachi will sign on it and then we will show it to Ranbir.

Vikram asks if Ranbir will not ask, how his signs came on the papers. Rhea says Ranbir will not ask, he loves Prachi so much and when he sees the papers, then he will get angry on Prachi. Vikram says his anger will calm down and then will ask how his sign came on the papers. Pallavi says I will tell him that he was drunk after party and had signed on the papers. Vikram says you are lying to your son. Pallavi says we want to make that eclipse Prachi move from his life and that’s why I am ready to do anything. Vikram says I am ready to do anything for my son’s happiness. Rhea says it is said right, wait fruit is sweet and says they are doing as I want. She says once Prachi signs, then Ranbir will be mine. She smiles.

Sushma asks Prachi to open the door. Prachi runs to the bathroom and stands under the shower. She cries badly.

Prachi locks herself in a bathroom. She turns on the shower and cries, recalling her and Ranbir’s early and recent moments. Other hand, Ranbir is working on his laptop. He puts his finger in hot tea by mistake and recalls how similar happened before when he was with Prachi. He calls the peon and gets mad at him asking why tea is hot.


Sushma asks Prachi to open the door. Prachi opens it. Sushma asks what happened? Prachi says Ranbir sent divorce papers. I took the blame for what I didn’t do. How can I take this? What’s my mistake? Sushma tells her not to cry, it’s not your mistake. It’s Ranbir who failed. He couldn’t love you, he couldn’t trust you, he couldn’t fulfill husband’s responsibilities. Prachi says, I failed, I am failing. I cannot do anything. I couldn’t see how easily he signed the divorce papers. I will never be able to forget him. Sushma hugs and consoles her.

Vikram advices Rhea to try to win Dida’s heart. If you stay good with her, then it will be better for your and Ranbir’s relation. Pallavi interrupts saying, if Dida has any space in her heart, then Rhea will be able to win. She only has space for Prachi in her heart. Since they kicked Prachi out, Dida has stopped eating or talking with them. Doorbell rings. Pallavi assumes it’s Dida. Vikram wonders why she returned so early. Pallavi taunts that her prayers are not heard, so she doesn’t have a choice. Rhea joins in saying how her prayers will be heard as she’s praying for a wrong person.

It’s Sushma who has come. She says that she wants to talk to Ranbir. She has come here as Prachi’s guardian. Rhea asks, why did you come here? Sushma says, I didn’t talk to you. Pallavi asks, what do you need from Ranbir? Sushma says that I will talk only with him. Pallavi says, with this attitude, no one will talk to you. Rhea tells Pallavi that she will deal with Sushma. She asks Sushma to tell her what she wants to tell to Ranbir and she will pass her message.

Sushma tells Rhea to stay out of this. Pallavi tells Suhma that she cannot talk like that with Rhea, she is daughter-in-law of that house. Sushma tells her, then teach her not to interfere when elders are talking. Now Vikram asks Sushma with what right she came there to talk to Ranbir. Sushma says, I just said that I came as Prachi’s guardian. Abhi and Pragya live with me as a family, like how you used to live and you should very well know what relation is that. Pragya is like my daughter and I don’t need to tell you what rights I have on Pragya’s daughters. Rhea says, Pragya calls you aunty, right? Sushma says, forget about Pragya. Prachi calls me “Badi Maa”. If you can’t call me that, then shut up and stand there quietly.

Pallavi tells Sushma to come to the point. If you came here to talk from Prachi’s side, then we are not interested. We have already sent her divorce papers. Rhea says, it’ll be good if she signs them as soon as possible. End the relation completely and free Ranbir. Sushma throws the divorce papers and says, here’s Ranbir’s freedom. Pallavi checks the papers and says, they don’t have Prachi’s sign. Sushma says why she would sign? They didn’t get married by signing papers. You all don’t mean anything in Prachi’s life.

Flashback: Prachi tells Sushma, I can’t sign the divorce papers. Sushma tells her not to sign then. I will answer them why you won’t sign the papers.

Present: Rhea says, if we mean nothing, then why doesn’t she sign and separate from us? Sushma asks did you send the divorce papers? Rhea says, I am talking about Ranbir. Sushma says, let him talk then. Ranbir broke his relation with Prachi. You all kicked her out of the house. Then why all these formalities? Pallavi says, so that Prachi doesn’t come back. Sushma furiously says, she won’t come back. She doesn’t want anything from this house, so spare her. Rhea says, we will spare her, but will she spare us? What if her mind changes tomorrow? And she comes to take revenge. Sushma says, she is my daughter. There must be some difference between you and her. You’re her sister, but still I know her better than you do. She’s Pragya’s shadow.

She will do what Pragya will say. Right now Pragya is in coma, but Prachi will listen what I say. It’s good that she managed to get out of this house. She had no respect here. If she doesn’t stay away from this house, then I know how to do that. I will do all it takes, but I won’t let her come near this house. She tells Pallavi, just to handle Ranbir. Ranbir kicked Prachi out of his life, now I will make sure Prachi erases Ranbir’s name completely from her life. She will even forget his face. Rhea gets happy. Sushna continues, you all also forget that Prachi came in this house. Don’t try to contact her, even if it’s regarding the divorce. It’s all over from our side. Sushma leaves.

Rhea, Pallavi, Vikram get happy as Sushma solved their problem and she won’t let Prachi come near their house or Ranbir. Pallavi and Vikram leave. Rhea thinks, it seems like even the God doesn’t want Prachi and Ranbir to be together… which is why this so-called Badi Maa came in my life. First she kept Pragya away from Abhi and now she will keep Prachi away from Ranbir.

Prachi is in a temple. She says, once I asked for blessings to win Ranbir. Now only I am asking to give me strength to go away from Ranbir, face the truth, and forget him. Ranbir comes outside the same temple and stops his car. His car doesn’t start now. Prachi passes by his car, but they don’t see each other. He gets off the car to fix it. He and Prachi sense something odd and they pause.

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  1. This is the stupidiest story of all, it lacks maturity and we are failing to get the lesson being taught by Twist of Fate, it’s like the story is supporting evil doers everytime, how can Rhea, Alia and Tanu win in all their schemes. What lesson are you teaching us?

  2. Am heartbroken!!!When will the evil doers be punished? Will pragya ever be happy with her family? People with high blood pressure should avoid watching Twist of fate


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